The Enneagram: A Satanic Occult Spiritual Tool within the Church

Over the course of many years, doctrines of demons--- occult doctrines, symbols, psycho-spiritual technologies and tools have been creeping into the whole body of the Christian church, thus for example we see some churches forgoing the cross of Christ in favor of peculiar contemporary logos bearing a striking similarity to the powerful occult symbol, the Oroboros (the body of the serpent) while others advertise themselves as the church of One Spirit (interfaith/interspirituality).    Psycho-spiritual techniques for channeling the divine essence or spark “within” are becoming  immensely popular in many contemporary Mega Churches as are occult spiritual tools such as the Enneagram, which is not only used and promoted by some Christians, but defended as a psychological tool based on biblical principles.

The Enneagram however, is the antithesis of God’s Word and Way of Jesus Christ God Incarnate (Romans 3:24; 6:23; 10:9-10; Eph. 1:7; 2:8-9)  Its inventor, George Ilych Gurdjieff and his disciples, Peter Damien Ouspensky and Oscar Ichazo  were very active in the occult, spiritism, Theosophy (Ouspensky), channeling, yoga, drugs, devil worship, and a study of the pantheist/panentheist and reincarnation conceptions of Middle Eastern religions. 

Gurdjieff was an Armenian teacher of occult spiritual philosophies and techniques based on knowledge he acquired during contacts with secret societies as recounted in his book, “Meetings with Remarkable Men.”   Though Gurdjieff was aware of Luciferian Theosophy and other occult spiritual philosophies he decided to found his own order based on doctrines of spiritual enlightenment through meditation and heightened self-awareness. (

Gurdjieff’s system incorporates ancient Egyptian Hermetic magic, biological and spiritual theories of evolution, Gnostic pantheist conceptions of a Divine One Substance, and various other occult pagan doctrines such as esoteric Kabbalah, Taoism, Buddhism and Greek nature philosophy.

Gurdjieff’s techniques included specially adapted forms of hypnotism, total obedience to a guru who has achieved enlightenment, constant self-observation, hard physical labor and demeaning tasks, intense emotionalism and dance routines. 

The aim of Gurdjieff’s system is to shock the initiate into a new self-awareness that will open the psyche to communication with the divine essence “above” that is also “within,” or the Master, in the words of Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret:

People go through their whole lives chasing everything in the material world, and they fail to discover the greatest treasure of all, which is within them.  Shut your eyes to the outside world.  Direct your thoughts and words inside of you.  The Master within you is the key to all the treasures in the world.” (Rhonda Byrne, “The Secret Daily Teachings”)

With this understanding, the goal of the Enneagram comes to light.  Its purpose is twofold: to lead a person to self-awareness and second, to an awakening of the divine Self “within.”   “Self” is capitalized because “Self” is considered to be divine.

Ouspensky reframed Gurdjieff’s ideas as the Fourth Way and his teachings on the Enneagram appear in his books, “In Search of the Miraculous” and “The Fourth Way.”

In “What is the Enneagram?” Marcia Montenegro explains that the nine numbers most likely originate with Oscar Ichazo’s belief in the “nine divine forms” of “Self,” a spiritist philosophy derived from the Gnostic view of the “Self” as divine and pure and from the esoteric values of Sacred Geometry:

Ichazo was heavily involved in psychedelic drugs and shamanism and asserted that he had “received instructions from a higher entity called Metatron” and that his group was “guided by an interior master.” (, May 24, 2011)

Ichazo’s pupil Naranjo, a psychiatrist who studied with him in Chile passed on the Enneagram teachings to Jesuit Bob Ochs.   Ochs brought it into Roman Catholic circles at the occult New Age Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California where Naranjo taught. (ibid, “A Closer Look at the Enneagram,” Dorothy Garrity Ranaghan, 1989, p. 9)

At home within much of the Roman Catholic Church, the Enneagram was welcomed into Protestant Evangelical circles back in 2006 as Lighthouse Trails reports: 

Next year’s National Pastors Convention will be using an occultic tool called the enneagram.  The tool will be used during one of the Critical Concerns Courses.  An introduction of the course, Understanding the Enneagram: Insights for Spiritual Transformation says “This course will provide personal and biblical perspectives from the enneagram, an ancient tool being rediscovered in the church. “(National Pastor’s Convention Using Occultic Enneagram,, Dec. 12, 2006)

The ultimate purpose of the Enneagram is to initiate a person into something far beyond the conscious control of the human will, for once a person has been initiated their spirit/soul is open to demonic bondage, harassment and madness.  Thus to “go within” so as to channel the Divine Self “within,” is to perform the cult of Satan which opens the spirit/soul to contact with powers and principalities and their chief, the devil.   Initiation inevitably results in a counter-conversion from the Holy God in Three Persons to self and Satan and from there to bondage, terror and blackness.

The common thread running through all occult doctrine, symbols, psycho-spiritual technologies and tools such as the Enneagram is the diabolical mind of the serpent, the same fallen angel who tempted Adam and Eve with the words, “Ye shall be as Gods” but now seduces with the words, “go within.”

@Linda Kimball