The Good Reason for Putin's Straight Pride Flag

In response to the U.S. enforced global wide LGBT movement and its' rainbow flag, the United Russia Party unveiled a banner celebrating the traditional, nuclear Russian family. The flag depicts two parents - a woman and a man - holding hands with three children.  (Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party unveils 'straight flag' to rival gay pride symbol, Kiran Moodley,, July 9, 2015)

Whether Putin is a Christian as some think, or a tin pot despot as others believe, he at least seeks the spiritual health and welfare of his society and people unlike Western and American "elites," God-hating progressive religious fanatics who in their madness, desire the death of the West at any cost. Thus they constantly promote as cultural "goods" socially, spiritually and physically destructive vehicles of death such as pornography as "rights," propaganda as daily "news," dumbed-down school curriculum together with perverse sex-education, debauchery as entertainment, tax-payer financed abortion, sterilization, so-called "gay" marriage, and the "gaying" of our military and all  other aspects of our society. And not just Western society, but in their madness, the global community as well:

"President Barack Obama...lectured Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta about his country's gay rights record. 'When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing to anybody, but because they are different, that's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode," Obama said at a joint press conference with the Kenyan leader in Nairobi. "And bad things happen." Under Kenyan law, sexual activity between men is illegal and punishable with a maximum imprisonment of 14 years. Many Kenyan leaders had encouraged Obama not to discuss gay rights on his first trip to the country as President. But Obama equated legalized discrimination of gays to legalized racism in America." (Obama lectures Kenyan president on gay rights. Kristen Holmes, Eugene Scott,, July 25, 2015) 

Ultimately, progressive religious fanaticism is the creature in rebellion against the Creator, His created order of being, immutable Truth, and His Moral Law. Hence it is rebellion against reality and everything normal, true, good, and right.  Former red diaper baby David Horowitz concurs:

"(For today's progressive/leftist) the enemy is no longer a ruling class, a hegemonic race or even a dominant gender. Instead it is the sexual order of nature itself. Oppression lies in the very idea of the "normal," the order that divides humanity into two sexes. Instead of a classless society as the redemptive future, queer theorists envisage a gender free world." (Horowitz cited in "Are Evangelical Churches Drifting Left?" Barbara Sowell)

 Fueled by satanic pride, Bakunin — one of Karl Marx's partners in the First International — described the emancipation of man from the Triune God through destruction of the old order in these words:

"The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution. Socialists recognize each other by the words, "In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done." Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds (he) emancipates (and) stamps upon his brow the seal of urging (man) to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge. In this revolution we will have to awaken the Devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is to destroy, not to edify. The passion of destruction is a creative passion."

From the demonized Karl Marx, who declared that he would "walk triumphantly like a god" through the ruins of the old Christian-based order to Orwell's Big Brother and today's  'elite' transnational Progressive 'green' nature worshipping globalists--all have or are proclaiming their godhood, whether covertly or overtly like Barbara Marx Hubbard:

"We are immortal...We can create new life forms and new worlds. We are gods!" a revelation channeled from her spirit guide 'Christ' to Hubbard, influential transnational green Progressive, one of the directors of the World Future Society along with Robert McNamara and scholars from Georgetown University, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland. (False Dawn, Lee Penn, pp. 316, 326)

During his commencement address at Harvard in the 1970s, ex-atheist and survivor of the Communist Gulag system Alexander Solzhenitsyn, warned that America was already tilting towards evil. Americans — specifically the progressive ruling class and intelligentsia — have forgotten the Holy God said Solzhenitsyn, and have embraced instead .the politics of destruction. America is on the same highway to Sodom and hell taken previously by the Russians, said Solzhenitsyn.

Having traveled the broad highway to Sodom and hell before, Putin obviously seeks to prevent his society and people from being forced into its fires again:

"The first demands for normalization of lesbianism, pedophilia, pederasty, sodomy, transgender, same-sex marriage, sex reassignment surgery, and the right to cross-dress were not made in "scientifically enlightened" post-Christian America but in Communist controlled Russia, as revealed in the article, "1920s Soviet Union: Rights for Lesbians, Transgenders, Transsexuals." It was also reported that masculinized, cross-dressing lesbians were rewarded with influential positions of authority and influence throughout academia, the Red Army, and in the cultural arena ..."   (Dan. 5:25---The Writing is on the Wall of America's Sexual Dystopia)

Under the insidiously malevolent direction of our spiritually-dead, reprobate "ruling class" America is well advanced into the fiery crucible:

"Dan. 5:25--The Writing is on the Wall of the American Sexual Dystopia"

"Solzhenitsyn: Hatred of God is the Evil in Man's Nature"

"Climate Change: Why Genocide is the Answer"

Thought Control in Sovietized-America

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