Two Kinds of Love and Two Kinds of Guilt

There are two kinds of love.  The first is self-love to the exclusion of the one true God and brother thus breaking the 1st and 2nd Commandments.  The second kind is selfless love to the exclusion of selfishness. It demonstrates love of God and brother. The first kind of love characterizes the Godless secular pagan City of Man while the second characterizes the City of God.  

Just as there are two kinds of love there are two kinds of guilt: personal and projected. Since each and every man and woman is a sinner then every human being is personally guilty of sin.  Unconfessed, unrepentant sin results in a dirty conscience.  A dirty conscience, selfishness, self-indulgence and pride hinders and blinds the soul's vision of itself as it really is. Thus Truth and the revelation of its' own sin,

"...causes what it was trying to avoid seeing to be set before its eyes. What it had preferred to be hidden behind its back is now brought round and it is forced to confront it face to face." Formerly it had "looked at itself and been very pleased with itself and become a lover of its power. It had lost the ability to look honestly at its own actions and thus justified all its evil deeds. Through its selfishness and self-indulgence it became insolent (and) proud..." (St. Augustine, Sermon 142,3)

The soul that accepts responsibility for its sin turns in submission to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because it humbly accepts that the only way to be cleansed of personal guilt (sin) is through confession and repentance of our sin to our Savior, the Physician of our souls and the only Way to the City of God. 

However, when the  guilty soul stubbornly refuses to accept personal responsibility for its' own sins and transfers its own guilt onto an innocent soul this wickedness, an act committed by a self-lover,  is called projection, transference or scape-goating--- the definition of the second kind of guilt.  

If the brow-beaten innocent soul finally gives in and accepts a burden of guilt for which he or she is not personally responsible then the wicked, self-loving, cowardly, scape-goater feels free to crucify the innocent soul..     

Scape-goaters close their eyes and harden their hearts to the crucifixion of the innocent, suffering scapegoat because not one of them will take personal responsibility for their own sins: 

"Truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. The LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no justice."  Isaiah 59:15

Here in the Godless American City of Man, self-love and scape-goating predominate over selfless love and humble acceptance of personal sin.   Thus a growing majority of hard-hearted self-lovers freely scapegoat other souls who they unjustly accuse of hate, homophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry, intolerance, hate speech, fear-mongering, and mental illness. Thus wicked homosexuals scapegoat "hateful homophobic" straight males and females, pedophiles scapegoat parents trying to protect their own children from sexual predators, haters of truthscapegoat the truthful, the indecent scapegoat the decent,  the envious crucify the human objects of their envy, the thief and murderer scapegoat their victims,  sinful self-indulgent Christians scapegoat faithful Christians and black scape-goaters burn the American flag and order 'guilty' white people to go to the back of the protest march.  (Whites Ordered to the Back of Black DNC Protest March, Todd Starnes, YouTube) 
 Where a majority of souls are not guilty of their own evils, scapegoats are necessary.  Human scapegoats will be burdened with the evils of the guilty and crucified on the altars of the hard-hearted, self-centered, self-indulgent, and proud. Scripture calls this idolatry. 

Of further and more terrible consequence because eternal, scapegoating does not take away our sins nor cleanse our conscience, and to die in our sin means eternal outer darkness:
"For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and fornicators, and murderers, and idolaters, and whoever loves and makes a lie."  Revelation 22:15

Linda Kimball