Drugging Our Children: The Largest Drug Experiment in History

In a report entitled, “Psychiatrists: Psych Meds ‘Cause’ Violence, Lanza Record Awaited,” Ralph Lopez reveals that some psychiatrists assert that certain psychiatric medications, such  as SSRIs,

“…are almost certainly the chemical cause of a large number of instances of random violence and suicide in which SSRIs have been present. The research challenges the pharmaceutical industry’s defense that the high correlation between random violence and the presence of these medications is due to the mental illness, not the drugs being prescribed for the illness.” (Lopez, Digital Journal.com, Dec 21, 2012

Commenting on the link between certain widely prescribed psychiatric drugs, suicide and homicidal violence, Dr. David Healy, a British psychiatrist and author of “Pharmageddon,”  said in November of 2012:

Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret…” (Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine’s Best Kept Secret? Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) November 12, 2012)

Healy says this is a global issue, with medical, legal, ethical, and profound public policy dimensions,

Never before in the fields of medicine and law have there been so many events with so much concealed data and so little focused expertise.” Can prescription drugs cause you to kill someone? “Absolutely”, says Healy.” (ibid)

In agreement, Dr. Bruce Shortt observes that the prescribing of behavior modifying substances is probably the largest uncontrolled drug experiment,

“… in the history of the world….drugs are being given to children…especially little boys.” (“Drugging Them Up,” Ch. 2, IndoctriNation, p. 41)

Shortt adds that Ritalin, Adderall, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and other psychotropic drugs are being used to drug school children,

“… at rates that are difficult to comprehend…The Drug Enforcement Administration has estimated that 8 million children and adults were on Ritalin in 2000.  Prescriptions for Ritalin increased by 700 percent from 1990 to 2001.” (ibid, p. 42)

Ritalin is a psychotropic compound called methylphenidate.   It is pharmacologically classified with amphetamines.  Shorrt notes that,

“….methylphenidate, cocaine, and amphetamines are neuropharmacologically alike and their clinical effects cannot be distinguished in laboratory tests. Moreover, the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration place methylphenidate in the same high addiction category (Schedule II) in which they place amphetamines, morphine, opium, and barbiturates.” (ibid, p. 42)

On the street Ritalin is referred to as ‘Vitamin R’ or ‘Poor Man’s Cocaine.’  Its’ recreational use is so widespread that federal officials have begun to investigate government run schools over the theft, illegal sale and abuse of Ritalin and kindred drugs:

“…this problem involves principals, school nurses, and other school employees, not merely students….in 2000 the chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, William Goodling, characterized Ritalin as perhaps ‘the greatest drug problem we have in our country.’  Researchers…have found that Ritalin is…a ‘gateway’ drug to other drugs, especially cocaine….Government schools are awash in this stuff.  So why is it there?” (ibid, p. 43)

The powerful pharmaceutical industry and its partisans within the American Psychiatric Association contend that psychotropic drugs are necessary for the control of America’s epidemic of ‘mental illness.’  Psychotropic substances are justified on the grounds that mental illnesses such as ADHD are genetic and biochemical disorders that can only be treated by use of other chemical substances.

This way of thinking makes sense to evolutionary-minded progressive humanists who believe that man is an evolved product of matter (chemicals) that accidentally generated itself from nothing or perhaps by way of the Big Bang.  If man is nothing but a soulless bag of chemicals then it makes sense that brain disorders (mental illnesses) are manifestations of chemical imbalances.

However, many thoughtful concerned people today believe that ADHD and other so-called ‘mental illnesses’ are bogus.   One of the leading voices against ADHD is Dr. Fred Baughman, a pediatric neurologist.  Baughman points to a lack of scientific data showing any link between malfunction and ADHD.  Baughman comments,

“(ADHD) is a contrived epidemic, where all 5 million to 6 million children on these drugs are normal.  The country’s been led to believe that all painful emotions are a mental illness and the leadership of the APA knows very well that they are representing (ADHD) as a disease when there is no scientific data to confirm any mental illness.” (Shortt, p. 47)

Dr. Peter Breggin, psychiatrist and author of ‘Talking Back to Prozac” concurs.  Not only does ADHD not exist but,

“…there is great deal of evidence that stimulants cause brain damage with long term use.” (ibid, p. 47)

Among known adverse reactions associated with Paxil and other psychotropic substances are insomnia, anxiety, agitation, confusion, amnesia, depression, paranoid reaction, psychosis, hostility, delirium, hallucinations, abnormal thinking, depersonalization, lack of emotion, and mania, a dangerous and violence-prone mental derangement characterized by extreme excitement, delusion, and sinister voices speaking into one’s mind.

Andrea Yates for example, had been taking the psychotropic drug Effexor when she drowned all five of her children.  Over the course of several years Yates had become increasingly psychotic and insisted that voices commanded her to kill her children.  After evaluating Yates, Dr. George Ringholz recounted a terrifying experience Yates had after the birth of her first child:

What she described was feeling a presence…Satan…telling her to take a knife and stab her son Noah…” (How Evil Works, David Kupelian, p. 96)

Years after Yates drowned her children, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Effexor, quietly added ‘homicidal ideation’ to the list of the drugs adverse reactions.

In an article entitled “Batman Shooter and His Psyche Drugs,” Dr. Gary G. Kohls lists at least 40 cases of violent crimes or suicides committed by mostly young people:

1.Eric Harris age 17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Colombine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves. Klebold’s medical records have never been made available to the public.

2. Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded.

3. Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event.

4. Mathew Miller, age 13, hung himself in his bedroom closet after taking Zoloft for 6 days.

5.Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac.

6.Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft.

7. Jarred Viktor, age 15, stabbed his grandmother 61 times after 5 days on Paxil.

8.Kip Kinkel, age 15, (on Prozac and Ritalin) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2 classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.

9. A boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) in 1998 had a Zoloft-induced seizure that caused an armed stand off at his school.

10. Luke Woodham, age 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others.

11. Michael Carneal (Ritalin), age 14, opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded.

12. Andrew Golden, age 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people, killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others.

13. A young man in Huntsville, Alabama (Ritalin) went psychotic chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another.

14. TJ Solomon, age 15, (Ritalin) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates.

15.Rod Mathews, age 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat.

16.James Wilson, age 19, (various psychiatric drugs) from Breenwood, South Carolina, took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers.

17. Elizabeth Bush, age 13, (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania

18. Jarred Viktor, age 15, (Paxil), after five days on Paxil he stabbed his grandmother 61 times.

19.Jason Hoffman (Effexor and Celexa) – school shooting in El Cajon, California

20.Chris Shanahan, age 15 (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman.

21.Jeff Franklin (Prozac and Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work using a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers and sister.

22. Neal Furrow (Prozac) in LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications.

23. Kevin Rider, age 14, was withdrawing from Prozac when he died from a gunshot wound to his head. Initially it was ruled a suicide, but two years later, the investigation into his death was opened as a possible homicide. The prime suspect, also age 14, had been taking Zoloft and other SSRI antidepressants.

24. Diane Routhier was prescribed Welbutrin for gallstone problems. Six days later, after suffering many adverse effects of the drug, she shot herself.

25. Alex Kim, age 13, hung himself shortly after his Lexapro prescription had been doubled.

26. Billy Willkomm, an accomplished wrestler and a University of Florida student, was prescribed Prozac at the age of 17. His family found him dead of suicide – hanging from a tall ladder at the family’s Gulf Shore Boulevard home in July 2002.

27. Kara Jaye Anne Fuller-Otter, age 12, was on Paxil when she hung herself from a hook in her closet. Kara’s parents said “…. the damn doctor wouldn’t take her off it and I asked him to when we went in on the second visit. I told him I thought she was having some sort of reaction to Paxil…”)

28. Gareth Christian, Vancouver, age 18, was on Paxil when he committed suicide in 2002, (Gareth’s father could not accept his son’s death and killed himself.)

29.Julie Woodward, age 17, was on Zoloft when she hung herself in her family’s detached garage.

30.Matthew Miller was 13 when he saw a psychiatrist because he was having difficulty at school. The psychiatrist gave him samples of Zoloft. Seven days later his mother found him dead, hanging by a belt from a laundry hook in his closet.

31. Kurt Danysh, age 18, and on Prozac, killed his father with a shotgun. He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, trying to warn the world that SSRI drugs can kill.

32.A boy from Houston, age 10, shot and killed his father after his Prozac dosage was increased.  Woody ____, age 37, committed suicide while in his 5th week of taking Zoloft. Shortly before his death his physician suggested doubling the dose of the drug. He had seen his physician only for insomnia. He had never been depressed, nor did he have any history of any mental illness symptoms.

33. Hammad Memon, age 15, shot and killed a fellow middle school student. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and was taking Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.”

34. Matti Saari, a 22-year-old culinary student, shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine.

35. Steven Kazmierczak, age 27, shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amounts of Xanax in his system.

36. Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen, age 18, had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School – then he committed suicide.

37.Asa Coon from Cleveland, age 14, shot and wounded four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon was on Trazodone.

38. Jon Romano, age 16, on medication for depression, fired a shotgun at a teacher in his New York high school. (Psychiatrists: Psych Meds ‘Cause’ Violence, Lanza Record Awaited, Ralph Lopez, Digital Journal)

Shortt reports that beginning in 1995 toddlers as young as 2 were taking drugs such as Ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil.  Now even our soldiers deployed in war zones are being put on psychotropic drugs as never before.  In a 2008 Time Magazine cover story, ‘America’s Medicated Army,’ it was reported that for the first time in history,

“..a sizable and growing number of U.S. Combat troops are taking daily doses of antidepressants…about 20,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq were on such medication (and so far there have been) 164 Army suicides…” (Kupelian, p. 103)

Though violence, suicides and mass shootings saturate the American landscape the first words out of the mouths of our evolutionary-minded chattering class and ruling elites are: “These are acts of senseless violence mainly due to our intolerant, bigoted, racist, homophobic gun culture.”

Trust us they say.  Don’t think for yourselves, we’re the experts so there’s no need for you to ask unwanted, probing questions. And if you should reach the entirely irrational conclusion that the science of evolution is a Big Lie and the South American drug cartel has infiltrated our government run schools and military then your brain is chemically disordered.  You are ‘mentally ill’ and in desperate need of mind-altering drugs.

@Linda Kimball