The Overthrow of the Western and American Mind by the Spirit of Neo-Pagan Progressivism

The desire to be liberated from the constraints of Christianity was the original reason for modern liberalism’s embrace of a world defined entirely by materialism—the view that there are no immaterial entities like God of the soul, but only physical entities. This embrace of materialism began as far back as the Renaissance. And the same impulse was behind the nineteenth-century enthusiasm for scientific materialism, and it remains a staple of liberalism today." (quote from Benjamin Wiker's soon to be released book, "Worshipping the State: How Liberalism became Our State Religion,"

In his thoroughly researched book Wiker painstakingly traces the development of contemporary secular liberalism (aka neo-pagan Progressivism) to its roots, thereby revealing that the Progressives in ascendancy in America today are,

"....the intellectual heirs of a way of thinking that from the beginning has been characterized by a desire to be free from the burden of Christianity...As a rebellion against Christianity, its negative goal defined its positive form: the desire to remove the church and replace it with the state gave liberalism its structure, beliefs, and goals." (ibid)

Though the seeds of secular neo-pagan liberalism were sown during the Renaissance with its occult pantheist revival, it was the growth of natural science in the 17th century that allowed it to blossom into faith in both sovereign human reason and scientific progress. But with English philosopher David Hume in the latter part of the 18th century, sovereign reason finally destroyed all certain knowledge, even of the natural world, when Hume announced that no man can know absolute truth through human reason because reason is a subjective faculty:

"...which has no necessary relation with the 'facts' we seek to know.  It is limited to tracing the relations of our ideas, which themselves are already twice removed from 'reality.'  And our senses are equally subjective, for they can never know the 'thing in itself,' but only an image of it..." ("Genesis, Creation and Early Man," Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 538)

The faculties of the human intellect have been corrupted since the fall and of necessity must be submitted to the spiritual bread of the Holy Triune God or fall into madness.

Russian philosopher Ivan V. Kireyevsky foresaw that sovereign reason would unleash unceasing criticism of truth, morality, Revelation, prophecy, miracles, religion, and ultimately of reason itself, thus it would inevitably devour itself. (ibid, p. 537)

When corrupted human reason becomes the standard of reality, truth, right and wrong, as it is throughout the West and America, in its madness it ultimately results in a nihilistic theater of the absurd in which there is neither up nor down, male nor female, right nor wrong, true nor false, normal nor abnormal.

The loss of certainty however, did not stop the satanic progressive rebellion against the Christian God but rather spurred it to progressively absorb, transform, secularize, and paganize God's Revelation to man together with Christian doctrine and teaching.  So for example, as a 'scientific law of progress,' Darwin's theory of evolution (the animistic divine creative energy) was not only used to justify the rebellion but to supplant the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo, or  special creation as seculars prefer to say:

"Belief in evolution is...exactly parallel to belief in special creation---both are concepts which believers know to be true but neither...has been capable of proof."  (British evolutionary biologist Prof. L. Harrison Matthews, cited by Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 541)

Another example revolves around the doctrine of God's grace.  Christianity teaches that God's grace is open to all, thus all men may share in the perfection of holiness that is only fully produced in the supernatural Kingdom of God (3rd heaven) outside of the time/space dimension (first and second heavens or cosmos).  But in its' madness secular neo-pagan Progressivism imagines that natural science and evolutionism have shut down the 3rd heaven, brought heaven to earth, supplanted Original Sin with secular 'law' (political correctness) and God's grace with state power (will to power) as the instruments for perfecting man here below.

Wiker points out that prior to the Christian doctrine of grace,

" one would have dared think about perfecting the whole human race—a few, select individuals, a small group or clan or class of society, yes, but not the whole human race. With Christianity, God’s grace... is only fully effected in the Kingdom of God... Liberalism takes the church’s salvific mission and makes it a merely political goal, one to be achieved in this world by human power alone, a heaven brought down by force to earth, where we become the authors of our own salvation.” (ibid,

A third example comes to light in the knowledge that ‘scientific’ neo-pagan Progressivism has undermined the church’s responsibility to declare that something such as sex slavery, sodomy, drag queen interaction with toddlers, or pederasty are sins. This responsibility has been seized by sin-loving ‘morally-pure’ secular civil authorities. It is now the right and power of the theocratic secular state to declare what is sin.   So for instance, while abortion, harvesting baby parts for profit, sodomy, and pathological lying are not sins but rather politically correct secular rights or choices, to dissent against any of these evils is to be found guilty of the politically incorrect sins of hate, intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and homophobia.  Wiker notes that each of us now has the right to do whatever we want,

" long as it doesn’t violate the (secular) law, and we don’t bother anyone else—whatever the church might say to the contrary.” (ibid)

In the final example we see how secular neo-pagan Progressivism has completely transformed and inverted the unchanging higher things of God:

"Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways, and see and ask for the old paths which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls. And they said: we will not walk." Jeremiah 6:16

Whereas our theocratic neo-pagan state exhorts us to seek change, the prophet exhorts us to seek the old unchanging paths; the paths of righteousness and holiness which from of old,

"...Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others, walked in, and follow them; and the way of salvation by Christ, which, though called a new way, Hebrews 10:20, yet is not newly found out, for it was contrived in eternity; nor newly revealed, for it was made known to Adam and Eve immediately after the fall; nor newly made use of, for all the Old Testament saints were saved by the same grace of Christ, and justified by his righteousness, and their sins pardoned through his blood, and expiated by his sacrifice, as New Testament saints; only of late, or in these last days, it has been more clearly made known; otherwise there is but one way of salvation; there never was any other, nor never will be; inquire therefore for this old path, which all true believers have trodden in..." (Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible)

Through its' primary doctrine evolution, neo-pagan Progressivism has introduced a whole new scale of satanically inverted values. These constantly evolving and emerging values grounded on the idea that everything in nature is the fruit of a constantly evolving process of upward growth (change) rather than the original creation of God. Moreover, in a constantly evolving (changing) world, perfection is obviously somewhere in the future.

Evolutionist J.H. Randall, Jr., comments:

"...for us the desirable is identified...with the latter end of the process of (evolutionary) development, and our terms of praise are 'modern,' 'up-to-date,' 'advanced,' 'progressive'... We had rather be modernists and progressives than sound reasoners."  (Genesis, Creations, and Early Man, pp. 542-543)

The extent to which the Western and American mind has been contaminated and overthrown by neo-pagan Progressivism's evolutionary thinking is seen in today's popular catch-phrases, even among Christians who ought to know better, which are 'change,' 'contemporary,' and 'going forward.'   

Indeed, former president Obama had merely to mutter the mantras "change" and "going forward"  to be elevated, not once but twice, to the highest office in the land.

The Spirit of Neo-Pagan Progressivism

"The Dying God shall rise again! The secret room in the House of the Hidden Places shall be rediscovered. The Pyramid again shall stand as the ideal emblem of solidarity, inspiration, aspiration, resurrection, and regeneration." (The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall, page 120)

A recreation of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph was unveiled in a small park directly outside of New York’s City Hall on Monday, Sept. 2016, almost a year after Islamic State militants destroyed the original structure:

"Standing at two-thirds the scale of the original, the arch is made of Egyptian marble and was built using 3D printing technology, based on photographs of the original arch.” The arch historically served as the entrance to the Temple of Baal," which was then converted to a Christian church and finally, a mosque.”  (Replica of Syrian arch destroyed by Isis unveiled in New York City, Raya Jalabi, The Guardian, Sept. 20, 2016)

Ba’al's Arch of Triumph made its first appearance on April 19, 2016 in Trafalgar Square in London.  Its’ debut coincided “disturbingly with Beltane, a major pagan festival for worshipping Ba’al.” (Arch from Temple of Ba’al to Stand in New York, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News, Sept. 16, 2016)

After staying in New York City for one week the Arch was moved to Dubai for a global summit.  The places chosen for the display of the arch are indisputably centers of globalistic power. Moreover, despite the purely cultural, historical and archaeological significance of the arch, the biblical and spiritual implications must not be missed:

"The arch is representative of the ‘gateway’ to … a Roman temple in Syria that was dedicated to the worship of Baal. It is also a fact that Jesus himself, along with the Jewish religious leaders of His day, defined Baal worship as being directly connected to the worship of Satan and his demonic influence (Matt. 12:24-28, Mark 3:22, Luke 11:18).”  (Historic Artifact Replica, or Demonic Harbinger? Pastor Carl Gallups, WND Exclusive, June 3, 2017)

Global leaders are meddling with dark forces:

In the spiritual realm, it is as if Satan is ‘marking’ his territory,” the pastor said. “And the leaders of the world are gladly doing his bidding – even summonsing his presence and ‘blessings.’ We are living in extremely prophetic times. The demonic realm is engaged in an unprecedented outpouring, just as the Bible said would happen. We are living in the most prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ.” (Carl Gallups)

Behind Baal, a bull-headed deity, was Satan.  Also known as the Shining One, Azazel, the dying and rising Sun God, Beelzebul, and the Divine Androgyne, Satan is also Siva, which means nothingness.  Throughout the West and America Ba’al and Siva-- the destroyer and lord of the left-hand path—are revered by many global neo-pagan Progressive elitists.

So complete has the contamination and transformation of Western and American consciousness been that the spirit of neo-pagan Progressivism has successfully inverted the order of creation and reversed the direction of Biblical theism.  With creation ex nihilo virtually replaced by evolution, it is now believed, even by many Christian theologians, that men have not fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual perfection. Self-perfecting man no longer needs the grace of God as the idea of evolution means he can perfect himself, and perhaps even attain god-hood.

Like its’ neo-pagan Marxist and Nazi counterparts, neo-pagan Progressivism is the fruit of the primordial spirit of death, rebellion, apostasy, heresy, hatred, ideology, emasculation of men, transgender, sodomy, pornography, killing babies, sorcery, and barbarism.

All who imbibe off the poison of the spirit of neo-pagan progressivism fall through the Looking Glass into an evil fantasy dimension peopled by unspeakably evil racists, homophobes, haters, and xenophobes (defenders of the America of the Founders), the defenders of an evil empire (Constitutional America) that must be destroyed together with its defenders if there is ever to be peace, inclusion, and Social Justice. With their darkened minds controlled and directed by the spirit of death imbibers become the human tools of death, madness, and destruction overtaking the United States like a cosmic hurricane.

In the end however, both global Progressive elitists and their debauched barbarian destroyers are stepping out into a seductive vortex of change that does not progress upward toward perfection but rather swirls ever downward in a spiraling vortex issuing into outer darkness.....hell.

@Linda Kimball