Cain: The Penalty He Took into Himself

"The one principle of hell is---"I am my own!" George MacDonald

As a result of the fall each man and woman has within him or herself the seeds of Cain (evil) and Abel (good).  The seeds of Abel are characterized by selfless love, humility, love of truth, goodness, charity, gratitude and compassion while the seeds of Cain, who is like his father the devil, characterize the reverse.    According to which of these seeds we choose to ‘water’ on a daily basis do we ultimately become more like Abel or more like Cain.

Unlike his brother Abel, Cain was a rebellious, self-centered man.  Proud, ambitious, covetous, self-centered, unforgiving, ungrateful, full of contempt, resentful, malicious and envious, he nevertheless perceived himself as morally perfect and sovereign and expected God and everyone else, particularly his brother Abel, to accept and tolerate him just as he was, and further, to accede to him the rights and privileges he had granted himself despite that nothing was ever good enough for Cain.  He was ungrateful for the things God had given him and resented having to share the spotlight even a little bit with his brother.  

Cain resented and hated God and blamed Him for causing him to suffer by not accepting him just as he was; for not jumping through hoops for him, for not seeing things his way .   But as Cain was unable to punish God and make Him suffer he transferred his resentment, hate and murderous thoughts onto Abel and pleased himself by tormenting, demeaning, blaming and psychologically terrorizing and punishing his brother.   

On the day he murdered his brother his appetite had been satisfied by mutton generously provided by Abel. Moreover, he was wearing a garment made from sheep’s wool given him by his brother.   As he tilled and ploughed his ground Abel’s flock of sheep passed by and Cain, immediately resenting him, hypocritically accused Abel of trespassing with his flock upon his ground.   Perceiving Cain's ill will issuing in double-minded reasoning, Abel turned his brother's hypocritical ‘logic’ against him and demanded that he pay for the mutton and give back the garment.  When you have done these things, said Abel, I will move my flock elsewhere, where your burning eye of envy will not see either your brother or his flock.

With his words, Abel caused to be revealed to the light of day the malice hidden in his brother’s heart.  Thus exposed, Cain’s wrath exploded in murderous rage and he bludgeoned his innocent brother to death.  

Today our once great nation is rotting and dying from within as a result of the evil thoughts, words and deeds of rebellious, self-centered, covetous, ungrateful, malicious, vindictive, parasitic Cain’s of both sexes and every skin color at every level of society, especially within academia, Hollywood, the judiciary, State Department, Congress and White House.  Like the wicked antediluvian Cain they clearly see their brother’s ‘sins,’ but not their own.  They hypocritically perceive themselves as innocent, morally pure victims of modern Abel's of both sexes and every skin color, thus they receive self-justifying, unholy pleasure from tormenting, psychologically manipulating, ridiculing, scorning, and persecuting him with senseless charges of hate, homophobia, Islamophobia, and racism while also perverting and subverting his children.   

Believing themselves morally perfect and sovereign, God-hating Cain's demand that everyone else, particularly the ‘Abels’ they love to hate and torment, unconditionally accept and tolerate them, no matter how obscene, cruel and vindictive their language, gluttonous and perverse their demands and behaviors and criminal their actions.   

The hell-fires burning within Cain’s blackened, shriveled heart erupt from between his twisted lips in curling flames of resentment and wrath that burn everyone he hates and not only befouls the airways of our once decent society but issues in acts of self-destructive madness, indecency and violence as well. America's burgeoning legions of Cain-drones are at the center of a fiery hurricane from hell engulfing, battering, pounding and burning our nation down, thus where Cain’s numbers are greatest  there can be seen the greatest concentration of hell-born destruction. 

These are days that try the souls of righteous Abel's and will no doubt become much worse before all is said and done.   It’s my fervent hope and prayer that all Abel’s will strongly resist the temptation to hate modern Cain’s.   Hate his lies, his mean-spiritedness, his vindictiveness, lewd behaviors, greed and evil acts but do not hate Cain himself.  Why?  Because Cain is receiving the penalty into himself, meaning that his hatred for brother and sister is burning his soul out.  Cain is destroying himself from inside out and if he could see his soul as the Lord does, he would see a horrifying vision of the zombie he is becoming for all eternity:  a living terror imprisoned for all eternity in the ghastly miseries of his own consciousness:

"I think I have seen from afar something of the final prison of all, the innermost cell of the debtor of the universe...It is the vast outside; the ghastly dark beyond the gates of the city of which God is the light---where the evil dogs go ranging, silent as the dark, for there is no sound any more than sight.  The time of signs is over.  Every sense has (had) its signs, and they were all misused:  there is no sense, no sign more---nothing now by means of which to believe.  The man wakes from the final struggle of death, in absolute loneliness as in the most miserable moment of deserted childhood he never knew.  Not a hint, not a shadow of anything outside his consciousness reaches him....Soon misery will beget on his imagination a thousand shapes of woe, which he will not be able to rule, direct, or even distinguish from real presences."("The Prison," George MacDonald, an Anthology--365 Readings, p. 61

According to St. Augustine, this is what happens to all who harbor and act on hatred for brother and sister.   Hatred for brother or sister will finally burn out the seeds of love and goodness which our Holy Father planted within each man and woman.   It’s these seeds that we want to ‘water,’ not the other seeds as modern Cain's do.  We want to be more like Abel, a type of Christ, and less like Cain, a type of devil, so no matter how powerful the temptation to hate Cain we must not give in lest we take the penalty into ourselves.

@Linda Kimball