Gender Justice: Construct of Progressivism's New Gnostic Pagan Religion

The Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist, broke the state’s anti-discrimination law when she refused to provide floral arrangements for a 2013 a gay wedding ceremony.

Mrs. Stutzman, a Southern Baptist grandmother, could face the loss of her business, her life savings and her home:

The state not only went after Barronelle’s business but also sued her in her personal capacity—putting all her personal assets, including her life savings, at risk,” said Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kristen Waggoner, who argued on Stutzman’s behalf before the Washington Supreme Court in 2016.”  (Court Rules Christian Florist Broke Law by Refusing to Participate in Gay Wedding, Todd Starnes, June 6, 2019)

Behind the political lurks Marxist Communism’s counterpart—-Progressivism’s 'new' Gnostic pagan religion. A syncretization of every nature religion from Babylon forward together with Christianity, it holds that the Triune God of Scripture is not the true God but rather an evil demiurge, the monster responsible for creating the material world. The true god is the One Substance from which emanated all things in existence, making creation ex nihilo an evil construct of the demiurge. Thus in the beginning was the Depth; the Fullness of Being; the Not-Being God; the First Father, the Monad; the First Source.

Within this context, modern Gnostics believe there are two kinds of humans. There are the subhuman men and women (two sexes) who believe that the God of Scripture is the one true God and Creator. They are the evil seed of the evil demiurge. Then there are the Gnostics, the 'woke' humans who know that they contain within themselves divine sparks of the androgynous Monad, making them 'gods' whose maleness or femaleness are illusions.

Social justice, or gender justice needs to be understood within the context of Progressive Gnostic religion wherein ‘woke’ humans are the Monads avenging angels punishing the demiurge’s evil seed on behalf of oppressed Gnostics who have as yet to awaken.. In this light social justice means punishment of subhumans who worship the evil demiurge and hold to the idea of two sexes when the Gnostic ideal is transgender.