Nihilism and the Collapse of Western and American Civilization

The spreading spiritual wasteland we see around us is the result of the collapse of Western and American foundations together with truth, purpose and meaning derived from a uniquely Christian base. The collapse was predictable since for over one hundred years nihilist Western and American elites have been sweeping the two houses clean, and in their maddened state, leaving the doors open to seven more demons of nihilism, madness, and other evils to occupy the two houses.

We cannot make any sense of their madness unless we know something about their view of reality. For Christians, Reality isn’t a concept but the living, personal Creator God, the Triune God. The Triune God is uncreated Reality and all else—the physical world, conscious man, animals, angels, purpose, meaning, moral law, natural law— flow from Him. For Western and American elites nihilism sums up their view of reality. We are in an age of nihilism (objective meaninglessness) because that is the quasi-Buddhist worldview of the elite classes.

In this counter-intuitive view of reality, all that exists is energy in motion (evolution). Thus there is no such thing as the physical world but only our misperceptions about it. Nor do “We the people” really exist because once again, only energy exists in human forms. In a nutshell, this is why elite classes. equate America’s traditional Constitutional Republic with social constructs (illusions), and accuse those of us who cling to our Christian identity (individually created souls) of racism, white supremacy, injustice, homophobia, and so on.

Though not widely known, Marxists tried to 'kill' the souls of Orthodox Christians after seizing control of Orthodox Christian Russia. In our own country and W. Europe elites have managed to make people forget their created souls via teaching Darwinism as science, by revising our history and traditions, encouraging sin, and by encouraging rejection of God, church and parental authority.

In this light, when unstable theologians and Christian intellectuals bring Darwinism and other worldly philosophy such as. Critical Race Theory and Social Justice into the church they are serving the father of nihilism, the devil, rather than the Lord Jesus Christ.