Evidence of America's Madness

The recently published essay, "Falling Stars, Damnable Heresy, and the Spirit of Evolution" has elicited numerous outraged reactions from 'deeply offended' evolutionary theists.

One deeply offended writer sought to assure me that basic evolution is a "simple scientific theory built on two confirmed facts: 1) descent with modifications and 2) natural selection."  And this, said the aggrieved writer, is "natural-philosophy (aka "science") which begins with inputs from our senses."

The offended writer is an ideologue who along with America's ruling class hold the reins of power and influence within every branch of government, Hollywood, the propaganda shills aka media, the scientific establishment , education establishment, and increasingly within seminaries and churches.   All of them are ideologues. 

An ideologue is a person who swallows-whole twisted, distorted ideas and systems-thinking that are inherently illogical and self-refuting.   Consider the following: ideas, theories, philosophy, concepts, presuppositions, assumptions and opinions are not of the sensory realm but of the unseen or spirit realm; they cannot be seen, touched, weighed or heard because they are of spirit (mind).  But according to the writer, "natural philosophy aka science begins with inputs from our senses."

The agitated writer contradicted himself by using his mind (spirit) to posit an entirely insane notion that denies “mind.” 

Ideologues always suffer from cognitive dissonance, which means they are double-minded individuals who hold in their minds two distinctly antithetical ideas, one true, one false. In this case, the true idea says, “you have a mind,” while the false one denies “mind” in service to pride and madness.

It has long been said that the eyes (senses) are the door to the soul/spirit (mind). Any truly great artist will tell you that eyes (senses) and inspiration (mind) work instantaneously as a harmonious unit, not one thing first (senses) followed finally by the other, mind. There is never an instant where eyes (senses) work alone and it is madness to say they do.  Yet because America's double-minded ideologues hold most every position of power, madness has become America's new 'norm.' 

@Linda Kimball