Christless Theology and Tyranny of Relativism in America's Man-Centered Church

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” (Psalm 37:23)

Tragically, most of the American Church preaches an arrogantly man-centered theology that is not ordered by the Lord but by sinful men. It is a morally relative (subjective), 'scientific' and/or 'feel good' theology in which the opinions of men and women are elevated above the eternally unchanging Authoritative Word of God.    

For example, theistic evolutionists, progressive creationists, and gap theorists argue that Genesis 1 not an essential Christian doctrine.  But this stance misrepresents what’s at stake in this debate—the inerrancy, authority, and clarity of Scripture.

"Tragically, many Reformed theologians—who have enshrined sola Scriptura in their doctrine statements—have allowed their seminaries and churches to be infiltrated by compromised views of Genesis 1. Generally, they shudder at the thought of losing academic credibility and being sneered at by the gatekeepers of higher learning. The first casualty of that compromise is almost always a literal interpretation of the Bible’s first chapter.”   Cameron Buettel, Fridays Featured Sermon: “Creation, Theology, and the End of the Universe,”

In their eagerness to persuade church leaders to accept evolution/long ages compromising theologians bring error and crisis into the church in four primary ways.

 First, they encourage Christians to question God’s Word, a tactic used by Satan on Eve (Genesis 3).  

Second, because evolution requires long ages they must say that God created a world of suffering and death right from the beginning, a position that makes God responsible for evil.  Thus because God’s creation was not “very good” then God is not good either.  In this way the Lord is robbed of goodness and neither Satan nor man are fallen since it is the Lord who is fallen.  

Third, they rob Jesus Christ the Word Who was with God and is God (John 1:1) of the worship that is His due. (Romans 1)  By persuading gullible Christians to accept evolution (for pagan and pantheist humanists, evolution is the primary creative force of Nature) they deceptively ascribe to Nature (capital N) the credit for the creation of everything.

Fourth, without a personal ‘hands on’ Creator, then Christianity has been rendered Christless with no moral law to break, no Judge, no judgment, and no seed for a Savior. (Nice Theologians Leading the Church Away from the Truth, Dr. Don Batten, May 2017, 

Within the context of Christless theology,  it is not man but the Lord and His creation that are fallen.   Hell doesn't exist or if it does then men in that place will be annihilated (a heresy posited by the Gnostic pagan Arnobius) or despite that everyone is living in sin they are going to heaven (a spiritually pagan position) because God is strictly a God of unconditional love (the god of pagan spirituality) rather than the supernatural Triune God of love but of wrath and judgment as well.  Christless theology means that man doesn't need a Savior since man in his arrogant defiance has made himself into his own savior (original sin).

However, man's Christless theology and subjective opinions are NOT the Ultimate Authority but rather the outworking of sin:

"While sin invariably causes physical and (apart from faith in Christ) spiritual death, it has many other devastating consequences. Sin corrupts the mind (Jer. 17:9; Eph. 4:17-19), the will (cf. Jer. 44:16-17), and the affections (John 3:19; 1 John 2:15). Sin brings people under the control of Satan (John 8:44; Eph. 2:2) and makes them the objects of God’s wrath (Eph. 2:3). Sin robs people of peace (Isa. 48:22) and replaces it with misery (Job 5:7; Rom. 8:20). “    John MacArthur, The Plague of Plagues, Oct. 2, 2016

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, describes our sin sick age and its’ man-centered church as marked by so much spiritual and theological confusion that the God of the Bible has largely disappeared from view and been replaced by less imposing,

"... deities that are more amenable to the modern mind." (The Disappearance of God, Mohler, p. xiii)

We are witnessing the paganization and evaporation of orthodox Biblical theism to which must be added rebellion against every vestige of authority, an inversion of history caused by evolutionary thinking, moral relativism and,

".....the fact that millions of Americans claim a divine right to their own spiritual cocoon and belief system." Americans, "now lay claim to their 'own personal Jesus.' This personal vision of Jesus Christ may well bear little or no resemblance to Jesus as He is revealed in the Bible." (xiii)

One of the central realities of America's Christless theology is the dawning of a post-Christian culture now rapidly transitioning into an openly hostile anti-orthodox Christian society in which an anti-orthodox Christian consciousness is now well developed. Objective truth has been replaced by a tyranny of moral relativism, and tolerance perverted into a paganism that is wholly open to 'gay' marriage, sodomy and androgyny (transgender); abortion as legalized 'choice,' obscene sex education for children, occult practices within both church and society, Satanism, shamanism, Wicca, magic, nudity, pornography and Rave Festivals but intolerant of God's Authority, Moral Law, immutable Truth and sexual ethics:

 "Neither in government nor individually do a large section of people know the difference between right and wrong anymore.  It has become my party, my plan, my profit, my side, my victory, my institution, my congregation or simply me, myself, and I....We live in a perverse society where it is illegal to name God, Jesus Christ, and their Commandments in school while at the same time it is legal to send hard core porn via the internet into the homes of citizens...It is the selfishness of ordinary people that opens the gate to immoral tyranny, just as it happened in Germany."   (Defeating the Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America, Hilmar Von Campe, p. 198-199)

We are living in an age of deep and undeniable breakdown, an age of darkness, insanity, and spreading evil where every autonomous man is his own 'truth-maker' and insane savior.  As evil tentacles reach into and take hold of the disordered minds of sinners, moral constraints and restraints are thrown off in the name of a Christless theology and Godless ideology that licenses liberation that does not emancipate but enslaves, does not save but condemns because sin-sick man cannot regenerate and cleanse his dead spirit (filthy conscience, wicked will, carnal mind), thus can neither forgive nor save himself.   In a sermon entitled,"The Carnal Mind Enmity Against God" C. H. Spurgeon describes the carnal mind:

"It is not black, but blackness; it is not at enmity, but enmity itself; it is not corrupt, but corruption; it is not rebellious, it is rebellion: it is not wicked, it is wickedness itself. The heart, though it be deceitful, is positively deceit; it is evil in the concrete, sin in the essence, it is the distillation, the quintessence of all things that are vile; it is not envious against God, it is envy; it is not at enmity, it is actual enmity."  (The Carnal Mind,

Man is a desperate sinner in need of forgiveness and salvation by the Physician of our Souls, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This is why in "The Poison of Subjectivism," C.S. Lewis warns that subjectivism will certainly end the human race and "damn our souls." Because Lewis was an orthodox Christian he agreed with the fundamental teachings of his Lord and savior Jesus Christ and the Old Testament prophets that salvation presupposes sin (soul sickness) and the need of repentance, therefore repentance logically presupposes an objectively real Moral Law and need of a Savior, thus It follows that Jesus Christ, our Savior, did not die for our opinions. And this is precisely why we need to humbly repent of our arrogant pride, Christless man-centered theology and other sins and ask the Physician of our souls to heal our sin-sickness.