Satanism & the Massive Delusion of America's Ruling Class

Obama's progressive friend, Erdogan of Turkey, wants Islam to rule the world, by infiltration and sabotage if possible, and by massive decapitation and slave-taking if the infidels don't surrender:

"In Sweden and France, there’s a good chance they will surrender and obviate the necessity for mass slaughter, but who knows?"   "Having said all that, Erdogan’s mythopoeic claim is genuinely important today -- not because it’s true, but because it represents the delusional world of increasing numbers of Muslims. Obama directly encourages this mass delusion by claiming that “The United States has been Muslim from the founding.’ Whether Our President shares Erdogan’s delusion, or whether he knows he is lying is always up for grabs with Obama. Make your own guess. As the man has said, “You know, sometimes I believe my own bullshit.” (A Fantasy-driven Muslim World can Never Become Modern, James Lewis, American Thinker, Nov. 29, 2014)

Lewis wonders if Obama shares Erdogan's delusion. Perhaps in part, but according to Angelo Codevilla, author of "The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It,"  Obama's delusion is of the mass delusion of the ruling class. 

Codevilla writes that while most Americans pray to the Holy Triune God Who created all men in His spiritual image, Americas' delusional Progressive god-men:

"...prays to themselves as saviors of the planet and as shapers of mankind in their own image..." (p. xix)

 Because the Ruling Class elevate science and evolution above the Revelation of God and reject creation ex nihilo in favor of Darwinism they are enabled to look down upon the hated "masses" and view them not as people but as apish, grunting hominids, so naturally they believe Americans are completely unfit to run their own lives.

Moreover, as morality and common sense are anathema to them, Codevilla notes that since any:

"....standard of right and wrong (is) beyond the Ruling Class'....self-conception, its greatest concern has been to denigrate the American people's devotion to God, because the Ruling Class accepts no standard it cannot control." (ibid, p. xx)

To preserve its' delusional self-conception as highly evolved god-men, the self-worshipping Ruling Class long ago and with great stealth replaced the Holy Triune God with themselves, creation ex nihilo with neo-pagan and mystical pantheist evolutionary cosmologies, the Bible with scientism; faithful, orthodox priests with pseudo- priests of science such as the babbling sophist Richard Dawkins, and the First Commandment with "Thou shall worship no other God but the Ruling Class."

 Though the Ruling Class view themselves as morally pure and faultless, in reality their conscience is depraved, and a depraved conscience is the most destructive force in political, social, economic, and cultural life. This is because though the intellect remains intact, reason is warped and inverted, thus useless for pursuit of the good, the just and the true. In short, guided by a depraved conscience, reason is used to attain whatever is coveted, to punish and destroy whoever stands in the way,  and to preserve carefully constructed glass houses (delusional self-images) at any cost. This is sophistry.

In a penetrating analysis of sophistry, J. Budziszewski observes that the sophists' view of reality is paradoxical because it ultimately denies reality. Sophists are shock troopers of evil says Budziszewski, and according to their satanically-inverted view of reality:

"Man is the measure of all things, but man has no fixed nature. Man measures all things by his words, but words have no fixed meanings. Language is not an instrument for finding truth, but for changing it. Those who can master it, master all. It is a good creed for rogues, and commends itself to tyrants in every age." (What We Can't Not Know, Budziszewski, p. 167)

Sophistry as Religion of Evil

Sophistry is the evil religion of the depraved Ruling Class. Sophistry says autonomous man is a free-thinker, thus the maker of his own truth and morality even though sophistry denies the reality of truth, morality and man's inner person, that is, his soul/spirit.  It says that because man is the uncreated product of evolutionary forces he can unmake and then remake himself. Thus man is free to divinize himself as in days of old.  Moreover, males can be females and females can be males, or they can be androgynous, that is, transgender.

Sophistry's' favorite Scripture is "judge not." The only judgment is the judgment against moral judgment, creation ex nihilo and true conservative principles. The only sin is the idea that sin exists. The only truth is the idea that truth does not exist. Evil is the idea that evil exists. The greatest evil of all however, is to dissent against the Ruling Class.

Sophists are narcissist braggarts who love to boast of their reason, yet reason is actually escape from reason. By way of unreason, arrogant sophists claim that God is dead and evolutionary theory is absolutely true, but sophistry says words have no fixed meaning, thus there is neither true truth nor fixed meaning in sophistry. Therefore, the Triune God is not dead but rather evolutionary theory is, for as it must begin with either the spontaneous generation of something from nothing or something from magically self-created eternally existing matter, then evolutionary cosmologies and progressives are also nothing.

Sophistry is all the rage in contemporary America, even though it prefers longer, more intellectual sounding names to dupe the gullible. Thus for example, it calls itself postmodernism, epistemological relativism, antifoundationalism, pragmatism, situational ethics, sensitivity training, pluralism, secularism, multiculturalism, interfaith, evolutionary humanism, transhumanism, positivism, rationalism, and progressivism.  Peter Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan calls it Satanism:

"Satanism is an atheist philosophy using Satan as a symbol of pride, liberty, and individualism, as did many before us who would not accept the status quo....Since the universe is indifferent to us, we Satanists choose to establish our own subjective hierarchy of values with ourselves as highest among them. Thus atheism moves to what I call I­theism, where we are each our own "gods." We accept the full range of human emotions as healthy, from love to hate, noting both of those are uncommon extremes."  (Lessons from the Church of Satan, Alissa Wilkinson, Christianity Today, Nov. 10, 2014)

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