Gnostic Pagan Progressive Leftists: The Real Human-Hating Fascist Racists

As a Gnostic pagan sin, racism contains many levels of evil with each level yet more evil than the previous one. From intolerance and exclusion to bigotry, from bigotry to hate, and from hate to murder---to be accused of racism is to be guilty of all of these evils. For far too many years, Progressive Leftists have been brazenly damning traditionalists (orthodox Christians, morally principled Conservatives, and all other defenders of America's founding principles) as evil racists. Indeed, so evil are traditionalists that racism is one of Progressive Leftism’s bedrock philosophies on which they rationalize the pursuit of Social Justice rather than social righteousness:

It is the pursuit of power which prevents social justice warriors from embracing the term social righteousness because righteousness relies more on changed hearts than justice does. Executing justice requires giving someone what is their right. There is no heart change required for justice because the government executes it through its coercive power. Righteousness is entirely different. Righteous living only comes after God has declared us righteous by grace through faith. It is only after hearts of stone are changed that righteousness takes root. Changed hearts slowly bear the fruit of righteous living.”  (Interacting with Keller: Social Justice is About Power, Levi Secord, Riverview Baptist Church)

 From the farthest reaches of history, man has been enslaving his own kind. The evils of slavery were rationalized by the depraved, elitist pagan view that certain ’superior men' were really human while the greater number were subhuman, thus meant to serve as slaves.  Beginning with the Jews and then later perfected by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the depraved pagan view of man would slowly and reluctantly give way and be replaced by the radical, much-hated Biblical view, which declares that all men are created by the living Triune God and are spiritual equals in His sight. Hence No Man is to enslave another for all men comprise a spiritual brotherhood. In this radical view---on which our individual liberties and freedoms are founded--- to enslave or murder another human is to enslave or murder one's spiritual brother or sister. Worse, these evils are attacks upon God Himself. 

During the Renaissance, the ties binding man to the living Triune God slowly but surely began to unravel. A return to Gnostic paganism fused with demonic-strains of Eastern pantheism, Hermetic magic, Neo-Platonism, ancient Mystery Religions, Roisicrucianism, Illuminism (Free Masonry), and other secret sources of satanic magic-gnosis slowly but surely opened the door for the return of the depraved pagan view of man. By the time of the Franco-Germanic Enlightenment, 'Christian God-killers' such as Comte, Marx, and Nietzsche---all of them brazen liars--- declared the death of God while Darwin's Godless materialist pagan theory of evolution threw the door open wide and in walked race and class warfare, the so-called scientific and evolutionary version of Progressive Leftism’s depraved view of certain humans as evil racists. 

Escaping the Christian God by Returning to Nature

The Gnostic pagan children of the Franco-Germanic Enlightenment were determined to escape the Christian God by 'returning to Nature' where they could freely give into their basest passions but be free of guilt and sin. Though they knew this meant denying the reality of their individual souls, minds, consciences, and free will, thereby reducing themselves to beasts, their overriding desire to be free of the living Christian God and sin fueled a fervent,

"…desire  for a total integration of man in nature, with refusal of any transcendence...the important that he is submitted to the same laws (of nature); everything (passions) is response to need…mechanically…like a tree or a machine. Man merely carries out natural forces---without any freedom (free will) whatsoever---in all he does, whether he loves or hates, helps or hurts, gives life or takes it.” (Monsters From the ID, E. Michael Jones, p. 5) 

In short, they sought escape by turning back to and submitting themselves to 'moist mother earth,'---nature worship (paganism). 

The Franco-Germanic Enlightenment

The French Revolution was the first totalitarian revolution, the mother of modern totalitarianism, and the spiritual model for the Italian Fascist, German Nazi, and Russian Communist Revolution.”  It was led by an “intellectual vanguard determined to replace Christianity with a political religion that…anointed the revolutionary vanguard as…priests…” (Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg, p. 38)

The necessary preconditions were now in place for ridding the world of forces of evil, as defined by the Enlightenment's gnostic-pagan vanguard. These 'forces' were defined as whole 'races' and 'classes' of people such as Christian ministers and lay-people, property owners, and anyone else deemed unfit.  Before they were finished, Social Justice seeking Gnostic pagans had smashed and blasphemed churches, cathedrals, and other holy sites, crucified thousands of priests, bishops, and other religious leaders, and liquidated at least 100,000,000-200,000,000 Jews, Christians, property-owners, people of rank and position---and anyone else who incurred their demonic fury. 

The white male is the Jew of liberal fascism.  The ‘key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” (Whiteness Studies Scholar Noel Ignatiev, Liberal Fascism, p. 368)

Here in America, who were and still are the racists, the cause of America’s social problems? Is it true that mainly white orthodox priests, theologians, Christian lay-people and Conservative defenders of America's founding traditions are racists as both Gnostic Progressives and so-called ‘orthodox’ Reformed and Southern Baptist Social Justice embracing theologians and Christian intellectuals contend? No, this is not true. It's a Big Lie from the pits of Hell. While white orthodox Christians and morally principled Conservatives, gun-owners, pro-lifers, and other traditionalists are not without sin, racism is not the sin of God-fearing traditionalists. It's the sin of God-hating Gnostic Progressive pantheist and materialist Darwinian gnostic-pagans. 

Will the Real Fascist Racists Please Stand Up?

Before they began calling themselves Liberals, gnostic-pagan Progressives brazenly identified themselves as Fascists, said historian Jonah Goldberg. (1) This was during Woodrow Wilson's 'fascist' administration during which 175,000 Americans were arbitrarily sterilized and imprisoned by gnostic totalitarian zealots.

Progressives openly schmoozed with Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. And being pagan-eugenicists, they devised a population-control program so admired by Hitler that he sent a delegation here to study it in order that Nazis could devise one as well. The Holocaust was the result.

Now what classes and races did Gnostic Progressives deem subhuman, thereby deserving death? Answer: blacks, Catholic, Italians, Irish, and everyone believed to be genetically and mentally deficient. After exposure of the Holocaust, America's Progressive eugenicists disguised their human-hating program as 'family-planning, sex education (deviant sex is desirable because it results in dysfunction, disease, sterility), and of course---abortion. Otherwise known as Planned Parenthood, all of these evils were refueled and greatly expanded under the Obama administration.

 The 20th century was the bloodiest, most destructive and genocidal century the world has ever known. And who was responsible? Not God-fearing traditionalists and other decent, moral people. The guilty are the Enlightenment's God-hating gnostic-pagan Social Justice warriors who for way too long, have been getting away with transferring their sins onto traditionalists. 

Aided and abetted by certain unstable, conformist Reformed and Southern Baptist theologians, today’s traditionalists and Donald Trump—the man they voted in as President of the United States--are the demonized scapegoats of modernity's gnostic-pagans, who because of the success of the matrix of lies they spin and their dumbing-down and debauching operations and propaganda agendas, control almost all of the levers of power in America.  Expect an all-out nuclear explosion of murderous demonic-fury upon the scapegoats should Gnostic Progressives recapture the Presidency.

2019@Linda Kimball

1.  See ‘Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of Liberal Fascism,’ Chapter 3, Liberal Fascism, Goldberg