Quantum Vacuum: America's Rising Communalistic Pantheism

When Earth Day was inaugurated in 1970 the New York Times hailed it as an idea whose time has come because earth needs to be saved,

 “…from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.” (All for Gaia: Earth Day and Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World, Carl Teichrib, Apr. 19, 2011, Forcing Change)

Earth needs to be saved from the cancerous growth of mankind:

“...unless the earth’s cancerous growth of population can be halted, all other problems---poverty, war, racial strife, uninhabitable cities, and the rest---are beyond solution.” (ibid, The Environmental Handbook, John Fischer, p. 139) 

Stabilizing the U.S. population should be declared a national policy.  Immediate steps should be taken to explore alternative lifestyles, group marriage and polyandrous marriage.  We must:

“Legalize voluntary abortion and sterilization and provide these services free…Remove all restrictions on the provision of birth control….and devices; provide these services free to all, including minors…Make sex education available to all appropriate levels, stressing birth control…and need to stabilize the population.” (ibid, Keith Murray, pp. 317-318)

In complete contrast to ancient paganism and Asia’s mystical pantheist religions and their gender ideal, androgyny, supernatural Christian theism not only established unbridgeable distinctions between God and man, man and nature and man and woman, but also insisted that it is the supernatural God’s will that men and women, His spiritual image bearers, are to marry, procreate and take dominion over nature.  It is all of this that is behind the “intolerable deterioration” of mother earth due to the cancerous growth of human beings.

Since the roots of our trouble are largely faithful Christianity and faithful Judaism, the remedy must be essentially religious.   Nothing short of total transformation of consciousness, a counter-conversion away from the supernatural Holy God, creation ex nihilo, Imago Dei, and authentic Christianity and faithful Judaism to the pagan gender ideal and occult pantheist spirituality will suffice; therefore let the following nature systems be encouraged:

Gnostics, hip Marxists, Teilhard de Chardin Catholics, Druids, Taoists, Biologists, Witches, Yogins, Bhikkus,  Quakers, Sufis, Tibetans, Zens, Shamans, Bushmen, American Indians, Polynesians, Anarchists, Alchemists…the list is long.  All primitive cultures, all communal and ashram movements must be encouraged."    Since direct bloody force is not desirable or practical, a revolution of consciousness will not be won by guns and force but by seizing and transforming key Biblical and Christian symbols, the book of beginnings, eschatologies, and terminology so that “life won’t seem worth living unless one’s on the transforming energy’s side.” (ibid, Four Changes, p. 331)

 In order to save the world, our present religious, political, economic and social structures must be dramatically transformed towards a holistic or communalistic (pantheist/panentheist) New Age world-view wherein the human being is no longer distinct from the natural order with a living, personal Creator standing outside and above both.  Rather God and humans reside within and are aspects of Absolute Reality, a Void that is the ultimate ground of being.

By the start of the 21st century the New Age occult evolutionary pantheist worldview has finally established a massive and expansive trend known as transformational festivals.   These festivals are held all over the world drawing anywhere from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.  From Burning Man (Nev.) to Tomorrow Land (Georgia), Three Days of Light (N.C.), Symbiosis (Nev.), Luminate (New Zealand), Ascendance (Mex.), Inshala (Alberta), Transformus (New Jersey), Open Mind (Quebec), Fusion (Germany), Ozora (Hungary), Envision (Costa Rica) and Universo Paralello (Brazil), to name but a few, this is an explosive global movement, a revival of ancient occult pagan spirituality and evolutionary change that utterly rejects the old order and its' 'religion,' meaning faithful Christianity and Judaism. 

Transformational festivals are counter-culture movements focusing on back-to-nature 'eco-friendly' sustainable living, green energy, organic and/or vegan food, honoring of sacred space and Mother Earth, and participation in tribal community rituals such kundalini yoga and Ecstatic Core Ritual provided by trance or electronic dance music.  Ecstatic dancing often leads participants to attain the altered states of consciousness documented in some Native American shamanic rituals.

Ecstatic dancing is but one way of attaining altered states of consciousness.  Among other occult techniques for getting in touch with the 'Christ consciousness,' inner 'light,' the 'Force,' and the 'Mind of the Universe,' for example, are strenuous physical exercises, psychotropic drugs, mind science, chanting, psychodrama, sensitivity groups, Zen, hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and body disciplines such as hatha yoga and aikido.

The altered state of consciousness by which a man enters into communion with intelligent beings of the unseen world is called "opening of the senses" in Scripture:

"Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand."  (Numbers 22:31, also see 2 Kings 6:17; Luke 24:16-31)  

According to the Watchman Expositor, all psycho-technologies are hypnosis techniques linked to the mother of all Mystery Religions---Babylon---as well as to ancient pagan practices and eastern mystical experiences, involving similar trance states or altered states of consciousness. Such altered states are essential to such practices as out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and Yoga. William Kroger, M.D. and William Fezler Ph.D. maintain that,

"...hypnosis has been practiced in one form or another in the civilized and uncivilized world under many different labels since the dawn of history."  (Hypnosis, James K. Walker, allwatchman.org)

They further note that historically elements of hypnosis have been an integral part of pagan religious practices and world religions including Assyro-Babylonian exorcism, Egyptian soothsaying, Jewish mysticism, Chinese Taoism , Sufism, Hinduism, Shintoism, forms of Buddhism (Tibetan and Zen), and Yoga. (Hypnosis and Behavior Modification, pp. 6-8; ibid).  

In  'Recognitions'  church father Clement records an evil deed of the Gnostic pagan magician Simon that bears a striking resemblance to the effects of modern psycho-technologies.   Clement reports that Simon had begun to commit murder by inducing a child to experience an out of body situation.  By way of mesmerizing,

"...abominable incantations he separated the soul of a child from its own body, that it might become his assistant for the production of whatever apparition he might require.  And he drew a likeness of the boy, and keeps it set up in the inner chamber where he sleeps, affirming that he...formed him of air by transformations such as the gods cause..." (Earth's Earliest Ages, G.H. Pember, p. 181)

In his interpretation of this dark passage, G.H. Pember concluded,

"...by mesmerism Simon had drawn out the spirit of the boy into a higher...state, and then omitted to recall it, so that the spirit had finally separated from the body; and that he had done this for the purpose of procuring a (spirit) familiar....Simon....denied the murder of the boy by asserting that he had merely resolved a spirit-form which he had himself produced." (p. 182)

In his 'Apology'  church father Tertullian writes that if magicians can produce apparitions, bring into evil repute the spirits of men who are dead,

"....mesmerize boys to obtain an oracular response...perform many wonders...by their conjuring illusions; send dreams by the aiding power of angels and demons whom they have...summoned to their assistance; through whose influence also goats and tables have been made to divine; how much more will that Satanic power be zealous to do with all its strength, of its own will, and for its own purposes, that which it does to serve the ends of others." (Pember, pp. 184-185)

In secularized Westerners and unwary Christians alike, altered states by whatever means eventually end in altered world view:

"Self-induced, mind-emptying and mind-altering disciplines/devices desensitize the Christian's sensitivity to biblical reality as the mind abandons its defenses and letting go of restraints, no longer can discern truth from error.   Mind-emptying meditation, like that promoted in sensitivity training groups related to the Human Potential Movement, has as its philosophical foundation the mantra of, 'accept anything as valid.'  So there is to be no questioning (there are no wrong answers), challenging or negativity expressed against the new sensitivities.  To this end, entering an altered state of consciousness serves to anesthetize persons against discernment as they are overcome by a lax, apathetic and permissive state of mind.  This happens in spite of the biblical call to be sober-minded." (Altered States: A Different Gate, Sarah Leslie and Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Apr. 28, 2011, Herescope) 

The emerging New Age New World Order is also receiving support and validation from the scientific community.  In “The Making of the New Spirituality: the Eclipse of the Western Religious Tradition,” James Herrick writes that physicists,

“….claim to have irrefutable scientific proof for the foundational pantheism of the Other Spirituality.” (p. 169)

For example, in the “Quantum Society,” physics writers Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall advocate a new esoteric science of pantheism, psychology and sociology grounded in a breathtaking range of practical implications in the,

“…fundamental physics that underlies all else that is in the universe” lending itself to a holistic understanding that “the nature of the mind, the nature of society, and the nature of nature are all one and the same thing…linked by a common physics.” (ibid, p. 170-171)

The ultimate discovery of the New Physics is scientific proof of the basic correctness of Benedict Spinoza’s pantheistic theology---nature is god.

According to Zohar and Marshall, the fundamental physics underlying all else in the universe consist  of two sorts of particles, bosons and fermions.  Fermions “are particles that make up things” including “protons, neutrons, and electrons, the basic constituents of the atom.”   In other words, “all of the matter of the universe is made of fermions.”  (ibid)

Thus there are only two kinds of things in the universe, and all of one kind is what we call physical matter.  The other kind of thing is spiritual and mental boson particles.  Bosons are the fundamental spiritual/mental forces that “bind the universe together---the electromagnetic, the gravitational, the strong and weak nuclear…”   Since bosons appear to “like clustering together,” consciousness and social qualities are most likely boson phenomena.  (ibid)

Both physicists contend that the boson is implicated in basic evolutionary processes, thus there is a “whole new ‘metaphysic” of the human in the history of the boson:

If the tendency of two bosons to bunch together at the most basic level of early physical processes can be traced in unbroken sequence to the principles underlying the physical basis for conscious mind,” then “we have traced the origins of the human mind back to primordial physical reality.”  (ibid)

This means that in the social tendencies of ‘thinking’ bosons physicists have discovered the evolutionary origins of the human soul (self) since the boson is the critical link between the previously immaterial soul (prior to emanating into a material body) and the evolutionary emanation or emergence of both biological life on earth and of the universe itself.

 Zohar and Marshal conclude that there is no longer any basis in the quantum worldview for any “ontological distinction between the human and the natural.”  Their conclusion represents “a radical shift away from the whole earlier Western worldview,” thus is applauded and greatly appreciated by New World Order occult pantheist globalists.

Zohar and Marshal also find that when physicists probe the deep recesses of the universe they are confronted by a void, an indefinite and seemingly infinite field of energy that they call the ‘quantum vacuum,” a background without features that seems empty yet is where all physical objects originate:

All the waves and particles that we can see and measure, literally, as in the Greek, ex-ist or ‘stand out from’ an underlying sea of potential that physicists have named the vacuum….just as waves undulate on the sea.”  This ‘sea’ of proto-physicality is an “all pervasive, underlying field of potential…the vacuum.”   (ibid, p. 172)

The ‘quantum vacuum’ is strikingly similar to some Hindu and Buddhist accounts of the origins of physical objects as emanations from the One and/or the Void.   Nor do Zohar and Marshall deny the similarity: 

The vacuum spoken of by quantum physicists, like the Buddhist concept of Sunyata, or the Void, to which it is so similar, is replete with potentiality.”   (ibid)

The Void is the ultimate ground of being and true mystical religious experience. As the beginning and ending of all reality, the Void or vacuum is “the vast sea of all else that is.”  Moreover, humans are excited modes of the Void:

“…the vacuum has the same physical structure as human consciousness.”  As this is the case, then the soul of the Void and soul of the human are one and the same substance.  “There is…quite possibly a common physics linking human consciousness to the ground state of ‘everything that ever existed or can exist’ in the universe (and we) are part of it.  Each one of us as an individual is an excitation of the vacuum, an individual being on the sea of Being” and this is a straightforward conclusion of “orthodox physics.  It is…proven.” (pp. 172-173)

Emanations from the Void   

 In “Ancient Paganism: the Sorcery of Fallen Angels,” Ken Johnson writes that Lucifer persuaded pre-flood people to believe that the Creator God no longer existed because He had emptied Himself into His own creation.  So now all that actually exists is a creative force or ground of being that makes it possible for each person to evolve into god after death.  Out of this pre-flood seedbed there eventually bloomed in the post-flood world the mother of all  Mystery Religions at Babylon followed by Babylonian Cabala, Egyptian Hermetic magic, all nature systems, pantheism, evolution (transformation), reincarnation, occultism, spiritualism, and the Doctrine of Emanation.

According to the doctrine of emanation, the entire universe, all spirit, life, and even all of the gods, human beings, and everything else, came about by a process of emanation (or unfolding, emergence or evolution) from the Ultimate Ground of Being (Void, Abyss).  Just as waves form across the surface of the ocean, so the Void forms upon itself successive waves (emanations) of entities that in turn emanate further entities and so on, with all of these entities interacting within an extraordinary network or great chain of being consisting of downward-sloping self-contained planes of existence, a top-down hierarchy of astral plane realities arranged vertically.

 Each higher plane of existence emanates the one below it through a process of emanation, thus each plane stands in the position of ground of being (god) to the one below it.  Therefore creation is not creation ex nihilo, as the Genesis account teaches, but emanation out of the Void, the ultimate ground of being.

 Each plane of existence has its own specific characteristics, thus there can be a plane where spirit or thought forms exist; where the Gnostic demiurge, the evil Jehovah, god of material creation exists; the realm of the deities, demons, heavens, hells, angels, and so on, realm upon realm, all looking downwards to the physical realm and also looking upwards to the Void or quantum vacuum.

Pantheism and the Doctrine of Emanation first appeared in the pre-flood world of Noah and now have taken up residence in America thanks to our obsession with occult spirituality, evolution  and Western quantum physics, the ‘new’ scientific foundation for pantheistic religion.  Under the banner of pantheism and evolution (emanation), science and nature theology have become virtually indistinguishable one from the other, a cause for celebration among New Age communalist globalists.

@Linda Kimball