The Corollary of Lawless Christians & Others: An Occult Dominated Stronghold

Almost from birth the life of Nanci Des Gerlaise, a Cree Native American woman raised on a Metis settlement,  consisted of occult bondage and terrifying demonic harassment until she found deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Nanci knows without a doubt that demons exist and can even take the shape of animals, birds and other more frightening creatures.  She knows that medicine men still engage in symbolic baby sacrifices to Satan in return for more spiritual power.  She knows because her own father offered her to Satan in exchange for more power.  Her life then belonged to the devil and became filled with all kinds of evil:

"This is what happened to me and one reason why I had such a struggle when I became a Christian.  Satan still claimed ownership of me. The tug of war first started when I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.....He set me free from occult bondages and demonic harassment...Christianity (is) God's way of salvation.  Colossians 1:12-14 made perfect sense to me..." (Muddy Waters, Gerlaise, pp. 51, 79-80)

Nanci's book, Muddy Waters, is far more than a biography.  It is a clear and compelling warning to all practitioners of occult New Age psycho-spiritual technologies, as well as UFO enthusiasts, advocates for interfaith/interspirituality and spiritual formation (psycho-spiritual technologies dressed in Christian motifs), and Christians living in sin that forces of darkness exist and will make your lives a waking/sleeping nightmare:  a life surrounded by swirling dark forces, dis-embodied voices, demonic oppression and finally eternal damnation.

It is the case today that but for shrinking islands of light where truth, goodness and righteousness dwell, the rest of America is rapidly disintegrating into a demonically oppressed strong-hold in which vast numbers of spiritually dying and already dead Americans together with Christians living in sin have embraced Satanic values without realizing it.

When a people believe in nothing higher than self, then like their father the devil they make lies, personal selfishness, covetousness, hate, envy and physical lust into their gods which in turn produces in them other strong desires: for power over others; for privilege, status, star-power, wealth, material possessions and spiritual experiences as well as powerful sexual urges that must be satisfied at any cost, no matter who might be harmed.  Eventually all of this evil becomes the basis for law, spending, government and doing church.

As Satanic values dig deeper into our lawless society, formerly unspeakable practicesbegin to be discussed, shown on TV, showcased in movies and video-games, are seen cavorting down our streets, taught to our children, and openly practiced.  Like Sodom and Gomorrah, society becomes openly supportive of nudity, violence, sodomy, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, pederasty, human sacrifice (i.e., abortion, euthanasia) and even cannibalism.

Satanic values find outward expression in death symbols:  skulls, demonic goat faces, pierced and grossly tattooed bodies, hideous black-eyed dolls, evil-looking Halloween costumes, black-painted fingernails, vampires, walking dead, werewolves, violence filled rap and heavy metal music, porn and snuff films—all serve to fix the minds of the lawless on death.

Satanic values pollute the conscience. They systematically force open the door of the conscience until formerly objectionable, unspeakable practices occur constantly and for whatever reason:

Your conscience is the part of you which embraces what is good and which rejects evil. It is like the doorkeeper of a house which is open to friends and closed to enemies.” (Hilary of Arles, Ancient Christian Devotional, p. 127)

The conscience that has been compromised eventually becomes severely sullied and seared, thereby enslaving the soul to the seducer.

In souls destroyed by hate, lack of charity eases the way for psychological bullying, sadism, murder and other forms oftorment and killing as well as for cruel experiments (human sacrifice)  performed on humans in the name of "science” as was the case in the Soviet Union and Hitler's Socialist Germany.

The Spirit of God is not with lawless people, but has rather given them over to depraved minds and into bondage to evil spirits.  

When the Spirit of God departed Saul another spirit, an evil spirit, came unto him and turned his inflated passions to covetousness, hate and envy and his thoughts to murder.  Saul was in bondage to one or more evil spirits that harassed him night and day and finally drove him to kill himself.   Multiply Saul by millions of Americans of every age and what do you get?   Millions of ‘Saul's’  practicing Satanic values and involving themselves in some way, shape or form in occultism.

The corollary of lawless Churches and a post-Christian social order trying to sustain itself without the true God and repentance of sin is an occult dominated society wherein increasing numbers of Americans are experiencing terrifying nightmares, mental and emotional breakdown, demonically-induced visions, dis-embodied voices speaking into deceived minds, thoughts of murder, frightening sightings and even first-hand contact with demons, whether as UFO greys, Nordics and reptilians, or as ghostly apparitions, ferocious red-eyed werewolves, frightening mothmen, Space Brothers, the Council of Nine,  shadow people, and now black-eyed children as Barbara Schneider reports:

Imagine this….You pull into a convenience store, and you wait in the car while (your better half) runs in for something. You’re sitting there in the dark waiting for him to return when suddenly you get an inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of terror. You sit up a little straighter and glance toward the driver’s side window. There staring in at you are two children – but not just any children. These are “Black Eyed Children,” and they want to get into the car with you…Sound like something from a horror movie? Well, it’s not. It’s as real as it gets. According to David Weatherly, a paranormal investigator and author, who has written a book called “Black Eyed Children,” incidents or visitations by these strange children are occurring worldwide. They have one simple request, they want to come in. They appear on doorsteps, at car windows, hotel rooms and even boats…Their most outstanding feature is their solid black eyes, eyes completely void of color or light, showing no pupils, no irises. Witnesses say looking into these eyes evokes intense feelings of terror.” (Black-Eyed Children: Don’t Invite them into your Home," Schneider,

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

 Nanci Des Gerlaise has been delivered from all occult bondages and spiritual harassment, and she advises all who are in bondage that only by being born again into the Lord Jesus Christ and daily repenting of our sins can we escape the kingdom of darkness (Eph. 6:10-18)    (Muddy Waters, p. 178)

@Linda Kimball