Nuggets Of Wisdom From A Former "Amoral" Man

"They hate me without a cause....they that would destroy me, are mine enemies falsely, (and being powerful).... I restored that which I took not." Psalm 69:4 In other words, depraved men projected their own vices, that is their sins, onto the intended victim, the innocent man. Then they psychologically crucified him for possessing what they coveted. Having found him guilty (deserving) of their own evil intentions, they seized his goods and redistributed them to themselves...for the "common good" of course.

Like self-righteous Cain, the depraved view themselves as faultless while in reality their conscience is depraved and their will turned to evil, and this spiritual pathology is the most destructive force in political, social, economic, and cultural life. This is because intelligence (reason, understanding, logic, judgment) is the spiritual ability that gives humanity its power over all other creatures, but what is not generally understood is that rightly ordered reasoning depends upon a necessary foundation of unchanging, higher moral standards together with a morally-informed conscience and a will in submission to higher truth and morality. In other words, the soul must be open to God rather than inward-turned in contemplation of self.

The will of the self-contemplative soul is turned toward self-gratification (vice) and its' conscience is depraved, and though intelligence remains intact it is useless for pursuit of the good, the just and the true. Guided by a depraved conscience, intelligence is used in pursuit of the preservation of self-image and in gratification of self (i.e., desires, appetites) at any cost because 'self' comes before all else. This is why Mary Elizabeth Williams of admitted that even though she knows that from the moment of conception an unborn child is undeniably a human life, in her judgment it is nevertheless permissible,

"...that this unborn human terminated if a woman desires an abortion." ("So What if Abortion Ends a Life? Rare Candor from the Culture of Death," Albert Mohler, February 1, 2013)

Williams conscience is depraved, thus even though the child is a human life,

" her grotesque view," said Mohler, the child is “a life worth sacrificing.”

For increasing numbers of Americans, there is no living God of Revelation, no heaven, hell, fixed meaning, immutable truth, moral absolutes, and no ultimate accountability for what we do here in this world, thus there is no logical reason not to kill unwanted human life anymore than there is to be "good" in the traditional sense of virtuous behavior--- Ten Commandments.

And for those who have accepted the lie that there is no God, then why not lie, cheat, plunder and kill unborn human life since selfish humans are their own 'gods' and get to define what is 'good'? Why not live a very selfish, self-centered life?

A reader recently wrote in regard to my last essay, "In a World without God, Meaning, Purpose and Accountability, why not Lie, Cheat, Plunder and Kill?" and as he is a former "amoral" man his penetrating insight into the depraved reasoning of Mary Elizabeth Williams and others like her is of great interest.

Describing himself, for lack of better words, as "born without a conscience" to amoral parents he said that "going through the pinball machine called life" has finally brought spiritual healing, a cleaned-up conscience and some measure of wisdom.

In his new-found wisdom he said that in our Godless, meaningless, truthless culture, lying comes easily because you do not have to,

".....remember what you said yesterday and attempt to keep it straight today."

The light of truth has all but been extinguished throughout our land. It is hard to find it even within many churches because no one needs to remember what they previously said, or even attempt to keep their story straight. How convenient!

With regard to plunder, which he said covers everything from, "...possessions, money, image, ideas, lifestyle, honor, business ‘things’, need I go on?" the envying, coveting and theft of 'plunder' is easily rationalized by,

"....that stupid game, these days, called ‘getting even’. There is another stupid game called ‘non-harmful revenge’. This is similar to a lot of things, that once you start, you can’t quite seem to quit. Divorce is legalized plunder. Businness lawsuits are legalized plunder. One-on-one, usually ends up with your last ‘why’..."

In a world without God, meaning, higher truth, moral laws and ultimate accountabilty after death, the light of truth has been extinguished and law and order have broken down. Our former state of law is now lawlessness, allowing greed, gluttony, hate, covetousness and envy to be "legalized." "Gay" marriage is legalized plunder. Hate-crime laws are legalized hate. The demand for tax-payer funded reparations for people who have never been slaves, for the killing of the unborn (abortion), and for sex-change operations for sexually confused individuals is legalized plunder. Then there is 'legalized' plunder as death taxes, capital gains taxes, taxes on the wealthy, marriage-penalty taxes and tax-payer money awarded to illegals, druggies, and other social parasites.

What greater example of 'legalized' plunder than the vast amount of loot amassed by our criminally-minded transnational progressive 'elite' banker/corporatist leviathan:

"....$32 trillion (USD) of hidden assets in offshore tax havens, representing up to $280 billion in lost income tax revenue (which) excluded such non-financial assets as real estate, precious metals, jewels, yachts, race horses, luxury vehicles and so on. Of the $32 trillion in hidden assets, $23 trillion is held by the super-rich of North America and Europe. A recent report by a United Nations Special Committee on Money Laundering found that US and European banks laundered over $300 billion a year, including $30 billion just from the Mexican drug cartels.” (The Ascendancy of a Criminal Financial Elite, Professor James Petras,, 5 August 2012)

With regard to the depraved choices of all who choose to lie, plunder, and kill unborn human life, it is their choice to live without a conscience, said the correspondent. This is why Augustine rightly notes that though pride is the root of all vices, an evil will is its necessary companion.

And finally, for all who view unborn human life as “a life worth sacrificing” on behalf of self-gratification, my correspondent offers the following warning:

"Personal killings...are acts chosen, even in passion. People forget that they will live with that in their minds for the rest of their lives."

They will be unable to forget their guilt while they live because there really is a living God Who Spoke, the Judge Who holds all men accountable for what they have done here in this world.

@Linda Kimball