Enraged, Foul-Mouthed, Arrogantly Ignorant Progressives: Why they are Dangerous Religious Zealots

"Be not conformed to this world.  But what is conformity to the world?  The opposite of conformity to Jesus: for Jesus and the world stand directly opposed to each other.  The world crucified Him.  He and His disciples are not of the world.  The spirit of this world cannot receive the Spirit of God, for it sees Him not and knows Him not.  And what is the spirit of this world?  The spirit of this world is the disposition that animates mankind in their natural condition, where the Spirit of God has not yet renewed them.  The spirit of this world comes from the Evil One, who is the prince of this world, and has dominion over all that are not renewed by the Spirit of God."  Andrew Murray

According to the foul spirit of the world animating the depraved,, foul-mouthed, obviously enraged Bill Maher, religion, and Christianity in particular is a,

 “...sexist, homophobic, magic act that’s been used to justify everything from genital mutilation to genocide..." “You want to raise the tax on tobacco so kids don’t get cancer? Okay, but let’s put one on Sunday school so they don’t get stupid.”  (Churches Should Pay Taxes for Making Children ‘Stupid’, zionica.com, April 19, 2016)

Mahrs amazingly ignorant comrade in arms, progressive activist and author Paul Kivel, believes that almost every dysfunction in society, from racism and sexism to global warming and a weak economy, is united by the ideology of 'Christian hegemony.' During the 17th annual White Privilege Conference recently held in Philadelphia Kivel claimed that this dysfunctional state of affairs exist in the United States because between 7,000 and 10,000 predominately white Christian men run the major institutions and 'colonize our mind' with Christianity's core ideas, which cause most of the world's problems.  (Christianity Demonized as a Global Menace, David Limbaugh, newsmax.com , April 19, 2016)

Adding conservativism to the growing list of evils,  two more progressive poll parrots screeched that those who consistently vote GOP because they believe in small government and low taxes are greatly outnumbered by those who do so because they’re racists. (Vox Writer: Without Racist Voters, Conservative Ideas Aren’t ‘Politically Viable,’ Tom Johnson, newsbusters.org, Aug. 2, 2016)

On a fundamental level, America's legions of depraved progressives like Maher and Kivel, are enraged religious zealots planning a redemption of the world and mankind. Like Christians they look upon the world as fallen and corrupted, not their own pathological lying, egotism, hypocrisy, covetousness, resentment, greed, envy and rage, but by white racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia and traditional social constructs that supposedly fuel a continuum of evils ranging from inequality and unfairness to oppression, poverty, private property ownership, gun ownership and the consumption of natural resources. 

According to the Evil One speaking through his progressive mouth-pieces, the real source of these evils is the evil demiurge--the only true God---together with Biblical teachings on the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, dominion, sin and the need for moral virtues, self-control and other restraints on man's sin nature.  

 While faithful Christians and Jews understand that mankind is fallen, hence the real source of corruption, and that redemption is only possible through the work of the Spirit of God, the Evil One's  progressive tools see themselves as godlike redeemers of the world and mankind, and this is why the devil's tools are dangerous fanatics who regard those who oppose them as wholly evil, thus worthy of death and eternal damnation.  It is also why they hate the America of the founding generation and actively seek its destruction.  It is also why they constantly transgress against their opponents (decent, law-abiding Americans, particularly Christians), shout them down, ridicule them, and pervert, sexualize and turn children against their own parents, the Christian faith and traditional culture.

Like their 20th century criminal counterparts--- Marxist Communists and German Socialists--- Progressives are on a satanically insane mission to create a utopian kingdom of heaven on earth.  They believe they will achieve their goal by eliminating millions of people deemed genetically unfit or evil, redistributing income (mainly into their own pockets), taking control of all natural resources, and making miserable slaves of whoever they don't kill. 

Progressive Socialists fully intend to strategically employ technology, science and the terroristic powers of a totalitarian police-state to enforce politically correct attitudes and practices in the lives of their slaves. They want to dominate and control what slaves think, do, and even what they eat.   And all of this evil will be committed by the Evil One's tools in order to save our planet and for the common good---of course.

Linda Kimball