The Battle for the Soul of America

In "Albert Mohler and RC Sproul start historic debate over geology, evolution and the age of the earth," Tas Walker reports that a huge battle is finally shaping up within evangelical circles over the authority of the Bible, a debate that will spill into the wider community and impact scientific, geological and academic realms. (
Well before evangelicals entered the battle, the Orthodox Priest Seraphim Rose had thoroughly deconstructed evolution in his opus magnum "Genesis, Creation, and Early Man."   Since then the Roman Catholic "Kolbe Center for Study of Creation" has stepped up to the front line of the battle.  The Kolbe Center roots their apologetics in the true doctrine of special creation, supported by sound arguments from theology, philosophy and natural science in the hope that the demonstration of the bankruptcy of molecules-to-man evolution and the reasonableness of special creation will allow practical atheists to be able to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the claims of the Catholic Church.
The compromise within the whole body of the church is broad and deep, encompassing Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and the entirety of the Protestant church.  The battle is shaping up to be fierce due to the vast numbers of evolutionary compromisers within the whole body of the church whose stubborn pride, ignorance and apathy will prove to be a formidable opponent, one willing to reject and spiritually crucify defenders of special creation.

Though evolutionists mistakenly believe that creationists have entered the battle because they fear that 'science' affirms evolution this is not what causes creationists to dig in, said Walker:  
"It’s a committment to the truth. Many people, when they become aware of the logical contradictions between evolution and the gospel, can be alerted to the fact that there is a problem with evolution and long ages. That can motivate them to reconsider their uncritical acceptance of evolution."
In other words, committed Creationists have a heart for Truth that allows them to see for example, that the logical contradictions existing between the gospel and evolution are because the latter are the satanic antithesis of the gospel.  Whereas the gospel is the Revealed Word of God declaring creation and that the historical Adam was a male human person right from the start, the science of evolution is a key occult pagan Mystery doctrine stretching back to Babylon bespeaking alchemical transformism of one kind of thing to another kind:

 "[I]f one should search carefully, he will find that their doctrine is of necessity brought down to this. They tell us that one of their sages said that he, being one and the same person, was born a man, and afterward assumed the form of a woman, and flew about with the birds, and grew as a bush, and obtained the life of an aquatic creature—and he who said these things of himself did not, so far as I can judge, go far from the truth, for such doctrines as this—of saying that one should pass through many changes—are really fitting for the chatter of frogs or jackdaws or the stupidity of fishes or the insensibility of trees" (Gregory of Nyssa, The Making of Man 28:3; A.D. 379).

Evolutionary transformism appeared in the heart of Christendom during the Renaissance when certain Christian theologians, mystics and scholars such as Emanuel Swedenborg had discovered alchemical Hermetic magic and occult Jewish Kabbalah texts which they studied and translated resulting in Hermetic Kabbalah. Then like Pico della Mirandola, they argued that occult hermetic science – the divine technology or Magic Way of reaching divine status and powers through ritualistic spiritual evolution.
This is affirmed by G. H. Pember in his classic work, "Earth's Earliest Ages." Pember thoroughly examines the role of fallen angels in connection with the magic (evolutionary transformism) they taught to pre-flood generations and compares them to the explosion of spiritism (open intercourse with evil spirits), astrology, the Mysteries and other occult traditions sweeping over Christendom.

Pember writes that the Mysteries are no longer veiled in mystery but boldly presented by the powerful occult brotherhood that emerged out of the Renaissance as the fruit of modern science, especially evolutionary philosophy, which the brotherhood assert was included in the instructions given,

" the initiates of the Hermetic, Orphic, Eleusinian, and Cabbalistic mysteries, and were familiar to Chaldean Magi, Egyptian Priests, Hindu Occultists, Essenes, Therapeutae Gnostics, and Theurgic Neo-Platonists." (Pember, pp.243-244)
Further affirmation is provided by the highly respected Orientalist metaphysician Rene Guenon (1886-1951)  in "The Spiritist Fallacy," his brilliant critical analysis of the Theosophy and Spiritism sweeping over Christendom. 

Guenon writes that in early Theosophist and spiritist (mediums/channelers) circles use of the word 'progress' or 'progressivist' preceded the use of the word 'evolution.' The roots of Theosophy, hence of evolution, stretch back to Babylon and thence to the ancient Upanishads of India and Mysteries of ancient Greece.  In its modernist version,  evolution describes the alchemical transformation and progress (reincarnation) of soul as it inhabits in succession the bodies of different kinds of beings over the course of thousands or even millions and billions of years.

Eventually the word evolution became preferred, especially by God-hating empirical realists and materialists like Karl Marx because it had a more 'scientific' allure:

"This kind of 'verbalism'...provides the illusion of thought for those incapable of really thinking..." wrote Guenon. (ibid, p. 231)

Guenon entitled his book "The Spiritist Fallacy" because modernist 'Christians' were receiving channeled messages from spirits who were teaching them the mysteries of spiritual evolution. Thus he defines progress, progressivism, and evolution as satanic and adherents as unconscious Satanists because for the most part their hubris and ignorance blind them to the extreme dangers of the "infernal fire" they play with:

"..every theory that notably disfigures the Divinity should in some measure be regarded as satanic; and conceptions of a limited God and of a God who evolves should here be placed in the front rank...." Thus "evolutionism" in general and Modernist "conceptions" in particular are satanic. The 'immanentist' Christ-force of the Liberal Church is satanic because it "openly submits the Divinity to becoming." (ibid, p. 257)
Though Guenon was not a Christian, he nevertheless described the outpouring of spiritism in distinctly Biblical terms.  What can be the meaning of this, he asked, but the rise of the Antichrist spirit?
"The coming struggle will emerge within the churches themselves; it will be precipitated by the enlightened (progressive) elements...the fight will then spread to thinking men and women everywhere who — in a protesting revolt — have denied orthodox churchianity and theology." (Spirit Master Djwhal Khul speaking through Alice Bailey, Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 453-454)

By the turn of the century, the beginnings of a counter-initiatic hierarchy of "enlightened progressive"  theologians and intellectuals had arisen and the evolutionary "abomination of desolation," having already descecrated much of old-line Protestantism, now crept into the Catholic Church.

Pope Pius X noted with alarm that progressive "thinking" was taking hold of the contemporary mind, and in that way taking possession of Western civilization, including Catholic laity and priests. The Pope defined progressivism as "Modernism" and in 1907 declared it and its primary doctrine evolution a synthesis of heresies in the encyclical called 'Pascendi Dominici Gregis."

The Pope noted that Modernist "Christian" heretics were claiming that Christ is in us (pantheist monism) and that through evolution an immanentist Christ-force progressed and/or "emanated from nature spontaneously and of itself."  

Since evolution implies continuous change, transformation, and/or progress, "Christian" heretics claim that immutable (unchanging) truths do not exist, therefore there is nothing immutable in the Revealed Word of God, the Bible or the Church....or for that matter in Americas' Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law. All are subject to change, for in that evolution conceptually dissolves the living Word God incarnate (John 1:1) into nature, it also dissolves His image in man (personhood) into nature, hence man becomes the conscious product of evolution rather than the spiritual image bearer of God, making man and everything else imaginatively infused with impersonal divine spirit, power, intent, determinism (fate), and motion. Thus claim heretics, Christian theism itself lives and evolves, and "must in fact be changed."
As ‘living' Christianity has nearly evolved itself out of existence, science and the ‘god’ Evolution have progressed upward and now absolutely trump the Authoritative Word of God (John 1:1):

"Evolution is no longer viewed as a mindless affair, quite the opposite. It is mind enlarging its domain up the chain of species."  The god Evolution is the “universe...a mind that oversees, orchestrates, and gives order and structure to all things."   (Algeny, Jeremy Rifkin, 1983, p. 188)
After more than eighty years of evolutionary evangelization in the schools, media, seminaries, academia and elsewhere,  depersonalized conscious products of the god Evolution no longer feel themselves to be guests,
”..... in someone's else's home and therefore obliged to make our behavior conform with a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It is our creation now. We make the rules. We establish the parameters of reality. We create the world, and because we do, we no longer feel beholden to outside forces. We no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. We are responsible to nothing outside ourselves. for we are the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever.” (ibid)

 The occult science of evolution is the evil religion of America's Ruling Class, a 'highly evolved' elitist left-right class of god-men, gurus, transcended masters, light-bearers and assorted moral imbeciles in general who dominate both political parties, our economy, military, media, Hollywood, judicial system, science, academia, many seminaries and pulpits.  
Their evil religion rests on four pillars of sand.   The two most important  are magic science and the 'god' Evolution, the third is relativism, and the fourth, an arrogant assumption of god-like superiority, is enabled and empowered by the first two.  In "America’s Ruling Class---and the Perils of Revolution," Angelo Codevilla summarizes their superior attitude as “we” are the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are un-evolved hominids, hence,

 “…retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained.” ( July/Aug. 2010, The American Spectator)

Far from being the rational, scientifically enlightened, superior free-thinkers they imagine themselves to be, America’s Ruling Class are moral imbeciles and/or magical thinkers.   Respected Conservative Christian writer Frederick J. Hutchinson connects magical thinking with narcissism.  These two spiritual sicknesses go together like a dung-beetle on its’ pile.

 Hutchinson characterizes magical thinking with the ridiculous proverb that if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, it makes no noise, meaning that if a narcissist did not see or hear the tree fall then it did not fall since whatever the narcissist thinks, covets, envies, hates, or lusts after is the absolute meaning of reality at any given moment.  By extension of this insanity, if a narcissist hates God the Father then He does not exist, if he worships science and evolution then so must we all, and if he cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or detect his own soul in any way then souls do not exist. (Restoring History, Hutchinson, pp. 80-81)
Though the intellects of America’s ruling narcissists are intact, their conscience is depraved and their reason warped and perverted, thus intellect is useless for the pursuit of virtue.  The Ruling Class are spiritually dead, their materialized souls inward-turned away from God and His Light into the darkness and infinite smallness of idolatrous ‘self’ hence their wills are turned to wickedness.
This is why the Ruling Class constantly advance deceptions like science magic, evolution, sustainable growth, carbon footprints, and global change.   And because they hate the “retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional” masses in the great flyover zones of America, they sympathetically  support bogus “new” rights such as choice, euthanasia, sodomy, ‘gay’ marriage, perverse sex-education, universal healthcare, drugs, pornography, obscenity and Sharia because in reality all of these ‘rights’ ultimately unleash forces of destruction upon the hated masses in one way or another.
From the Renaissance to our own time, every step of the systematic downfall of Christian based Western civilization has been led by arrogant, defiant narcissists in rebellion against the Triune God who have deliberately fostered lies, corruption, hate, envy, narcissism, and an entitlement mentality among Americans so that today narcissism and magical thinking are at epidemic proportions at every level of society---even within churches.

At its founding and for 150 years after America was the world’s beacon of freedom and hope because it was founded on unchanging truths such as “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. . .”

Now however, a typical high school graduate no longer believes that anyone knows ‘the’ truth or even can know the truth. For him, anyone who claims to know the truth is a bigoted fundamentalist because he knows that human beings were never created but evolved. Evolution endows nothing, neither soul/spirit, personhood and unalienable rights nor the freedom to exercise them because man is nothing more than an aspect of nature.  Very briefly, this is the battle for America's soul.

Where the fighting is fiercest however, is right at the frontline where Truth warriors (Special Creationists) are waging a fierce battle against conscious and unconscious servants of Satan and the evil religion of evolution.

If the soul of America is to have any chance of survival, then reformation must begin in the whole body of the church before it will spill over and transform America.

@ Linda Kimball