Foolish Leftist Catholics and the Synod of Sodomy

Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality reports that every American who is concerned about the homosexualist juggernaut–whether Catholic or not–should be aware of what is transpiring among Catholics, and the leftist campaign to subvert the Church's teachings on homosexuality and marriage. That is because Catholics and the Church’s actions have such a huge influence over the overall “gay” debate, both here and abroad:

"We will follow the Synod of the Family–dubbed the “Sodomy Synod” by (Michael) Voris." Conservative Catholic Michael Voris, "is founder of and a leading fighter against pro-homosexual “progressives” in the Catholic Church. Voris is a Catholic, and I am an evangelical. We may disagree strongly on points of theology (and agree on others)–but let me tell you, this guy is a warrior, and I respect that."  (Michael Voris Takes on Pro-Homosexual Leftist Catholics at the 'Sodomy Synod' in Rome, LaBarbera, AFTAH)

Pro-evolutionary/homosexual Leftist Catholics are self-righteous spiritual frauds--hypocrites whose baseless confession of faith neither recognizes or submits to the authority of Jesus Christ, the Head of the Body of Christ.  Rather, like Pharisees of old, they are their own authority whose cunning, like that of their father the devil, consists in calling into question the truth of God's Word and His sufficiency.  Their brazen, god-like authority comes from scientifically and evolutionarily depriving the Lord of the authoritative power of His own spoken Word in order to give their own words the active force of the Triune Gods creative words. In this way, empowered Leftist Catholics can unweave and refashion creation, reinvent human beings and the two created sexes, paganize Scripture, make sodomy good and moral opposition to it bad, and creatively destroy the Church as needed.  This is an evil man's power trip.   

Their main concerns are worldly: getting what they want, being well thought of by other worldlings, maintaining their own status, position, influence, popularity and wealth. 

Ultimately, their 'faith' is a Christless Christianity and they are fools laying up earthly treasures for themselves which they justify by their so-called 'good works.'  To such as these, the Lord says,

"Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?"  Luke 12:20

@Linda Kimball