Faithful Irish Priests Refuse Holy Communion to Outraged Sinners

The Irish Independent is reporting that some faithful, courageous Irish priests, particularly in rural parishes, are informing Catholic politicians who supported Enda Kenny’s abortion legislation that they must not present themselves for Holy Communion otherwise they will be refused:

SEVERAL government TDs have told how they were "discouraged" by members of the clergy from taking Holy Communion over their support for the controversial abortion legislation….A number of TDs…said priests had warned them off from seeking Communion if they voted in favour of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill….One deputy told the Sunday Independent: "I was approached by one priest recently and was told very clearly not to go to him looking for Communion that Sunday, as I would be refused….a large number of government TDs have claimed that they have been pilloried from the pulpit over their support for the legislation…..One priest was threatening all sorts from the pulpit one weekend," one minister said. "Excommunication, direct threats came about us receiving Communion. It was outrageous." (TDs told not to look for Communion,, September 10, 2013)

The real issue here resides in whether God Spoke or not.   If He spoke “mouth to mouth” to Moses (Num. 12:6-9; John 9:20) and at sundry times and in many ways “spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets, last of all….” (Hebrews 1:1) then it is incumbent upon man to submit his will to the Divine Will and Authority of God.  This is the position of the faithful, defined by recognition that Jesus Christ the Savior who is also sometimes called ‘salvation’ because He is the author of salvation is the Living Word; the Holy Creator of the universe and man, the Angel Who spoke mouth to mouth to Moses as well as the prophets.  

This is the stance taken by the faithful Church Fathers who said in effect, ‘This is what He said, hence this is how He created all things before time began and the order in which He created all things.  Thus it is not for us to twist the meaning of His Revelation, to distort it in any way, to add, take away from, and/or add the traditions of men.”

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you. Whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their perdition slumbereth not.” 2 Peter 2:3

Though God maintains all life and nonliving things, planets, stars, etc. within the world (nature, cosmos), He is not within the world but outside of the space-time dimension.  It is fallen man who carries the burden of time, not God.  This is a crucial point, for in adding a billion zeros (time) to God and His creation account as covetous modernist false-priests and sinful humanist intellectuals (the worshippers of evolution and modern scientism) have done, they have in effect transferred their own limitations onto God.  They have ‘limited’ Him, and this is definitely satanic.

The issue then, boils down to authority.  Whose authority do we submit our wills to?  To God’s Authority as do the faithful, and this includes the faithful Irish priests, or to the will of weak, mistake-prone, rebellious, covetous, self-centered false priests and sinful men, who by limiting Him have in fact made Him over in their own image.  This is idolatry. 

In 1977 British journalist William Rees-Mogg saw that Christendom and Protestant America had lost their faith, and like a drowning man were desperately thrashing around for lack of oxygen: 

“Since the time of Christ there has been no period in which there has been the same feeling of….spiritual impoverishment.” (Idols for Destruction: The Conflict of Christian Faith and American Culture, Herbert Schlossberg, p. 2)

Thirty-six years later, but for a faithful remnant, Christendom and Protestant America are all but dead.  While there are as yet many faithful churches, priests, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian laypeople proclaiming Christ crucified for the sins of all men and fulfilling their vocations with humility and integrity, idolatrous modernist priests and sinful humanist intellectuals maintain that Genesis contains neither historical nor literal meaning therefore God did not speak.  Thus in their corrupted hearts and stunted, befouled conscience, they believe they are free to practice a spirituality that is Christian in name only, is self-affirming, fun-loving, irrational, and permissive to the extent that it ordains practicing ‘gays’ and goddesses, unites homosexuals and lesbians in wedlock, affirms abortion and partakes of communion even though the ‘Jesus’ they worship is an idol of their own creation.      

The beginning of idolatry is pride (preference for self over God and brethren), and where self-righteous ‘self’ is primary then ‘self’ deserves and has a right to everything it can get---including Holy Communion.   If divine ‘self’ is thwarted its’ outrage is immediate, resulting in name-calling, complaints, threats, and even revenge.    As a measure of man's evil, the expectation of a right to eat and drink of the body and blood of Christ must surely have a spot on God's measuring rod. 

What the faithful remnant are mindful of is that whoever submits his will to the Divine Will and Authority of God and keeps His commandments loves God (John 14:21) while the reverse is true of all envious, covetous idolaters:  

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with all thy strength, and with thy entire mind: and thy neighbor as thyself.” Luke 10:27 

The end of the commandment is charity (agape love) from a pure heart, a good conscience and unfeigned faith. (1 Thes. 1:5)   He that really loves his neighbor fulfills the law for he does not prefer self over God and neighbor, commit adultery and murder, nor does he lie, steal, bear false witness (i.e., slander, gossip), covet, envy, and hate as do idolaters.  

Charity works no evil.  It is not perversely puffed up with pride as self-righteous idolaters are.  It is not ambitious; it does not force its’ blasphemous demands on faithful Irish priests.  Charity thinks no evil and neither rejoices in another man’s misery nor derides truth and virtue as idolaters do.  

The tragedy of the fall is that man has lost his introspection.  Cain and Judas had no hope of looking within themselves and seeing the seed of their own evil, which when it bloomed inevitably destroyed them. The Cross is thus a messenger of mankind’s fallen condition.   Therefore we are obliged to humbly search ourselves for every manifestation of idolatrous self-centeredness and repent of it and receive forgiveness because God really did speak and He is coming soon, said the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (Rev. 22: 12-16) Who testifies to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book that if any man twists and distorts these things as modern false-priests and humanist intellectuals have done to the entirety of Scripture by denying the historical and literal meaning of Genesis, thus denying that God Spoke to Moses and the prophets,     

“….God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book.” (Rev. 22:18)

While plagues can be temporal, these particular plagues are torments inflicted by demons on the mind, night and day.

@Linda Kimball