Boston's 'Gay' Panti-Day Parade

If we needed more evidence of our nation's free-fall into the upside-down sewer on the other side of the Looking Glass, the mayor of New York City has announced that he will be joining something called "St. Pat's for All" parade in Queens rather than the traditional St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17.   Boston's 'gay' panti-parade will feature 'gay' marchers, including the star performer, the Irish drag queen Pandora Panti Bliss. Does Blasio plan to 'dress-down' for the occasion?   Will he don sequined panties and matching dog collar? (De Blasio joins Drag Queen Gay St. Pat's Parade, Penny Starr,

For those interested in the bizarre panti-bliss, CNS provides a video link here:

In reaction to the explosive Ukraine situation and Russia's muscular military intervention there, Obama and his cabinet of 'gay' friendly girly-boys are in a frenzy of kicking things--- walls, desks, and each other as they work themselves into a threatening posture. Does this mean they'll ask Ambassador Panti Bliss to sweet-talk Putin into negotiating terms of America's capitulation after his showcase performance in the Boston Panti Day parade?

Just asking.


@Linda Kimball