America's Growing Anarchy of Selfishness & its Consequences

In "Supreme Court Destroys Trial by Jury," Mark Horne writes that trial by jury means that, whether you are really guilty or not, if the jury acquits you, then you are acquitted. Once the jury has spoken, no other authority can punish you for that accusation. But after a recent Supreme Court decision it no longer means that.  Now a judge can throw out the jury's ruling of "not guilty" and penalize a defendant on the basis of the prosecutor's allegations.  The Supreme Court has made a mockery of justice.  It has "just practiced jury nullification."  (, 2014/10)

If he were still alive, Rousas John Rushdoony (1916 – 2001), a Reformed theologian, philosopher, and historian who is widely credited as an inspiration for the modern Christian homeschool movement, would not be surprised that our Supreme Court has destroyed trial by jury.  Nor would he be shocked that sodomy has been legalized and moral relativism has supplanted the immutable Truths and Moral Law of God since he knew that the majority of the citizens of the United States do not worship the Triune God of creation but rather worship on the altars of humanistic gods created in the imaginations of men:  

"To control the god of any system is to control the men within it. The long battle between church and state has this fact at its roots.  Orthodox Christianity gives us a God who is beyond the control of church and state alike.  Hence the God of Scripture has been resented by civil governments, and attempts to subvert orthodox Christianity and its churches have been legion.  The church too often has been restless under so sovereign a God; churchmen too prefer a god who can be put into man’s pocket.”    Rousas Rushdoony 
Proud, rebellious, selfish man has conceptually 'murdered' the Triune God and usurped His throne, thus with no Truth and Moral Law beyond his reach he (or she) effectively makes himself into a god by becoming the measure of all things. 

 It is envy--- vastly inflated pride, jealousy, covetousness, greed and hatred--- that is the principle of negation and rebellion in the fallen souls of all men who have "killed" God and usurped His throne.

 Envy has played a part in human dynamics ever since the envy-bitten Cain murdered his brother Abel.  Where envy resides there is neither love for God nor for brother:

 "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind: and thy neighbour as thyself." Luke 10:27

The end of the commandment is charity (selfless love) from a pure heart, a good conscience and unfeigned faith. (1 Thess. 1:5) He that loves his neighbor fulfills the law for he does not lie, commit adultery or murder, nor does he steal, bear false witness (i.e., slander, gossip), and covet/envy.

Charity works no evil. It is not perversely puffed up with pride. It is not ambitious, does not serve 'self. '  Selfless love thinks no evil, does not covet and neither rejoices in another man's misery nor derides truth and virtue as the envious do:

"When men are full of envy, they disparage everything, whether it be good or bad." (Publius Cornelius Tacitus)

"Nothing sharpens sight like envy." (Thomas Fuller, British clergyman and writer, 1608-1661)

"Pride is seldom delicate, it will please itself with very mean advantages; and envy feels not its own happiness, but when it may be compared with the misery of others." (Samuel Johnson, British poet, critic, writer, 1709-1784)

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." (Winston Churchill, British orator, author and Prime Minister during World War II, 1874-1965)

"When I say that Marxism is based on envy, I mean that the glorious revolution of the proletariat...was really a promise to put a final end to all the conditions that make for envy." (Joseph Epstein, author and former editor of The American Scholar, from Truths about Socialism, Coral Ridge Ministries, p. 66)

The Decalogue shows that the beginning of envy is pride (preference for self over God and neighbor), since a proud man or elite group of men make idols out of themselves, thereby assuming they possess honor and rights. This is why pride leads to contempt for truth, law, wisdom, norms, authority, standards, rules, institutions and other people in combination with any or all of the following: lying, treachery, gluttony lust, hate, cheating, promiscuity, sadism, sodomy, pederasty, pedophilia, adultery, theft and the dehumanization of other people resulting in psychological and physical slavery, population control schemes, abortion, brutality, terror, murder and even mass-murder or genocide.

Pride together with selfishness and envy is idolatry.  Idolatry demonstrates preference for one's self instead of God and neighbor (and unwanted babies), and just as no violation of the Law can occur without one first being an idolater, envy and murder are its' final results, for where 'self' is primary then 'self' deserves everything it can get, no matter the cost to other people.

As the anarchy of selfishness, hatred, contempt and envy disguised as legal and personal opinion, evolutionary science and special rights gains a more complete leverage over our society what follows in its wake are absurdity, brutality, hatred, murder, chaos and tyranny. 

@Linda Kimball