Americas' Ruling Class: We have said in our hearts," we are gods"

"Exalting mankind to the status of deity...dates from the farthest reaches of antiquity, but its development into an ideology embracing the masses is a characteristic trait of modernity." (Idols for Destruction: The Conflict of Christian Faith and American Culture, Herbert Schlossberg, pp. 40-41)

Noted historian Arnold Toynbee concurs. After studying civilizations across the whole span of history, Toynbee concluded that the paramount religion of mankind is self-worship...of man as god. Tal Brooke also agrees, noting that historically there has always been an exoteric polytheism-pantheism for the general masses and a high level esoteric "advaitic" monism for the higher initiate. For initiates then:

".... the Great Lie (is) the foundation stone of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, the Kabala, the Greek Hermetic, Eleusinian and Gnostic beliefs, Neo-Platonism, all the occult creeds from Theosophy and the Masonic orders to the Rosicrucian's (and) the New Age movement. The Great Lie is...the belief that man is God, that his true identity is the immortal self...that as God, he will never die (and) Sin and depravity are...illusions since this inner divinity is at man's core." (The Great Lie, Tal Brooke, SCP Journal, Vol. 29:2-29:3, 2005)

The Book of Revelation pinpoints Babylon as the post-flood center both of an organized religion based on the primordial heresy and as the first utopian or heaven on earth project. Babylon embraced the Great Lie. Its inhabitants claimed the title, "I AM." They were earmarked by their evolutionary cosmology, advaitic monism, science of magic-transformism, exalted priesthood, gnosis, secret initiations, sorcery, astrology, channeling, psychic-powers, familiar spirits, and hedonism. But the root source of this evil religion and its occult power was the Great Dragon himself....Satan.

Isaiah describes the rebellion and fall of Lucifer, who exalted himself above the Trinity,  as occurring prior to the fall of Adam and Eve, who were  later seduced by the fallen Lucifer (Satan) with the promise of becoming like God:

"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation....I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the most High." (Isaiah 14:13-14)

Satan does not have a body and heart of flesh as we do.  So where is the sin of Satan as he fell?  "Thou hast said in thine heart."   Satan's rebellion, like that of Adam and Eve is internal, meaning within the unseen realm of spirit-- thought-life, conscience and will.   The point here is that it was from the inside, the thought life, that something external--sin/evil--was made, first by Satan, then by Adam and Eve.  From the inside outward sin/evil was made then just as continues to be made into our own time.

With respect to the Holy Trinity of life and creation, Scripture tells us He is spirit.  He is not corporeal, but He is personal and infinite.  He thinks, He acts, He feels in His love.  In the area of creation the Triune God thought, then spoke, and a real external world was.   The Trinity thought, the Trinity spoke and said, "Let us make man in our image" and man was. (Gen. 1:26) 

Reality (life, conscious life, matter, energy, time, laws)  was in the thought of the Trinity before being brought forth by the immediate power of His spoken Word, His creative fiat as the inner (unseen) and external (seen) world. (True Spirituality, Francis Schaeffer.

The point is that the creative power of the thought of the Trinity preceded all else and the ridiculous idea that He created a Cosmic Egg, then exploded it and utilized evolution over billions of years is yet another example of the inside outward rebellion of sinful man in his arrogant exaltation of self above the Trinity. 

 All of this is parallel to what the Bible, the inspired, written Word of God says about man made in the image of the Trinity.  For  the Trinity, as for man and Angelic beings, both righteous and fallen, the internal thought-life precedes and causes the external.   Putting this together, we find that the Trinity thinks, then speaks and brings forth the external world out of nothing that previously existed.  However, as Angels and men are finite created beings, they cannot create from nothing, and when in their rebellious disobedience Satan, Adam, and Eve 'thought' their external words and actions brought forth evil, and brought it forth as a true first cause:

 "And each one of us, too, created in the image of God, is a true first cause."   (True Spirituality, Francis Schaeffer, pp. 103-104) 

Modern Satanic Revolt: We have said in our hearts, "we are gods"

"Thou hast said in thine heart" our war is against the Trinity and the world created by Him, declared Karl Marx, father of the Communist Manifesto. In his poem, "The Pale Maiden"  Marx admits that from the power of his thought proceeds rebellion against God and from his will--- eternal Hell for his immortal soul:

"Thus heaven I've forfeited; I know it full well; My soul, once true to God; Is chosen for hell." (Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 22)

The progressive Satanic revolt that fueled Marxist Communism fuels its' Western secular elite counterpart.  Underlying both Marxist Communism and secular elitism is a foundation of evolutionary neo-paganism and mystical pantheism (naturalism/nihilism), thus it is not the personal Trinity who has created the world.  No, it is the will and power of the thought of each evolved man-god who creates his, her or its' (i.e., 'gay' or nonconforming gender queer being) own world and meaning in every living moment out of his/her/its own conscious thought.  In other words, the willful denial of the Holy Triune Creator and His authority allows God-hating man-gods to assume the mantle of self-divinization and the unlimited power of thought and will that goes along with it, to destroy and remake human beings and the existing world within the thought-life of each man-god.  This means that reality is not external but rather within the delusional, paranoid, envy-bitten minds of man-gods. 

This delusional way of thinking is captured by Orwell in his book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in which negation of the physical world is an integral part of the religious, social and political philosophy of Big Brother and his despotic Party.   At one stage in the book, Winston stumbles upon the shocking realization that,

“…in the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.  It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later; the logic of their position demanded it.  Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy.” (Orwell, “The New Spirituality and its Hallmarks, Alan Morrison, SCP Journal, Vol. 30:4-31:1, 2007, p. 19)

When the Thought Police agent O’Brien re-educates (psychologically tortures) Winston for “wrong thought” he states,

We control matter because we control the mind.  Reality is inside the skull.  You will learn by degrees, Winston.  There is nothing that we could not do.  Invisibility, levitation---anything.  I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wish to….You must get rid of these nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature.  We make the laws of Nature.”

“But how can you control matter?” Winston asked. “You don’t even control the climate or the law of gravity. And there are disease, pain, death-”

O’Brien silenced him by a movement of the hand, saying you will learn-by degrees Winston. The Inner Party, now the Western secular elite Ruling Class, create reality because whatever  Elite man-gods think and speak is.   

This, tragically, is the mass delusion of all modern ruling class "elitists" and utopian ideologues who think, speak and voila! Science is the only knowledge worth knowing, evolution is a fact, Global Change is too and man is no longer strictly man but god, goddess, and gender nonconforming being too. 

 In the end, however,delusional ideology inevitably leads all of them to Hell---the place of fire and brimstone they are unable to un-think.

@Linda Kimball