The Bewitching Power behind the Religion of Evolutionary Paganism

In “Reflections on the Psalms” C.S. Lewis writes that if the Divine call,

“…does not make us better, it will make us very much worse.  Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst.  Of all created beings the wickedest is one who originally stood in the immediate presence of God.”   (The Quotable Lewis, Wayne Martindale & Jerry Root, Editors, p. 192) 

In agreement with Lewis, Matthew Henry identifies both Lucifer and tepid, indecisive, weak, or apostate clergy as falling stars.  Having ceased to be ministers to Christ, they become ministers of the devil and let “loose the powers of hell against the churches of Christ.”  (Concise Commentary) 

Under the guiding hand of apostate clergy the spirit of apostasy began its work right in the heart of Christendom, which today is a vast sea of darkness punctuated here and there by small shining lights.  Today however, it is the case that most of the leadership of apostasy comes from post-Christian America, and this is why so very many churches over and across the entire denominational spectrum are becoming like cisterns without living water.   

Speaking for apostate clergy stretching back to the Renaissance, Jesus Seminar apostates openly confess: 

It is no longer credible to think that there is a God ‘out there.”  (The Paganization of Biblical Studies, Dr. Peter Jones,, 2007)  

Apostate clergy reject the supernatural God the Father Almighty in three Persons who though He upholds the souls of men and maintains life and creation, His substance is not within nature (space-time dimension) as pantheism maintains, but outside of it.  This is the meaning of the ‘God out there.’

From the Renaissance to our own age apostate clergy have been deconstructing Christian theism and with the emergence of evolutionary theory dressing neo-pagan evolutionary materialism and spiritually pantheist nature religions in Christian clothing in an attempt to overhaul the Christian faith.

Embraced by modern apostate clergy and considered one of New Zealand’s foremost thinkers, the Presbyterian apostate Lloyd Geering is Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University in New Zealand.  Dr. Jones writes that Geering’s books are promoted as programmatic essays for the future earth community from the point of view of Christian apostasy and neo-pagan evolutionary religion.  According to Geering, tomorrow’s culture will be post-Christian, global and religiously pagan. 

Jones notes the remarkable similarity of Geering’s agenda to that found in the ex-Roman Catholic apostate Thomas Berry, “The Great Work,” which is working its way through both biblical texts and the texts of the U.N.’s global programs.   

Geering posits that tomorrow’s culture will be post-Christian,

“...because evolution proves that human beings, as they evolved, created language, then symbols, then religious explanations.  The most recent human religious inventions are the monotheistic divine Creator of all things, and the dualism between the spiritual realm of a God who is believed to really exist, and the realm of created life.”  Christian theology calls this the supernatural Creator/natural creature distinction, but according to Geering, “The other-world of the dualistic picture…has been slowly dissolving from Western consciousness…through the most serious condemnation of traditional monotheism…by feminist thought.”  Feminist thinkers have shown that “the transfer of the seat of sacred power from the earth to the heavens, and the demise of the earth mother occasioned by the victory of the heavenly father, upset the balance of values in the gender relationship (which) in the pre-monotheistic cultures…were conceived to be in a state of complementary harmony.”  In other words, the ‘God out there’ created only two distinct but complementary sexes, male and female and this upset the pagan ideal of androgyny.  

 Like the long line of apostates stretching back to the Renaissance, Geering categorically rejects the living, personal God of the Bible:

 “The time for glorifying the Almighty (male) God who supposedly rules is now over.” The end of this supernatural God is so evident that “some future generation may well be moved to discard the Christian calendar entirely, and rename the year 2000 AD as 1 GE, the first year of the global era.  Soon the Lord’s Supper will only signify human fellowship, and Christmas will be a holiday for the celebration of family.” (ibid, Peter Jones)  

Perpetuating the apostasy of his predecessors, spiritual evolutionist and Vedanta prophet Ken Wilber, a Mahayana Buddhist from a Christian background, teaches "integral spirituality." A popular author whose teachings have been avidly studied by world leaders, politicians (i.e. Bill Clinton and Al Gore), scholars, writers, artists, musicians, spiritual teachers and pop culture icons, Wilber combines evolution with the world's nature religions, morals, and Eastern and Western philosophy so as to establish a universal spirituality.

A panentheist, Wilber imagines that the entire universe is God evolving from matter through billions of years toward de Chardin's 'Omega Point.' Having evolved from 'nothing' man now evolves toward total god-consciousness, and in this way, the imaginary god is in process of becoming while evolution becomes conscious of itself.

A form of Christianized-Vedanta pantheism is already here, said Dr. Peter Jones:

"Evolutionary Christianity" is producing the longed-for and much-prophesied synthesis, namely, the union of science and spirituality.... Evolutionary Christianity is a variant of Wilber's 'Theory of Everything,' a worldview of (Vedanta monism) that claims to explain everything through the notion of human evolution into a non-dual divine. Michael Dowd, the ex-Evangelical now evangelist for evolution (agrees) with Bishop's Spong's post-theistic Christianity (and) declares supernatural other-worldly religion will die out for a post-metaphysical natural religion." (Normalizing Necromancy: Tempting the Church to Talk with the Dead, Worldview Weekend, 1/23/12)

Jones adds that Evolutionary Christianity is an online gathering place for:

"....evangelical theistic evolutionists, 'progressive' Emergent Christian leaders, radical post-theistic Christian liberals, Christian non-dual mystics, pro-homosexual ministers, radical religious feminists, and recognized evolutionary scientists. Some are deeply influenced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and pagan "geologians" such as Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme."

The underlying framework of religious evolutionary pantheism is naturalism, the assumption that only the natural dimension exists therefore living creatures created themselves. The supernatural dimension and the living, personal God who exists there does not exist, nor do Hell and the devil and his evil minions.

In his refutation of evolution, Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., FM, writes that evolution rests on the assumption that ‘nothing’ gave rise to ‘something’ at an alleged ‘big-bang,’ non-life bearing chemicals gave rise to life, single-celled organisms gave rise to multiple celled organisms, invertebrates gave rise to vertebrates, ape-like creatures gave rise to man; non-life-bearing, non-intelligent, amoral matter gave rise to intelligence and morality, man’s yearnings gave rise to religions, etc. (Refuting Evolution, Sarfati,

Evolutionary pantheism builds off of naturalism and rests primarily on the work of the apostate priest Teilhard de Chardin and his quasi-Hindu idea.  Teilhard was a Hermetic magician and alchemist who held that after millions of years of evolution a divine substance finally emerged from matter thereby spiritualizing and divinizing all matter.  But since evolution is always in motion, then this pantheist nature deity is born by progressive unfolding.  As the world progresses the deity progresses.  As the world acquires perfection, the deity acquires perfection.  Moreover, man is a necessary step in the evolution of deity.  Just as man evolved from the ape, deity comes from man, thus man, according to Teilhard, can achieve a form of Godhood or a high level of spiritual oneness called the Omega Point:

This was an evolutionary process that everyone could attain through discipline and dedication to the path of enlightenment.” (Reflections on the Omega Point, Frank Tipler,

Nihilism underlies evolutionary naturalism just as it does all permutations of  evolutionary pantheist religion because none have a source for life, consciousness, and man's being, hence all are merely different expressions of nihilism.

Belief in evolution is a remarkable spiritual phenomenon that has swept the West and America. Despite its devilish nihilism, it is passionately defended by the atheist scientific establishment, academia, the controllers of the education establishment and apostate clergy as fiercely as Gollum defended his ‘precious,’ the One Ring of power forged by the evil Dark Lord Sauron.  The purpose of the One Ring was to gain dominion over the minds and souls of the free people of Middle Earth: "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."   So powerfully seductive was the ring that in most cases just one look was all it took to bewitch the beholder who thereafter sought by any means to become its owner despite that it meant his doom.

Like the One Ring, there is a cunning, malevolent intelligence behind evolution that bewitches, controls and binds.

@Linda Kimball