America's Apocalyptic Atmosphere

In his article, “Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson: Let the Demon of Chaos Reign in the Churches,”  Paul Melanson wrote in response to Robinson's open embrace of sodomy and chaos:

It was St. Peter Damian, a Doctor of the Church, who explained that the vice of sodomy “surpasses the enormity of all others,” because, “Without fail, it brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the devil, the stimulator of lust: It leads to error, totally removes truth from the deluded mind . . . It opens up Hell and closes the gates of Paradise . . . It is this vice that violates temperance, slays modesty, strangles chastity, and slaughters virginity . . . It defiles all things, sullies all things, pollutes all things . . . ” ("The Book of Gomorrah" cited by Melanson, La Salette Journey,  July 6, 2012)
With respect to his progressive agenda of “gay” liberation, Mr. Robinson said,
This is hard work, but we can do it because it is worthy work and it is Godly work” and further asserted that, “We will live to see the day that the church of Jesus Christ, in whatever form it is, will repent from what it has done to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people the way it has repented for slavery.”  (ibid)
By the logic of their evolutionary thinking, liberation theologians such as Robinson are neo-pagan "Christian" naturalists rather than supernatural Christians.    "Christians" naturalists are subjectivists (moral relativists), deconstructionists, and nihilists who by their will to power destroy certainty in the Revealed Word by deconstructing the Scripture beginning with the Genesis account in the name of science, evolution, and progress. (2 Peter 2: 1-11)
Robinson describes the progressive turmoil and divisiveness ripping apart the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches on behalf of sodomy and lesbianism as “holy chaos.”   Holy chaos is infernal confusion and disorder that represents “a step forward” from the certainty that most Christians felt when it came to what God and faithful churches thought of homosexuals.” (ibid)
The "step forward" toward affirmation of science, evolution, progress, sodomy, lesbianism and transgender is made possible by loss of certainty in the inerrancy of Scripture and what it means to be created in the spiritual image of the Triune God.
As with the West's Godless elite class pagans and mystical pantheist subjectivists, Robinson’s hatred of Jesus Christ is a very real existential atheism burning with hatred of a seemingly unjust or unmerciful God. This is a pathological spiritual state described by the prophet of nihilism, Friedrich Nietzsche. Calling himself the antichrist, Nietzsche foretold that the death of the Christian God in the hearts of men who hate Him would usher in a “new” immorality that in its turn would usher in the Beast:
The time has come to oppose morality with immorality, to call what priests call good, evil and what they call evil, good. The time has come for the transvaluation of all values.” (Thus Spake Zarathustra, p. 144).
War Against the Holy God 
The assault against the Holy Triune God that began during the Renaissance among occult pagan "Christians" gained speed and force with the philosophical materialist implications of Darwinian theory.  The idea that humans magically evolved by chance and natural selection from uncreated primordial water (matter) lay the axe at the very foundation of the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo.  On the heels of Darwinian theory Christian theism came under forceful attack allowing an atheistic-mindset to be declared a scientifically supported reality.
Karl Marx's exuberance for Darwin's idea prompted him to consider dedicating his Das Kapital to Darwin, an honor which Darwin declined.   Marx was a materialist, hence the rationale behind his invitation to Darwin was that he saw how  Darwin's materialist theory provided the scientific framework to support his economic infrastructure on which he could build his godless communist utopia.  
Darwin's materialist theory (loss of a living Creator-God), and Marxist materialist presuppositions (new economic theory based on hatred of God) together with Freud's materialist- based analysis of religion and human sexuality threw faith in God and Christian theism "over the wall of civilization,' said Ravi Zacharias:
"With such abusive attacks directed at religious belief coming from so many directions, it was left for someone to cast this creature called theism completely out, and exorcise the world of all such influence.  The one who did that was the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche." (The Real Face of Atheism, Zacharias, p. 25)

It was Nietzsche, the son of a Lutheran pastor, the self-styled dark prophet who called himself the antichrist who pronounced the death of God and saw that His death had already begun to cast its first shadows over Europe.  And though,
 "the event itself is far too great, too remote, too much beyond most people's power of apprehension, for one to suppose that so much as the report of it could have reached them," still its advent was certain, and it was men like Nietzsche who were "the firstlings and premature children of the coming century," the century of the "triumph of Nihilism." (Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Eugene Rose, p. 44)

In no Western thinker has the nihilist doctrine been more clearly expressed than in Nietzsche’s ecstatic utterance, “God is dead.” God is dead in the hearts of modern Westerners:
“…and it is as true of the atheists and Satanists who rejoice in the fact, as it is of the unsophisticated multitudes….Man has lost faith in God and in the Divine Truth that once sustained him; the apostasy to worldliness that has characterized the modern age since its beginning becomes, in Nietzsche, conscious of itself and finds words to express itself. God is dead…” (ibid, Rose, p. 60)
By the time of Nietzsche, perceptive thinkers had already been expressing apprehension at the prospect of morally unfettered multitudes who would eventually be exploited by haters of God who in the insane belief that they had received the gnosis (illumination) and scientific technology needed for deconstructing man in the image and likeness of God and then recreating a New Man, would obliterate the inner person of unwitting multitudes.  With Nietzsche, dreadful apprehension deepened into certainty, for Nietzsche despised religion in general, but upon Christianity he poured his unbridled fury:
"I call Christianity the one great curse, the one enormous and innermost perversion, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are too venomous, too underhanded, too underground, and too petty."  ("The Life of Nietzsche," Faru Forster Nietzsche, 1921, p. 656; ibid, Zacharias, p. 25)
The antichrist boasted that adherents of evolution, revolution and immorality,
“...would come into power without the truth….The magic that fights for us is the magic of extremism.” (Karl Jaspers quoting Nietzsche in his Nietzsche and Christianity).
Extremism, or brazen egoistic arrogance and defiance, is one aspect of their magic. The other is the Lie—big lies, small lies, subtle lies, lies of omission. Lies enforced by "will to power" are all that is left if the Holy God is dead in the hearts of men.  Nihilism, or objective meaninglessness, and subjectivism (moral relativism) are the logical assumptions if the living, personal Holy God does not exist.

The New Man: A Soulless Mutation

After seizing control of Russia, demonized revolutionaries utilized mind-conditioning techniques from propaganda of the lie, to terroristic psychological manipulation, deceptively changing the definitions of words (Orwell's Newspeak), electro-shock treatments, psychotropic drugs, re-education and other brutal measures with emphasis on Darwinism to effect a soulless, androgynous New Man. They tried to kill the soul and liquidate,
“… all expressions of individual identity in favor of an impersonal collective, communal consciousness.” (The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization, Vishal Mangalwadi, p. 74)
B.F. Skinner followed the same trajectory.  With his behaviorism there is neither God nor soul. Human beings are chemicals turned into psychochemical machines determined by environment, chemistry, chance, and cultural conditioning.
Cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett, one of the Four Horsemen of Atheism, is really a soul-destroying nihilist who teaches his gullible followers that there really is no you, that soul, spirit and will are illusions caused by chemical interactions in the brain while his partner in nihilism, naturalist Tom Wolfe proclaims,
Sorry, but your soul just died.” (The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul, Beauregard and O’Leary, p. 4)
In his essay, “The New Man,” Dr. Pedro Blas Gonzalez, Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Miami, Florida, writes that nihilist engineers have successfully destroyed the inner person, dignity, personal autonomy and capacity for self-knowledge of vast numbers of Americans by way of 'education,' media, propaganda, and psychological manipulation. Today this new man,
“…is a finely tuned twenty-first century automaton. What greater efficacy than to devoid man of his sense of dignity in order to rule over him? The new man is a hollow entity whose entrails have been removed by guilt and self-doubt. Yet the new man does not notice this, for he has no internal reservoir from where to draw any moral or spiritual strength.”   Moreover, the wisdom “... contained in history is ruled out by the new man” who has been taught that “he is the stuff of the future. Thus, the past must be obliterated to make room for the designs of social-engineers..”( (, 2009)
The New Man is a mutation. He is a rootless, soulless entity,
“…discontinuous with a past that Nihilism has destroyed, the raw material of every demagogue’s dream; the “free-thinker” and skeptic, closed only to the truth but “open” to each new intellectual fashion because he himself has no intellectual foundation; the “seeker” after some “new revelation,” ready to believe anything new because true faith has been annihilated in him; the planner and experimenter, worshipping “fact” because he has abandoned truth, seeing the world as a vast laboratory in which he is free to determine what is “possible”; the autonomous man, pretending to the humility of only asking his “rights,” yet full of the pride that expects everything to be given him in a world where nothing is authoritatively forbidden; the man of the moment, without conscience or values and thus at the mercy of the strongest “stimulus”; the “rebel,” hating all restraint and authority because he himself is his own and only god; the “mass man,” this new barbarian, thoroughly “reduced and “simplified” and capable of only the most elementary ideas, yet scornful of anyone who presumes to point out the higher things or the real complexity of life.” (Seraphim Rose, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age)
In other words, Christ-hating pagan and mystical pantheist nihilists have successfully inverted the order of creation and reversed the direction of Biblical theism. With creation ex nihilo virtually replaced by evolution, then history---which begins with the Book of Genesis and ends with the Book of Revelation---is a worthless relic of man's pre-scientific, pre-evolutionary past.  The supremacy of evolution means that men have not fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual perfection. Thus the finely tuned new man believes that he is the stuff of the future. This rootless, increasingly androgynous entity, the product of biological and chemical processes, actually believes that he is evolving toward something higher.   In fact, trans-humanists believe they have already transcended, or evolved beyond mere humanity. 
In his "Abolition of Man," C.S. Lewis foresaw the depersonalization of mankind at the hands of "elite class" engineers and conditioners.  He recognized that if the Holy Triune God is dead and there is no divine meaning or purpose in nature; if nature is only cause and effect processes that have no inherent meaning or purpose apart from what decadent elite class subjectivists choose to impart to it, then nature is simply there to be conformed, controlled, and manipulated according to the wants, desires, and purposes of evil elites.
But what happens when powerful elites realize that the common masses are themselves mere biological, chemical, and physical processes?  Stephen Turley comments:
"Lewis feared that such recognition, particularly among the engineering elite, increasingly consigns humans to legitimate objects of manipulation. If man is no more than nature, and if nature is by definition that which is to be conquered and controlled for our own benefit, then some humans will be controlled and manipulated for the benefit of those who have the power to do so." (The Disordered Loves of Liberal Media, Stephen Turley, The Imaginative Conservative) 

Lewis gives the obvious example of contraception, where those who control nature in effect control other humans. This said Turley,
"... is precisely the driving force behind abortion, and why today there is a class of elites that sees abortion as more sacred than the Second Amendment. Abortion, unlike the Second Amendment, controls nature and thus embodies the greatest good of the modern age. This is why the practice of slaughtering and dismembering humans in abortuaries and harvesting their body parts—in the name of reproductive rights and curing disease—can be treated with the callous levity portrayed in the hidden videos. This explains why the shooting and beheading of a lion can evoke such moral outrage. Baby parts promise cures, while lions are merely cute." (ibid)
 The New Man is the product of a vast tissue of deception from hell, its individual filaments consisting of vicious hatred of God and Jesus Christ in particular, hatred of God's image-bearers, neo-pagan naturalism and evolutionary cosmologies; science as the instrument of the will of elites, hence the only acceptable knowledge; and nihilist philosophies solidified in mass delusion which have been working their way through our culture, embedding themselves, often unconsciously, within our psyches where they eventually effect a counter-conversion of souls.  This means that the New Man is not new at all.  With God dead in his heart and unfettered by transcendent Truth and Moral Law he is nothing more than the old man, the natural man, dead in his original state of sin.  

In 1 Corinthians 2 Paul uses the word natural to refer to someone still in his original (sinful) state. The Greek word psuchikos (“natural”) can be defined as “animal,” as opposed to “spiritual.” As they are spiritually dead, natural men are like animals occupied with the things of this material world to the exclusion of the things of God. They are led by instinct rather than by the Spirit of God thus they intuitively choose sin over righteousness. They are the “pagans” Jesus refers to in Matthew 6:32 who only seek after the things of this world. (Natural Man,

Romans 1: 18-32: America's Apocalyptic Atmosphere 

Following in Nietzsche's footsteps, the Satanist Aleister Crowley, a dark apocalyptic prophet calling himself the Beast  announced a new eon of chaos which he described as the age of the Egyptian hawk-god Horus whose talons would rip to shreds the body of Christ.   In the 1960's Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan, transformed Crowley's announcement into the Age of Satan.  In his "Satanic Rituals" published in 1972 he proclaimed the arrival of "the new age of fire" as the ascendancy of the order of Satan.  Crowley, like the Satanists who succeeded him repeatedly spoke of the coming era of chaos and the triumph of the will to power.  (Painted Black, Carl A. Raschke, pp. 160-161)

Today Horus/Satan takes the form of the androgynous horned deity Baphomet celebrated openly by the Satanic Temple and quietly and under other names such as Lucifer, Siva, and Azazel the fallen angel (Watcher), head of the Ashtar Command (also Space Brothers, Council of Nine, ancient Ennead of Egypt), by our occult pagan elite class, many of them Luciferians, some of them channelers of the Space Brothers, others under the influence of spirit guides.

The first stage of Crowley's eon of chaos was set in motion more than eighty years ago by America's decadent elite class who in a variety of ways encouraged citizens to turn away from the Triune God in favor of paganism, vice as "new" rights, subjectivism and idolatry---preference for self over our Lord and other people.   With  passage of time we are now living in the most insane, decadent, violent, faithless, and openly evil century in the history of mankind. It is a time of increasing chaos marked by infernally twisted, upside-down rationalizing and massive negation of God, Christ, and the faithful orthodox Christian Church. 

Moreover, the growing armies of self-absorbed subjectivists at every level of society either openly or tacitly affirm the Evil Ones' (i.e., Baphomet) program for mankind, maintaining that his evolutionary cosmogony, killing of babies for body parts, sodomy, lesbianism, perversion of children, marriage between same-sex, and other evil deeds and false teachings are more likely to gratify the carnal appetites of spiritually dead men and women and guarantee an earthly sexual utopia as opposed to the teachings and Way of Jesus Christ.   This is why America is rapidly filling with evil activities and conditions pleasing to the Evil One, who with his legions of demons are establishing spiritual wastelands and strongholds everywhere with the aid of evil men:

"More than ever before has Satan become today 'the god of the world.'  The reason is that men, made in the image and likeness of God, have willingly corrupted themselves to resemble more the devils they now follow." (The Antichrist, Vincent P. Micelli, S.J., pp. 226-227)

The Holy God has been supplanted as the center of man's life by idols of mind such as Evolution, Revolution, Scientism, and Progress and by  lesser idols such as money, property, fame, power, pleasure, and success. (Psalm 52:7) And behind every idol man prostrates himself before,

"... stands Satan the author of idolatry (who knows) that in practicing such idolatry, man is pledging his chief loyalty to the powers of hell of which he is the king." 

Scripture depicts a societies' people as either having submitted themselves to the will of the Triune God and His moral law or else as idolaters who have rebelled against him.   It is in the context of man's rebellion that Scripture explains that from the antediluvian world to our own all civilizations are eventually overwhelmed by the unfettered sin nature of men resulting in an idolatrous, immoral society that openly advocates evil, and evil being a parasite on good, such civilizations disintegrate and die in stages.   This is how the Old Testament portrays Israel. 

Israel had become an evil nation, its contradictory lifestyle of perverse sexual license and human sacrifice foisted upon the people by the elites of society, the priests, prophets, philosophers and rulers who were far more influenced by the Canaanite religious culture with its Baal/Ashtaroth worship than by the Mosaic Constitution.  Baal was associated with the sun and storms, the androgynous Ashtaroth (Ashtar) with perverse sex, cruelty and fertility. Energized by demonic spirits, they claimed to have “evolved” out of the primeval watery chaos. Under other names they were worshipped as gods in other countries, all having originated at the first Babylon under Nimrod and then spread throughout the ancient world with the dispersion.   Despite this,

".... the commoners often enjoyed nature worship as much as their leaders, leaving prophets of the Old Testament sometimes comparing themselves to jackals (Micah 1:8), or roaming the streets of Jerusalem looking for at least one righteous man (Jeremiah 5:1-14)." (Nazi Oaks, R. Mark Musser, p. 49)

Israel had become an evil nation of idolaters fully deserving the judgment God brought against it.  Its' rebellion against God was accompanied by a turning to idols, and this idolatry brought the nation to its' end since when the Spirit of the Lord abandons an idolatrous society, one of the first things to become subject to the influence of evil spirits are the thoughts and feelings of citizens:

This often results in a complete attitude of indifference to any spiritual influence, and to an open rejection of any belief in God.  The Word of God loses its power to speak, and God’s promises become meaningless.  The person finds he can only entertain evil thoughts in his mind and ideas which are opposed to God.  He is gripped with a passion for lying and impure thoughts.  Indeed, the desire to lie so fills him that he does so unconsciously. In spite of feeling no remorse for his sins, he will be plagued with a continuous feeling of restlessness, with a lack of peace, and depressive moods.”  (Occult Bondage, Kurt Koch, p. 140)

In  other words, their consciences become depraved, their wills turn toward evil and their reasoning, or cognitive thought processes become vain and foolish because in turning away from the Holy God of Revelation they freely accept a position about themselves that is intellectually foolish and unlivable with regard to the universe, the origin of conscious life, who and what man is and what his purpose is.   Thus they are left with a position (i.e., life evolved from star stuff) that is unable to account either for the origin of life or for their own "conscious self" (spirit/soul).  Nor does this unlivable position provide them with any meaning and purpose. (Psalm 115: 2-8) Sooner or later they are inevitably tormented by bitterness and become obsessed by the fear of death and by gross sexual perversions and compulsive dark thoughts of suicide and murder.  At night they're tormented by hideous nightmares and extraterrestrial visitations and during the day everything from anxiety states, paranoia, persecution complexes, voices speaking into their heads, and dreadful sensations of standing atop an abyss.

In sum, idolaters are subject to demonic oppression and possession issuing in confusion, apathy, nihilism, psychosis, psychopathy, blasphemous thoughts, words and acts against Jesus Christ, the Christian Church, orthodox Christians faithful Jews, Christian symbols, Holy Days, and prayer and the vain belief that all that exists is nature or cosmos (matter), hence there can be no relevance in anything beyond our senses; there is nothing above us and no hell below.

Kerby Anderson writes that in the next stage people inevitably exchange their natural use of sex for unnatural uses:

"Here the Apostle Paul says those four sobering words, "God gave them over." In a society where lust- driven sensuality and sexual perversion dominate, God gives them over to their degrading passions and unnatural desires." (The Decline of a Nation, Kerby Anderson,

Degradation leads to addiction to pornography and an obscenely sexualized culture.  Individually, those given over are characterized by a mix of the following: warped, distorted, freakish characters, narcissism, hard egoism, and uncongenial dark natures issuing in extreme, uncontrollable passions resulting in abnormal, compulsive sexuality, sodomy, bestiality, pederasty, pedophilia, lesbianism, androgyny (transgender), fetishes and sadomasochism: 

"The Folsom Street Fair turns 30 on Sunday, Sept. 21. The annual celebration of leather, fetish and BDSM communities brings hundreds of thousands of people to SoMa...Among the more fashion-centric kinks on the rise are sports uniforms (Sports Authority is a sponsor this year), human “puppy gear” (just as it sounds) and adult-baby costuming (ditto). Be on the lookout for both canine courses and a new adult-baby playpen space as concessions to these emerging fetishes."  (Folsom Street Fair: Tips for weathering the fetish festival, Tony Bravo,, September 19, 2014 )

The Word of God has pronounced judgment on any nation that would reclassify evil as good, darkness as light, and bitter as sweet (Isaiah 5:20). Romans 1 clearly identifies the evidence for the wrath of God on a nation:

"...sexual immorality followed by homosexual immorality culminating in a reprobate mind. This most recent step reminds us that God’s wrath has come in full. We now see reprobate minds at every level of leadership – in the Supreme Court, the presidency, cabinet, legislature, press and culture." (An Open Letter to TMS Alumni, John MacArthur)

The third stage: anarchy

"Once a society has rejected God's revelation, it is on its own. Moral and social anarchy is the natural result. At this point God has given the sinners over to a depraved mind and so they do things which are not proper. This results in a society which is without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, and unmerciful." (ibid, Anderson)

Anarchy means automatic rebellion against every vestige of truth, virtue, rules, order, and authority and the depraved insistence that there is no essential difference between good and evil, natural and unnatural, truth and lie.  All sense seems like nonsense; nothing is ever right, natural, good and true resulting in Nietzsche's trans-valuation of values solidified in cursing, blasphemy, scoffing, mocking, cruel criticism, contempt, ridicule, meanness, spite, hate, violence, wrath, explosive rage, belligerence, theft, rape, incest, murder, killing of babies, beatings, and terrorism.

The final stage is abandonment and judgment:
"God's judgment rightly falls upon those who practice idolatry and immorality. Certainly an eternal judgment awaits those who are guilty, but a social judgment occurs when God gives a nation over to its sinful practices."  (ibid, Anderson)

Just as Israel's population was oblivious to the approaching doom which Old Testament prophets foresaw, so is America's population.  Judgment falls upon a spiritually dead idolatrous society that has made an enemy of the Holy God and takes refuge in  rebellion, negation, lies, and heresy.  In its' blindness it cannot see that it is worshipping the devil and has entered into a covenant with death and hell. 

In the face of such bad news, the faithful must not lose hope, for even if the whole world is given over, the faithful should never give up because as Paul said, "If God is for us who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)  Moreover, we must not give up the hope that God's patient kindness in postponing the final judgment will be an occasion for unbelievers to see their sin and come to Christ.

@Linda Kimball