In the Face of America's Dominant Pagan Polytheism Who is Still On the Lord's Side?

America, the freest, most enlightened society in the history of mankind, was founded on Biblical presuppositions beginning with, "I am the Lord your God...I am the Truth..." and "in His own image He made them, male and female He made them.....I give you dominion over the earth and its creatures..." All else flows from this seedbed. Today however, a new Gnostic-paganism has displaced the Holy Triune God, our founding Biblical worldview, immutable truth, Moral Law, and everything good and natural. Claiming to be 'progressive, evolutionary, scientific and enlightened,' it declares that the Biblical God is scientifically-passé  and that now every man is god and his own morals-and gender maker.
 Millions of human-gods, each with their own personal truths and moralities, and many evolving 'genders'---this is pagan polytheism issuing in chaos and ultimate breakdown ending in tyranny.
For more than eighty years the guiding hand behind the rise of new pagan polytheism has been a broad, loose-knit coalition of technocratic Gnostic pagans, occult mystical pantheists and atheist Jews popularly known as Marxists, Progressive Liberals, Fabian Socialists, Secular Humanists, liberal theologians, trans-humanists, New Age and other fellow-travelers.  This loose-knit coalition control the ACLU, GLSEN, GLAAD, Democratic Progressive Caucus, Democrat Stone Walls and Republican Log Cabins, PlannedParenthood, the NEA, CodePink, Sierra Club, and in fact, a vast, interlocking matrix of counter-revolutionary activist organizations and front groups including non-governmental organizations that interface with the UN; international progressive think-tanks such as Club Rome and Club Budapest; the Temples of Understanding in Washington DC and New York; and Lucis Trust, formerly named Lucifer Publishing.
Translated into global politics, the Gnostic pagan and mystical pantheism briefly outlined above is evolutionary Transnational Technocracy, a global Gnostic movement whose agenda is the imposition of a spiritually socialist, theocratic New World Order as stated some years ago by the futurist thinker, Jeremy Rifkin, an adviser to the European Union since 2002 and head of the largest global economic development team in the world. In 1983 at a point in the maturation of the 60’s cultural revolution, he declared in A New Word– A New World:

“We no longer feel ourselves to be guests in someone else’s home and therefore obliged to make our behavior conform with a set of preexisting cosmic rules. It is our creation now. We make the rules. We establish the parameters of reality. We create the world, and because we do, we no longer feel beholden to outside forces…..We no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. We are responsible for nothing outside ourselves, for we are the kingdom.” (“Paganism in Today’s Culture,” Dr. Peter Jones)  
It's in this light that political correctness (the public advocacy of vice) with its speech codes and hate crime laws are seen as modern-day Pharisaic legalism. It's no coincidence that the primary enforcers of this legalistic evil are organizations such as the ACLU, described by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, as being 'reminiscent of a temple board meeting' of atheist Jews: 
  "The spokesmen for groups like the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans of America or National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are all too often Jewish. Many of the member organizations of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice are Jewish. The membership of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) disproportionately high in Jews."  (America's Real War, Rabbi Daniel Lapin)
Surely one of the most bizarre and inconprehensible phenomena in contemporary political life, said Lapin,

is this assault that secular Jewish representatives are carrying out against religious Christian conservatives...They are targeting Christian political candidates and the Christians who back them..." 
 Secular Jews are the biggest anti-semites of all. Yet, like the Pharisaic self-righteous hypocrites they are, they hide behind the Holocaust and hurl vicious allegations of antisemitism against all who resist their program of evil:
"Let's not pretend that this is merely politics; it is bigotry...To attempt to intimidate (Christians) into being afraid to speak openly of their beliefs of the most foolhardy things the Jewish community has ever done. It is immoral (and) hypocritical." (ibid, Rabbi Daniel Lapin)
Many years ago, a Russian rabbi pleaded with one of his congregants, Leon Bronstein, to avoid involving Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution. Bronstein, known to his followers as Leon Trotsky, defiantly informed the rabbi that it was his "Jewish values" that guided him toward socialistic revolution for the overthrow and destruction of the 'old order,' Christianity and Orthodox Judaism. The rabbi famously responded, "Yes, it is the Trotskys who make revolutions, but it is the Bronsteins who pay the price."  (ibid)
From Karl Marx to Trotsky and the murderous Bolsheviks---all are atheist Jews who rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses and embraced instead, modernized Gnostic pagan and pantheist 'wisdom traditions,' and Illuminist ideologies otherwise known as the politics of revolution---progressivism, nihilism, socialism, communism, scientism, positivism, and materialism.
In other words, said Rabbi Lapin, Jews who abandon Jewish tradition usually embrace socialism (or one of its variants such as liberalism) as their new religion. Similarly, the same thing occurs when gentiles abandon Christian tradition. When they succeed in their destructive goals, it is often the faithful, both faithful Jews and orthodox Christians, who are left to face the horrific consequences.
In the essay, "Everything Must Change," Dr. Peter Jones, adjunct professor at Westminster Seminary, provides a time-line of events briefly detailing America's abandonment of its' Christian tradition and its' replacement by pagan and pantheist Gnosticism.
According to Jones, after the solid theological days of early 20th century Evangelicalism, which defined itself according to the great fundamentals of the faith, much of Christianity turned to a more sensational, experience-oriented "fundamentalism" that got caught up in the power of television (with its inevitable scandals), mega-church commercialism and cheap shot religion evidenced in such expressions as "God-hates-fags." The culture began to see Evangelicalism as a mindless, even dangerous religion.  This paved the way for the sixties Cultural Revolution.
 Appearing at first to be another generational round of student dissent, the Sixties movement actually redefined the nature of man and the world.  Moreover, it unleashed rebellion against every vestige of authority. In the place of authority, envy-fueled egalitarianism reigned, aided by postmodern deconstruction. Now all truth became relative and so-called free-sex became resistant to normative heterosexual gender roles and has since morphed into a utopian vision for a pan-sexual/omni-gendered society.
The pan-sexual culture of love-not-war, of LSD trips, occultism and Eastern meditation, of diversity and tolerance has in our own time become the gateway for "can't-we-all-get-along" interfaith occult neo-paganism, with its techniques of yoga, mysticism, Enneagram, meditation and new contemplative and/or centering prayer.
America's post-Christian, drug, porn, sex-soaked omni-gendered occult pagan polytheist paradigmn has become the dominant worldview of contemporary culture, appealing to the social and intellectual elite, in whose hands are the levers of social control (media, politics, business). These opinion-shapers, with little opposition, are now articulating a religiously pagan worldview for the life of the planetary community. These cultural progressives see no problem with mixing "new church" (pagan religion) and "state" (electoral politics).  
Meanwhile, some Christians have discovered a more biblically-based traditional theology and practice. Others, calling themselves Emergent or "Progressive" have refused the route of past historic Christian wisdom, and have gone in the only other possible intellectual direction, "Christian" liberalism. With Liberal apostasy, they change everything about orthodoxy, denying creation ex nihilo in favor of some form evolutionary 'Christianity' and the atoning death of Christ for sinners and the great solas of the Reformation in favor of elements of pagan spirituality-global interfaith, subjective mysticism and monism.
With faithful, orthodox Christianity now seriously marginalized,
"... many younger Christians are seeking social acceptance and popularity with the dominant post Christian culture via an atonement-less, syncretistic social gospel. The world's rejection of Christianity is cleverly blamed on narrow old-fashioned traditions, not the scandal of the Cross. The seduction of this pseudo-gospel, promoted by major Christian leaders and Christian publishing houses, is powerful."
As an icecap of Gnostic-pagan pan-sexual, egalitarian socialism moves relentlessly across America, sowing apostasy, breakdown, occultism, discord, envy, hate, imbecility, immorality, crime, and unnaturalness, it is not good news for the faithful, nor for what yet remains of Americas traditional order, freedoms, and Constitutional rights.  But one thing will never change said Dr. Jones:
"JESUS REIGNS. His death for sinners remains forever efficacious. He is building his truly global church, and, as Martin Luther knew, "he will win the battle." The serious question now is, as another hymn asks: "Who is on the Lord's side?"

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