Orwell's Big Brother: Gnostic Pagan Magician

“Thought crime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while...but sooner or later they were bound to get you." George Orwell, 1984

In the modern Gnostic-Hermetic/pantheist worldview of Marxist Communism, it is not the personal Triune God who has created the world.  No, it is each Gnostic pagan man-god who creates his own world and meaning in every living moment out of his own consciousness.   In other words, since the substance of God is distributed throughout all of the cosmos (Gnostic pantheist conception of World Soul or Mind), including the unconscious mind of man, then by means of self-induced trance states, brain-altering drugs, transcendental meditation and other Magic Ways, man can tap into the god-force within, thereby becoming a little god who controls matter because he controls mind. The physical world then, is an illusion because reality is inside the divine mind of the god-man.

This way of thinking is captured by Orwell in his book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in which negation of the physical world is an integral part of the social and political philosophy of Big Brother and his despotic Party.   At one stage in the book, Winston stumbles upon the shocking realization that,

“…in the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.  It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later; the logic of their position demanded it.  Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy.” (Orwell, “The New Spirituality and its Hallmarks, Alan Morrison, SCP Journal, Vol. 30:4-31:1, 2007, p. 19)

When the Thought Police agent O’Brien tortures Winston for “wrong thought” he states,

We control matter because we control the mind.  Reality is inside the skull.  You will learn by degrees, Winston.  There is nothing that we could not do.  Invisibility, levitation---anything.  I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wish to….You must get rid of these nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature.  We make the laws of Nature.”

Big Brother is a Hermetic magician in a long line of magicians going back to Ham in the post-flood world followed by Nimrod and the Egyptian magus Hermes Trismegistus, the early Christian-era Gnostic Simon Magus and Valentinus, Eastern Tantric sages, Yogis, and god-men on through to Renaissance magicians such as Agrippa, and Paracelsus.

As Big Brother is a pagan magician he holds to the oneness of existence.  What this means to Big Brother is that since the universe is a self-creating, self-developing (evolving) living organism (i.e., Mind, Void, World Soul) consisting of interconnected parts (i.e., plants, animals, humans, land, cities, oceans) bound together by psychic energy then physical matter (human body, brain) and psychic energies are mutually transmutable. 

This was announced as the Grand Principle of Hermes Trismegistus and found expression in the teaching that everything that is high,

 ".....is equal to what is low, and everything low is equal to what is high.” (God and the Knowledge of Reality, Thomas Molnar, p. 82)

 Hermes formula means there is an absolute although hidden unity, a Great Chain of Being, between the lower world of physical matter and the higher astral realm of the impersonal world soul, the key of which lends to the magician incalculable powers when he earns how to acquire divine intellect.

The Great Chain of Being corresponds to an interconnected hierarchy of different unseen dimensions or astral-planes within the impersonal mind of the World Soul comprising the habitations,

“.....(of all) supernatural entities, the locale of gods and demons, the void where the thought-forms dwell, the region inhabited by spirits of the air and other elements, and the various heavens and hells with their angelic and demonic hosts…” (Beyond the Body: The Human Double and the Astral Planes, Benjamin Walker, 1974, pp. 117-118) 

With the help of spirits and occult rituals magicians,

“…believe that they can ‘rise on the planes’ and experience these regions in full awareness.” (ibid)

During the Renaissance, Agrippa taught Hermes’s doctrine of cosmic unity and that with the help of the Magic Way the magician could spiritually ascend the Cosmic Tree to the world soul and make use of things such as deities, angels and other powers above.

This was the core of Paracelsus’s teaching.  Paracelsus held that since all that exists is matter and psychic energy, then we are all “products of nature” and “children of the same vital and magic forces” meaning that there is a precise relationship between various organs of the human body and the “organs of the world” or astral bodies.  Thus if the human soul is influenced by the astral bodies it in turn exerts a definite influence on the “world-soul.”   (ibid, pp. 82-83)

Dr. Molnar writes that various ancient and modern texts in the corpus hermeticum describe the magician or magus who manipulates divine figures (physical matter) thereby achieving desired results among gods and other powers who cannot help but respond to the bidding of the magician.  Simon Magus for example, bid angelic powers to levitate him high in the air in order to astonish Roman and Christian on-lookers.

Paracelsus makes it clear that when the human soul manipulates the world-soul it “thinks and imagines” what has been suggested by the man-god and carries it out in the material world.  Molnar notes that this is how the magician’s divine intellect or consciousness,

“….can command the stars, can direct events, and even produce “new beings.”  Parts of these operations take place in the visible world, other parts in the invisible world, but the magus obviously has access to both.”  (Molnar, p. 83)

 In the work of the magus physical matter is said to undergo passion, death, and resurrection, the final result of the transmutation resulting in its' spiritualization and divinization.  The magus performs these acts as a means of reconciling what has been separated so as to achieve oneness:  the Divine Mind with man, man’s soul with the world-soul, darkness with light, natural with supernatural, male with female, good with evil, truth with lie.

Another objective of the magus is to rid himself of false consciousness and/or knowledge and to attain ‘true knowledge’ (self-knowledge) by way of his unity with the world-soul.

The Gnostics for example, held that in its unredeemed state pneuma (spirit) is unconscious of itself, intoxicated by the poison and false consciousness of the material world. Its ignorance is cured as it awakens from the darkness of physical nature to the light of self-knowledge.

Eric Voegelin (1901-85), one of the most influential political philosophers of the last century argues that Marxist Communism, together with many other modern movements such as theological liberalism and the ‘God is dead school,’ is a modern form of Gnostic paganism.    

 Marxist Communism, Luciferian Masonry and Theosophy, New Age spiritual pantheism and the New Physics of pantheism assert that all matter is a form of energy or particles emanating off of the Void, a concept that is similar to some Buddhist and Hindu thinking holding that the physical world is an illusion, that people have no bona fide existence since they are aspects of human consciousness. In other words, as the Thought Police O’Brien, a Gnostic adept or magician put it,

“…nothing exists except through human consciousness...”

Like much of what passes for evolutionary science, leftist academic, media and Democratic socialist thought today, this claim is solipsism and can be defined as,

The extreme form of subjective idealism that denies that the human mind has any valid ground for believing in the existence of anything but itself. (Alan Morrison, The New Spirituality, p. 20)

In Orwell’s novel the important axiom to which Winston clung was,

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four.  If that is granted, all else follows.”

Modern Gnostic  pantheist progressives, liberals and fellow-travelers are amoral narcissists who manipulate reality by manipulating our perception of reality.   Like their father the devil they perform their magic by way of Big Lies, deceptions, revised history and propaganda streamed into the minds of their victims via TV, video games and other technology, media, schools,  and other public platforms.

Freedom is freedom to think and speak truth to madness, lies, and deceptions.  This must be the rock we cling to in this age of madness.  Freedom is the freedom to know that the Christian God, Jesus Christ Incarnate, created this universe and that we are all partakers in the objective world-reality which He created and will one day renew and perfect.

@Linda Kimball