A Condemned Remnant of the Faithful Emerging?

A remnant of the faithful consisting of Christians in conservative Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church appears to be emerging. Though in most cases they’ve never met, nevertheless, on certain conservative online forums they unite in prayer for the persecuted church, suffering saints, President Trump, America, and a return to God. They are truth-tellers, watchmen, and prayer warriors on the internet, the front lines of spiritual warfare where they do battle against Baphomet, abortion, sale of baby parts, breakdown of the family, Drag Queen story hour in our libraries, open borders, the global warming hoax, godless Marxist identity politics, socialism, and more.

Within some of the Reformed community and the SBC they are described as offensive. Pope Francis scathingly describes them as an 'ecumenism' of hate. (1)

But what of the ecumenism of the devil’s pagan world system—spiritism, occultism, yoga, channeling, magic, shamanism, earth worship, abortion, androgyny (transgender), solidarity, and more between Protestants, Adventists, Catholics, Islam, witches, and various occult pagan religions? (2)

Pope Francis-- will you condemn them as thoroughly as you condemn the faithful who stand against the evils of our age which you do not stand against?


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