How a Divine Computer Program Produced Biological Man

Over on the Free Republic forum, the heated battle between evolutionary theists and orthodox Christians in the "Falling Stars, Damnable Heresy, and the Spirit of Evolution" thread has pushed that thread up near 3,000.

One of the most heated contenders, the evolutionary theist  BJK, claims his views correspond closely to most "top tier" founders. Well unless their views were a hybrid-mixture of physical and psychic evolutionary naturalism and nonsense as BJK's is, then his claim is completely bogus.

In post# 360 BJK laid out his evolutionary cosmogony:

1.G*d creates the Universe ex nihilo according to His Grand Plan -- think of it as a computer program.

2.The Natural-Universe unfolds....according to G*d's plan.

3.G*d may or may not intervene at critical points to apply what we today might call "mid course corrections" -- aka "miracles". But we can't know what we weren't there to witness, and the whole idea is problematic because it implies that G*d's Universe was less than He intended from the Beginning.

The Bible tells us unequivocally that G*d considers His Creation "good". It also clearly describes G*d as working to create the Earth, and resting when done. It tells us nothing about how He did it.

4.Life on Earth first arose by some process we don't (yet) understand.

Nor do we know whether G*d intervened directly (miracle) to make it happen, or if His Plan was adequate from the Beginning to allow "interesting organic chemistry" to grow slowly, slowly more complex until it looked like "primitive life".

5.Once life exists on Earth, then evolution (descent with modifications and natural selection) can operate.

But what science calls "random" is in no sense really random. Instead, the process is controlled by:

◦first, G*d's original Plan, ◦second, any "mid-course corrections" G*d made along the way, and ◦third, any day-to-day interventions G*d thinks necessary for His purposes.

6.....biologically modern man appeared in the fossil record many thousands of years before a Soul, as we understand it, was breathed into Adam. So, the Garden of Eden records the moment when our ancestors' new Souls first recognized their Creator G*d and their own fallen sinfulness.

BJK's cosmogony presents us with a "god" of his own invention---an obviously limited, rather pathetic, impersonal deity powerless to create ex nihilo, that is, to think/speak/create simultaneously.

BJK's invented deity bears a striking similarity to an impersonal divine creative substance, a type of Orphic or Cosmic Egg or in today's 'scientific' terminology, a Big Bang, thus it becomes necessary for BJK to set a computer program in motion after the explosion of the Egg according to which the universe of matter unfolds as a continuous process.

As BJK rejects the Revealed Word perspective, it is not possible for us to know how life arose according to the computer program or if the impersonal creative force (psychic energy) intervened at any time or even if the computer program was adequate to allow for life to emerge from nonlife (#4) 

We can only know  what BJK deigns to tell us.   All answers are according to the arrogant pomposity of the "Word" of BJK of course.

However, though it is impossible for the posters to the thread to know if life emerged from nonlife (#4) it turns out that it is “entirely possible” for the little 'g' god-man BJK to authoritatively assert that life did after all emerge from non-life since evolution (#5) has become operable----made possible by the computer program of course.

Moving on with BJK’s gnostic-pagan narrative, after thousands or maybe millions of years of evolution the computer program finally produces a biological man (Gollum) followed in due course by a Soul (capitalized because so very divine?) after many more millions of years?!? (only BJK knows).

According to the "Word" of BJK, this strange Soul seemingly recognizes its’ “Creator G*d” though it would make more sense if it recognized the “computer program” instead.

@Linda Kimball