Guest Writer: A Christian Response to Abortion Videos and Christians Who Look the Other Way

One thing I find particularly discouraging is the total silence from so many Christians "on the street" about this. We go about our business of swapping recipes, sharing and re-posting articles about all sorts of mundane things, yakking incessantly and joking around and joking around...but nobody wants to post these Planned Parenthood videos or articles. Nobody wants to "like" them or comment on them. Post a cute picture of a child and there are dozens of "likes" within something like this and the silence is deafening. 

So many seem to simply turn their eyes away...they keep scrolling their feeds, looking for things that are funny or cute or inspirational. In conversation, they will acknowledge these things are out there -- and they will shake their heads, certainly, and agree that these are terrible things and that the spread of Gospel is the only way to _really_ accomplish the kind of heart-transforming, culture-transforming "solution" to this vice of abortion. But, they don't actually want to _engage_ the issue in front of their friends and families and coworkers. It's almost like it's distasteful to them.
And, perhaps because of that sense of "distaste" (?), I personally find there is almost a subtle form of chastisement from the Christian community toward those of us who do share and repost. People simply stop following your page -- they don't "unfriend" you, per se, but they quietly stop following you because you're not posting enough funny business or fluffy lighthearted quips or pictures of your kids or inspirational quotes from the Bible. So many people -- otherwise good, decent, and saved people -- just don't seem to want to engage in serious things on social media. They want -- often without realizing they're even doing it -- to keep up the illusion that while all is not well, things in their immediate circle are ok...maintaining the illusion is somehow becoming equivalent to making a show of faith that "God has this all under control." He does, certainly, but that doesn't free us from our responsibility to shift gears gather up our families and leave the picnic, to begin settling ourselves down to the more serious business that comes with the arrival of the battlefield on our doorsteps. And to do so publicly, so that others will be encouraged to also settle themselves and become more serious-minded.
Scriptures warn us that when the final battles are being fought, many many many Christians...most of them, even..._will_ fall away. I fear that if people can't even bring themselves to look at or read about or learn about or discuss these kinds of evils...even in the superficial forums that social media provide...then they will not be able to hold the line when persecution comes. I fear that they will not be prepared to stand because they are conditioning themselves right now to turn their faces "away" instead of "toward."
Speaking metaphorically, I hear thunder rolling through the heavens every time I read the news...I feel the heaviness in the air...I see things shifting in the world, like the leaves turn their backs up just before a big rain...and I am growing more and more still so that I can better hear above the winds, smell the air, and understand the storms that I know are coming. I very much...that more of my Christian brothers and sisters would wise up and do the same.