America's Rising Scape-Goating Society

In the wake of the death of the Holy God of Scripture an anarchy of selfishness, hatred, contempt and envy disguised as legal and personal opinion, evolutionary science and special rights expressed in baseless yet guilt-inducing accusations of homophobia, racism, intolerance and hate is gaining a more complete leverage over our society.  As it does what follows in its wake are absurdity, paranoia, brutality, hatred, murder, chaos and tyranny.  

An example of much of this depravity is found in a Huffington Post article, "Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People." This twisted anthem of shameless self-pity is written by a young black women, an "oppressed" and "racialized" fourth year journalism student at Ryerson University who is so blinded by her self-gratifying narcissism that she inadvertently confesses to paranoia, a delusion experienced by many narcissists.  Due to self-absorption narcissists come to believe that other people are as absorbed by thoughts of the narcissist as the narcissist is with him or herself, thus the narcissist may believe he is the target of persecution by others, in this case, by millions of "evil" racist white people whose thoughts and sole aim in life is to make the author suffer:

"Racialized people experience systemic discrimination on a daily basis, on many levels, and in ways that white people may never encounter. The whole point of these safe spaces is to remove that power dynamic. That's partly what makes them spaces for healing. The presence of any kind of privilege puts unnecessary pressure on the people of colour to defend any anger or frustrations they have, to fear the outcome of sharing their stories..." (03/18/2015 )

The depravity behind the concept of "safe spaces" is scapegoating:

"And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat." Leviticus 16:8

After all of the sins of the people were symbolically transferred onto the scapegoat it was further burdened with all marks of reproach, imprecations, and hate. After this the people prayed that all those evils which were due to themselves might fall upon the goat rather than on the sinners themselves even though scapegoating cannot clean a dirty conscience.

A dirty conscience occluded by selfishness, self-indulgence, envy, covetousness, hate and pride hinders and blinds the narcissists' vision of herself as she really is. Thus Truth and the revelation of her own sin,

"...causes what it was trying to avoid seeing to be set before its eyes. What it had preferred to be hidden behind its back is now brought round and it is forced to confront it face to face." Formerly it had "looked at itself and been very pleased with itself and become a lover of its power. It had lost the ability to look honestly at its own actions and thus justified all its evil deeds. Through its selfishness and self-indulgence it became insolent (and) proud..." (St. Augustine, Sermon 142,3)

Just as the Middle East is a scapegoat culture where a victim of rape can be stoned to death by her rapist, here in America we witness the rapid rise of a scapegoating society because a majority of "sinless" Americans (a consensus) within and without the Christian Church reject their own fallen condition and the eternally unchanging Truth and Moral Law of the Triune God in favor of their own sovereign, yet morally relative "sacred opinions" "feelings" and "choices." Thus they refuse to accept personal responsibility for their own sins while freely and hypocritically scapegoating other people who they unjustly accuse of hate, homophobia, racism, sexism, intolerance, hate speech, fear-mongering, and mental illness. 

This is why so-called "racialized" people of color scapegoat millions of white people.  It is also why men and women of Sodom scapegoat and terrorize "hateful homophobic" straight males and females, pedophiles and pederasts scapegoat parents trying to protect their own children from sexual violators, haters of truth scapegoat the truthful, the indecent scapegoat the decent, the cowardly scapegoat the courageous, the envious crucify the human objects of their envy; thieves, rioters and murderers scapegoat society, and sinful self-indulgent unfaithful Christian compromisers scapegoat faithful Christians.

Where a majority are not guilty of their own evils, scapegoats are necessary. Human scapegoats will be burdened with the evils of the guilty and crucified on the altars of the self-centered, self-indulgent, and proud. Scripture calls this idolatry.

@Linda Kimball