George Will in the Company of Liars

On “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” Washington Post columnist George Will said Rowan Co., KY clerk Kim Davis, who has been jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, is much like segregationist governors Orval Faubus and George Wallace, who attempted to defy racial integration of schools ruled on by the Supreme Court:

 “There’s no question that the president’s selective interpretation of the Constitutional provision that the executive shall see that the laws are faithfully execute his selective approach to that perhaps has encouraged a kind of lawlessness. People saying well, I can do whatever I wish. But surely it is a wholesome rule that executives should obey legitimate court orders. That’s true whether your name is Orval Faubus, the Democratic governor of Arkansas in the 1950s or George Wallace, the democratic governor of Alabama..." (George Will Compares Kim Davis to Segregationist George Wallace, Breitbart, Sept. 6, 2015)

According to Will's 'logic,' the President's selective approach really does encourage lawlessness, meaning anti-Constitutional law and order.  By definition, lawlessness is always illegitimate, thus cannot also be a legitimate court order as Will's twisted rationalization concludes in a poorly disguised attempt at attacking and demonizing Davis while at the same time giving the company of liars inside the beltway a free pass.  

Either Kim Davis and faithful orthodox Christians are profoundly homophobic as George Will implies, and they oppose same-sex marriage solely because they hate "gays," or the great majority of "gays" and their Orwellian advocates wrongly perceive reality when it comes to their perceptions of faithful Christians. In either case, "gays" and their lying advocates and faithful Christians are living in parallel universes. 

One of these positions is both factually and morally very wrong and the idea that faithful Christians only oppose same-sex marriage because they are homophobes is one of those terrible lies that poison minds and society.   Furthermore, it is the lying Left that routinely accuse faithful Christians and straight Americans of homophobia.  

In fact, it is mainly Leftists such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, former president Jimmy Carter, Frank Rich of New York Magazine, and so many other Leftists who perpetuate the lies of racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.  And their spurious charges are not only malicious but just one more example of the psychological and societal destruction wrought by the lying Left.

Americans are thoroughly entangled and divided against each other within a massive and still growing web of delusion, false perceptions, propaganda and lies mainly perpetrated by God-hating Leftists.  God-haters want there to be no personal Holy Triune God Who created everything seen and unseen ex nihilo as Thomas Nagel, professor of philosophy and law at New York University admits in his book, "The Last Word." 

According to Nagel, rage against the Holy Creator God has produced poor science (and pathologies such as malicious charges of homophobia) among unbelieving mass men and scientists:

"My guess is that this cosmic authority problem is not a rare condition and that it is responsible for much of the scientism and reductionism of our time.  One of the tendencies it supports is the ludicrous overuse of evolutionary biology to explain everything about life, including everything about the human mind." (The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith, Peter Hitchens, pp. 149-150) 

Today good, law-abiding Americans and faithful Christians are routinely rejected, scorned, ridiculed, persecuted, imprisoned, impoverished, and terrorized. Left behind in positions of power and influence are the depraved "self" and nature worshipping counter culture rebels of society--destructive mass man and lying, depraved elites:
"Against whom do you jest?  Against whom do you open  wide your mouth and stick out your tongue?  Are you not children of rebellion, offspring of deceit, who inflame among yourselves among the oaks, under every luxuriant tree, who slaughter the children in ravines, under the clefts of the crags?"  (Isaiah 57: 4-5)

The moment lying (deceit) is accepted it has to be required because it is the means to an end, the way to win, to have what we want, to preserve our inflated conception of 'self,' to dominate and control others, and to shift personal guilt away from 'self' and onto 'other' as Will has done.   Thus refusal to lie for the cause---whatever that may be---- makes you guilty of betrayal, of being a spoil-sport, of being anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Global change, anti-choice, unscientific, backward, insane, and hateful.

For our generation of liars there is no heaven above nor hell below.  There is only sovereign 'self' who knows only personal selfishness, ambition, physical lust and hate.  Being immeasurably proud (narcissistic), 'self' detests moral absolutes, authority, obedience, accountability, direction, rules, restraints, and truth since narcissistic 'self' already knows everything worth knowing.

A nation of liars.  This is where we are and what we are becoming.  The problem is not just in Leftists, the President, Congress, Supreme Court, 'gays', and abortionists but in conservative intellectuals such as George Will, in our churches and in ourselves. If only there were evil liars somewhere,

"... insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”   Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The source and taproot of all lying in whatever form is pride (preference for 'self' over God and others).  Pride is the beginning of all sin and the,

"...beginning of the pride of man is to fall away from God." ("On Nature and Grace", St. Augustine, from Ancient Christian Devotional, Thomas Oden, p. 73)

As confession is good for the soul might we finally repent of our lies?  Will we at last submit our wayward wills to our Lord, the Doctor of our souls to be scoured and cleansed until we can give back His Light?

If not, then the Christian Church and our nation, individually and corporately, will continue to reap the consequences of the lies we have been sowing.

@Linda Kimball