(James 3:15) Evolutionism: the Hell-Born Foolishness of Man

In "Wisdom and Foolishness," Dr. Harry Reeder, senior minister of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala. writes that God's Word reveals two types of wisdom.  The first is worldly wisdom which is "earthly, unspiritual, demonic."  This hell-derived wisdom leaves in its wake chaos, brokenness, factions, death, and destruction.  The second is wisdom from above, granted by God to those who ask for it:

"It is found in His word, and it is accessed by hearing that Word faithfully preached and then embedding it into our lives through obedience."  (Biblical Dichotomies, Tabletalk, p. 19)

On the other hand, worldly wisdom is not of the Triune God but of man:

" (it is) actually 'the foolishness of man' masquerading as wisdom and propagated by man-made religions and a myriad of 'isms'---humanism, progressivism, materialism, consumerism, secularism, etc." 

Of all of the foolishness of man masquerading as wisdom today, there is no more destructive and demonic than evolutionism.  Evolutionism is metaphysical sophistry (evolutionary scientism) pretending to be factual science, and there is nothing factual about it as even Karl Popper (1902-1994), a British philosopher and a professor at the London School of Economics admitted. Because he is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century, what Popper had to say about evolutionism, and Darwinism in particular, is of utmost importance to the increasingly ugly war being waged by evolutionists and their theological counterparts against faithful creationists.

Though Popper was an evolutionist, he nevertheless honestly stated that Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory but rather a metaphysical research program. By this he means that not only is Darwinism metaphysical (spiritual), but so are its' two most important foundations, classical empiricism and the observationalist philosophy of science that grew out of it.

Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that contradicts and refutes itself by asserting that human knowledge comes only or primarily via sensory experience rather than the mind ( spirit or thought life, conscience, will) while observationalism asserts that human knowledge and theories must be based on empirical observations....instead of the mind. For this reason, Popper argued strongly against empiricism and observationalism, saying that scientific theories and human knowledge generally, is conjectural or hypothetical and is generated by the creative imagination.
Where they speak frankly, evolutionists not only admit their fear and hatred of the Triune God of Revelation who spoke all things into existence ex nihilo but confess that their so-called 'scientific theories,' the products of their imaginations, are foolishness:
"...one belief that all true original Darwinians held in common, and that was their rejection of creationism, their rejection of special creation. This was the flag around which they assembled and under which they marched.... The conviction that the diversity of the natural world was the result of natural processes and not the work of God was the idea that brought all the so-called Darwinians together in spite of their disagreements on other of Darwin's theories. (One Long Argument,1991, p. 99, Ernst Mayr, 1904–2005, Professor of Zoology at Harvard University)

"We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is an absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door." ("Billions and Billions of Demons," Richard Lewontin (b. 1929), PhD Zoology, Alexander Agassiz Research Professor at Harvard University)

Recognized as one of the 50 most influential scientists in the world, Dr. James Tour, a professing Christian and prominent chemist does not believe in the 6-day Creation account, the narrative history of the book of Genesis. He embraces long ages (old earth) and accepts the dating methods  because he cannot understand how God could have meant 6 ordinary days if He did not create the sun until Day 4, because there would be no sun to measure off the first 3 days.  Thus  he has rejected the authority of Scripture, which Jesus Himself believed and quoted from. Like so many other evolutionary theologians and progressive creationists Tour has allowed the opinions of fallen men to re-interpret Scripture for him.
Moreover, Tour confirms that most scientists do not understand how evolution could explain the existence of life nor its complexity:
Let me tell you what goes on in the back rooms of science—with National Academy members, with Nobel Prize winners...I have sat with them, and when I get them alone, not in public—because it’s a scary thing, if you say what I just said—I say, ‘Do you understand all of this, where all of this came from, and how this happens?’ ”  (The revolt against Darwinism, John G. Hartnett, 11 December 2014 , creation.com)
The answer he inevitably receives is: “No.”
Every time that I have sat with people who are synthetic chemists, who understand this, they go, ‘Uh-uh. Nope.’ ”
 Tour adds:
 “And if they’re afraid to say ‘yes’, they say nothing. They just stare at me, because they can’t sincerely do it.”
If evolution cannot account for life’s existence, then how did life originate?  Though Tour's unbelief has him siding with hard-core evolutionists he  nevertheless believes that the most reasonable answer is simple

I believe fundamentally that God created us all..."

 Evolutionism is a fraud.  It is metaphysical sophistry, and this is why Mark Armitage, a scientist at California State University—Northridge (CSUN) was fired after he discovered soft tissue on a Triceratops fossil, an obvious refutation of the tens of millions of years story necessary to the evolution myth.  
Armitage worked as a researcher and supervised the school’s electron microscope laboratory. He was also a member of several scientific organizations, including the Microscopy Society of America, the American Society of Parasitologists, and the Southern California Academy of Sciences, but God-hating evolutionists forced him out, declaring  “We will not tolerate your religion in this department!” (‘We Will Not Tolerate Your Religion!’ School Fires Scientist for Questioning Evolution, Garrett Haley, Christian News Network, July 24, 2014)
Again, evolution is a fraud, as Colin Patterson attests.  Patterson writes that after studying evolutionary theory for many years, he finally "woke up and realized that all my life I had been duped into taking evolutionism as revealed truth in some way." Patterson goes on to say:

"One of the reasons I started taking this anti-evolutionary view, or let's call it a non- evolutionary view, was last year I had a sudden realization for over twenty years I had thought I was working on evolution in some way. One morning I woke up and something had happened in the night and it struck me that I had been working on this stuff for twenty years and there was not one thing I knew about it. That's quite a shock to learn that one can be so misled so long. Either there was something wrong with me or there was something wrong with evolutionary theory. Naturally, I know there is nothing wrong with me, so for the last few weeks I've tried putting a simple question to various people and groups of people....Question is: Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing, that is true? I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology Seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time and eventually one person said, 'I do know one thing — it ought not to be taught in high school.'"   ("Evolutionism and Creationism" November 5, 1981, p. 2, Colin Patterson (1933–1998), Senior Paleontologist at British Museum of Natural History)
Millions of people, including great numbers of professing Christians, Protestant theologians and even Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have been deceived by the foolishness of man masquerading as science.  On July 24, 2009 Pope Benedict XVI delivered a homily in northern Italy's Cathedral of Aosta before Vespers. Toward the end of his homily he praised the French Jesuit heretic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as a model for priests, attributing to him the idea of a cosmic liturgy, which he said was something they should aim to achieve:

"So our address to God becomes an address to ourselves: God invites us to join with him, to leave behind the ocean of evil, hatred, violence and selfishness and to make ourselves known, to enter into the river of his love...."Let Your Church offer herself to You as a living and holy sacrifice. This request, addressed to God, is made also to ourselves. It is a reference to two passages from the Letter to the Romans. We ourselves, with our whole being, must be adoration and sacrifice and, by transforming our world, give it back to God." (Benedict XVI Praises Cosmic Liturgy of Teilhard de Chardin; traditioninaction.org)
Evolution: the Universal Energy

 It's at a shallow level that evolutionism is passed off as factual science to those who receive it without question.  It's at a deeper level however, that evolutionism's occult power is found and wielded by magicians like Teilhard de Chardin.  Though Teilhard (1881-1955) passed himself off as an evolutionary scientist he was actually a New Age Hindu-style pantheist and occult Hermetic and alchemical magician who on behalf of his Great Work, sought fusion of opposites, for example, of Jesus Christ with both Shiva (The Destroyer) and Lapis Philosophorum (enlightenment, elixir of life), and himself with Omega point (Quantum Void, Brahman), the energy field worshipped as the substance of God.
Western esotericism, or occultism, is the search for and study of an unseen reality. It is arcane knowledge of the hidden and its' powers. This arcane knowledge is meant only for certain people such as Teilhard de Chardin and fellow practitioners of the magic way.

Occult sciences include, but are not limited to, Hermetic magic, alchemy, astrology, divination, and spiritualism (contact with spirits). Interpretation of occultism and its concepts can be found in nature philosophies, esoteric evolutionary biology and occult pagan systems such as Gnosticism, Cabbala, Theosophy, Wicca, Satanism, Thelema and neo-paganism.

A general definition is offered by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke:

"Occultism has its basis in a religious way of thinking, the roots of which stretch back into antiquity and which may be described as the Western esoteric tradition. Its principal ingredients have been identified as Gnosticism, the Hermetic treatises on alchemy and magic, Neo-Platonism, and the Kabbalah, all originating in the eastern Mediterranean area during the first few centuries AD." (The Occult Roots of Nazism, Good-Rick-Clarke, p. 17)

Under cover of 'modern science,' evolutionary biology is actually arcane gnosis arising from a religious outlook based in a philosophy of naturalism and programmatic alchemy. When asked why the layman should be interested, "...in so esoteric a subject as evolutionary biology," one of the leading evolutionists of our day, Professor S.J. Gould, candidly responded:
"Because it tells us where we came from, how we got here, and perhaps where we are going. Quite simply, it is science's version of Roots, except it is the story of us all." (The Religious Nature of Evolution Theory and its Attack on Christianity, John G. Leslie and Charles K. Pallaghy, Ph.D, creation.com)

Evolutionary biology's genesis account is an inverted exegesis, an ancient alchemical vision holding that billions of years ago lifeless chemicals were magically birthed when a fiery Cosmic Egg (Big Bang) inexplicably exploded. Then inert chemicals or star stuff magically combined and transcended themselves after a hundred or a thousand identical operations thereby allowing the miraculous transmutation of dead stuff into life. Once life miraculously arose from the dead, natural processes (evolutionary dynamics) were set in motion that after passage of vast ages supposedly eventuated in the arrival of man:

"If man has arrived at his present state as a result of natural processes rather than a supernatural will, he can learn to control these processes...The concept of evolution, which is now basic to the life sciences, has provided new and in some ways revolutionary answers to questions men have been asking for centuries. The two most important of these are, 'Why am I here, what is the purpose of human existence, and what is the nature of the world of life that surrounds us?" (Dobzhansky, T., Ayala, F.J., Stebbins, G.L. and Valentine, J.W., Evolution, W.H. Freeman and Co., San Francisco, 1977)

Teilhard's goal was not mere control of hidden evolutionary powers but the ancient quest of alchemy to perfect the material world or cosmos thereby transmuting (deifying) himself by way of his own fusion with the Divine Energy variously known throughout the ancient and modern world as Serpent Power, Zoe, the Force, Vril, and Kundalini, for example.  According to occult lore, the Divine Energy evolves or emanates from the Watery Abyss, Void, Divine Mens, Omega, Brahman or Quantum Void – the energy field,

"...from which all material energies emanate." (The Meaning of the Magicians, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, p. 118)

Pauwels and Bergier's book heralded a new dawning of an age of alchemy. Like Carl Jung and Teilhard they understood the religious impulse of alchemy:

"For the alchemist, it must never be forgotten that power over matter and energy is only a secondary reality. The real aim of the alchemist's activities, which are perhaps the remains of a very old science belonging to a civilization long extinct, is the transformation of the alchemist himself, his accession to a higher state of consciousness...Everything is oriented towards the transmutation of man...his deification, his fusion with the divine energy... (and) as Teilhard put it: 'The real aim of physics should be to integrate Man as a totality in a coherent representation of the world." (ibid)

Alchemy is above all the ancient royal occult science of the secret initiates of Babylon, the gnostic magicians who sought esoteric knowledge in their quest to perform the great work. Mircea Eliade explains:

"The aim of the opus magnum (great work) was at once the freeing of the human soul and the healing of the cosmos....In the eyes of the alchemists, observes Jung, Christianity saved man but not nature. It is the alchemist's dream to heal the world in its totality; the Philosopher's Stone is conceived as the Filius Macrcosmoi who heals the world...The ultimate goal of the opus is Cosmic Salvation; for this reason, the Lapis Philosophorum is identified with Christ." (The Forge and the Crucible: The Origin and Structure of Alchemy, 1956, p. 225)

Teilhard began his great work by conjuring a New Religion:

"As you already know, what dominates my interest and my preoccupations is the effort to establish in myself and to spread around a new religion (you may call it a better Christianity) in which the personal God ceases to be the great Neolithic proprietor of former times, in order to become the soul of the world; our religious and cultural stage calls for this." (Lettres a Leontine Zanta, quoted by von Hildebrand in Trojan Horse in the City of God, 1967, p. 239)

He consciously abandoned the 'old' unscientific, anti-evolutionary form of Christian theism which held that Jesus Christ

"...is the beginning of the creation of God" (Apoc. 3:14), "the firstborn of every creature: For in Him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible...He is before all, and by Him all things consist...that in all things He may hold the primacy." (Col. 1:15-18)

He had nothing but contempt for Scripture's six day creation account, the fall of Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, His bodily resurrection and ascension, and hope of eternal life in Paradise:

"...all those goody-goody romances about the saints and the martyrs! Whatever normal child would want to spend eternity in such boring company?" (Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 584)

We need a 'new definition of holiness,' said Teilhard, one that is predicated upon science and evolutionary change rather than the outdated, restrictive "for other foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus." (1Cor 3:11) Henceforth, all theories, hypotheses, systems, faithful orthodox Christianity and Jesus Christ Himself must bow before the will of god-men and the instruments of their will--- esoteric science and evolution---if they are to be thinkable and true:

"The modern world is a world in evolution; hence the static concepts of the spiritual life must be rethought and the classical teachings of Christ must be reinterpreted." (ibid)

Toward the goal of Cosmic Salvation Teilhard subsumed Jesus Christ (John 1:1) into His own creation and secularized and paganized Christian theism to become the prophet of alchemy who has discovered that through fusion of universal evolutionism and the creative power of the Holy Trinity that the cosmos becomes divinely energized. In this way the magician promises to fulfill the ancient quest: the opus magnum. With this great power, said Teilhard:

"...I can increase the density of the divine atmosphere...that atmosphere in which it is always my one desire to be immersed...." (ibid)

Now that the cosmos is God, and the cosmos is evolving, then God too is in process of evolving, therefore,

"...the World...endomorphizes God, and that God....transforms himself as He incorporates us...All around us and within our own selves, God is in the process of changing...." (The Heart of the Matter, de Chardin, pp. 52-53)

In place of 'the earlier conception that God could create instantaneously,' the magician now teaches that God is both the Evolver and the object of evolution and,

"...cannot create except evolutively." (Christianity and Evolution, de Chardin, p. 179)

As with evolutionary theism and progressive creation, Teilhard's 'God' is not the omnipotent, omniscient, living, personal Triune God Who called everything into existence in six days, but an "it:"

"...God's power has not so free a field for its action as we assume; on the contrary...it labors to produce...it is always obliged, in the course of its creative effort, to pass through a whole series of intermediaries and to overcome a whole succession of inevitable risks..." (ibid, p.31)

The evolving "it" has deified human consciousness through three great leaps of evolution:

1. Cosmo genesis (Big Bang): the explosive birth of energy and matter

2. Biogenesis: alchemical transmutation of life from chemicals eventually followed by living forms

3. Noogenesis: the evolution of human consciousness which heralds the emergence of "cosmogenesis-God," the impersonal "it" that replaces,

"...the Father-God of two thousand years ago..." (ibid, p. 202)

Teilhard encouraged Christians to submit to the process of evolution because the promise of this living force is godhood through fusion with the substance of God:

"Though frightened for a moment by evolution, the Christian now perceives that what it offers him is a magnificent means of feeling more at one with God. In (the old, traditional form of Christianity), the universal domination of Christ could...still be regarded as an extrinsic and superimposed power. In a spiritually converging world, this 'Christic' energy acquires an urgency and intensity of another order altogether." (Seraphim Rose, p. 590, emphasis added)

In conclusion, evolutionism is an abomination of desolation.  It is metaphysical sophistry; sleight of hand; magic; serpent power, kundalini, zoe; Vril, Teilhard's Golden Calf.   It is the hell-born foolishness of man masquerading as science.

 @Linda Kimball

Why Children Murder their Playmates and Parents

An Ohio mom, who was stabbed by her 13-year-old daughter in the kitchen of their home, has told how her child assaulted her after the girl became obsessed with the fictional character.

I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me and she was wearing a mask, a white mask,' the mom told local news station WLWT." "The mother suffered multiple minor injuries, including a puncture wound on her back. 'She was someone else during the attack,' she said." (Mother attacked by daughter says Slender Man could be to blame, FoxNews.com, June 09, 2014)

 The allegations came to light after two Wisconsin adolescents were charged with the attempted murder of a 12-year-old as a sacrifice to the online demon. Prosecutors allege that Anissa Weier and her friend Morgan Geyster, both 12, stabbed a friend 19 times and left her to die:

"Police say the girls told detectives they wanted to murder the girl after reading tales about Slender Man on the horror website CreepyPasta."

Ideas have Consequences

In our Godless yet "scientifically enlightened" society we are surrounded by two major ideas from early childhood through the end of our lives.  First, we are not persons (spirit/soul) of worth, meaning and value because created in the spiritual image of our Father, the One God in three Persons but rather nothing more than products of evolution.   Second, as we are 'nothing' then our own life and that of everyone else has no worth, meaning, and value.

Darwinism in particular and evolutionary thinking in general has destroyed the foundations of supernatural Christianity and man's personhood (soul/spirit):

"Darwinism came at the desired time; Darwin's theory that man is the descendant of a lower animal destroyed the entire foundation of Christian dogma." (Anton Pannekoek, "Marxism and Darwinism," translated by Nathan Weiser. Transcribed for the Internet by Jon Muller, Chicago, Charles H. Kerr & Company Co-operative Copyright, 1912 by Charles H. Kerr & Company)

For many long years, thoughtful, concerned people have been pointing to the connections between evolutionary thinking and the spreading epidemic of narcissism, moral insanity, hatred, violence, despair, apathy, paranoia, psychosis and other spiritual pathologies together with the breakup of the family, the abortion of 60,000,000+ unborn, the subversion and perversion of children, and the relentlessly rising tide of psychiatric drug and porn use, crime, decadence, homicide and suicide in the 'evolutionized' West.

If Darwin in particular and evolutionary thinking in general is right, then man is 'nothing' and since there is no ultimate fixed meaning or higher purpose to life except what we choose:

" You are born, you suffer, you die — that's it. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you may get recycled as organic manure — but beyond that, you're just a number that happened to come up in the great casino of the universe." (Darwin, Spurgeon and the 'black dog,' Carl Wieland, Creation.com)

Wieland points out that even where Darwin is denied but other evolutionary cosmologies positing billions of years are proclaimed, as both evolutionary theism and progressive creation affirm,

".... hopelessness finds foothold. Any 'god' who condoned millions of years of death, cruelty, disease and bloodshed, certainly cannot be the personal, biblical God of love. And if the Bible got it so obviously wrong about the timing of creation as to mislead hundreds of millions of Christians until the present day, how can we really trust it about our eternal future? John 3:12 (ibid)

Evolutionary thinking as 'evolutionary fact'  has finally reached saturation point in government, law, media, education, healthcare, psychiatry, the public arena and increasingly within the whole body of the Church, which is why pathological lying, nihilism, atheism, agnosticism, occult paganism, suicide, lawlessness, mass murder, decadence, abortion, and euthanasia have increased exponentially throughout America and the world.

All of this makes a devilish kind of sense if the personal Triune God Whose Living Words called all things into existence in six days of creation does not exist and life has no higher, fixed meaning or purpose since the evolving universe of matter and energy either created itself from nothing or was enabled toward this end by a god-word as evolutionary theology posits. 

If man is nothing but an excited node of evolution in process of becoming with neither hope of physical resurrection nor any accountability to his Maker for his actions here in this world then why not euthanize the elderly? Why should parents not allow their children to daily absorb the violent messages within most video games, rap music, and hard rock? And why ought children brought up on such violence not brutally attack each other and their parents?  Why should sexually-perverted adults not sexually pervert children, toss unwanted babies into trash bins, and use the force of perverted, meaningless law to vandalize and plunder the property and wealth of others? Why not redefine sodomy, pedophilia, pederasty, bestiality and lesbianism as 'gay' and then marry 'gay' couples in Washington's National Cathedral? (Washington National Cathedral to Wed Same-Sex Couples, Ben Brumfield, CNN, Jan. 9, 2013)

If you are Obama and his Luciferian-Alinsky-minded henchmen, why not trash the Constitution, throw open the borders, divide Americans against each other, disarm Americans and enable jihadi terrorists to work their evil here?

If man is 'nothing' then why not contend — as the powerful pharmaceutical industry and its partisans within the American Psychiatric Association maintain — that dangerous psychotropic drugs are necessary for the control of America's 'epidemic' of mental illnesses caused by bad genes and chemical imbalances?  Since man is 'nothing' and  truth and moral law no longer exists why not call genetic and chemical disorders 'mental illnesses' in order to justify psychotropic substances despite that known adverse reactions associated with them include insomnia, anxiety, agitation, confusion, amnesia, depression, paranoid reaction, psychosis, hostility, delirium, hallucinations, abnormal thinking, depersonalization, lack of emotion, and mania — a dangerous and violence-prone mental derangement characterized by extreme excitement, delusion, and voices speaking into one's mind.

On the link between certain widely prescribed psychotropic drugs, suicide and homicidal violence, Dr. David Healy, a British psychiatrist and author of "Pharmageddon," said in November of 2012:

"Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicines best kept secret..." (Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine's Best Kept Secret? Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) November 12, 2012)

Healy says this is a global issue, with medical, legal, ethical, and profound public policy dimensions:

"Never before in the fields of medicine and law have there been so many events with so much concealed data and so little focused expertise." (ibid)

One of the leading voices against the 'mental illness' known as ADHD is Dr. Fred Baughman, a pediatric neurologist. Baughman comments,

"(ADHD) is a contrived epidemic, where all 5 million to 6 million children on these drugs are normal. The country's been led to believe that all painful emotions are a mental illness and the leadership of the APA knows very well that they are representing (ADHD) as a disease when there is no scientific data to confirm any mental illness." ("Drugging Them Up," Ch. 2, IndoctriNation, p. 47)

Dr. Peter Breggin, psychiatrist and author of 'Talking Back to Prozac" concurs. Not only does ADHD not exist but,

"...there is great deal of evidence that stimulants cause brain damage with long term use." (ibid, p. 47)

Dr. Bruce Shortt agrees and observes that the prescribing of behavior modifying substances is probably the largest,

"...uncontrolled drug experiment in the history of the world....drugs are being given to children...especially little boys." (ibid, p. 41)

Shortt adds that Ritalin, Adderall, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and other psychotropic drugs are,

"...being used to drug schoolchildren at rates that are difficult to comprehend...The Drug Enforcement Administration has estimated that 8 million children and adults were on Ritalin in 2000. Prescriptions for Ritalin increased by 700 percent from 1990 to 2001." (ibid, p. 42)

But if humans are 'nothing' then why not use them for drug experiments, especially as it is so profitable? And if you happen to be among the West's financial criminal elite then why not plunder the wealth and resources of unsuspecting Western and American tax-slave 'products of evolution' while offering them socialism, drugs, poverty, misery and Darwinism in return?

In an impeccably researched essay, "Ascendancy of a Financial Criminal Elite," Prof. James Petras details the rise of a criminal consortium which he describes as the super wealthy of America and Europe:

.....the super-wealthy and their families have as much as $32 trillion (USD) of hidden assets in offshore tax havens, representing up to $280 billion in lost income tax revenue! This study excluded such non-financial assets as real estate, precious metals, jewels, yachts, race horses, luxury vehicles and so on. Of the $32 trillion in hidden assets, $23 trillion is held by the super-rich of North America and Europe." (Globalresearch.ca/the-ascendancy-of-a-criminal-financial-elite)

The super wealthy are mainly global corporatists and bankers:

"England's leading banks, including Barclay's and a host of others, have been identified as having rigged the LIBOR, or inter-bank lending rate, for years in order to maximize profits. The Bank of New York, JP Morgan, HSBC, Wachovia and Citibank are among scores of banks, which have been charged with laundering drug money and other illicit funds according to investigations from the US Senate Banking Committees. Multi-national corporations receive federal bailout funds and tax exemptions and then, in violation of publicized agreements with the government, relocate plants and jobs in Asia and Mexico." (ibid)

If the living Triune God does not exist and man does not have to account to Him for his actions here in this world then why not, as Donald Kaul suggests, repeal the Second Amendment and declare the NRA,

".... a terrorist organization and make membership illegal.... (I would also raze the organization's headquarters, clear the rubble and salt the earth, but that's optional.) Make ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony. If some people refused to give up their guns, that "prying the guns from their cold, dead hands" thing works for me."(Des Moines Register publishes gun-ban column advocating deadly violence against NRA, GOP leaders, Tim Graham, foxnews.com, Jan. 2, 2013)

Tim Graham points out that the so-called "news" media,

"...love to blame conservatives for the declining civility of our democratic discourse, but the hateful venom spewed by supposedly enlightened liberals like Kaul is as vicious as it gets. Publishing death threats is bad enough, but doing so in the name of promoting a more peaceful, compassionate society is beyond sick. But this clown will probably never realize the absurdity of his argument." (ibid)

But why not blame Conservatives and use deadly force against the NRA? Since man is 'nothing' and has no one to fear in this world or the other for what he does in this world then why not,

"...tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control." (ibid)

Dubbing himself the 'antichrist,' it was the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who saw that the death of the Christian God had already begun to cast its first dark shadows over Europe, and though,

"the event itself is far too great, too remote, too much beyond most people's power of apprehension, for one to suppose that so much as the report of it could have reached them," still its advent was certain, and it was men like Nietzsche, the 'new' Christ who were "the firstlings and premature children of the coming century," the century of the "triumph of Nihilism." (Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Eugene Rose, p. 44)

Nietzsche was the first apostate Christian to gaze fully upon man's loss of faith and its terrifying consequences. With no living God 'up there' to obstruct his vision, the nihilism (nothingness) he saw was agonizing. As there was no longer any Light from God above, there was only darkness in the hermetically sealed world below. The paralyzing darkness that overtook the mind of the antichrist was spiritual. It was not so much,

"....an exterior phenomenon crowding inward but rather an inner blinding that spread outward." (Ravi Zacharias, p. 27)

This was precisely Nietzsche's point. With the death of the Christian God of Revelation the darkness of objective meaninglessness would penetrate every avenue of thought and life, making life itself unbearable with the consequence of hedonism, abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, suicide, drugs, crime and murder becoming virtues.

Speaking through the writings of the Nietzsche, his spirit guide--the evil spirit Zarathustra---said that because God had died in the 19th century there would follow two terrible consequences beginning in the 20th century. (Romans 1:18)

First, the 20th century would become one of the most evil century's in history, and second, a universal madness (Romans 1:21, 22) would break out and turn the once glorious W. Europe and America upside-down.

With respect to the 20th century, in the wake of the insurrection against the living, personal God of Revelation that began during the Renaissance eventuating in the proclamation of the death of God and cataclysmic eruptions of fire, brimstone and rivers of blood during the 20th century, ex-atheist Alexander Solzhenitsyn said the world had never before known,

"...godlessness as organized, militarized, and tenaciously malevolent as that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot." (goodreads.com)

In his analysis of Marxist Communism and its' alter ego, scientific materialism, Frank Meyers, an early conservative intellectual concluded that Communism is the state form,

"....taken by a materialist faith determined to rule the world." Godless Communism is the "final synthesis of all heretical tendencies that have pervaded Western civilization for many centuries." It is materialist scientism of which, "Communism is the culminating hubris of the Promethean man who reaches out for the world and means to remake creation. It is scientism gone political." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America, George H. Nash, pp. 251-252)

In respect of the universal madness foretold by Zarathustra, though apostates and the apostatizing professed themselves wise, their cognitive thought processes would become darkened (vain) and with their conscience dead to sin they would become fools, meaning they would accept and publicly profess incredibly stupid conceptions of themselves (i.e., man is an evolved worm, ape or robot; man is evolving into god).

"And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them." Isaiah 3:4

In turning away from the Spirit of God and the truth He has given, children will murder their classmates and parents.  'Wise' males will become effeminate cowards and females mannish. They will be adolescent emotional-tyrants in adult-size bodies: sinister, greedy, spiteful, vindictive, treacherous, back-stabbing sophists. They will celebrate Lucifer (the devil) and in their madness actively seek the way of Luciferian initiation because they will be spiritually blind in regard to total reality. Like demons they will flee from the cross of Jesus but exalt the devil as the first free thinker, the genetic creator of man, the seething energy and angel of evolution. Truth will be lies, evil will be good, unfaithfulness will be faith and the 'wise' will preach and blaspheme from pulpits, exercise political power, enact legislation, and wield broken law to plunder, punish, and ruin.

Zarathustra has been right on both counts. First, apostatizing W. Europe and America, though dotted here and there by small islands of Light, decency and sanity, are today abominations of desolation---darkened, satanically inverted places ruled by the 'wise,' hence boiling over with madness, particularly Hollywood, academia, mainstream media and the highest, most powerful political offices in the land. Second, Nietzsche was made to show the 'wise' what is in store for them by spending the last eleven years of his life insane.

@Linda Kimball

The Triumph of Baphomet

In "Here’s the First Look at the New Satanic Monument Being Built for Oklahoma’s Statehouse," Jonathan Smith reports that the Satanic Temple plans to erect a monument glorifying the Dark Lord on the front lawn of the Oklahoma Statehouse:

"An Indiegogo campaign was launched with what seemed like a somewhat lofty goal of $20,000, but by the time donations ended almost $30,000 had been raised. Now an artist trained in classical sculpture is toiling away in New York, crafting a Baphomet figure sitting beneath an inverted pentagram and flanked by two children gazing upward in loyalty. When it is finished, it will be cast in bronze and, the Satanists hope, eventually displayed in Oklahoma."  The statue is a "direct response to the state's installation of a Ten Commandments monument outside the Capitol in 2012."


"Unless we are mistaken...the twentieth century...is to witness a gigantic conflict of spirits...More serious and fiercer than ever before, the conflict is between the old and the new worldview." Herman Bavinck, Christian theologian, 1901

An ancient evil creed from the pits of Hell is being reborn, and the statue of Baphomet is one of its visual embodiments.

So who is Baphomet?

Baphomet is the phallic god Pan, the ancient hermaphrodite god of nature, the divine substance (prima material) from which the universe and all life evolved:

"The fundamental doctrine of magic is phallicism. New life is created by the act of generation: therefore the life force is generated by the sexual forces, the union of male and female elements. As represented by the two opposing equilateral triangles..." "The phallic God is therefore hermaphroditic or bi-sexual. The sexual organs are considered sacred, while the rites and rituals are designed to liberate the passions and the natural instincts from the control of reason. The novice must denounce as fraud the existence of a moral order, together with that of its creator. This is the exact reverse of what the Bible stands for."  "The creation of the universe is the work of the hermaphrodite god. The universe was not created but procreated or engendered by him in successive stages. The god himself is supposed to have been the original and unique emanation of the divine substance of which all things are made. In this role the god is known as Pan, the first principle of nature.  Thus man is placed on a par with his creator: both are divine and immortal; man therefore creates when he procreates." (Sects, Symbolism & the Mark of the Beast, Ray Novosel)

"In astrology, Pan is one aspect  and is also equated with Satan and with life...in its base aspects." (Cirlot, J.E. "A Dictionary of Symbols," 1971)

Baphomet is a goat-headed deity, a satanic deity of evolutionary energy common to the Western occult science and attendant magic traditions and pagan religions (i.e., Wicca, Illuminati, Masonry, New Age) that emerged out of the Renaissance when certain disgruntled Christian theologians, mystics and intellectuals had discovered Hermetic magic and occult Jewish Kabbalah texts which they studied and translated resulting in Hermetic Kabbalah.

Both Hermetic magic and Jewish Kabbalah are ancient Mystery Religion traditions implying evolutionary transformism moving from one kind of lower thing to another kind of higher thing.   While Hermeticism originated in ancient Egypt, the mother of both Cabala and the original Baphomet is Babylon. (Ezekiel 16: 28-29)

Master Mason Eugene W. Plawiuk affirms the Chaldean pedigree of Baphomet and its close connection to Astrology's elemental spirits  in "Liber Capricornus: the Symbolism of the Goat."   Plawiuk explains that the goat is known to all of us,

"...through the ancient science of Astrology first developed by the Chaldeans, or as they are commonly known; Babylonians.  The Goat symbolizes male fertility (and is represented by) the astrological sign of Capricorn....In fact the...Babylonians who gave us this symbol of Capricorn and the science of Astrology were the first Temple Builders, and the goat for them symbolized the essence of the Temple or Lodge....According to a research monograph on the Dionysian Artificers and Early Masonry edited by Manly P. Hall, the symbolism of the goat relates to the prechristian God Pan, Dionysius.  The Goat-God was accepted by the later Greek Mystery Schools as the symbol of the Temple Builders. "(Presented to Norwood Lodge No. 90 A.F.&A.M. G.R.A., Sept. 3, 1991, MasonicWorld.com)

 Baphomet resembles horned goat-gods all over the globe from Egypt to Northern Europe and India.  For example, the ancient Celtic horned- deity Cernunnos bears a striking similarity to Baphomet as does Herne in ancient Britain. In Jungian theory, Baphomet is a continuation of the horned-god archetype, the dark side universally present in individual psyches.  As Pan, Baphomet is the talisman of the occult science of energy:

"Pan (Gr.).  The nature-god, whence Pantheism....Homer makes him the son of Hermes and Dryope. His name means ALL. He was the inventor of the Pandean Pipes; and no nymph who heard their sound could resist the fascination of the great Pan, his grotesque figure notwithstanding. Pan is related to the Mendesian goat.....as a talisman of great occult potency, nature's creative force. The whole of the Hermetic philosophy is based on nature's hidden secrets, and as Baphomet was undeniably a Kabbalistic talisman, so was the name of Pan of great magic efficiency in what Eliphas Levi would call the 'Conjuration of the Elementals'. There is a well-known pious legend which has been current in the Christian world ever since the day of Tiberias, to the effect that the 'great god Pan is dead'. But people are greatly mistaken in this; neither nature nor any of her Forces can ever die. A few of these may be left unused, and being forgotten lie dormant for long centuries. But no sooner are the proper conditions furnished than they awake to act again with tenfold power." (H.P. Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary)

Baphomet inside an inverted pentagram is the sigil (a pictorial signature of a demon) of the Church of Satan while Goya's 1821 painting, "Great He-Goat" or "Witches Sabbath" depicts a coven of witches gathered around Satan portrayed as a half-man, half-goat figure:

"The primary deity of witches and wiccans is the goddess, accompanied by a 'horned' god as consort...."  (The Global Mainstreaming of Witchcraft, Linda Harvey, p. 44, from On Global Wizardry, Peter Jones)

In True Detective, a TV series about the investigation of satanic ritual murders commissioned by demonized occultists in high places--the human tools of dark forces influencing our society--sacrifices are made to the “Yellow King” an effigy of a horned god.

The French occultist Eliphas Levi's depiction of the horned deity in his book Dogmes et Rituels de la Haute Magie (Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic) is the official visual representation of Baphomet.  Levi depicted Baphomet as an androgynous, winged humanoid goat with breasts and a torch between its horns.  The figure bears numerous similarities to the horned-deities enumerated above and also includes several other occult symbols relating to the Mystery concepts embodied by the horned-deity.

In the preface of his book Levi said the goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead,

"....with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of Hermeticism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. His one arm is female, the other male like the ones of the androgyn of Khunrath, the attributes of which we had to unite with those of our goat because he is one and the same symbol. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The ugly beast’s head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes. The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi-circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile. Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyn arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences.”

The beasts head expresses the ages old Gnostic hatred of physical matter, meaning that birth, life, and body are evils, for in birth the soul finds itself constricted within the awful limitations of a body.   In its modern incarnation the beast's head is the sigil of the satanic inversion signifying hatred not only of birth, life and body but of physical Resurrection.  Birth, Resurrection and eternal embodied life in a physical paradise are death while death is birth since it liberates the suffering soul from its prison.  In this way of thinking, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, the 9/11 killers, Kermit Gosnell and other mass murderers did their victims a favor by killing them.

In this light, Baphomet visually represents the demonic forces of evil that for over fifty years have been encircling and sweeping over and through our dechristianized culture closing the souls of Americans to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician of our souls, while opening them to powers of darkness.  Baphomet therefore signals the nearly completed inversion of the order of creation and reversal of the direction of Biblical theism so that Special Creation, birth and Resurrection are evil while evolutionary naturalism (nihilism), death and iniquity are good but evil better.

With Special Creation virtually replaced by the occult science of energy (evolution),  the masses of deluded now believe that men have not fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their primordial matter and ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual perfection.  Self-perfecting man no longer needs a Savior as the idea of "conscious evolution" means there is an irresistible Force within each person, a universal Force that when activated grants unimaginable psychic powers, even immortality.  Thus deluded man believes he can save himself,  and perhaps even attain god-hood.

Baphomet thus denotes the mystical pantheist 'oneness' of man with nature, his evolutionary ascent and culmination in the Babylonian Magic Way of reaching divine status and psychic powers through meditation and/or channeling techniques.   From the time of the Babylonians, the quest of divine status and psychic powers has been guided by disembodied spirits who were assumed to be former humans who had perfected themselves and escaped the wheel of karma and now enable initiates to evolve spiritually into higher and higher states of consciousness.  At the highest level the mind of the initiate becomes 'one with' the impersonal god-force, or prima materia, the God-less first cause of all that exists:

"Most deep ecologists are pantheists, and many explicitly embrace Hinduism, Buddhism or Confucianism...Some actively seek to revive Druidism, witchcraft, Native American religions and---among feminists---goddess worship."  Drawing from Eastern religions and evolutionary science, "they place man's identity with the rest of nature in his ascent through the evolutionary chain of being."  Thus one environmentalist conducts workshops in which participants are urged "to remember their alleged evolutionary history by rolling on the ground and imagining what their lives were like as dead leaves, slugs, and lichens." (Deep Ecology, Neopaganism & Global Warming, E. Calvin Beisner, pp. 172-173, from On Global Wizardry, Peter Jones)

 Upon inspection, the visual image of Baphomet reveals that each occult symbol is balanced with its opposite to show that the next great evolutionary leap to come requires the fusion of polar opposites.  This means good with evil, light with dark, man's dark side with his good side, male with female, man with nature, the Christian Church with the devil's world system, God the Father (Spirit)  with prima materia, the Holy Spirit with Kundalini, and according to Teilhard de Chardin, the transformation and integration of the Hindu god Shiva (The Destroyer) by Christ:

It is not enough to refuse or ridicule Shiva: for he exists.  What is necessary, is to Christify him.  Christ  would not be complete if he did not integrate Shiva (as a component), whilst transforming him.” (Towards a New Mysticism: Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions, Ursula King)

Baphomet is therefore an androgynous 'gay' figure bearing the physical characteristics of both sexes because natural man (animalized or beast- man) fully embraces and has become the brute beast that is his evil side (sin nature). The concept of the two-in-one is of great importance in occult philosophy as it represents the highest level of initiation in the quest of becoming “one with divine prima materia."

The so-called 'highest' level is actually the reverse, for this level is where the initiate has achieved the ultimate meaning of two-in-one: demonic possession.   It usually takes many years to arrive at this level of evil where beast-man believes reality is within his own skull, that he is a god (or goddess) with the power to create his own universe of power and a narrative to accompany it:

"Evolution is no longer viewed as a mindless affair, quite the opposite. It is mind enlarging its domain up the chain of species."  Evolution is the “universe...a mind that oversees, orchestrates, and gives order and structure to all things."   We are now the highly evolved ones, therefore no longer, "obliged to make our behavior conform with a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It is our creation now. We make the rules. We establish the parameters of reality. We create the world, and because we do, we no longer feel beholden to outside forces. We no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. We are responsible to nothing outside ourselves. for we are the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever.” (Algeny, Jeremy Rifkin, 1983, p. 188)

It is also at this level where natural man believes he has a right to determine who lives or dies.  In the Soviet Union, for example, the God-and-human hating beast-man, Vladimir Lenin, exulted that,

"Darwin put an end to the belief that the animal and vegetable species bear no relation to one another (and) that they were created by God, and hence immutable." (Fatal Fruit, Tom DeRosa, p. 9)

Lenin exercised godlike power over life and death. He saw himself as, "the master of the knowledge of the evolution of social species." It was Lenin who "decided who should disappear by virtue of having been condemned to the dustbin of history." From the moment Lenin made the "scientific" decision that the bourgeoisie represented a stage of humanity that evolution had surpassed,

"...its liquidation as a class and the liquidation of the individuals who actually or supposedly belonged to it could be justified." (The Black Book of Communism, p. 752)

Speaking of Stalin, Milovan Djilas, a prominent Communist leader of Yugoslavia, said,

"Was it not so that the demonic power and energy of Stalin consisted in this, that he made the (Communist) movement and every person in it to pass to a state of confusion and stupefaction, thus creating and ensuring his reign of fear..."  (Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 54)

Stalin's daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, described the monstrously evil Beria, Stalin's right-hand man as a frightening,

"...wicked demon...A terrible demon had taken possession of my father's soul." (ibid, p. 54)

Alain Brossat draws the following conclusions about the Soviet Union and the blatantly occult Nazi Germany, and the ties that bind them:

"The 'liquidation' of the Muscovite executioners, a close relative of the 'treatment' carried out by Nazi assassins, is a linguistic microcosm of an irreparable mental and cultural catastrophe that was in full view on the Soviet Stage. The value of human life collapsed, and thinking in categories replaced ethical thought…In the discourse and practice of the Nazi exterminators, the animalization of Other…was closely linked to the ideology of race. It was conceived in the implacably hierarchical racial terms of "subhumans" and "supermen"…but in Moscow in 1937, what mattered…was the total animalization of the Other, so that a policy under which absolutely anything was possible could come into practice." (Black Book of Communism, p. 751)

In the demonically twisted logic of the beastly god-man, since he is God, then 2 + 2 can be five or nine, up can be down, freedom can mean slavery, life can mean death, and he can kill, destroy, steal, rape and sodomize all he wants because he make the rules.  Hence the satanic maxim of this century's leading satanic philosopher and occultist, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947):

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love under will." (Liber Al vel Legis or The Book of the Law)

Returning to Baphomet, his phallus is actually Hermes’ Caduceus – a rod intertwined with two serpents. This ancient symbol has represented Hermeticism since the ancient Egyptian pantheon with its' worship of the horned serpent right up through our own time:

 "The UN Meditation Room mural is divided into 72 separate sections—the tetragrammaton or Divine Name of 72 words. It depicts triangles and pyramids representing "the deity" in accordance with the ancient Babylonian symbols. Also a part of this mural is a spiral figure intertwined with a diagonal line which may represent Hermes Wand, the Cadeuces, traditional symbol of the sex forces or Kundalini.  The mural's center sphere and outer circle roughly form an eye. The "all seeing eye" of the deity theme is to be repeated in the Temple building by a glass eye faceted like a diamond to reflect the rays of the sun through the six wings."   On April 24, 1957, when the Meditation Room was reopened, the late Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary General, described this pagan stone as an altar to universal religion: "The altar is the symbol of the God of all," he said."  (The Temple of Understanding, Edith Kermit Roosevelt, The New Hampshire Sunday Times News, October 21, 1962 © Edith Kermit Roosevelt Syndicate)

Esoterically, the Caduceus represents the activation of chakras, from the base of the spine to the pineal gland, using serpent power otherwise known as the seething force of Lucifer, the Universal Mind, the Force, Astral Light, or Lucifer the angel of evolution, according to occult New Age theologian David Spangler.

 From the time of the ancients serpent power has been important to religious and mythological symbolism all around the world. Within the Egyptian mysteries, serpent power was associated with elemental spirits,

"...the elemental forces that were in play before the creation of the world." (Carl Teichrib, Gods of Ancient Egypt, p. 182)

 In his book, "The Sign of the Serpent," Mark Balfour relates how pervasive serpent symbols are within India and the Hindu religion:

"Any observant traveler who moves from the snow-tipped Himalayas in the North to the sun-soaked sands of Cape Comorin at India's southern tip, will encounter – particularly in the rural areas and at sacred centres of pilgrimage wherever Siva, God of both Divine Wisdom and regeneration, is the presiding Deity – the serpent motif sculptured within shrines, impressed on myriads of stone implants in the ground and depicted in art." (A Short Guide to Occult Symbols: Serpent Power, Carl Teichrib, 2005, Kjos Ministries)

Balfour elaborates on this belief:

"In Hinduism, the Cosmic Serpent – Ananta Sesha – symbolic of timeless eternity, carries the world on his 1000-fold [Cobra] hood...As the creative impulse stirs within the great Serpent in the Sky – when passive idea becomes active thought – the forces of attraction and repulsion come into play as 'spirit' begins its involution into "matter." (ibid, Teichrib)

Moreover, Kundalini yoga, a discipline within Hinduism, teaches that latent serpent power lies at the base of the etheric human spine,

"...like a coiled serpent, ready to spring." (Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism, p. 156, ibid, Teichrib)

Through strenuous yoga techniques, serpent power uncoils and rises through seven "chakras" or power centers within the body of the initiate. Serpent power, or evolution as it is popularly known today, is considered,

"(to be a) concentrated field of intelligent cosmic, invisible energy absolutely vital to life beginning in the base of the spine as a man or a woman begins to evolve in their first incarnation." (The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, p. 343, ibid, Teichrib) 

Serpent power can be imbibed mentally as well as imparted by laying on of hands, or Shakti-pat. The demon-possessed Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajineesh was called the "divine drunkard" by his disciples, and according to Tal Brook, author of "Riders of the Cosmic Circuit," by his millions of worshippers in India, America, and Europe and throughout the world. Rajineesh encouraged his devotees to come and drink from him, meaning, receive his touch:

"His spiritual 'wine' was often passed on with a single touch to the head (Shakti-pat), at which his followers would collapse in ecstatic laughter. Another famous guru, Swami Muktananda, would hold meetings at which thousands of his followers from around the world came to receive his touch. They experienced uncontrollable laughing, roaring, barking, hissing, crying, shaking, as well as falling unconscious." (Rose, p. 217)

These demon-possessed gurus were imparting to their adoring worshippers experiences they had undergone during initiation rituals and which they attributed to spirit-possession.

Veteran researcher Brooks Alexander observes of Rajineesh, Muktananda and other gurus:

"All of these gurus espouse a similar philosophy, and they all turn it into practice in a similar way. It is a pattern that we find not only in tantra (Indo-Tibetan occultism), but in European Satanism, antinomian Gnosticism, and ancient pagan sorcery as well." (Book Review: Riders of the Cosmic Circuit," in SCP Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1987, p. 39) 

According to Alexander, occult Eastern teachings and techniques have been assimilated into our church and our culture. With remarkable speed and ease, both Eastern and Western occult ideas (i.e., evolutionary science) and spiritist techniques (i.e. channeling)for contacting spirits such as trance music, brain-altering drugs, meditation and yoga are being propagated to undiscerning Westerners and Americans, within and without the church, on a mass scale:

"...they are filtered through the pervasive secularism of our culture. In this way they are demystified without changing their essential content. The basic components of an Eastern/occult world view are recast in forms of expression that are naturalistic, scientific, and humanistic...Occult philosophy is being secularized and psychologized with increasing refinement....Their underlying themes run through contemporary science, economics, politics, art, psychology, and religion." (The Coming Darkness, p. 55)

The Book of Revelation pinpoints Babylon as the post-flood center of an evil creed---an occult pagan Mystery religion based on advaitic monism, occult science of energy issuing in evolutionary transformism of one kind of thing into another higher kind of thing, psychic powers, astrology, exalted priesthood, gnosis, secret initiations, familiar spirits, the goddess and horned deity, androgyny, sexual perversions, and other evils.

In this light, early Church Father Basil the Greats' warning to the faithful that they avoid babblers of nonsense who teach magical transformism makes sense:

"[A]void the nonsense of those arrogant philosophers who do not blush to liken their soul to that of a dog, who say that they have themselves formerly been women, shrubs, or fish. Have they ever been fish? I do not know, but I do not fear to affirm that in their writings they show less sense than fish." (The Six Days’ Work 8:2, Church Father Basil the Great, A.D. 393).

It is the devilish Spirit of our age that emerged out of the Renaissance whose answer to the Lord Jesus Christ is the Cross (crucify Him) and whose fulfillment will be the Wicked One, the god of forces who is also Baphomet and Pan, that is obsessed by evolutionary transformism.  So much so that the Spirit performs the cult of demons by not only teaching their nonsensical doctrines to all who are susceptible but by stealthily supplanting Special Creation (Genesis account) with their damnable Babylonian magic. (2 Thess. 2:1-8)

Through his human tools, the god of forces has all but supplanted the miracle of six day creation, thereby ripping out the heart of the faith and leaving behind a desolation of abomination: a Christless form of Christianity---the triumph of Baphomet.

2014 @ Linda Kimball













The Devil and the 'Genesis Problem'

In a 2012 editorial, "The Genesis Problem," New Scientist editors admit that physicists have been fighting a rearguard action against the Big Bang theory for decades, largely because they believe it has theological overtones. After all, if you have an instant of creation, don't you need a creator?

Over the years, anti-God cosmologists have tried several different anti-creation models of the universe such as spontaneously-generated multiverse conceptions that dodge the need for a beginning yet still require a big bang though minimized as a mirage. Yet none can account for life, mind, and information and recent research has shot them full of holes.

It now seems certain that the universe did have a beginning said Denyse O'Leary in her essay, "In Search of a Road to Reality."  As for the new anti-theistic cosmologies, they have been failures that only shed light,

"... on the sheer power of the human imagination. Whatever they were supposed to explain has been rendered by their own rules unexplainable. What follows?" (O'Leary, Evolution News and Views, Jan. 13, 2014)

The "rearguard action" that physicists have been fighting is a continuation of the rebellion that broke out during the Renaissance against the supernatural personal God whose living Word created all things ex nihilo. At that time certain theologians and intellectuals had eagerly embraced a myriad of ancient pagan occult sciences (especially the evolutionary 'sciences' of Hermetic magic, Kabbalah and Buddhism) flowing into Christendom during that time.

From then till now, "scientifically enlightened" Westerners have been traveling a broad, smooth highway---ever seeking, never finding--in desperate search of alternative 'theories of everything,' meaning neo-pagan evolutionary cosmologies bespeaking the mechanical emergence, emanation, unfolding, or evolution of everything from an impersonal one substance. This way of thinking (systems thinking) has given rise to "modern" scientific ideas that mind, information and the 'paranormal' are products of matter (i.e., chemicals, genes) and pagan conceptions such as Marx's dialectical materialism (self-empowered, divine, thinking-matter), quantum particle theories (similar to Marx's thinking matter), multiverse theories, Big Bang speculations; Quantum Void, wave and fluctuation theories similar to Brahmanism's Void and prakriti matter, and much else.

Most people do not realize the pagan and occult implications of the modern 'scientific' theories and cosmologies that have captured the minds of the Western and American 'elite' class who control academia, media, many book publishers, the music industry, Hollywood, politics, economics, science and even many seminaries.

For example, though modern physicists hate and fear the Big Bang they really need not as the seedbed of Big Bang speculations are ancient global cosmic events described by Eastern Advaitans and Greek nature sages as Cosmic Eggs. One Hindu belief was that Brahman (the Void or Universe of matter) spontaneously generated itself  as something like a seed or singularity about 4.3 billion years ago and then evolved under its’ own power by which it expanded and formed all that exists:

These Hindus believed in an eternal Universe that had cycles of rebirth, destruction and dormancy, known as ‘kalpas’, rather like oscilla­ting big bang theories. We also read in the Hindu Bhagavad Gita that the god Krishna says, ‘I am the source from which all creatures evolve.” (Evolution: An Ancient Pagan Idea, Paul James Griffith, creation.com)

In this way of thinking, the entire universe, all spirit, life, and even all of the gods, human beings, and everything else, came about by a process of emanation (or unfolding, emergence or evolution) from an energy field called Brahman, the Kabbalah's Ein Sof, the Gnostic Abraxas, World Soul, Chaos, or the Abyss.

Just as waves form across the surface of the ocean, so the Void forms upon itself successive waves (emanations) of particles (particle theory) that in turn emanate further entities and so on, with all of these entities interacting within an extraordinary network or great chain of being consisting of downward-descending self-contained planes of existence, a top-down hierarchy of astral plane realities (multiverse theory) arranged vertically.

Each higher plane of existence emanates the one below it through a mechanical process  thus each plane stands in the position of god to the one below. Therefore creation is not creation ex nihilo, as the Genesis account teaches, but mechanical emanation out of the Void.

In India, the Void and the doctrine of evolution/reincarnation/karma was thoroughly established from ancient times. It was expounded first in the Upanishads (c. 1000 BC - AD 4), the philosophical-mystical texts held to be the essence of the Vedas.

The "science" and "psychology" behind the idea that mind and information evolve from chemicals (Darwinism, evolutionary biology) can be found in the yogic science of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga which outlines in both modern and ancient texts the glandular and neurological basis of Enlightenment.

Along with other neo-pagan evolutionists, Royal Astronomer Lord Martin Rees champions multiverse conceptions in the hope that in at least one or more of them living beings created themselves from primordial matter who are far more advanced than our own life-forms.

Rees believes that if this is the case, then super-intelligent extraterrestrials might be capable of simulating in their brains or in a super-computer the complex history of our universe, meaning the universe we inhabit is a simulation lacking real substance and existing only as a mental construction in the minds of highly evolved aliens who seeded our world with life and travel through time in order to control man's evolutionary progress. (Scientific Mythologies, James A. Herrick, p. 216)

The idea that the universe we inhabit exists only as a mental construction is very similar to Hinduism's Brahman. Brahman is the Great Cosmic Spirit – the impersonal, non-living Ultimate One Substance, the energy field called the Void, the impersonal Mind, or Essence of material phenomena (God-particles, dialectical matter, bosons, fermions, and/or prakriti matter), meaning that the universe exists only as a mental construction in the mind of Brahman: brahma satyam jagan mithya, or "Brahman is real, the world is unreal." (swamij.com/mahavakyas)

Rees proposal is also similar to the hypothesis presented by Olaf Stapledon, a scientist who has always kept one foot firmly planted in neo-Gnostic pagan science fiction accounts and imagines our universe to be an artifact of the impersonal one-substance known as the Star Maker.

Building off of Stapledon's fantasy Carl Sagan suggests that we are "star folk" made of "star stuff." (Herrick, pp. 216-217)

Replace Star Maker with Brahman and "star stuff" with prakriti matter and sarvam khalvidam brahma, or "All is truly Brahman" (swamij.com) and we have ayam atma brahmam: "The Self is Brahman." (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.5)

In other words, the human Self is God.  This is the sin of Satan as well as of the pre-flood generation in the time of Noah.

In the caption of his book, "Just Six Numbers," Rees reveals the ancient occult Hermetic basis of his propositions:

"The ouraboros. There are links between the microworld of particles, nuclei and atoms and the cosmos." (Rees M., Just Six Numbers, P. 9)

Framed in the world-famous magical formula of Hermes: "as above, so below."

As a powerful occult symbol, the Ouroboros means the seething power, creative and/or evolutionary impulse or energy of the serpent figuratively depicted as either a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The serpent's body is often depicted as the One Substance/Void within which is the Great Chain of Being, Cosmic Tree of Life, or with Darwin, the Tree of Life.

The occult Tree of Life with its' multiple dimensions and life-giving energy systems represents the Mind of the impersonal god-substance (Brahman).  It not only powers the evolving and/or unfolding universe but reaches into the psyche, (meaning that serpent-powered psychic energy is the source of mind), stirring imagination, bringing psychic powers and even awakening pre-human memories of when the scientifically "enlightened occult elite" (the modern Western and American "elites") were fish:

"Remember when you were a fish...." suggested Jean Houston, the prophet of the possible, in a workshop to awaken ancient pre-human memories. Nearly a thousand evolved life-forms (people) dropped to the floor and began moving their 'fins' as if to propel themselves through water. "Notice your perception as you roll like a fish. How does your world look, feel, sound, smell, taste?" Then you crawled up on land said Houston, so now you must, "Allow yourself to fully remember being a reptile....Then some of you flew. Others climbed trees." A zoo of beastly sounds erupted from the herd of pre-human birds, reptiles and apes. (America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Hunt and McMahon, p. 218)

From the time of the ancients serpent power (energy, emanation, evolution) has been important to religious and mythological symbolism all around the world. Within the Egyptian mysteries, serpent power was associated with,

"...the elemental forces that were in play before the creation of the world." (Carl Teichrib, Gods of Ancient Egypt, p. 182)

What are elemental forces?  They are elemental spirits, but according to the serpent, they are self-powered natural laws, fates, furies, evolving prakiti matter, dialectical matter, bosons, fermions, particles, and whatever else they need be to delude mankind.

Westerners had received the Truth the Way and the Life but turned away in unrighteousness in favor of modern "science magic" and naturalism.  From the Renaissance to our own time, the rebellion against the living, personal God of creation has come full circle from Greek Atomist monism to occult New Age, Eastern Hindu and Buddhist Advaita.

The essence of Monism---whether of the Atomistic kind or the Eastern pantheist/Quantum Void kind, is nihilism, meaning there is Nothing There. There is No Ultimate Source for life, soul, information, law, meaning, purpose, truth, and morality.

At its' deepest level, modern scientism in its many permutations reveals the abomination of desolation--the grinning face of the devil---the father of nothingness, deception, delusion, lies and death.

@Linda Kimball

The Occult Worldview of Satan

The idea that man can become God was first whispered in Eve’s ear by Satan, the father of the occult worldview, that is, the evolving universe of matter and energy.  In condensed form it began when the Devil lied to mankind's first parents, saying "You will surely not die," "Your eyes will be opened," and "You will be like God," "knowing good and evil." (Gen. 3:4,5)

Respectively, these lies suggest that man will live forever even if he rebels against the commands of the Triune God; that  by his own innate powers he can discover secret enlightenment revelatory of both his true identity as God and the knowledge of the universe of evolving matter and psychic energies; that by self-will and rebellion against God he can, by way of magic and help from spirits, become godlike and gain forbidden psychic powers; and finally, that a condition of self-control and moral purity is counterproductive since only personal experiences and final transcendence of good and evil will make him like God. 

From the pre-flood world to the post-flood world of Ham and Nimrod on through to our own time, the basic foundations of the occult worldview consistently teach the following elements:

1. Monism and evolution:  Though there are different forms of monism the common denominator of them all is the idea that the universe and everything in it consists of or is reducible to one substance in process of evolution.  In direct contrast to the Biblical teaching that though men are made in the spiritual image of God they do not partake of God's being (Gen. 1:27), with Darwinism for instance, God, mind, and spirit are reducible to one substance: matter in the form of the neural complexity of the brain, meaning that divine consciousness (God reduced to psychic energy) operates within the neural complexity of man's brain.  So God is within the brain of man:

Since the unconscious is God all along, we may further define the goal of spiritual growth to be the attainment of godhood by the conscious self.” (A Different Drum, M. Scott Peck) 

Mystical forms of monism characteristically accept some form of pantheism, exemplified by for example, Teilhard de Chardin'sAdvaita Hindu pantheist New Religion and Leonard Sweet's Quantum Spirituality based in Teilhard's conceptions.  Advaita (monistic) Hinduism teaches the one ultimate reality of which everything consists is Nirguna Brahman (an impersonal God-force or Void) while Teilhard's system reduces everything to Omega---his version of Brahman.

It is the monistic premise of both Darwinism and mystical occult monism that makes them fundamentally anti-Christian.  In Dr. Gary North's excellent evaluation of monism, "Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism," North writes that,

 "...there is a permanent, unbridgeable gap between the ultimate being of God and the derivative being of creatures.  There is a Creator-creature distinction (meaning that) men do not partake of God's being...they are not of the same substance as God.  There is no more fundamental doctrine than this one.  Significantly, in every form of occultism this principle is denied....Satan's old temptation to man hinges on his denial and man's denial of the Creator-creature distinction..."  (pp. 59-61)

2. God is ultimately impersonaland one with nature as opposed to God as wholly 'other' (supernatural), personal and loving (John 3:16)

3. Man's true identity is God since he is one with (shares) God's being as opposed to man created in God's spiritual image though not sharing the being of God. (Gen. 1:27)

4. Since there is only one substance, then evil is in harmony with the amoral god-substance or force.  In contrast, Scripture teaches that evil operates in opposition to God's holy nature (1 Peter 1:14, 15; 3:12)

5. Gnostic illumination or enlightenment (salvation) is achieved through self-realization (awareness of personal divinity) by various occult spiritist practices, i.e., séances, spells, automatic writing, meditation, hypnosis, Ouija boards, shamanic drumming, Kundalini yoga, visualization, mind-altering drugs, transformational festivals, trance music and centering.  

Occult salvation is the antithesis of salvation based on the atonement (Christ's suffering and death for sin) and received as a free gift by grace through faith in God and Christ (John 3:16; 5:24; 6:47; 17:3)

6. Psychic or spiritual powers resulting from initiation into occult spiritist practices (see above) that open the mind, or third eye according to occult lore, to contact with and even possession by aggressively hostile spirits and are often used for personal power.   In contrast, Scripture teaches that spiritual gifts are distinct from and work in opposition to occult psychic powers.  They are given by God to His people for service to others ( 1 Cor. 12:4-11; 14:3)

7. Eternal cyclic incarnation into different bodies over thousands or millions of years or reabsorption (annihilation and/or personal extinction) into the impersonal substance.   In opposition, Scripture teaches personal immortality in either eternal heaven or hell (Matthew 25:46)

In monism, whether Darwinian or mystical occult versions, the traditional Western Judeo-Christian ways of thinking and perceiving are rejected because "all is one,"  This means there is no ultimate distinction between Jesus Christ and Satan, male and female, true and false, good and evil, moral and immoral, bent and straight, holy and unholy, or right and wrong because "true reality" (the one substance) is beyond the illusory categories associated with the natural (physical) world. In other words, murder, genocide, rape, lesbianism, sodomy, pederasty, pedophilia, lying, cheating and theft cannot be considered evil if evil itself is in harmony with the divine one substance.

While nothing can really be considered evil, nor can anything really be considered good.  So love, honesty, integrity, courage, fidelity, and commitment cannot be considered good and worthy for the same reason evil cannot be considered evil.

Finally, there is no such thing as personhood (genuine personality)  because true reality (the one substance) is not personal.  In other words, because the One God in three Persons who made all men in His spiritual image, thereby endowing all men with genuine personality (personhood) is an illusion, then so are ideas of personhood and unalienable rights from the living, personal God.  In fact, since personality is supposedly a hindrance to occult spiritual enlightenment, it must be destroyed. 

The occult worldview of Satan has been with us from the pre-flood days of Noah.  Today its' most highly developed forms are Wicca and Advaita Hinduism and derivatives such as the occult New Age spirituality overspreading the West and America and penetrating into the whole body of the Christian church.

@Linda Kimball

Primary source: "The Coming Darkness, John Ankerberg & John Weldon

Modern Naturalism: Bad Ideas Lead to Calamity

"“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet;” -Juliet Act II Scene II

In other words, a rose is not defined by its name but by its essence.  The essence of an idea, being or substance is that which constitutes its’ particular nature and which distinguishes it from all others.   For example, the essence or nature of selfishness remains the same regardless of how it has been perfumed and repackaged (i.e., self-esteem) just the same as the essence of the color blue remains blue even if it is called yellow.

This is also true of people.  A person is not defined by his name or occupation but by his essence---his soul/spirit.  A person is a spirit and personality is the total individuality of the spirit.  Without spirit there is no person.

“….there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

There is no escaping the essence of a thing and the same is true of ideas, which even when dressed differently remain the same.   For example, the same lie Satan fed Adam and Eve in the Garden has been packaged and repackaged thousands of times ever since, namely that God does not really exist:

And they called to Noah, saying, Open for us that we may come to thee in the ark---and wherefore shall we die?  And Noah, with a loud voice, answered them….saying, Have you not all rebelled against the Lord, and said that he does not exist?” Jasher 6:18-19

“Exalting mankind to the status of deity...dates from the farthest reaches of antiquity, but its development into an ideology embracing the masses is a characteristic of modernity." (Herbert Schlossberg, cited in The Seduction of Christianity, Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon)

If God is really just an active, thinking force within nature, then naturalism, a concept reaching back to the days of Noah becomes by default the only explanation of reality. As either materialism or pantheism, modern naturalism holds that life created itself from pre-existing or spontaneously generated matter as Ayn Rand, one of Libertarianism’s most influential thinkers affirmed. 

Rand’s naturalistic philosophy called Objectivism combined elements from empiricism (knowledge begins in the senses rather than mind or spirit), Nietzschean ‘superman atheism,’ Adam Smith’s capitalism, Sigmund Freud’s materialist-based illusionism (God is an illusion caused by movement of chemicals in grey matter) and hedonistic egoism. 

The god Rand raised up over the earth, 

“…this god whom men have sought since men came into being, this god who will grant them joy, and peace and pride (is in) one word: I.” (For the New Intellectual, p. 65)  

Moving from Rand to Marxist Communism, a form of pantheism called scientific socialism,  dialectical (thinking) matter in motion continually attains to higher perfection, 

“…under its own power, thanks to indwelling dialectic…the dialectical materialists attribution of ‘dialectic’ to matter confers on it, not mental attributes only, but even divine ones.” (Dialectical Materialism, Gustav A. Wetter, 1977, p. 58) 

Enrico Ferri (1858-1926) a prominent socialist who for many years was the editor of Avanti, a socialist daily, expounds on the miracle producing powers of the thinking forces animating matter and nonliving ideological systems such as socialism and positive science.  In “Socialism and Religious Beliefs” Ferri observes that animated positive science has,

“…has substituted the conception of natural causality for the conception of miracles and divinity…I add that not only is Darwinism not contrary to socialism, but that it forms one of its fundamental scientific premises. As Virchow justly remarked, socialism is nothing else than the logical and vital outcome partly of Darwinism and partly of Spencerian evolution."


The essence of Darwinism constituting its’ particular nature is nihilistic naturalism (materialism), a ‘truth claim’ positing the nonexistence of the supernatural living, Holy God, Heaven, hell, soul/spirit, angels, demons, immutable truth, moral law, meaning, and purpose resulting in a  nihilistic order, an abomination of desolation in which a person is no longer a person but rather the conscious product of evolution, a mere descendant of a lower creature: 

Darwinism came at the desired time; Darwin’s theory that man is the descendant of a lower animal destroyed the entire foundation of Christian dogma.” (Anton Pannekoek, ‘Marxism and Darwinism,” translated by Nathan Weiser. Transcribed for the internet by Jon Muller, Charles H. Kerr & Company Co-operative Copyright, 1912 by Charles H. Kerr & Co,)

The statements, “the supernatural dimension does not exist” “man is the descendant of a lower animal” “matter in motion continually attains to higher perfection” the “god who will grant them joy, and peace and pride (is in) one word, I,” and “evolution is a fact” are objective statements attempting to describe reality. All are types of modern naturalism, thus all are expressions of nihilism.  This is where the notion of ‘good ideas’ and ‘evil ideas’ becomes relevant since a ‘good’ idea is one that describes reality accurately and the reverse is true of evil ideas. 

Victor Frankl, a survivor of multiple Nazi concentration camps, diagnosed an ‘evil’ idea as the fundamental cause of the real-world consequence known as the Holocaust.   This same idea in a somewhat different dress caused the real-world catastrophe known as genocide, the brutal murder of 60,000,000 men, women and children by Marxist Communists.  In his book, “Can Man Live Without God?” Ravi Zacharias cites Frankl:

If we present man with a concept of man which is not true, we may well corrupt him.  When we present him as an automaton of reflexes, as a mind machine, as a bundle of instincts, as a pawn of drive and reactions, as a mere product of heredity and environment, we feed the nihilism to which modern man is…prone.  I became acquainted with the last stage of corruption in my second concentration camp, Auschwitz.  The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment---or, as the Nazis like to say, ‘of blood and soil.’ I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidenek were ultimately prepared not in some ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophies.” (Can Man Live without God?” p. 25)

The authors of the Black Book of Communism arrive at a similar conclusion:

The biological or zoological strain of thinking enables us to understand better why so many of the crimes of Communism were crimes against humanity and how Marxist-Leninist ideology managed to justify these crimes to its followers.” (The Black Book of Communism, p. 751)

Naturalistic explanations for evil in general and the crimes of Nazis and Communists in particular are grounded, consciously or unconsciously, on the idea that humans are the conscious products of animated matter and evolution, thus are automatons at the mercy of biology and environment.   By extension of this reasoning, when the genetically inferior are allowed to reproduce without limitations they will soon outnumber the genetically superior---the strong, productive, and intelligent---and when the genetically inferior dominate the gene pool, the entire population becomes weak, stupid, lazy and violent, leading to collapse of the population.  The solution resides in killing off the genetically inferior by way of universal abortion, sterility and disease-causing promiscuity and sodomy, euthanasia and needless wars for example.

 America’s left-right ruling class are naturalists, which is why they promote debauchery, crime, and sin in general.  Naturally they perceive themselves as a genetically superior caste, hence they are omnipotent god-men who pray to themselves,

"...as saviors of the planet and as shapers of mankind in their own image," observes Angelo M. Codevilla in his insightful essay, "The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do about It." (p. xix)

Since the dawn of time rebels against God have been making lies and deception their refuge.  And this is no less true for modern naturalists:

"We have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning, unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of the truth." V.I. Lenin, God-hating evolutionist, mass-murderer, and progressive liberal anti-hero. (The Marxist Goliath Among Us, Ronald J. Lawrence, p. 28)

"I suppose the reason we leaped at the origin of species was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores," confessed Sir Julian Huxley, former president of UNESCO and grandson of Darwin's colleague Thomas Huxley. (Henry M. Morris, The Troubled Waters of Evolution, Creation-Life Publishers, 1974, p. 58)

Of Darwin's theory that everything ascended (evolved) upward out of self-generated genderless matter, the great Christian theologian Charles Spurgeon pointedly observed,

"There is not a hair of truth upon this dog from its head to its tail, but it rends and tears the simple ones. In all its bearing upon scriptural truth, the evolution theory is in direct opposition to it. If God's Word be true, evolution is a lie." (Spurgeon, Hideous Discovery, July 25, 1886)

Evolutionist Suzan Mazur seems to agree with Spurgeon. In her book, "The Altenberg 16: An Expose of the Evolution Industry" she looks at the rivalry in contemporary natural science surrounding attempts to discover the elusive process of evolution. Her book openly acknowledges the unresolvable problems surrounding evolution and natural selection and documents these concerns with statements from leading evolutionary scientists. Mazur comments:

"A wave of scientists now questions natural selection's role, though fewer will publicly admit it." (p. 20, "Desperate attempts to discover 'the elusive process of evolution,' reviewed by Walter J. ReMine, Creation Ministries International)

She describes evolutionary science as a modern day quest for the Holy Grail that is very much about posturing, salesmanship, stonewalling and bullying. It is a social discourse involving hypotheses of staggering complexity,

"...with scientists, recipients of the biggest grants of any intellectuals, assuming the power of politicians while engaged in Animal House pie-throwing and name-calling..." (ibid)

Evolution books are hyped like snake oil at a carnival:

"Perhaps the most egregious display of commercial dishonesty is this year's celebration of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, the so-called theory of evolution by natural selection, i.e., survival of the fittest, a brand foisted on us 150 years ago." (ibid)

Mazur admits that genes and natural selection have little to do with long-term changes in populations. Here she not only calls attention to the existing censorship against non-Darwinian ideas but tells us why it happens:

"The commercial media is both ignorant of and blocks coverage of stories about non-centrality of the gene because its science advertising dollars come from the gene-centered Darwin industry. At the same time, the Darwin industry is also in bed with government, even as political leaders remain clueless about evolution. Thus, the public is unaware that its dollars are being squandered on funding of mediocre, middlebrow science or that its children are being intellectually starved as a result of outdated texts and unenlightened teachers." (Mazur, p. ix, ibid)

Today vast numbers of Westerners and Americans are entangled and increasingly isolated within a massive and still growing web of delusion and nihilism, and evolution said C.S. Lewis,

"...is the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives..." (Letter to Bernard Acworth, Spt. 13, 1951)

Our generation is overwhelmingly naturalistic, hence nihilistic:

"There is an almost complete commitment to the concept of the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system.  This is its distinguishing mark.  If we are not careful, even though we say we are biblical Christians and supernaturalists, nevertheless the naturalism of our generation tends to come in upon us (infiltrating) our thinking without our recognizing its coming, like a fog creeping in through a window opened only half an inch.  As soon as this happens, Christians begin to lose the reality of their Christian lives." (True Spirituality, Francis Schaeffer, p. 54)

Speaking to both ancient and modern naturalists the Old Testament prophet Isaiah wrote,

Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me. Disaster will come upon you, and you will not know how to conjure it away.  A calamity will fall upon you that you cannot ward off with a ransom; a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you.” Isaiah 47: 10-11

Isaiah begins by discussing the most fundamental truth claim of all, whether God really exists or not.  Isaiah holds that God really does exist and claims it is a fundamental mistake for humanity to claim otherwise.  Isaiah thereby rejects both ancient naturalism and its modern nihilistic counterparts along with naturalism’s primary doctrine evolution, which has reduced humanity to evolved products of chance plus time.  He then discusses the real-world consequence of believing there is no God: if people try to live according to naturalistic truth claims disaster will follow because the essential nature of evil ideas is evil, hence real-world calamity. 

@Linda Kimball




Lucifer's Coming New Age World Order

With over 500 pages and 1,200 footnotes, Ted Flynn’s book, “Hope of the Wicked: the Master Plan to Rule the World,” details many of the agendas of the communist global community.   With several thousand quotes it uses the words of prime ministers, secretaries of treasury, secretaries of state, philanthropists and global business leaders to describe what they envision and their plans to bring it about as well as the convergence, on a global basis, of multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments that would form a one-world government designed to bring about a New World Order.

Flynn writes that there is a confluence of events pointing to major changes that for many years have been coming to the world, and they appear to be coming toward us more quickly now. He points to an 1846 heavenly apparition, a prophecy delivered by the Blessed Virgin Mary to two peasant children and approved by the Catholic Church as a prescient summary of events on behalf of godless Communism and Socialism:

All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principle, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds….The mountains and all Nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens…The righteous will suffer greatly.  Their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to Heaven and all of God’s people will beg for forgiveness and mercy…And then Jesus Christ, in an act of His justice and His great mercy will command His Angels to have all His enemies put to death….and the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all those given over to sin will perish…”  (p. 445)

In another apparition approved by the Church, the Blessed Virgin Mary warned of the “annihilation of nations.” (ibid, p. 445)

Materialism, Atheism, Communism & Annihilation of Nations

Friedrich Engels (1820-1895), a 19th century German political philosopher figures prominently in Karl Marx’s life.  Beginning in 1844, Engels and Marx, a God-hating dialectical materialist, collaborated closely in the foundation of modern Communism.  By 1848, they had produced The Communist Manifesto and other works.

The tragedy of Engels is that before joining forces with Marx he had been a faithful Christian.  After meeting Marx for the first time he described him as a monster subjected to devils.  Marx does not,

“…walk or run, he jumps on his heels full of anger…He stretches his arms far away in the air; the wicked fist is clenched, he rages without ceasing, as if ten thousand devils had caught him by the hair.”  (Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 36)

Engels was very well aware of the dangers of entangling himself with devilish sons of perdition like Marx.  In his book, “Schelling, Philosopher in Christ,” he writes of a devilish spirit overtaking men:

Since the terrible French Revolution, an entirely new, devilish spirit has entered into a great part of mankind, and godlessness lifts its daring head in such an unashamed and subtle manner that you would think the prophecies of Scripture are fulfilled (Matthew 24:11)..And St. Paul says in II Thes. 2:3: That man of sin shall be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is God, or that is worshipped…The coming of the Wicked is after the working of Satan….(therefore we must have)  nothing to do any more with indifference or coldness toward the Lord (for as of now) we have only…Christians and anti-Christians….We see the false prophets among us…They travel throughout Germany and wish to intrude everywhere; they teach their Satanic teachings in the market-places and bear the flag of the Devil from one town to another, seducing the poor youth, in order to throw them in the deepest abyss of hell and death.” (ibid, p. 40)

The devilish man responsible for converting Engels to godless Communism was Moses Hess, the same man who had previously converted Marx.  After meeting Engels in Cologne Hess wrote:

He parted from me as an overzealous Communist.  This is how I produce ravages…” (ibid, p. 43)

The spiritual transformation Engels underwent was striking and hideous.  Like Marx, he no longer cared about the destruction of millions of people on behalf of the Communist revolution. 

A bloodless Marx writes of the coming genocide of millions of men, women, and children:

“A silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it destroys as an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages.  Classes and races…too weak to dominate the new conditions of existence will be defeated.” (ibid, p. 42)

In a similar vein Engels speaks of the coming annihilation of peoples and nations:

The next world war will make whole reactionary peoples disappear from the face of the earth.  This, too, is progress.  Obviously this cannot be fulfilled without crushing some delicate national flower.   But without violence and without pitilessness nothing can be obtained in history.”  (p. 43) 

The revolution that “cares little about the lives it destroys” is a movement of spirit having its taproot and energy in Satan, the spirit of opposition, rebellion, materialism, atheism, spiritualism, lies and envy.   The Revolution is war against the supernatural Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which in the words of Marx’s anarchist comrade Bakunin, are the “cursed and fatal principle of authority.”

The sentiment of the Revolution is Satanic pride:

" which spurns subjection to any master whatever, whether of divine or human origin." (Bakunin, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 63)

The nature of the Satanic Revolution is the antithesis of authentic Christian faith. Whereas Christian faith is joy, patience, love, truth, humbleness, perseverance, submission in all things to the Will of God, and blessed eternal life, the Satanic counterfeit is full of opposition, doubts, skepticism, lies, sophistry, revulsion, burning envy, impatience, seething hatred, jealousy, rebelliousness, blasphemy, thoughts of murder and eternal life in Hell.

Fueled by dissatisfaction with self, the world, society, and God the Father Almighty, it devotes its' infernal energy toward "change," or as Marx put it, toward the destruction of everything that exists.

The Satanic Revolution intends both the destruction of the Christian-based Old Order and the establishment of something new because:

"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." (Karl Marx, Marx and Satan, p. 59)

The Revolution, of which the U.N. is an integral component, intends the complete overturning of Biblical moral and spiritual values enjoyed by Western and American civilization for over a thousand years.  As part of that goal, Christian leadership must be reduced to a non-factor. Ted Flynn writes that this has largely been accomplished,

“…by placing their own leaders in place where they exert tremendous influence.  Much of this program of revolution was confirmed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his book, ‘Our Way.’…summed up, the spiritual and immoral goals of world revolution (and how they) are being achieved, and nowhere more so than in the United States.” (Flynn, p. 361)

These goals are:

1.Destruction of Western civilization;

2.Dissolution of legal government;

3.Destruction of nationalism…and patriotism

4.Bringing the people of the United States into penury via graduated income taxes, property taxes, inheritance taxes, and sales taxes;

5.The abolition of God-given right to private property by taxing property out of existence and targeting inheritance with bigger and bigger taxes;

6.Destruction of the family unit via divorce, abortion, and homosexuality

Before there can be a New Age global spiritual communist order, there must be a philosophy of ‘new’ thought, and a philosophy of natural religion to usher in the coming political, social, and educational aspects of the new world order since Luciferian New Age spirituality is a politically communist way of living.  In her two books on New Age evolutionary spirituality, ‘The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow,’ and ‘A Planned Deception’ Constance Cumbey writes:

The New Age Movement is a religion complete with its own Bibles, prayers and mantras, Vatican City/Jerusalem equivalents, priests and gurus, born again experiences (they call it ‘rebirthing’), spiritual laws and commandments, psychics and prophets and nearly every other indicia of a religion.” (Flynn, p. 361)

According to Cumbey, the Plan for the NWO includes the installation of a NWO messiah, implementation of a NWO totalitarian government and new world religion under Maitreya.  As well, there are plans to implement a universal credit card system, universal tax, universal draft, and a world food authority that will control all of the world’s food supply.  To ensure that all people worship the NWO messiah, authentic Christianity and faithful Judaism will be completely stamped out along with all faithful Christians and Jews.

In support of this goal, Lucifer, the spirit energizing and directing the NWO Revolution, intends to fully possess the Christian faith and refashion it completely.  The devil audaciously declares that the supernatural God the Father Almighty has been isolated in transcendence and is dead, so though the notion of God is retained, the devil proposes a functionless God that perhaps serves to ignite the Big Bang and set evolution in motion.   In any case, the Revolution will not stop until every vestige of faith in the supernatural God has been obliterated in every heart. Every man, woman, and child will experience a counter-conversion...a Satanic Initiation in the words of New Age insider David Spangler... to a new pagan spiritualism dressed in Christian symbols and terminology, an anti-gospel preached by anti-saints who will assure men of their salvation though they will find only outer darkness.

@Linda Kimball

Evolutionary Pagan Monism: the Murderer of Man's Soul

“There is no place in the Humanist worldview for either immortality or God in the valid meanings of those terms. Humanism contends that instead of the gods creating the cosmos, the cosmos, in the individualized form of human beings giving rein to their imagination, created the gods.”     Corliss Lamont, "The Philosophy of Humanism" 1982

Secular and Cosmic Humanism are the two sides of modern neopaganism. At the most fundamental level, both sides are atheist, meaning there is no living, personal Triune God but only the cosmos, or perhaps a Quantum Energy Field, OverMind, or perhaps Universal Spirit. Unless we peer deeply through the worldview lens we will neither discern the neopagan nature of Secular and Cosmic Humanism nor their death-dealing consequences to America’s Biblically grounded founding worldview.

Nor is it possible to understand its catastrophic effects on imago Dei:

Darwin has deprived us of our souls. If you really understand the theory of evolution, you understand that there is no soul.” (Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, Yuval Noah Harari, p. 259)

What we must understand is that modern evolutionary Humanism is a syncretic mixture of post-flood pagan systems updated, revamped and made palatable for modern Westerners and Americans.  Its major ingredients are the Babylonian Mystery Religion, Egyptian Hermetic magic, Greek Atomism (physical materialism) and its mystical Eastern pantheist counterparts—Buddhism, Hinduism (spiritualized matter: prakriti), plus alchemical scientism (more magic).

All pagan systems have in common some form of evolution plus transmigration or evolution plus reincarnation. This is because pagan systems are monist, which means that there is just one dimension, an Ultimate Substance consisting of void, matter and mechanical energies (evolution) working on matter pregnant with the possibility of life, spirit, and conscious awareness.

The One Substance is the impersonal, unconscious mind or one-dimensional Reality of which all life and nonlife are aspects in continuity with the One Substance. Thus Hermes Trismegistus taught: As above, so below.

What this means with respect to man is that as he is really just a soulless aspect of the One Substance (unconscious thinking matter in motion) man has no individual soul/spirit (mind). Man is not an individual thinker as the historically unique two-dimensional Biblical worldview teaches. At best he is an aspect of a Collective Communal Consciousness.

In contrast, the Biblical worldview teaches that reality consists of two interfacing, interactive dimensions, the seen or natural and the unseen or supernatural.  In this view man is an embodied spirit as taught by St. Augustine (AD 354-430).  Augustine affirms that as all men are the spiritual image bearers (Imago Dei) of the supernatural Triune God in three Persons, then it logically follows that each man is a person; a trinity of being comprised of soul/spirit (unseen) and body, brain (seen). 

The citadel of the individual soul is spirit (heart).  Spirit is immortal and self-aware.  It can will and think and is responsible for what it wills, thinks, speaks, and acts on while in this world.  

Spirit is the unique property that distinguishes soul from the material body in which it is fully embedded.  In Biblical thought, spirit allows man to spiritually transcend the natural dimension in order to access the third Heaven.  By way of prayer and petitions the spirit of man’s mind allows him to enter into a personal relationship with the Spirit of God.  Through this relationship, spirit is renewed over time, thus enabling man to more perfectly orient the manner of his thoughts, passions, words and actions in this world in preparation for eternity in Paradise.    

In Christian thought, a person is a spirit (self) and personality is the total individuality of the spirit.  Without spirit there is no ‘self,’ hence no person. 

The key to personal liberty in the natural or sensory half of reality is man’s spiritual liberty contrasted against a genetically pre-programmed animal-like orientation.  Animals have souls but not spirits, the basis of intelligence, sensitivity, imagination, self-consciousness, reflection back and forward into time, and the capacity for truth and moral goodness.  

A person is uniquely free because he can spiritually transcend his material brain to access the Spirit of the Lord as Paul affirms: 

Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (2 Cor. 3:17) 

Vishal Mangalwadi, India’s foremost Christian intellectual observes that this historically unique concept of man as Imago Dei gave birth to the “belief in the unique dignity of human beings,” and this is the force,

“…that created Western civilization, where citizens do not exist for the state but the state exists for the individual.  Even kings, presidents, prime ministers, and army generals cannot be allowed to trample upon an individual and his or her rights.” (Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations, Mangalwadi, pp. 12-13)    

Ancient and modern pagan and pantheist monism is in every way the antithesis of the Biblical view of two-dimensional reality, God’s Revelations, the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo, imago Dei, and Christianity, the spiritual and moral foundations of Western civilization for fifteen hundred years.  

For about 80 years now, unsuspecting Americans have been undergoing a stealthy transformation of consciousness to supplant our identity as individual image-bearers of Jehovah God with the Collective Communal Consciousness of neo-pagan Humanism wherein ‘we the people’ are no longer people but impersonal resource material. This is why godless materialist Darwinism has been forced on us in the name of ‘natural science’ and why the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo has become a dirty word. By extension, all of this is why evolutionary theism is an abomination brought into the whole body of the Church by compromising clergy.

 In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, ‘1984,’ he tells us that as Big Brother (neo-pagan Humanist) is in the business of eradicating individual thinkers it has criminalized ‘thought:’

Thought crime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for awhile....but sooner or later they were bound to get you.” George Orwell, 1984

 After analyzing modern neo-paganism, Vishal Mangalwadi concludes that secular atheist Marxist dialectical materialism, or scientific socialism, is very similar to Eastern pantheist nihilism but dressed in ‘scientific’ clothing. 

Nihilism or non-belief in one’s own soul/spirit is the logical assumption if the supernatural Holy God in three Persons does not exist.  Nihilism is spiritual, intellectual, and moral suicide, yet for the last two hundred years in W. Europe and 80 years here in America, neo-pagan Humanists and like-minded confederates have been moving the West and America closer and closer to denial of soul/spirit: imago Dei.

 Czarist Orthodox Catholic Russia was the science laboratory where devilish neo-pagan Humanists conducted experiments on humans in furtherance of their goal to murder imago Dei.   After seizing control, Marxist ‘mind-conditioners’ utilized propaganda of the lie, re-education tactics with major emphasis on Darwinism (more lies), revision of history (more lies), and other confusion-inducing, mind-and-thought-control techniques in connection with brain-altering drugs, electro-shock therapy, physical and spiritual torment, and other brutal measures to,

 “...liquidate all expressions of individual identity in favor of an impersonal collective, communal consciousness.” (The Book that Made Your World, Vishal Mangalwadi, p. 74)

 Further examples of modern neo-pagan nihilism disguised as ‘science’:

1.  With B.F. Skinners’ behaviorism there is neither living Jehovah God nor soul/spirit. Human beings are chemicals turned into psychochemical machines determined by environment, chemistry, chance, and cultural conditioning.

2. Richard Dawkins mystical “thinking” memes plant thoughts in the grey matter of psychochemical organisms that are fatalistically determined by DNA. 

3. Cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett claims there really is no you, that soul, spirit and will are illusions caused by chemical interactions in the brain while his partner in nihilism, naturalist Tom Wolfe proclaims,

 “Sorry, but your soul just died.” (The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul, Beauregard and O’Leary, p. 4)

For more than eighty years modern neo-pagan Humanists have been waging war on Jehovah God, creation ex nihilo, and imago Dei in furtherance of their agenda to transform the consciousness of Westerners and Americans.

Mangalwadi argues that it is already the case that for increasing numbers of contemporary Americans the death of Jehovah God has made it impossible for them to affirm the existence of the human self with the consequence of a spreading tidal wave of madness, despair, murder, suicide, lawlessness, and chaos.  Those who have already converted to Zen Buddhism or similar natural philosophies actively seek the annihilation of their souls through drugs, Tantric sex, yoga, and meditation. As with contemporary Hindu gurus, some initiates are desperately trying to merge their individual consciousness with the void.

Western and American evolutionary pagans have nearly succeeded in taking Jehovah God away and replacing Him with neo-pagan nihilism. In their darkened minds they have conceptually reduced His spiritual image-bearers to less than nothing.  Every day they teach monstrous lies as scientific fact.  They have deliberately corrupted Westerners and Americans, and brutally ridicule and demonize anyone who dares speak truth to their lies. By these means they set have set Western and American civilization adrift in infinite nothingness.


Philip Pullman's 'Serpent Power' in St. Mary's Church

In  a blog posting entitled, "Unbelievers leading church services — why it’s discouraged," Churchmouse writes that over the past several years a growing trend has seen more non-Christians taking active leadership roles in church services. The milder examples of this involve churches, that out of desperation, hire unbelieving organists or choir directors. (http://churchmousec.wordpress.com/ )

But much more serious examples of unbelievers at the forefront of church services are the known atheists who lead them such as the notable atheist Philip Pullman who 'preached' in the University Church of St Mary’s two years ago.  According to Archbishop Cranmer:

"....on the morning of Sunday 20th February, the preacher in the University Church of St Mary's was the notable atheist Philip Pullman. What glory to God that sermon must have brought. This, in the very church in which His Grace preached his final sermon, the stones still reverberating to the truth of his witness." (http://archbishop-cranmer.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/oxford-elevates-atheists-to-pulpit.html )

Pullman is an atheist only with regard to the living, personal Triune God, but with regard to occult spirituality he is a believer.  Although he uses many of the same names for God found in the scriptures, such as Yahweh, Adonai, the King, Father, and the Almighty, Pullman does not refer to God as the sovereign creator of conscious life and the universe but merely the first angelic being who took it upon himself to lay claim to the title 'God'.

" This is a catastrophic demotion. God, without any rights to call himself this, is unsurprisingly cast as a usurper, a tyrant, a despot. God is not a figure of love or mercy or grace. He is not a God of relationship, as he is absent from human affairs, except in that he opposes any freedom and individual thought because it is a threat to his power. Since he is not our creator, the giver of life, he prefers that humans are benign automatons. Since he is not the rightful judge of the universe, he is a tyrant." (Christian thinking ... about Philip Pullman? http://www.e-n.org.uk/ )

Though Pullman  has yet to fully convince himself that the Triune God does not exist he nevertheless remains committed to the  destruction of God and that of the Church.  In a Washington Post interview he admitted that his goal is,

'"...to undermine the basis of Christian belief."  The history of the Christian Church said Pullman, is a "record of terrible infamy and cruelty and persecution and tyranny." (The Golden Compass: A Primer on Atheism, Russ Wise, 11/12/07, worldviewweekend.com )

Underlying Pullman’s ‘atheism’ is Luciferian Occultism, a syncretic neo-pagan mythology that like Free Masonry draws on ancient Egyptian Hermetic magic, Kabbalah, Orobouros (cosmic tree of life), Gnosticism, alchemy, Greco-Roman nature religions, Eastern mysticism/reincarnation/karma, spiritual and biological evolutionary conceptions (serpent power), neoplatonism, roisicrucianism,  and Theosophy.

In “Occult Theocracy,” Edith Starr Miller elaborates on the serpent power/Masonry connection and by extension, on the same connection to Pullman's dark Gnosticism:

Luciferian Occultism controls Freemasonry (and) is therefore not a novelty, but it bore a different name in the early days of Christianity.  It was called Gnosticism…” (Occult Theocracy, p. 198, 1933)

Pullman's particular brand of  Gnosticism holds to a conception that the manifest universe of which material creation is a part arose as a series of emanations, evolutions, emergences, or condensations from the godhead, divine Cosmic Spirit or mystical Dust, as Pullman calls it.  

In his third book, The Amber Spyglass, Pullman describes how living beings such as God (the hated Authority)  created themselves by condensing out of Dust---the eternally existing or spontaneously generated Divine One Substance (matter):

"The Authority, God, the Creator, The Lord... those were all names he gave himself. He was never the creator. He was an angel like ourselves—the first angel, true, the most powerful.... The first angels condensed out of Dust, and the Authority was the first of all.... " (pp. 31-32)

Pullman attributes his mystical Dust to evolving matter driven by intelligent consciousness, an occult conception that bears a striking similarity to the ancient occult symbol--- the Ouroboros: the seething serpent power, creative and/or evolutionary impulse or energy of the serpent figuratively depicted as either a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.  The serpent's body is often depicted as the Great Chain of Being, Cosmic Tree of Life, Teilhard de Chardin's Omega, transhumanism's Omega Point, Darwin's Tree of Life and with Pullman---Dust.  

From the time of the ancients, serpent power has been important to religious and mythological symbolism all around the world.  Pullman's primordial evolving matter driven by intelligent consciousness is a modern version of the Egyptian Nu---primordial waters--- in which serpent power was associated with,

..."the elemental forces that were in play before the creation of the world." (Carl Teichrib, Gods of Ancient Egypt, p. 182)

In China serpents were spiritually linked with earth and water while in Scandinavian myth a world serpent protected man from cosmic forces of chaos while in Hinduism,

".... the Cosmic Serpent—Ananta Sesha—symbolic of timeless eternity, carries the world on his 1000-fold [Cobra] hood…As the creative impulse stirs within the great Serpent in the Sky—when passive idea becomes active thought—the forces of attraction and repulsion come into play as ‘spirit’ begins its involution into "matter." (ibid, Teichrib)

Moreover, Kundalini yoga, a discipline within Hinduism, teaches that latent serpent energy lies at the base of the etheric human spine,

"…like a coiled serpent, ready to spring." (Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism, p. 156, ibid, Teichrib)

Serpent power is associated with today's occult New Age spirituality as well as Pullman's dark Gnosticism, Freemasonry and its' blatantly Luciferian sister, Theosophy, where according to Helena Blavatsky, serpent power represents self-generation and evolution through its own creative power

The Orobouros with its' multiple dimensions and life-giving serpent powered energy systems not only powers the universe but reaches into the psyche, stirring imagination and bringing psychic powers. Pullman's cosmos of multiple universes or multiverses is the serpent powered Orobouros where the witches and other beings live:

The witches have talked about this child for centuries past... Because they live so close to the place where the veil between the worlds is thin, they hear immortal whispers from time to time, in the voices of those beings who pass between the worlds. And they have spoken of a child such as this, who has a great destiny that can only be fulfilled elsewhere—not in this world, but far beyond. Without this child, we shall all die." ( The Golden Compass, Pullman, p. 176)

Pullman's mystical magical Dust within which witches and other beings dwell is very similar to the Orobouros of modern Luciferian theosophy. In this conception the Ouroboros ‘above’ corresponds to a number of different astral planes and sub-planes comprising the habitations,

"(of all) supernatural entities, the locale of gods and demons, the void where the thoughtforms dwell, the region inhabited by spirits of the air and other elements, and the various heavens and hells with their angelic and demonic hosts....With the help of ritual procedures, trained persons believe that they can 'rise on the planes,' and experience these regions in full awareness." ("Beyond the Body: The Human Double and the Astral planes, Benjamin Walker, 1974, pp. 117-8)

Whereas the Triune God (Pullman' Authority) was the first "angel" to condense out of Dust and represents everything evil,  Sophia, who condensed later, is the goddess of wisdom who symbolizes everything good and is linked to the divine spark within Gnostikoi like Pullman.   Sophia was banished, but we serve her still, said Pullman even though,

"... the Authority still reigns in the Kingdom, and Metatron is his Regent."  (The Amber Spyglass, pp. 31-32)

Metatron appears primarily in the Kabbalah and other esoteric and occult sources. In Hermetic magic he is linked to the god Hermes and the mythical Emerald Tablet with its world famous magical code, "as above, so below."  

The meaning of this code resides in the ancient Egyptian Hermetic principle of the macrocosm's (Dust) correlation with the microcosm (man/divine spark).    “As above, so below” symbolized by the Ouroboros summarizes the idea that the magician who has actualized his divine spark (achieved higher consciousness) can spiritually ascend by way of ritual (i.e., transcendental meditation, mind-altering drugs) as he traverses the occult Path of Life or Western Magical Way to reach divine status, gain psychic powers and connect with higher powers existing in the various realms of the Orobouros in order to command change here below.

Dr. R. Scott Clark, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, examined the growing trend within modernist churches of inviting occultists and other pagans to preach and lead worship in a 2010 commentary, "The Scandal of Pagans Leading Worship."  Dr. Scott begins his examination by turning to Paul:

"We have a fairly clear witness from Paul himself as to how he viewed the role of self-identified non-Christians in public worship. In 1 Cor 14 seems clear that Paul envisioned that “outsiders or unbelievers” (ιδιωαι η απιστοι – 1 Cor 14:23 – “unbelievers” and “outsiders” are two ways of describing same group) would find their way into Christian worship services. He did not, however, seem to imagine that they would be invited by the pastor and elders to lead the service! Rather, Paul envisioned that, when an unbeliever (and outsider) finds himself in a rightly ordered Christian worship service, the unbeliever would be convicted of his sins, come to faith and repentance and fall down before God." (http://heidelblog.net/2010/12/the-scandal-of-pagans-leading-worship/ ) 

Dr. Scott adds that we should also observe how Paul thinks about “unbelievers” and the distinction he regularly makes between them and Christians.  For example,

"The latter are not to take internal disputes (which happen!) among Christians before “unbelievers” (1 Cor 6:6)...Unbelievers are those whose minds are “blinded” by “the god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4). Believers are not to be “unequally yoked” with unbelievers (2 Cor 6:14) because there is a fundamental spiritual antithesis between belief and unbelief ( 2 Cor 6:15)."

Paul teaches a spiritual antithesis, and nowhere does the  antithesis come to a clearer expression in Holy Scripture than in the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo which reveals that man was created directly by God with a superhuman intelligence and original nature from which Adam, hence all of us, fell away and to which we are called back.

John 1:3 identifies Jesus Christ the Living Word as the Creator:

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." "He was in the world, and the world was made by him" (v. 10). "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us" (v. 14).

Jesus Christ is the Creator.  Foremost of His miracles is creation out of nothing---six instantaneous acts or days of creation rather than the billions of years of evolutionary process or condensation out of pre-existing Dust as Pullman and like-minded fellow travelers hold:

"The first moment of time is the moment of God’s creative act and of creation’s simultaneous coming to be.” (Philosopher and New Testament scholar William Lane Craig quoted in "If God created the universe, then who created God?' by Jonathan Sarfati, Creation Ministries International)

On the miraculous creation of the first man Church Father John Chrysostom writes:

"And God formed man of dust from the earth, and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul....the inbreathing communicated to the one created out of earth the power of life, and thus the nature of the soul was formed.  What does a living soul mean?  An active soul, which has the members of the body as the implements of its activities, submissive to its will." (Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, Seraphim Rose, p.215)

Gregory of Nyssa adds:

"The body and the soul were formed at the same time---not one before and the other afterwards..." (ibid, p. 218

Early Church Fathers make the point that the whole of creation, including the soul of man, was brought into existence from non-existence (ex nihilo), not from the Essence or Nature of God (paganism's Divine One Substance, Dust, Omega), therefore man and creation do not have the same essence as God and are not a part of God as most ancient and modern pagans, mystical pantheists, and Luciferian Occultists like Pullman believe.

Lest we be led away into the false opinion that the soul itself is Divine, or a part of God's essence as pantheists and Gnostic's teach (divine spark), Chrysostom writes:

"Certain senseless ones, being drawn away by their own conceptions, without thinking of anything in a God-befitting manner...dare to say that the soul has proceeded from the Essence of God. O frenzy! O folly! How many paths of perdition has the devil opened up for those who will serve him!" (ibid,Rose,  p. 216)

The Apostle Paul speaks not of cosmic trees, astral planes and the witches and other beings supposedly existing there but of fallen angels, the "spirits of wickedness under the heavens" (Eph. 6:12) and their chief, "the prince of the powers of the air." (Eph. 2:2) 

According to Paul, fallen angels are dispersed in a multitude throughout the whole blue expanse of sky which is visible to us---the dwelling place for the host of fallen angels who have been cast down from heaven.    This means that in esoteric multiverse theories and occult cosmic tree of life conceptions, the whole blue expanse of sky under the heavens where fallen angels dwell is Pullman's Dust--the Ouroboros/cosmic tree ‘above’ consisting of realms, astral planes and sub-planes connected by the great chain of being up which the initiate spiritually ascends (evolves)  as he traverses the occult Path of Life or Western Magical Way to reach divine status, gain psychic powers and connect with higher powers in order to command change here below.

Over eighty years ago, Rev. C. Leopold Clarke, a lecturer at a London Bible college, wrote a book entitled “Evolution and the Breakup of Christendom” in which he foretold the collapse of Christendom under the weight of “the intellectual and moral topsy-turvydom of Modernism and its primary doctrine, evolution.” (Evolution and the breakup of Christendom, Phillip Bell, creation.com, Nov. 27, 2012)

Modernism (Luciferian Occultism) is a synthesis of every heresy from the time of the ancients and in its modern form began when Renaissance Christian mystics and scholars such as Emanuel Swedenborg discovered Hermetic magic and esoteric Jewish Kabbalah texts which they studied and translated resulting in Hermetic Kabbalah.  Then like Pico della Mirandola,  argued that occult hermetic science---the divine technology or Magic Way of reaching divine status and powers through ritual procedures  is the best proof of the divinity of Christ.   

Somewhat later these tendencies became prevalent in liberal Protestantism and secular philosophy and were:

...influenced by nineteenth-century studies by Kant and Hegel, by liberal Protestant theologians and biblical critics (such as Schleiermacher and von Harnack), by the evolutionary theories of Darwin, and by certain liberal political movements in Europe. The centers of Modernism were in France, England, Italy, and Germany. Two of its leading figures were Fr. Alfred Loisy, a French theologian and Scripture scholar, and Fr. George Tyrrell, an Irish-born Protestant who became a Catholic and a Jesuit, though he was dismissed from the Jesuits in 1906.”  (Modernism, James Akin, http://www.ewtn.com/library/HOMELIBR/MODERSM.TXT )

In 1907 Pope Pius X dubbed Modernism and its’ principle doctrine evolution, “the synthesis of all heresies” in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici gregis.

Twenty-three years later Rev. Clarke described Modernism’s principle doctrine evolution as,

“… the greatest and most active agent of moral and spiritual disintegration. It is a battering-ram of unbelief—a sapping and mining operation that intends to blow Religion sky-high…Already a tremendous effect, on a wide scale, has been produced by the impact of this teaching—an effect which can only be likened to the … collapse of foundations.” (ibid)

Rev. Clarke believed that evolution was of another 'spirit' thus the trend of evolutionary science is not to help men find God but to lose Him, and Church leaders more eager to be “abreast of the times” to be well thought of and admired by the world than to be earnestly contending for the faith (Jude 1:3) help people to lose God rather than find Him.

Clarke pointedly observes that the,

“….faith of the Christian Church and of the average Christian has had, and still has, its foundation as much in the [truth] of the account of Creation, as in that of the person of Christ”  and the  “falling away” of Christendom from the faith of God could not proceed while the Bible held its rightful place in the judgment of the generation.

Now it has been displaced said Clarke,

“…as was foretold [2 Thess. 2:11], by the invasion of the modern intellect with the “strong delusion that shall believe a lie.” There is no evidence against the Bible, but there is the violent prejudice of the modern spirit and the modern cast of mind—the spirit that reckons God Himself to be out of date. ” (ibid)

Just so.  It is the prejudice of the modern spirit working in and through the whole body of the Church by way of Church leaders more eager to be “abreast of the times” that rejects authentic Christian theism in favor of evolutionary conceptions, rock music, diversity, and tolerance to the point of inviting pagans and occultists to preach and lead worship.

Pullman and others of his persuasion have no place in God's House.   Their preachings and teachings are an abomination from the devil himself.    

On this issue Dr. Scott Clark pointedly reminds priests and Christians in general that though we live in the world, under God’s common providence, with unbeliever’s sharing (Matt 5:48) in God’s common gifts to humanity,

".... when we gather, on the Sabbath, for Christian worship, we withdraw from the common into a special, sacred space and time. It is not a time to celebrate our common humanity with non-believers, it is not a time for cultural, artistic expression and achievement. It is a time to bow before the face of our Holy Triune God and worship him as he as commanded (WCF 21.1). In this sense, holiness is about distinction (antithesis) between belief and unbelief. To make something sacred is to set it aside. That’s what we are, in corporate worship, God’s holy people, his holy priesthood (1 Pet 2:5), a holy temple. It is then that we express our status as a “holy nation” (1 Pet 2:9)."  (ibid, The Scandal of Pagans Leading Worship)

 @Linda Kimball

The Doctrine of Demons in America's 'Sleeping' Church

The pagan intellectuals reclothed their original ideas in a garment of christian phraseology but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Catholic philosopher and historian Thomas Molnar (1921-2010) agrees with Manly's claim:

"....the occult penetrates the lowered defenses of the Christian tradition...The entire symbology of Christianity yields to other, sometimes older symbologies with their underlying creeds and doctrines."  (The Pagan Temptation, Thomas Molnar, pp. 166-167)

Examples of important occult doctrines that have supplanted the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo under cover as modern science are for example, the Great Chain of Being (as above, so below) which with the addition of time became a full-fledged evolutionary theory, ancient anti-human Gnostic cosmogonies such as Darwinism, and Teilhard's Hindu-pantheist Hermetic immanentist version which has a god-force emerging out of matter after billions of years of evolution.

In 1993 journalist Terry Mattingly attended the occult pagan syncretistic services celebrated by the West's occult intelligentsia at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  Mattingly wrote:

"Before the bread and wine were brought to the altar, the musicians offered a rhythmic chant that soared into the cathedral vault: "Praises to Obatala, ruler of the heaven; Praises to Yemenja, ruler of the waters of life; Praises to Ausur, ruler of Amenta, the realm of the ancestors; Praises to Ra and Ausar, rulers of the light and the resurrected soul." (On Global Wizardry: Techniques of Pagan Spirituality and a Christian Response, Peter Jones, chapter 5, Dave Doveton, p. 75)

St. John the Divine is actually a masonic cathedral built by the Brotherhood in 1925.  Its' completion was such a prized accomplishment for the Brotherhood that it was featured on the front page of “Masonic World” of March 1925:

It is particularly fitting that the Masons, who were the principal builders of cathedrals and churches during the greatest cathedral-building period, should now have a prominent part in the movement to build America’s greatest cathedral (…) Little need be added to the story of Freemasonry during the cathedral-building period; its monuments are its best history, alike of its genius, its faith and its symbols.” (Sinister Sites – St. John The Divine Cathedral, Vigilant Citizen, Feb 13th, 2009)

Two occult symbols, an illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye crown the cathedral:     http://i2.wp.com/vigilantcitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/fed.jpg

Vigilant Citizen argues that the most shocking aspect of the cathedral are its' prophetic pillars, conceived in 1997,  depicting the destruction of New York city (including the Twin Towers) and the rise of a new world order:





The Twin Towers collapsing:


While ancient Egyptian and West African deities are invoked in St. John the Divine, undiscerning, uninformed Protestant and contemporary evangelical denominations are unwittingly following suit by incorporating pagan, Gnostic symbols, rituals, doctrines, devices, mystical techniques and language into their worship. 

Symbols are nonverbal ways of communicating truths enshrined in our Christian faith.  The 'cross' not only refers to Christ's finished work of redemption but as a symbol for the entire gospel message.  Other Biblical symbols are the lamb of God, dove, fire, earthly stones, heavenly bread and living water.  

Among occult symbols, rituals, devices, techniques and language being adopted by Christian churches are labyrinths,  the Enneagram, African story-telling (churches now have their own unfolding story), yoga, communal festivals, in-Church dramas, dance, and occult pagan versions of the Christian contemplative tradition like those of Richard Foster, Thomas Keating, Tilden Edwards, and Richard Rohr.  

Foster embraces  Teilhard's Hymn of the Universe which initiates Christians into the ways of inner mystical contact with the world depicted  as a divinely-infused living organism, Omega or the goddess Gaia.  Occult pagan mystical techniques are being adopted uncritically by many evangelical churches including Willow Creek.   

Haley Barton was trained  as a spiritual director at the interreligious Shalem Institute for Spiritual Foundation founded by Tilden Edwards. Barton describes today's spiritual technologies, or mystical stream as a bridge:

"This mystical stream is the Western bridge to Far Eastern spirituality." (Pagan Contemplative Techniques, Pamela Frost, p. 197, On Global Wizardry)

 And then there's the rock music so very popular in both our degraded culture and emergent and contemporary evangelical churches:

"Were we to scour the globe in search of the most aggressively  malevolent and unmistakably evil music in existence, it is more than likely  that nothing would be found anywhere to surpass voodoo  in these attributes ... as the rhythmic accompaniment to satanic rituals and  orgies, voodoo is the quintessence of tonal evil. ... Its multiple rhythms,  rather than uniting into an integrated whole, are performed in a certain kind  of conflict with one another. ... What is certain is that to hear this music  is to become instantly encompassed by the sound of its raw, livid power. ...  Musicologists and historians are in no doubt that the drum rhythms of Africa  were carried to America and were transmitted and translated into the style of  music which became known as jazz. Since jazz and the blues were the parents of rock and roll, this also means that there exists a direct line of descent from the voodoo ceremonies of Africa, through jazz, to rock and roll and all other forms of rock music today." (The Secret Power of Music, David Tame, pp. 189-190)

Over the past three hundred years the Western Judeo-Christian tradition grounded in the Revelation of God has been incrementally eclipsed by an apostate Christian occult intelligentsia that emerged out of the Renaissance and has been the real power behind the counter-cultural, anti-tradition and sexual revolutions issuing in socialism and communism. Through their insidious machinations, occult pagan spirituality has been artfully revamped and revised for modern Western consumption. 

In "The Making of the New Spirituality," James Herrick masterfully demonstrates how each major tenet of the Western Judeo-Christian tradition, which he calls the Revealed Word,  has been radically reinvented and disseminated throughout our culture and in our schools by apostate theologians, spiritual directors, new religious cults,  and through books, speeches, magazines, popular TV programs, plays, radio interviews, music, and websites.   

With regard to the Revealed Word, Herrick lists seven major tenets:

1. The supernatural authority of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures: Beginning with the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo, the Bible is taken to be divinely delivered, thus uniquely authoritative as a source of  ultimate truth.

2. A personal, creating and wholly other God: God is all-knowing, all-powerful, present everywhere and possesses traits of personality---thoughts, motives, and the capacity to form relationships.  He created the physical and spiritual worlds ex nihilo, or out of nothing.  Moreover He is neither contained in nor equivalent with the created order, meaning that man does not have a share of God's substance.

3. God's creation of the human race: The Revealed Word teaches that the human race is a special creation of God, the only part of the creation to bear His spiritual image (mind/spirit).  Man then is not a product of strictly natural processes.

4. An intervening God: The Revealed Word affirms that God's activity includes involvement in the lives of individual human beings.  On occasion God's  personal involvement is in the form of communication and at other times He miraculously alters the ordinary course of cause and effect.  Though He invites address and petition through prayer He is not at the command of human beings.

5. Humankind's Fall:  The human race fell into sin at the beginning of its existence as a consequence of their refusal to accept divinely mandated limitations on their activities. The Fall carried with it various catastrophic consequences including spiritual confusion, a state of spiritual separation from God and the inevitability of death.

6. Jesus Christ is God Incarnate: Jesus Christ uniquely manifested God in human form.  Jesus is a revelation of God's nature in person and the only human being to ever fully express the divine nature.  His death and resurrection are uniquely redemptive of fallen humanity.  These events are the sole provision by the living God for the salvation of the human race.  There is no other way but His offer of salvation.

7. Human destiny and divine judgment: The Revealed Word insists that the eternal destiny of the human race is to be determined only by God.  Neither the present earth nor the human race exists indefinitely.  Human beings live but one life.  They do not spiritually evolve or reincarnate.    A final judgment of the human race will occur, and each individual human being will be held accountable for the life lived.  

 Herrick calls the new spirituality "the New Religious Synthesis" and lists seven of its major components:

1. History is not important: As evolution is a primary doctrine of the new spirituality, and evolution implies continuous change, then history as a record of events in space and time is as useless and absurd as unchanging higher truths , moral absolutes and "He made them male and female."

2. The dominance of reason:  Reason---also mind, consciousness, intellect, awareness, divine spark,  pattern, or imagination---is the mystical divine essence in humans.  It is virtually unlimited in its potential development through scientific study, evolution, and mystical experiences.  The divine essence is the gateway to human apprehension of spiritual insights such as 'oneness' and 'interconnectedness' coming to those with the most highly evolved consciousness:

"Perhaps the most vital function of psychedelic drugs and plants is their ability to reliably produce spiritual or mystical experiences. These transpersonal experiences of “oneness,” or inseparability, often result in an increased sense of ecological awareness, a greater sense of interconnection, a transcendence of the fear of death, a sense of the sacred or divine, a desire to help humanity, and an identification with something much larger than one’s body or personal life."  (Psychedelic Drug Research Heralds the Future Science of Divinity, David Jay Brown, Santa Cruz Patch, June 2012)

3. The spiritualization of science: The tool employed by divine reason to acquire new spiritual truths

4. The animation of nature: Nature (matter) is infused with and animated by divine spirit, the Force, Zoe, consciousness or life force.  This is animism.

5. Hidden knowledge (gnosis) and spiritual progress: Gnosis is the key to spiritual insight and human progress and is the preserve of some scientists, spiritual directors, gurus, god-men, mediums and a new class of Western shaman.  Such knowledge comes by means of science and spiritual technologies that lead to direct communication with the Ultimate Source (nonliving monistic One Substance, Omega, Universal Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Chaos, Divine Abyss, Primordial Matter).    Emptying the mind and disconnecting from reality are the goals of spiritual technologies:

".....spiritual power and a vibrant connection with the universe (is attained by) emptying the mind, leaving reality and getting “high” within. Meditation (sometimes facilitated by, in a Woodstock way, listening to rock music, experimenting with sex, and smoking pot or popping hallucinatory drugs—you know, a little help from “my friends”) often induced what can be called “altered state[s] of consciousness...."    "Ecstasy can be deliberately induced using religious or creative activities, meditation, music, dancing, breathing exercises, physical exercise, sex or consumption of psychotropic drugs.” (Altered States: A Different Gate, Sarah Leslie and Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Herescope, April 2011)

This essay has briefly examined a few of the symbols, rituals, doctrines, devices, and language common to contemporary occult pagan spirituality whether in its' "Christian" guise or non-Christian forms. 

With respect to supernatural Christian theism, pagan spirituality is its' exact opposite or antithesis and under no circumstances are Christians to accommodate the Church to paganism.  

The Apostle Paul aptly describes pagan knowledge as the futility of minds and foolish, hardened, darkened hearts.  (Romans 1:21)  Paul is not naïve.   He knows that pagan thinking is neither innocent nor neutral for they knowingly  suppress the truth about God in preference to 'self.'(Rom. 1:18).

Apart from God human thinking is idolatrous because it raises 'self' up in preference to God.  Such intellectual pride is an expression of "the doctrine of demons" as Paul says in 1 Tim. 4:1.

@Linda Kimball

The Grand Inquisitor's Swindle: the Abomination of Desolation Standing in the Holy Place

In Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel, "The Brothers Karamazov," (1879-1880) the Grand Inquisitor is an important part of the novel because the character represents Dostoevsky's penetrating insight into the fallen human psyche and one of its' most important endowments: moral freedom.   In particular, the Grand Inquisitor symbolizes the principle of nihilism (negation) and rebellion in mortal men such Hegel, Max Stirner, Karl Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, Teilhard de Chardin, and Sartre, who though not the actual devil are of like mind with him. 

The Grand Inquisitor is a conscious swindler who knows that the living Triune God of Revelation exists, yet perversely chooses to rebel against God as revealed through Jesus Christ despite that he knows that his own life is by the grace of the living God. 

In "Political Apocalypse: A Study of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor," Ellis Sandoz writes that when Marx found himself compelled to negate his own being (soul/spirit, or self) because of his perverse desire to show that "man owes his existence (only) to man," and to establish that the "entire so-called history of the world is nothing but the creation of man," he virtually recapitulated Aquinas' argument:

"A being only considers himself independent when he stands on his own feet; and he only stands on his own feet when he owes his existence to himself.  A man who lives by the grace of another regards himself as a dependent being (and) I live completely by the grace of another if I owe him not only the maintenance of my life, but if he has, moreover, created my life---if he is the source of my life.  When it is not of my own creation, my life has necessarily a source of this kind outside of it.  The creation is therefore an idea very difficult to dislodge from popular consciousness.  The fact that nature and man exist in their own account is incomprehensible to it, because it contradicts everything tangible in practical life."(pp. 113-114)

Being of one mind with the devil, the Grand Inquisitor (Marx) suggests that in order to affirm that man is god, the denial of the existence of God has in the past been necessary, thus to further his swindle, he asserts antitheism rather than atheism, which is merely a negation of God that nevertheless postulates the existence of man through this negation.  The complete negation of God requires that man and nature (matter) be of the same substance.  As matter is soulless, then so is man.

For the conscious swindler, the prudent course is to flatly deny the existence of God and enforce this dictate by way of psychological manipulation and if need be, by murder.  Terrorize believers into groveling submission, and even better, accommodation, by way of harsh scorn, cruel ridicule, slander and charges of insanity.  

 The Inquisitor also knows that if men are deprived of the living God they will worship something else.  Thus as Marx, the Inquisitor proffers the natural religion of scientific socialism and dialectical materialism (evolutionary theory).  But when Darwin published his own theory, the Inquisitor immediately perceived its' philosophical materialist implications.  The idea that humans evolved by chance and natural selection from primordial water or lifeless chemicals lay the axe at the very foundation of the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo and provided the scientific framework to support the economic infrastructure on which Marx could build his godless communist utopia:

"...the biggest thing going for Darwinism was that it finally broke the tyranny in which Christianity had held the minds of men for so many centuries." (F. Hoyle and C. Wickramasinghe, "Evolution From Space," 1983, pp. xiii-xxii, 81 and 145)

In the time-tested knowledge that appeals to pride work most every time, the Inquisitor describes the Genesis account as nothing but myth believed by backward unscientific rubes. All of the really forward-thinking people, cooed the Inquisitor, believe evolution.  Evolution is a scientific fact that not only tells us where we come from  but,

"....tells us where we came from, how we got here, and perhaps where we are going. Quite simply, it is science’s version of Roots, except it is the story of us all." (Professor S.J. Gould, quoted in Time, May 1983, p. 35)

The Inquisitor (Teilhard) knows that men long to deify themselves as of old so he begins a New Religion that combines Darwinian evolution, Hermetic magic and Hindu-style mystical pantheism.  This will be a better Christianity.  Look,  I've taken the personal God out of His heaven so He will,

".....become the soul of the world; our religious and cultural stage calls for this.” (Lettres a Leontine Zanta, quoted by von Hildebrand in Trojan Horse in the City of God, 1967, p. 239)

See, we have killed Him, declared the Inquisitor (Nietzsche).  And now,

 "Do we not dash on unceasingly?  Backwards, sideways, forwards, in all directions?  Is there still an above and below? Do we not stray...through infinite nothingness?  Does not empty space breathe upon us?  ...Does not night come on continually, darker and darker?"  (Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Eugene Rose, p. 108)

It was Nietzsche, the apostate Christian philosopher who was the first to gaze fully upon man's loss of the personal God and faith and its terrifying consequences.  With no living God to obstruct his vision, the nihilism he saw was agonizing.  

In "The Gnostic Religion," Hans Jonas provides a full-scale study of the heretical world of pre-Christian and Christian era Gnostic nihilism together with its modern variant--- metaphysical nihilism, the consequence of the complete negation of God and reduction of man to matter.

Jonas writes that while ancient Gnostic man is thrown,

"...into an antagonistic, anti-divine, and therefore anti-human nature, modern (Gnostic) man (is thrown) into an indifferent one." (p. 338, emphasis added)

Whereas the ancient gnostic conception is still anthropomorphic despite the nihilism, hostility and demonic, its modern counterpart with its' indifferent nature, its' completely godless, soulless, spiritless nature, represents the "absolute vacuum, the really bottomless pit."

At least the ancient Gnostic dualism, as fantastic as it was, was at least self-consistent, as there was a source for 'self' (being).   Not so for its' modern counterpart:

"So radically has anthropomorphism been banned from....nature that even man must cease to be conceived anthropomorphically if he is just an accident of nature.  As the product of the indifferent, his being, too, must be indifferent.  Then the facing of his mortality would simply warrant the reaction, 'Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die." (p. 339)

Peering into the void, the Inquisitor (Nietzsche)  saw only darkness---no entry from the outside into this hermetically sealed world, a world devoid of God, higher truth, moral law, eternity, soul, meaning, and purpose.  The paralyzing darkness that took possession of him was an inner blinding that spreading outward, briefly lifted up its horn to trumpet the death of God before falling into madness.

Hans Jonas comments:

"...modern nihilism (is) infinitely more radical and more desperate than gnostic nihilism ever could be for all its panic terror of the world and its defiant contempt of its laws.  That nature does not care, one way or the other, is the true abyss.  That only man cares, in his finitude facing nothing but death, alone with....the objective meaninglessness of his projected meanings, is a truly unprecedented situation." (Jonas, p. 339)

This was precisely the Inquisitor's point.  With the death of God objective meaninglessness and universal madness would eventually penetrate every avenue of thought and life, making life itself unbearable. 

"...they seek my soul to destroy it..." Psalm 63:9

 The Inquisitor's great swindle has succeeded beyond all expectation.  The triumph of naturalism, Darwinism and other naturalistic evolutionary conceptions in the nineteenth century has meant the negation of the Divinely inspired Genesis account of creation ex nihilo delivered to Moses who was in the wilderness with the angel.

The “angel” who spoke with Moses at Sinai, delivering unto him the “living oracles” (Scriptures) was the Word begotten of God before all creation (John 1:1-5), the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in a pre-incarnate theophany:

"... which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us." (Acts 7:38)

Jesus Christ, the “angel” who spoke with Moses at Sinai, is the Creator.  Foremost of His miracles is creation out of nothing—six acts or days of creation rather than the billions of years of evolutionary process out of lifeless matter in conjunction with transmigration and reincarnation as modern wisdom holds:

The first moment of time is the moment of God’s creative act and of creation’s simultaneous coming to be.” (Philosopher and New Testament scholar William Lane Craig quoted in “If God created the universe, then who created God?’ by Jonathan Sarfati, Creation Ministries International)

On the miraculous creation of the first man Church Father John Chrysostom writes:

And God formed man of dust from the earth, and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul….the inbreathing communicated to the one created out of earth the power of life, and thus the nature of the soul was formed.  What does a living soul mean?  An active soul, which has the members of the body as the implements of its activities, submissive to its will.” (Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, Seraphim Rose, p.215)

The negation of our Lord's Divine revelation results in the following consequences:

First, whether wittingly or unwittingly, Jesus Christ has been made into a liar.

Second, there is no logical source for either life or soul/spirit:

"Instead of Adam, our ancestry is traced to the most grotesque of creatures; thought is phosphorous; the soul complex nerves, and our moral sense a secretion of sugar."  (Disraeli, quoted by John Passmore "A Hundred Years of Philosophy," p. 36)

Third, the Abomination of Desolation now stands in the Holy place materializing the souls and blinding the eyes of men that they not see Jesus Christ, the Physician of our souls who came to heal the spiritually sick that they may live:

"..... I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life..." Deuteronomy 30:19-20

But sinful men really prefer the bread (stones) of the world to Jesus Christ's heavenly bread, intoned the Inquisitor (Teilhard).   Like me they detest,

 "...all those goody-goody romances about the saints and the martyrs! Whatever normal child would want to spend eternity in such boring company?" (Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 584)

Being of one mind with the devil, the Inquisitor knows the secret of human nature.  It was made known during the time that God spent on earth as the Christ and was tempted in the wilderness.   The secret was made known there but was ignored, said the Inquisitor, because God would not deprive men of the freedom of good and evil and of either heavenly bread and paradise or earthly bread and outer darkness.

The secret and fundamental axiom of the devil is that "mankind worships its belly," which means that the,

"...promised bread of heaven can never compare with 'earthly bread in the eyes of the weak, ever sinful and ignoble race of man." (Sandoz, p. 117)

The devil adds that among sinful rebellious men at every level of society there is a universal craving to find "community of worship" where there will be no dispute about whatever earthly stones are to be worshipped.   It must be established so that all can agree and be united in satisfying their pungent cravings.    Whether inside or outside of the apostate and accommodating church,

"....earthly bread fills these qualifications better than anything else" since  man's "greatest anxiety is to be rid of his freedom."   From President to Congressman, Hollywood actor, scientist, lawmaker and priest, man can readily dupe himself into surrendering his moral freedom,

"...to those who are skillful enough to appease his conscience." (Sandoz, pp. 117-118)

The triumph of the devil and his Inquisitors is seen by the masses of dehumanized Westerners and Americans, both secular and worldly Christian, who being thoroughly preoccupied with the bread and circuses of this world, cannot apprehend the lie of naturalism and evolution or perceive the Abomination of Desolation standing in the Holy Place.

@Linda Kimball