On Miracles: Why Evolutionary Naturalists Do Not Stand On the High Ground But In the Void

Our world’s skepticism over miracles is nothing new.  Ever since David Hume, philosophers and scholars have been making the case against the possibility of miracles.” (Are Miracles Improbable? Rethinking What Makes Something Likely to Happen, Michael J. Kruger, Canon Fodder)

We should not fear loud-mouth skeptics, scoffers, and ridiculers of miracles such as the Genesis account of creation, the immaculate birth, and resurrection of Christ anymore than we should allow soul, spirit, heaven, and hell denying evolutionary naturalists to claim the high ground and put us on the defensive. After all, if asked whether they (naturalists) dream, in most cases they’ll answer in the affirmative. This is when they must be confronted by their own blindsided thinking by being asked to empirically prove that they dream since no one else can see, hear, smell. taste, or touch dreams.

Then of course there is their own much boasted about ‘superior’ reasoning. When a brain is dissected or otherwise studied under a microscope, there can be seen no words (thoughts) only movement of chemicals and firing of synapses. So whence arise thoughts? From chemicals, firing synapses or both? Are naturalists just soulless bio-machines whose mouths speak thoughts produced by chemicals and firing synapses?

And then there is Darwinism. Here we see that naturalists are in fact believers in miracles, for what is evolution but an unseen creative energy that supposedly caused life to emerge from chemicals billions of years before empiricists evolved from monkeys. No one witnessed this miraculous event yet naturalists religiously, zealously believe it happened. Likewise, no naturalist can see or has ever seen evolution but again, religiously, zealously believe it exists and is responsible for all that exists.

“It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4

Speaking of evolutionary naturalists, CS Lewis said they have stepped out into the void and are no longer human. In other words, by the position they hold in denying the Holy Triune Creator, the One God in Three Persons, evolutionary naturalists are not people but rather dehumanized aspects of nature. desperately trying to live off of the stones of this world which the serpent made out to be bread. The joke is on scoffers, mockers, and other naturalists however, and if we listen carefully, we just might hear the infernal liar and jokester—the serpent—cackling in glee.