The Psychology of Evil

The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis:

"Now the Witch said nothing at all, but moved gently across the room, always keeping her face and eyes very steadily towards the Prince. When she had come to a little ark set in the wall not far from the fireplace, she opened it, and took out first a handful of a green powder. This she threw on the fire. It did not blaze much, but a very sweet and drowsy smell came from it. And all through the conversation which followed, that smell grew stronger, and filled the room, and made it harder to think. Secondly, she took out a musical instrument rather like a mandolin. She began to play it with her fingers - a steady, monotonous thrumming that you didn't notice after a few minutes. But the less you noticed it, the more it got into your brain and your blood. This also made it hard to think. After she had thrummed for a time (and the sweet smell was now strong) she began speaking in a sweet, quiet voice."

"Narnia?" she said. "Narnia? I have often heard your Lordship utter that name in your ravings. Dear Prince, you are very sick. There is no land called Narnia."

"Yes there is, though, Ma'am," said Puddleglum. "You see, I happen to have lived there all my life."

"Indeed," said the Witch. "Tell me, I pray you, where that country is?"

"Up there," said Puddleglum, stoutly, pointing overhead. "I - I don't know exactly where."

"How?" said the Queen, with a kind, soft, musical laugh. "Is there a country up among the stones and mortar of the roof?"

"No," said Puddleglum, struggling a little to get his breath. "It's in Overworld."

"And what, or where, pray is this . . . how do you call it. . . Overworld?"

"Oh, don't be so silly," said Scrubb, who was fighting hard against the enchantment of the sweet smell and the thrumming. "As if you didn't know! It's up above, up where you can see the sky and the sun and the stars. Why, you've been there yourself. We met you there."

"I cry you mercy, little brother," laughed the Witch (you couldn't have heard a lovelier laugh). "I have no memory of that meeting. But we often meet our friends in strange places when we dream. And unless all dreamed alike, you must not ask them to remember it."

"Madam," said the Prince sternly, "I have already told your Grace that I am the King's son of Narnia."

"And shalt be, dear friend," said the Witch in a soothing voice, as if she was humouring a child, "shalt be king of many imagined lands in thy fancies."

"We've been there, too," snapped Jill. She was very angry because she could feel enchantment getting hold of her every moment. But of course the very fact that she could still feel it, showed that it had not yet fully worked.

"And thou art Queen of Narnia too, I doubt not, pretty one," said the Witch in the same coaxing, half-mocking tone.

"I'm nothing of the sort," said Jill, stamping her foot. "We come from another world."

"Why, this is a prettier game than the other," said the Witch. "Tell us, little maid, where is this other world? What ships and chariots go between it and ours?"

.....Jill couldn't remember the names of the things in our world. And this time it didn't come into her head that she was being enchanted, for now the magic was in its full strength; and of course, the more enchanted you get, the more certain you feel that you are not enchanted at all. She found herself saying (and at the moment it was a relief to say):

"No. I suppose that other world must be all a dream."

"Yes. It is all a dream," said the Witch, always thrumming.

"Yes, all a dream," said Jill.

"There never was such a world," said the Witch.

"No," said Jill and Scrubb, "never was such a world."

"There never was any world but mine," said the Witch.

"There never was any world but yours," said they. "    

The witch is an important part of Lewis' novel because the character symbolizes the principle of nihilism (negation) and rebellion in fallen mortal men.   Though the witch is not the actual devil she is of like mind with him and her mesmerizing powers of persuasion come from him.

Like her father the devil, the witch is not by any margin morally sane but rather morally insane.  She is therefore a convincing, practiced liar, a master of the black arts of deception and manipulation who knows that Narnia exists, but being spiritually dead, her lack of empathy and malignant narcissism permits her to negate reality (Narnia) and impose on her victims a false reality made up of distortions and fabrications.

Being of like mind with the devil she seemingly possesses a limitless supply of demonic energy, especially when engaged in imposing her will over the wills of others.   Since she desires power for the sake of power, she wants the reins of control in her hands at all times as her overriding passion is to utterly control and dominate the minds and wills of others which she poisons by manipulating their perceptions.   She does this by slowly but surely isolating her victims, one from the other, in a vast black spider's web of deception.  She begins spinning her web by causing doubt, creating confusion, whispering behind backs, deftly massaging the pride and resentment of some while burdening those she perceives as threats with a false sense of guilt.  This  allows her to turn the hate and vengeance of the first group against the second, the scapegoats she quickly belittles, ridicules, undermines, discredits, denigrates and accuses of insanity should they dare to speak truth to lies:

""Narnia? I have often heard your Lordship utter that name in your ravings. Dear Prince, you are very sick. There is no land called Narnia."

The principle of negation (nihilism) rests on a foundation of pride, lust, covetousness, resentment and envy, and like the devil, the witch's  brand of  negation is so total that she lacks the capacity for the empathy of one human being for another, making her very dangerous not only because she is motivated to scapegoat and crucify others but also because her lack of empathy negates the restraint resulting from empathy and respect for others.

Negation of empathy results in blindness to the humanity of victims which in turn permits them to be sacrificed without remorse on the altar of narcissism, for with the negation of humanity intended victims are no longer human beings but rather objects of pleasure or displeasure to be used, abused, tormented and discarded at will.    This monstrous evil finds expression over and over in the writings of the sexual sadist, the Marquis de Sade:

"The philosopher sates his appetites without inquiring to know what his enjoyments may cost others, and without remorse." (Libido Dominandi, E. Michael Jones, p. 26)

The highly respected profiler of sex crimes, Roy Hazelwood describes sexual sadists like de Sade as narcissists who are aroused by the suffering of another:

"It is not the infliction of pain that is arousing to the sadist, but the victim's suffering. The sadist may use physical or psychological pain as a tool to elicit the suffering, but it is the suffering that is crucial to his arousal."  The most successful sexual sadists are narcissists for whom "there are no absolutes, the infinity of darkness." (Roy Hazelwood: Profiler of Sexual Crimes, Katherine Ramsland, Crime Library)

For anti-God and anti-human metaphysical nihilists, the principle of negation underlies evolutionary scientism.   This peculiar science is not attractive because true, but a priori true because it is attractive to the principle of negation (meaninglessness) and rebellion in fallen mortal men.   Such men are crazy-makers who desire on one hand, the negation of the reality of the God of Revelation, heaven, hell, truth, moral law, meaning, purpose and Original Sin and on the other, the imposition of a false reality made up of distortions and fabrications such as the idea that men are machines. Aldous Huxley comments:

"The philosopher who finds no meaning in the world is not concerned...with a problem in pure metaphysics.  He is also concerned to prove that there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do, or why his friends should not seize political power and govern in the way that they find most advantageous to themselves.  The voluntary...reasons for holding the doctrines of materialism...may be predominantly erotic, the case of Lamettrie...or predominantly political as they were in the case of Karl Marx."  (Aldous Huxley, from Libido Dominandi, p. 27)

Whereas the witch negated reality (Narnia) and imposed on her victims a false reality made up of distortions and fabrications, so do evolutionary humanists, both secular and theological.  Being of one mind with the devil, they negate (murdered) the transcendent God of Revelation, meaning, unchanging truth, moral law and man's humanity (soul/spirit) and through force of will impose on the West and America an alternative reality made up of deceptions.    Eric Voegelin comments:

"....the order of being (was) obliterated (and reinterpreted) as essentially under man's control." Taking control "requires the decapitation of being — the murder of God." (Eric Voegelin, "Science, Politics and Gnosticism," p. xv)

With the negation of  God and the source of man's humanity (soul) men are no longer human beings but beast-men, qualitatively no different from  rats, pigs, or apes to be used, abused, tormented and discarded at will.

The negation of the God of Revelation, immutable truth, and moral absolutes together with the disintegration of man's dignity as a creature of God is not the product of science in search of true knowledge of how things work in this world, nor of  reason used in pursuit of truth, but is rather the product of an evil will and depraved conscience that justifies the negation of God and the depersonalization and abuse of others as the exercise of freedom.  It is hatred and sadism disguised behind linguistic sophistry.

Evil people exploit good people by persuading them that it is wrong to call evil by its' name." (Persuasive Wickedness & What We Must Say About It, James Hitchcock)

Today every manner of evil, from the evil 'science' of personal power,pathological lying, hypocrisy, treachery, terrorism, the murder of aborted yet living babies, 'gay' marriage, open borders, incest, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality (animalism), rape, thievery, vandalism, violence and disarming Americans is justified by the alternative reality of evolutionary scientism, which has freed rebellious, fallen man from God and His Law.  

The real horror of the fabricated reality imposed on us is its positive declaration of a "new" moral ethic, which we commonly think of as political correctness with its' two overriding absolutes, "tolerance" and "inclusion."  Thus today the shamelessly perverse claim of  "politically correct" moral imbeciles to the moral high ground from where they brazenly point an accusing finger at God, Biblical ethics, defenders of Special Creation, the sanctity of human life, the institution of one man, one woman marriage and the Americans who hold fast to them.

The prescription is True Truth and the courage of conviction to speak it in the face of persecution.  The evil hate the light of truth and goodness that exposes them and penetrates their deceptions and fabrications.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."--John 8:32

@Linda Kimball