Satan's War on the Cosmic Order

" Satan himself is warring on the cosmic order. The strategy of his contra-godly principalities and powers is to undermine and subvert God’s cosmological order. That means, of course, destabilizing and eventually destroying the household.” The Revenge of the Cosmos, P. Andrew Sandlin, Sept. 14, 2019,

Not many Christians possess the discernment these days to ‘see’ Satan, let alone his war against the cosmic order. This is due to a catastrophic loss of the Bible’s supernatural worldview under the all pervasive darkness of evolutionary naturalism (animist materialism/occult spiritist pantheism) and its inverted exegesis that posits a one dimensional reality (cosmos--space and deep space) rather than two dimensions—the supernatural or 3rd heaven (Ephesians 1:20, 2 Corinthians 12: 12:12-4) and the cosmos or natural dimension and its 2 heavens ( 1st heaven—Gen. 1:20, Job 12:7—2nd heaven, Genesis 15:5, Psalm 8:3) as the authoritative Word of God affirms. In naturalism’s  inverted exegesis, either the Holy Triune God, souls, angels, and demons are hallucinations or God is a divine energy field and angels and demons are spirit guides, transcended masters, space brothers, and ghosts.

In either case, increasing numbers of the ‘eyes wide shut’ multitudes—within and without the church-- are imbibing the serpent’s poison in the guise of neo-pagan evolutionary ‘science’ and Progressive revolutionary politics—relativism, alternative family’s, social justice, racial justice, gender justice, environmental justice, redistribution of wealth, population control, multiple races of men, multiple genders, and socialism. Thus they’ve become Satans human tools for the destruction of the church, morality, and what yet remains of the America of the founders, Constitutional law, cultural and religious traditions, the two sexes, traditional marriage, authority, and words, which being drained of meaning become vessels of meaningless babel.

More ominously, a growing number of Reformed and Southern Baptist imbibers are becoming the accusers of the orthodox church faithful.

2019 @Linda Kimball