America's Rising Empire of Evil

In the fourth video released by The Center for Medical Progress a Planned Parenthood VP says fetuses may come out intact and agrees on payments specific to the specimen.

After more than fifty years of having it pounded into our heads by amoral humanists that evil does not exist, the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos leave many if not most Americans without the right words to express their shock and revulsion.  Evil however, is the appropriate descriptor.   Planned Parenthood either skillfully crushes unborn living babies in order to behead them and cannibalize them for their body parts or as we now learn, kills them upon birth for the same barbaric purposes.  This is evil rationalized and justified by wicked people as "scientific research" a "woman's choice" and "family planning."  

Under the morally and culturally destructive influence of our so-called "enlightened" ruling class, America is quickly becoming this century's Evil Empire.  When President Reagan identified the Soviet Union as the 20th century's Evil Empire little did he know that his beloved country was slated to suffer the same fate.
As Communism and socialism are the politics of evil these thought systems are infernal magnets drawing power-hungry evil-minded people.  The evil are manipulative, and because they hold other people in contempt, they freely use their victims for purposes of self-gratification. Other common characteristics include:  moral relativism (no absolutes), an overwhelming sense of entitlement, parasitism, psychological and physical bullying, casual cruelty, pleasure at inflicting pain (sadism), insensitivity, dishonesty, pathological lying, aggression, impulsiveness, promiscuity, and irresponsibility.

What drives the malignantly evil is a ravenous hunger for making other people suffer. Just as normal humans enjoy seeing other people happy and thriving, the malignantly evil enjoys the opposite.  As their lack of empathy results in blindness to the humanity of their victims this in turn permits victims to be sacrificed without remorse on the altar of narcissism, for with the negation of humanity intended victims are no longer human beings but objects to be used, abused, tormented and discarded at will. This monstrous evil finds expression over and over in the writings of the sexual psychopath, the Marquis de Sade:

"The philosopher sates his appetites without inquiring to know what his enjoyments may cost others, and without remorse." (Libido Dominandi, E. Michael Jones, p. 26)

Moral imbecility, another hallmark of the evil, is the inability to recognize right from wrong independent of disordered passions (i.e., pride, jealousy, covetousness, lust, envy) and attendant impulses and compulsions. To the degree by which the moral sense is corrupt, so is reason. The greater the degree of corruption the more depraved is reason, meaning that moral imbecility can easily shade into diabolism.

Paul Hollander's book "Political Pilgrims: Western Intellectuals in Search of the Good Society" recounts what depraved Leftist intellectuals and apostate priests did for many decades in the Soviet era. To quote one Amazon reviewer:

"Political Pilgrims is the amazing story of how Western intellectuals embraced Marxist tyrants at the very moment their colleagues were rotting in prison cells, and the common people everyone claimed to be concerned for, were starving. The book relates how cultural and religious leaders from the West, including familiar names, visited the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other communist countries, and told the most appalling lies." 

In the Soviet Union Marxists routinely rubber-stamped their evil-doing as something "good" committed in the name of science, revolution, progress and free love, for example. In his well-researched expose of Communism, "The Naked Communist," author W. Cleon Skousen reveals that ‘free love’ was made possible when women were declared the property of the pagan god-state. Anarchists were given control of the sex-slaves. They in turn issued ‘usage’ licenses to ‘workers.’ In other words, women were forcibly dominated and sexually violated and this was called ‘free love.’ Skousen quotes a Communist official who justifies this evil in the name of Revolution:
There is no such thing as a woman being violated by a man; he who says that a violation is wrong denies the October Communist Revolution. To defend a violated woman is to reveal oneself as a bourgeois and a partisan of private property.” (The Naked Communist, Skousen, p. 73)
In post-Christian America our decadent ruling class and their morally-corrupted followers get away with their evil-doing by persuasively convincing, and when necessary, terrorizing the rest of us into submissively accepting that it is intolerant, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and yes — hateful — if we call their ever unfolding evil by its’ name. James Hitchcock comments:
Evil people exploit good people by persuading them that it is wrong to call evil by its’ name.” (Persuasive Wickedness & What We Must Say About It, James Hitchcock)

For our generation of evil and malignantly evil people there is no Holy God, no Moral Law, no immutable Truth, no sin, and no fear of judgment and hell.   Thus they are free to be evil: to think evil, speak evil  and commit acts of unspeakable evil since there is only sovereign willful 'self' who knows only personal selfishness, ambition, physical lust and hate.

Over fifty years ago, early Conservative intellectual John Hallowell predicted the tyranny of evil currently overspreading our nation. He warned that if America and the West are to find redemption from the coming tyranny,
We must restore to our vocabulary a word discarded long ago, namely sin.” (The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America, George Nash, p. 52)
The Holy God, Creator of heaven and earth is not dead; Darwinism and global change are scams; all men are fallen not born good, nor are they evolving to a higher moral purity.  This is stupid hogwash sold to gullible people by snake-oil salesman.  The truth is that no concept gives “deeper insight into the enigma that is man” than original sin. Evil is not just a “bad dream,” warned Richard Weaver, author of “Ideas Have Consequences.” Evil is not “an accident of history,” or the “creation of a few antisocial men.” It is a “subtle, protean force,” and original sin is a “parabolical expression” of this “immemorial tendency of man to do the wrong thing when he knows the right thing.” (ibid) 
The possibility of evil resides within all men and women, of both sexes and every skin color, with absolutely no exceptions. Moreover, we cannot understand evil or even know what to say about it unless we return to the Biblical view of man:

"....the basic insights of the Christian faith provide the best insight we have into the nature of man and of the crisis we find ourselves in..." (John Hallowell, The Conservative Intellectual Movement, George Nash, p. 53)
The greatest triumph of evil will not be the victory over the temporal, political, and economic orders but rather, the destruction of the God-breathed human spirit and the downward-spiraling transformation of Americans into a nation of submissive bystanders and insane executioners of their own and their neighbor's God-given rights to life and morally-ordered liberty.  A spirit of evil working through our ruling class and their followers is legislating and tyrannizing decent, God-fearing Americans into the mental and physical Gulag.  Like stupefied sheep we are tolerating myriad evils perpetrated against ourselves and our children  in the name of politically correct multiculturalism, LGBTQ sex education, "gay" rights, open borders, universal (socialistic) health care, and green sustainability programs to name but a few of the political evils forced upon us.  Moreover, we are trying to endure in the name of personal preservation the evil dehumanizing slavery from which brave Americans spent a century fighting and spilling their blood to deliver the rest of the world
In sum, it is the unrestrained evil in man which is the tyranny of evil that is the 'parabolical expression' of totalitarianism.

@Linda Kimball