Back to Mars Hill: Gnosticism, Baphomet, Cyborgs, Death of the West, and Massacre of Christians

In ‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored" Raymond Ibrahim reports that one of the worst Christian massacres complete with,

 "...mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters)."  (The Aquila Report)

 In other words, the sinister power stealthily aiding and abetting the massacre of Syrian Christians is our own ‘deep state’ Gnostic Progressive Leftist controlled government.   

Though names have changed over time and new members added, it remains the case that behind the murderous Soviet Union, Hitler's occult National Socialist Reich, the ongoing destruction of the West, redistribution of its wealth, and replacement of Westerners and Americans with Muslims, there has been a powerful financial coterie of 'elite' progressives and like-minded travelers committed to a mystical pantheist worldview, apotheosis, self-empowerment, revolution and death.  From the turn of the century till now, the coterie has been financing catastrophic worldwide wars, revolutions and mass murder, particularly of faithful Jews and Christians since the turn of the century:

"About 200,000 clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union, a Russian commission reported this week. In addition, another 500,000 religious figures were persecuted and 40,000 churches destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980, the report said. Half the country's mosques and more than half the synagogues were also destroyed. Clergymen were crucified on churches' holy gates, shot, scalped [and] strangled," said Alexander Yakovlev, head of the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression. The commission prepared the report for Russian President Boris Yeltsin. "I was especially shocked by accounts of priests turned into columns of ice in winter," Yakovlev said. "It was total cruelty." (

"Persecution and martyrdom of Christians under 20th century totalitarianism – mainly of Russian Orthodox Christians under Bolshevism – is by far the greatest crime in all of recorded history.... Attempts at "killing the soul" started only months after the Revolution of 1917." Persecution and martyrdom was, "several times greater than the Holocaust in terms of innocent lives brutally destroyed. It has killed more Christians in a few decades than all other causes put together in all ages, with Islam a distant second as the cause of their death and suffering. And yet it still remains a largely unknown, often minimized, or scandalously glossed over crime."(New Martyrs of the East and Coming Trials in the West, Srdja Trifkovic,

Despite the election of Donald Trump, most of America's government, financial institutions, defense, education, media, music, liberalized churches, seminaries, and other cultural and mind-shaping institutions remain in the hands of God-and-America-hating 'deep state' Gnostic Progressives, the intellectual heirs of a way of thinking that from the beginning,

 "... has been characterized by a desire to be free from the burden of Christianity...As a rebellion against Christianity, its negative goal defined its positive form: the desire to remove the church and replace it with the state gave liberalism its structure, beliefs, and goals."  (Worshipping the State: How Liberalism became Our State Worship, Benjamin Wiker)

Wiker writes that as far back as the Renaissance the strong impulse to throw off the restraints of the personal Triune God and Christianity was already at work in certain Churchmen and intellectuals, hence their eventual embrace of anti-creation evolutionary materialism:

 “The desire to be liberated from the constraints of Christianity was the original reason for modern liberalism’s embrace of a world defined entirely by materialism—the view that there are no immaterial entities like God of the soul, but only physical entities. This embrace of materialism began as far back as the Renaissance. And the same impulse was behind the nineteenth-century enthusiasm for scientific materialism, and it remains a staple of liberalism today."  (Ibid, Benjamin Wiker)

Within the materialist and evolutionary pattern of thought,

"there is neither need nor room for the supernatural. The earth was not created; it evolved. So did all the animals and plants that inhabit it, including our human selves, mind and soul as well as brain and body. So did religion."   (The Humanist Frame, Julian Huxley, p. 18)

Having rejected the Christian roots of their own civilization, contemporary Progressive Leftists have merged materialism with a new Gnostic mystical pantheist order of beliefs of which global socialism, a form of monism (collectivism or totalism), is a logical expression.  In keeping with Marxist Communism, Nazi Socialism, New Age Spirituality, Luciferianism, and “God is dead” theology, Progressive Leftism is a Neo-Gnostic movement that exalts Lucifer as the Light Bearer and emancipator of man while demonizing Jehovah as an evil, malformed, ignorant deity sometimes called Yaldabaoth, the 'fallen' Holy Creator God of the Old Testament who created the evil material world, angels and human beings (automatons).  Thus Helena Blavatsky, architect of New Age spirituality concluded that it is but natural,

" view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it was he who was the 'Harbinger of Light,' bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah...Indeed, (mankind) was taught wisdom and the hidden knowledge by the 'Fallen Angel." As man's benefactor, Lucifer continues to assist man's evolution." (Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, Fr. Seraphim Rose, pp. 224-225) 

Rather than Yaldabaoth, modern Gnostic Transhumanists such as Nick Bostrom, one of the founders of the World Transhumanist Association, suggest that the Holy Trinity is an evil alien supercomputer, an ego-driven consciousness, the evil Lord Archon – a projection of artificial intelligence. The Lord Archon has entrapped humanity through deceit and parasitism in a simulated world of matter to prevent human beings from remembering that they are divine spirits whose real home is the Cosmic Mind or Gnostic Pleroma. (1)

All permutations of Western neo-Gnosticism believe the world is not real but rather a simulation or mental construct in the mind for example, of extraterrestrials, the Lord Archon, or Yaldabaoth. This idea not only undergirds identity politics, constructivism, and social justice (2) but is strikingly similar to Hinduism's Brahman. Brahman however, is not an evil Archon but the Great Cosmic Spirit – the Ultimate One Substance (prakriti matter, anima mundi or prima materia), the Essence of all phenomena, meaning that the universe exists only as a mental construction in the mind of Brahman: brahma satyam jagan mithya, or "Brahman is real, the world is unreal." (

“...pride is their necklace; The garment of violence covers them. Their eye bulges from fatness. The imaginations of their heart run riot. They mock and wickedly speak of oppression; They speak from on high. They have set their mouth against the heavens,  And their tongue parades through the earth.”   Psalm 73: 6-9

In this light it can be seen why Western Gnostic movements are vehemently anti-supernatural and anti-creation ex nihilo in favor of an inverted evolutionary exegesis.  Western Gnosticism is a redoubt of the proud who speak sophistry from on high while mocking and ridiculing decent, hard-working Americans.  Gnostic Progressivism is amoral, satanic, technocratic, and chiliastic.  It represents the ultimate inversion and reversion of the Triune God, His creation, Satan, reality, good and evil, and the fall of Adam and Eve.  As opposed to the Biblical version, the Gnostic account reverses Adam and Eve's violation of God's command as merely a mindless failure to commit the act rightly in the first place while the serpent is no longer Satan, but an “incognito savior” who makes man aware of his own innate divinity and promises to unlock the god within all of the chosen. This theme of apotheosis underpins neo-Gnosticism, pre-Christian and Christian era Gnosticism and the pagan Mystery religions from the time of Babylon. (3) 

This is why demonically deceived Gnostic Progressives look upon themselves as god-like redeemers of a world corrupted by Jehovah, Christianity, faithful Jews, the procreative family, capitalism, property ownership, racism, sexism, homophobia, and class divisions.    It is demonic mendacity that allows them to regard "those who oppose them as eternally damned." (“The Threat We Face: what is the nature of the adversary we are up against?” David Horowitz,, October 9, 2013)

Gnostic Progressivism: A Brief Timeline

In 1947, the Progressive Liberal head of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, wrote a book entitled, "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy." His book was a blueprint for a socialistic, evolutionary pantheist, collectivist New World Order that called for a single 'new' spirituality — a mixture of Buddhist materialist-pantheism, Luciferian Theosophy, paganized evolutionary Christianity, neo-Gnosticism, and other worldly traditions.  Huxley’s androgynous collectivist system called for one language, one way of thinking, a world food bank, a world bank, and a universal identification system.

 Huxley believed a global order could be brought about by syncretizing Christianity with the 'new' evolutionary spirituality, thus the task before UNESCO:

 " to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose." (

 Huxley spoke of two opposing, antithetical worldviews — one founded on the supernatural, personal, Triune God and creation ex nihilo and the other on anti-creation evolutionary materialism and pantheist monism confronting each other from the West and the East. In describing them he said,

 "You may categorize the two philosophies as...individualism versus collectivism or as the American versus the Russian...or as capitalism versus communism, or as Christianity versus Marxism. Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? I believe...this can happen...through the inexorable dialectic of evolution." (ibid)

The abomination spawned through the inexorable dialectic of evolution is evolutionary theism, the "higher synthesis" resulting from the reconciliation of opposites. 

In 1954, Whittaker Chambers warned that Western Progressive Liberal ‘elitists’ were committed to a secret complicity with murderous Communists.  Though they outwardly profess dislike for slave labor camps, purges, MVD, famines, et al, it is only,

 "....because they are afraid of being caught in them.  If they could have Communism without the brutalities of ruling that the Russian experience bred, they have only marginal objections (because they do not find them unjustifiable).  Why should they object?  What else is socialism but Communism with the claws retracted?" (The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America, George H. Nash, p. 253)

 Four years later, Conservative intellectual Frank Meyer summarized the Liberal pathology:

 "contemporary Liberalism is in agreement with Communism on ---the necessity and desirability of socialism (that) all inherited value---theological, philosophical, political (is) without intrinsic virtue or authority; that therefore, no irreconcilable differences exist between it and Communism..."  (Ibid, p. 137)

 Meyer concludes that amoral Progressive Liberals are,

 "... unfit for the leadership of a free society, and (are) intrinsically incapable of offering serious opposition to the Communist offensive." (ibid)

 In his book "The Naked Capitalist," W. Cleon Skousen exposes an unholy alliance of evil intentioned Progressive Liberal bankers and capitalists, American and English and both left and right, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and the resulting Soviet Union.  Skousen verifies his findings through the writings of Dr. Carroll Quigley, a professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University and mentor to Bill Clinton.

 Quigley's opus, "Tragedy and Hope," reveals one of the worlds' best kept secrets: a gargantuan power complex that from the start has been controlling Marxist-Communist, Socialist, and anarchist groups:

"...the power that...Left-wingers exercised was never their own power or communist power but...the power of the international financial coterie." (p. 954, Tragedy and Hope)

According to Quigley the international financial coterie was the real power behind monstrous crimes against humanity committed by Communist and Nazi Socialist regimes. According to the authors of "The Black Book of Communism," Communist regimes did not just commit criminal acts but were murderous criminal enterprises in their very essence:

"...all ruled lawlessly and without regard for human life (and) one particular feature of many Communist regimes (was) their use of famine as a weapon. The Bolsheviks had decided to eliminate...any challenge or resistance, even if passive, to their absolute power. This strategy applied not only to groups with opposing political views, but also to such social groups as the nobility, the middle class, the intelligentsia...the clergy...military officers and the police." (Pp. xvii, 8-9)

 Why did Quigley expose the existence of the global financial coterie? Because he said, it is now too late for the little people to turn the tide. He urged them to not fight the noose which is already around their necks, for they will only hang themselves:

"On the other hand, those who go along with the immense pressure which is beginning to be felt by all humanity will eventually find themselves in a man-made millennium of peace and prosperity." (The Naked Capitalist, Skousen, pp. 4-6)

Recently, top Progressive Leftists met with communists, Transhumanists, Cyborgs, Islamists and other powerful globalists from around the world to push for a 'new world order.'  Globalists gathered on the Arabian Peninsula for the 2018 World Government Summit where more than a few speakers made clear that individual liberty, self-government, and the “America First” agenda were in the crosshairs. On the other hand:

"Big Government, trans-humanism, and globalism were presented as the solution to basically everything, from alleged man-made “global warming” and health problems to unemployment and even hate. Aside from global governance and statism, one of the key themes of the conference was the merger of man and machine to become “cyborgs.” Artificial Intelligence and “Happiness,” directed by authorities, were also major topics.” (Creepy “World Government Summit” Targets America, Freedom,” Alex Newman, The New American, Feb. 21, 2018)

 Gnostic Progressivism: America's State Worship

Progressives believe their New World Order is a certainty because throughout contemporary America, Gnostic Progressive ideology reigns triumphant.  Its' inverted, dehumanizing evolutionary exegesis has captured the hearts of millions of Americans, including great numbers of Christian seminarians and theologians.  Progressive Liberalism, said Wiker, is now our State worship, which is why America has fallen down the rabbit hole into the upside-down fantasy realm of Mad Hatters and Red Queens where up is down, good is evil, male is female and in the eyes of the Gnostic left, American patriotism is not only illegitimate but equivalent to “white nationalism' and is racist."  (How Identity Politics is Designed to Destroy Us, David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine, Feb 26, 2018) 

The racial identity politics of the Gnostic Progressive Left is part of a larger spectrum of poisonous “identity politics,”

"which has been embraced by the Democratic Party and is better understood as cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxists divide the population into racial, ethnic and gender groups and arrange them in a hierarchy of alleged oppression. This perverse and divisive view of American society was in fact the organizing principle of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, which justified her candidacy as ending the alleged inequality of women and the mythical wage-gender pay gap. Her opponents, she said, belonged in a “basket of deplorables,” which she identified as “racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes – you name it." (ibid)

America's Crisis is Spiritual

The Western and American crisis is the culmination of modern man's progressive attempt to deny the existence of the transcendent Holy God and of man's progressive failure to find meaning and salvation in some wholly immanent (naturalistic) conception of reality.  Thus today we stand again on Mars Hill surrounded by hostile Gnostic pagan and mystical pantheist idolaters, Cyborgs, the horned goat-headed demon Baphomet, a host of blue-skinned Hindu gods and goddesses, and Luciferian and Kundalini serpent powers (evolution). The battle against spiritual darkness defies our imagination. (4)

 @Linda Kimball

1. Modern Gnostic Physicists and Transhumanists: The World is a Computer Simulation in the Minds of Robotic Overlords, Linda Kimball

2. Liberal Students Throw Tantrum when Biologist says Men and Women are Different, Onan Coca, The Olive Branch Report, Mar. 1, 2018

3. Luciferianism: The Religion of Apotheosis, Terry Melanson, May 2014

4. The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back, Peter Jones, Professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, Calif.

The Progressive Myth: Socialism, Psychopaths, Mean Nasty Girls, and America's Tyranny of Evil

"avoid irreverent babble (delusions and empty philosophizing of those who reject Jehovah), for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness"  (2 Tim. 2:16) "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them." (Ephesians 5:11)

 Leftist Progressive Utopianism's most enduring myth is the delusional and self-refuting multi-faceted notion that man is born good despite that he is the uncreated product of revamped and revitalized Babylonian evolutionary idolatry. (Ezekiel 14:3) Even more incredible, man is somehow the slave of the Holy Triune God as well as of Biblically grounded Western tradition and culture even though Leftists claim He does not exist and cruelly ridicule those who worship Him as Lord and Savior.  Yet according to these babblers if human-apes of evolution are liberated from their slavery to the nonexistent God and Western tradition and culture, their innate goodness will fully manifest itself.

In support of Leftism's most enduring delusion are three more. First, enlightened yet spiritually dead Leftist Progressive Utopians and the City of Man they are building are evolving ever upward toward apotheosis and a communist or socialist paradise on earth, a 'new' Babylon.  Second, science, technology, and the divine life-making energy (serpent power) known as evolution have brought the enlightened yet morally depraved, deeply deluded 'Best and Brightest' to the brink of ending all suffering, in particular, death itself. And finally, enlightened reprobates are gaining control over evil.  Reality says otherwise:

"Communism has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: Its fruits are death, destruction, and despair. Its leading figures were cynical and sly men who masked their hatred of humanity with high-sounding words. By any measure, they were as dark and sinister as could be."  (Dead End of Communism, The Epoch Times)

For more than 100 years, Leftist Progressive Utopianism has been a spellbinding force for modern Gnostic God-and-human hating power and vengeance seekers, the criminally minded, wishful thinkers, the emotionally unstable; rebellious, resentful, ungrateful youth and mean, nasty, empyty-headed girls and queen bees:

"This weekend women across the country are dusting off their pussyhats for another march for women...These self-proclaimed defenders of women’s rights hold on to their bottomless pit of hatred against the president despite their own leaders being exposed as exploiters of other women. These empty headed mean girls of every age bully conservative women and emasculate all the men in their lives then march to whine about their oppression. All the while ignoring honor violence, sexual slavery, female genital mutilation, human trafficking and real oppression of women. These spoiled angry, unhappy and uninformed ladies of luxury, who wear pink hats and invisible blinders, epitomize the failure of the feminist movement."  (Mean Girls, Nasty Women & Queen Bees, Dawn Perlmutter, Frontpage Magazine, Jan. 19, 2018). 

C.E.M Joad, a 20th century philosopher had been among the ranks of the spellbound and spent most of his life embracing Progressive myths and loudly proclaiming his distate for the supernatural Triune God.  However, the catastrophic events, genocide and other monstrous crimes against humanity committed by Marxist Communists and National Socialists empowered by Western Progressive financiers during the 20th century finally wore down Joad's delusional optimism:

"...the power that...Left-wingers exercised was never their own power or communist power but...the power of the international financial coterie." (Dr. Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p. 954)

As he witnessed so-called "enlightened" Progressives, Marxists and other like-minded disciples of depravity make the same stupid, discouraging and outright evil choices over and over again, commit the same hideous crimes against humanity over and over again, and rationalize their evil wickedness over and over again, Joad was forced to conclude that his faith in man was wrong and Progressive myths rendered utterly implausible by the catastrophic and genocidal events of the twentieth century.  

Joad concluded that it is because Progressives and their like-minded counterparts rejected,

".... the doctrine of original sin that we on the Left were always being disappointed; disappointed by the refusal of people to be reasonable, by the subservience of intellect to emotion, by the failure of true Socialism to arrive, by the behavior of nations and politicians, by the masses' preference for Hollywood to Shakespeare and for Mr. Sinatra to Beethoven; above all, by the recurrent fact of war."  (The Deadliest Monster, J.F. Baldwin, p. 97)

Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957), renowned English crime writer, poet, playwright, essayist, translator and Christian humanist concurs:

"The people who are most discouraged and made despondent by the barbarity and stupidity of human behavior are those who think highly of homo sapiens....and who still cling to an optimistic belief in the civilizing influence of progress and enlightenment." (ibid, p. 96)

 Spellbinding Progress and enlightenment myths were shown to be dangerous delusions In 1926 when Governor Theodore Christianson of Minnesota established the Minnesota Crime Commission to study crime and evaluate its causes. The commission eventually concluded that criminal tendencies were not the result of slavery to the Triune God and Western civilization as the Progressives claimed. In essence the Commissions findings agreed with Joad's conclusions upon his loss of faith in the Progressive myth.  The Commission offered the following brutal observation:

"Every baby starts life as a little savage. He is completely selfish and self-centered. He wants what he wants when he wants it: his bottle, his mother's attention, his playmates toys...or whatever. Deny him these and he seethes with rage and aggressiveness which could be murderous were he not so helpless. He's dirty; he has no morals, no knowledge, no developed skills. This means that all children, not just certain children, but all children, are born delinquent. If permitted to continue in their self-centered world of infancy, given free rein to their impulsive actions to satisfy each want, every child would grow up a criminal, a thief, a killer, a rapist."

The completely selfish and self-centered human can grow up to be far more evil than common delinquents.  Their narcissism can become so inflated, their conscience so depraved and hardened and their will so given to evil that the Triune God gives them over to reprobate minds (Romans 1: 18-28).  In clinical terms, they can become psychopaths.

Martha Stout has worked extensively with victims of psychopaths, and describes psychopaths as having no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what they do.  Psychopaths have no,

"...  limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or--family. Imagine no struggles with shame---no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action (they take)."  The concept of responsibility is unknown to them, "except as a burden others seem to accept---like gullible fools."   They are not held back from any of their "desires by guilt or shame, and... are never confronted by others for (their) cold-bloodedness....(They) are completely free of internal restraints, and...unhampered liberty to do just as (they) please, with no pangs of conscience..." (Political Ponerology, Andrew M. Lobaczewski, pp. 10-11)

Psychopathy: What Is It?

John Ray, M.A., Ph.D, summarizes some of the central characteristics of psychopathy as follows:

"He is not obviously 'mad.' he is often highly intelligent; he is unmoved by brutality (except to enjoy perpetrating it); he has no moral or ethical standards; he is deeply (but discreetly) in love with himself (narcissism) so secretly despises others and thinks they are fit only to be dominated and exploited by him and those like him; he is a great manipulator who loves getting others to do his bidding by deception or otherwise; he is the master of the lie and the false pretense but sees no reason to be consistent from occasion to occasion; he will say anything to gain momentary praise or admiration; his only really strongly felt emotions seem to be hate and contempt and he is particularly enraged by those who have what he wants and will be totally unscrupulous in trying to seize what others have for himself.  But above all, the psychopath does not seem to be able to tell right from wrong and, as a result, does sometimes commit or connive at murders and other heinous crimes with what seems to be a clear conscience."   (Leftism As Psychopathy, John Ray)

Because psychopaths hold other people in contempt and are without remorse they freely manipulate and use their intended victims for purposes of self-gratification. Other common characteristics include:  moral relativism (no absolutes), an overwhelming sense of entitlement, parasitism, psychological and physical bullying, casual cruelty, pleasure at inflicting pain (sadism), insensitivity, dishonesty, pathological lying, aggression, impulsiveness, promiscuity, and irresponsibility .

Psychpaths as  Omnipotent 'gods'

Omnipotence, in the case of Western "scientific and evolutionary" empowered psychopaths comes from imagining they possess power over the Holy Trinity and His Revealed Word so as to take for themselves the power of the Lord's own spoken Word.  Leftist delusions are then,

" interpreted and promulgated by the left in a quasi-divine manner as the secular word of God, which is why it is inimical to counter-argument and will not tolerate dissent.  It has proliferated in various forms and guises, theories and practices, right up to the present moment."  (The Left Will Always Be With Us, David Solway, American Thinker, Jan. 2018)

In this way they give their own words the active force of the Triune Gods creative words thereby allowing  them to unweave and refashion creation, reinvent human beings, paganize Scripture, and creatively destroy the family and society as desired.   Furthermore, they can decide who lives and who must die, what we may have or not have, how many children we may have, what we are allowed to know and not know and who the Official State Enemies are. This is a psychopaths power trip.   

What drives psychopaths is a ravenous hunger for making other people suffer. Just as normal humans enjoy seeing other people happy and thriving, the psychopath enjoys the opposite.  As their hard-hearted lack of empathy results in blindness to the humanity of their victims this in turn permits victims to be sacrificed without remorse on the altar of malignant narcissism, for with the negation of humanity intended victims are no longer human beings but objects to be used, abused, tormented and discarded at will. This monstrous evil finds expression over and over in the writings of the sexual psychopath, the Marquis de Sade:

"The philosopher sates his appetites without inquiring to know what his enjoyments may cost others, and without remorse." (Libido Dominandi, E. Michael Jones, p. 26)

Paul Hollander's book "Political Pilgrims: Western Intellectuals in Search of the Good Society" recounts what depraved Leftist intellectuals and apostate priests did for many decades in the Soviet era. To quote one Amazon reviewer:

"Political Pilgrims is the amazing story of how Western intellectuals embraced Marxist tyrants at the very moment their colleagues were rotting in prison cells, and the common people everyone claimed to be concerned for, were starving. The book relates how cultural and religious leaders from the West, including familiar names, visited the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other communist countries, and told the most appalling lies." (ibid, Ray)

Among well-known psychopaths of the 20th century are  Pol Pot, Hitler, Beatrice Webb, Margaret Sanger, Lenin and Stalin.  Kaganovitch, Stalin's brother-in-law and closest collaborator described Stalin as no longer human:

"Even when he exhibited some emotions, they all did not seem to belong to him. They were as false as the scale on top of armor...He was not human at all..." (Marx and Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 53)

Milovan Djilas, Communist leader of Yugoslavia, perceptively described the mesmerizing satanic energy emanating from the 'no longer human' Stalin:

"Was it not so that the demonic power and energy of Stalin consisted in this, that he made the (Communist) movement and every person in it pass to a state of confusion and stupefaction, thus creating and ensuring his reign of fear..." (ibid, p. 54)

According to Ray, prominent psychopaths of our own time include the average left-wing academic, George Galloway, Castro, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and  Barack Obama--- prominent members of America's Progressive Ruling Class who,   

"...prays to themselves as saviors of the planet and as shapers of mankind in their own image..." ("The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It" Angelo M. Codevilla p. xix)

For our generation of psychopaths there is no Holy Trinity, no Moral Law, no immutable Truth, no sin, and no fear of judgment and hell.   Thus they are free to be evil: to think evil, speak evil  and commit acts of evil since there is only sovereign willful 'self' who knows only personal selfishness, ambition, physical lust and hate.

A tyranny of evil has spread itself over and across our country like a vast dark wing and we cannot understand its' manifestations---its' seething hatred of God and America's middle class---particularly white Conservatives and Christians---or its' treachery, cruelty, sadism, pathological lying, obscenity, perversity, blasphemy, and deliberate corruption of our children unless we return to our Heavenly Father and the Biblical view of man:

"....the basic insights of the Christian faith provide the best insight we have into the nature of man and of the crisis we find ourselves in..." (John Hallowell, The Conservative Intellectual Movement, George Nash, p. 53)

Man is not born good, as Leftist Progressives claim. Nor are man and society 'evolving' to some higher, more godlike spiritual state. This is pure fantasy from the pits of hell.. 

Without exception, evil cuts through the heart of every man and woman, thus no concept gives "deeper insight into the enigma that is man" than original sin. Evil is not just a "bad dream"  or "an accident of history." Nor is it the "creation of a few antisocial men" but rather a "subtle, protean force," and original sin is a "parabolical expression" of this "immemorial tendency of man to do the wrong thing when he knows the right thing." (ibid)

As a people, and more importantly as Christians who should know better, we have allowed ourselves to forget this---to our own and our children's peril. 

@Linda Kimball



Progressive Leftism: The Serpent’s Blood-Soaked Ideology of Deception, Malice, and Madness

Regarding Donald Trump's private sexual comments and the Leftist generated hysteria surrounding them, we must understand the indispensable role hysteria plays on the left, said Dennis Prager. The left is always in major crisis mode. And in nearly every case, the crisis is either wildly exaggerated or simply false.  For example:

No one denies that there are racist cops. What is hysteria is the left's claim that innocent blacks are routinely shot to death by racist cops. “ As well, the widespread “protests against the name Washington "Redskins" were pure left-wing hysteria -- ended only by the revelation through polling that the vast majority of American Indians couldn't care less about the name. “   “The examples are endless: from the alleged epidemic of heterosexual AIDS in America and preschool molestation scares in the '80s to the wildly exaggerated dangers of secondhand smoke and the baseless fears about electronic cigarettes. We are regularly forced to endure a new left-wing manufactured, media-supercharged hysteria.”  (Trump’s Comments: The Latest Left-Wing Hysteria, Dennis Prager, Townhall, Oct. 11, 2016)

What is Progressive Leftism? provides the following important background information about Leftism:

Around the 1830s, a faction of French liberals gravitated toward Romanticism and the philosophy of the late Rousseau, proclaiming that capitalism, private property, and the increasing complexity of modern society were agents of moral decay -- both for the individual and for society at large. This is essentially the worldview that has made its way, through history, into the collective mind of the modern left; it is a worldview calling for a revolution that not only will topple the existing capitalist order and punish its corrupt leaders, but that also will replace that order with a socialist regime where the utopian ideals of perfect justice and equality will reign. Such an ambition can be put into effect only by a totalitarian state with the authority to micromanage every facet of human life, precisely the end-point toward which the policies and crusades of the modern left are directed.”

The contemporary progressive left holds that non-socialist societies are composed largely of racist, homophobic oppressors and their oppressed victims:

"The alleged cause of this social arrangement is the economic system of free-market capitalism, which is viewed by the left as the root of all manner of social ills and vices -- racism, sexism, alienation, homophobia, imperialism. In the calculus of the left, capitalism is an agent of tyranny and exploitation that presses its boot upon the proverbial necks of a wide array of victim groups -- blacks and other minorities, women, homosexuals, immigrants, and the poor, to name but a few. That is why according to the left, the United States (historically the standard-bearer of all capitalist economies) can only do wrong.”

The modern left understands that in order to capture the hearts and minds of Americans it must deliberately deceive them, and because it is thoroughly corrupt, it simply presents,

"...its totalitarian objective -- the uncompromising destruction of the status quo -- in the non-threatening lexicon of traditional Western values; that is, it must cite, as its animating purpose, the promotion of such lofty ideals as “human rights,” “civil rights,” “civil liberties,” and above all, “social justice,” or the “correction” of the free market’s inherent inequalities through political interventions of a Marxist nature.”

Deception is a proven method that works. Thus the socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas once predicted:

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

In “The Threat We Face: what is the nature of the adversary we are up against?” David Horowitz argues that Leftists, and in particular, President Obama, his chief operative Valerie Jarrett and his chief political strategist David Axelrod all came out of the same Communist left and the same radical new left as he did, and “all have remained heart and soul a part” of it:

“….and all have remained heart and soul a part of it. As someone who turned his back on that destructive movement, I can say with confidence that they have not. If a person belongs to an organization or is the supporter of an idea that they come to see as destructive or evil, the first thing they will want to do when they leave is to warn others against it, to warn them of the dangers it represents. If a person does not do this – that tells me that he or she hasn’t left the destructive movement or abandoned the pernicious idea but has just put another face on them. Instead of calling themselves communists or socialists they call themselves liberals and progressives. This camouflage is very old. I never once heard my parents and their party friends refer to themselves as Communists. They were progressives – and registered Democrats.” (, October 9, 2013)

Horowitz outlines four defining features of the left:

1. Alienation from country:

        “If you ask progressives about their patriotic feeling, they will tell you that they don’t think of themselves first as Americans but as “citizens of the world.”

2. Corruption: the key to understanding the left is its instinctive, practiced, and indispensable dishonesty.

3. Contempt for and rejection of the past is the third feature. Progressives contemptuously disregard the past, which is real, and focus exclusively on an imaginary evolutionary ascent or future: 

 “To understand why this is important, think of progressives as a species of religious fundamentalists planning a redemption. Like fundamentalists they look at the world as fallen – a place corrupted by racism, sexism and class division. But the truly religious understand that we are the source of corruption and that redemption is only possible through the work of a Divinity. In contrast, progressives see themselves as the redeemers, which is why they are so dangerous. Because they regard those who oppose them as the eternally damned. Progressives are on a mission to create the kingdom of heaven on earth by redistributing income and using the state to enforce politically correct attitudes and practices in everyone’s life. They want to control what you do, and who you are, and even what you eat. For your own good, of course.”

4. Since Progressives see themselves as saving the world – or “saving the planet” as they would prefer — they regard politics as a religious war.  This explains why they are so rude and nasty toward anyone who disagrees with or dissents against their politically correct panaceas.  And of course if they had the power the punishments would be far more severe, and that is why,

“...the politics of personal destruction is their favorite variety, why they are verbal assassins and go directly for the jugular, and why they think nothing of destroying the reputations of their opponents and burying them permanently. And that is why they can perform their character assassinations without regrets – or did I miss Obama’s apology to Romney for accusing him of killing a woman with cancer during the campaign? Why apologize when you did it for the good of a world transforming cause?”

Leftism: A Blood-Soaked Ideology

Paul Hollander's book "Political Pilgrims: Western Intellectuals in Search of the Good Society” recounts what depraved Leftist progressive intellectuals and apostate priests did for many decades on behalf of saving the planet during the Soviet era. To quote one Amazon reviewer:

"Political Pilgrims is the amazing story of how Western intellectuals embraced Marxist tyrants at the very moment their colleagues were rotting in prison cells, and the common people everyone claimed to be concerned for, were starving. The book relates how cultural and religious leaders from the West, including familiar names, visited the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other communist countries, and told the most appalling lies."

The blood of millions of men, women, and children stains the hands of progressive leaders from the West who covered up the most monstrous evils with appalling lies, revised history, mind-control techniques and propaganda:

"As many as 7 million Ukrainians were starved in Soviet Socialist dictator Joseph Stalin's artificial, forced famine in Ukraine in 1932 and 1933. This is approximately the total population of Manitoba, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island." (Inky Mark, M. P. Dauphin — Swan River House of Commons 2 June 1998, Famine-Genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933)

"Moscow employed the famine as a political weapon against the Ukrainians in the years 1932-1933. The famine was in its entirety artificially induced and organized." (Investigation of Communist Takeover and Occupation of the Non-Russian Nations of the U.S.S.R, p. 35)

"... On one side, millions of starving peasants, their bodies often swollen from lack of food; on the other, soldiers, members of the GPU carrying out the instructions of the dictatorship of the proletariat. They had gone over the country like a swarm of locusts and taken away everything edible; they had shot or exiled thousands of peasants, sometimes whole villages; they had reduced some of the most fertile land in the world to a melancholy desert." (Malcolm Muggeridge, British foreign correspondent, "War on the Peasants," Fortnightly Review, 1 May, 1933)

Hatred of God

Darwin is the progressive left's weird anti-Moses who liberated them from the Cross and led them back into the demon-haunted wilderness where they became the servants of the spirit of death.   Thus the serpent first whispered progressive leftism in the garden (Gen. 3:5) and sealed it with the promise of the kingdoms of the world on the condition that progressives bow down to the serpent. (Matthew 4:9) Thus within the philosophical system of leftism and at the blackened heart of their psychology, hatred of the Holy Triune God,

“…is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot.”  Solzhenitsyn

In “The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture,” David Kupelian chronicles the decline and fall of America and shows that it was deliberately orchestrated by God-hating progressives. Compared with the decent, morally ordered, child and family-friendly nation it once was, today’s progressive dominated America is a different country altogether.  It is deeply and angrily divided and,

“.... unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world’s greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with STDs, almost 60 million abusing alcohol, and over 70 million taking mood-altering drugs. On so many levels, America is becoming ever more “bizarre”—diametrically opposed to logic and common sense. Although America’s bizarro transformation has been in progress for decades, it burst into full bloom in the age of Obama. ” (p. 10)

Madness in Our Demon-Haunted Wilderness

Here’s how retired Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North describes America’s demon-haunted wilderness, where according to the U.S. government North is a racist, bigoted extremist (state enemy) because:

” I am a Christian and meet regularly with other Christians to study Gods word. My faith convinces me the prophecies in the Holy Bible are true. I believe in the sanctity of life, oppose abortion and want to preserve marriage as the union of a man and woman. I am a veteran with skills and knowledge from military training and combat. I own several firearms, frequently shoot them, buy ammunition and consider efforts to infringe on my Second Amendment rights to be wrong and unconstitutional. I frequently support the sovereignty of the United States, am deeply concerned about our economy, increasingly higher taxes, illegal immigration, soaring unemployment and actions by our government that will bury my children beneath a mountain of debt. Apparently, all this makes me a ‘right-wing extremist.’ At least that’s what it says in the April 7, 2009 ‘assessment’ issued by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security.” (Ibid, pp. 14-15)

A key indicator of demonic influence is the inversion and reversion of truth and reality. Thus in our demonically inverted, reversed, and increasingly lawless Leftist/Liberal dominated and debauched America, many key Biblical, political, and cultural concepts actually amount to their opposite. For example, the Genesis account ex nihilo is backward, anti-science superstition; the two-sexes, male and female and traditional marriage are slavery; the words 'discernment, discrimination, and judgment' conjure up clouds of negativity and foreboding; sin is not sin but self-actualization; tolerance means mandatory celebration of vice; charity is entitlement; envy is righteousness; theft is economic justice; abortion is choice; faith is ignorance; Lucifer is mans’ genetic creator, and the world we live in is a computer simulation in the minds of Robotic Overlords who are using humanity as playthings. This is the “scientific” theory put forward by a number of progressive physicists and Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom, one of the founders of the World Trans humanist Association.

Progressive leftism/liberalism is an irrational, God-hating, murderous ideology from hell that is responsible for the slaughter of in excess of 130, 000,000 Russians—more than half of them Christian-- on behalf of attaining ownership of the serpent's promised ‘heaven on earth.'   And it is into this crucible of hell on earth that the GOP establishment seeks deliverance from Donald Trump.

It is the Word of God that exposes the madness, malice and hatred hidden by the masks worn by the serpent's leftist servants occupying most positions of power and control throughout America's political, religious, educational, economic, legal, entertainment, music, and other information dissemination institutions. The Word of God says leftists are,

dead in [their] trespasses and sins” (Eph. 2:1).  They walk “according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience” (v. 2) "And because they did not think it worthwhile to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them over to a worthless mind to do what is morally wrong. They are filled with all unrighteousness, evil, greed, and wickedness. They are full of envy, murder, disputes, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, arrogant, proud, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, and unmerciful. Although they know full well God's just sentence - that those who practice such things deserve to die - they not only do them, but even applaud others who practice them" (Ro. 1:28-32)

In "A Nation Abandoned By God" John MacArthur explains that a depraved mind is one that's been tested by our Lord and found useless, therefore disqualified for its intended purpose:

"The reasoning faculty has been corrupted by the influences that surround it.... And when that happens and your entire sense of morality is warped, then your conscience is ill informed and it doesn't function.  So you have unconscionable behavior.... A depraved mind, reasoning faculty so corrupt that it must be rejected as non-functioning.  And as a result of that, what happens?  God gave them over, verse 28, to a depraved mind.  So as a result, they do the things that are not...what?...proper, fitting, sensible, reasonable." (A Nation Abandoned By God, John MacArthur)

While the serpent's leftist/liberal servants see the breakdown of the family, the unrelenting slaughter of the unborn and just born, the apostasy of the church into humanism, signs of addiction to pornography and other vices, together with the lawlessness and insanity over-spreading our nation as signs of victorious progress, some Americans choose to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what is going on while still others, lacking hope, foresee only disaster.  Ex-atheist Alexander Solzhenitsyn however, offers a weary, spiritually disconsolate, frightened people their only hope.

Most of what contemporary Russia has to tell us about its' 20th century Communist empire of evil--its' demonic reality---can be seen in Solzhenitsyn who warns that once the God of Revelation has been removed from men’s lives, it means the logical end of modern Western and American history.  In other words, totalitarian Communism and Gulag were not merely Russian experiments but rather the end of all people who remove the God of Revelation from the center of life.

Atheism said Solzhenitsyn, is based on the evil in man’s nature, and relativism, violence, murder and Gulag are the natural expressions of this evil.   Gulag is an essential part of atheist society as it reveals the evil of man’s nature and the folly of the modern humanist dream of earthly happiness apart from the Holy Triune God.  

In his 1983 Templeton Prize address, ‘Men Have Forgotten God,’ Solzhenitsyn warns us that all attempts to find a way out of our progressive-induced plight are fruitless unless we redirect,

“...our consciousness, in repentance, to the Creator of all; without this, no exit will be illumined, and we shall seek it in vain.”

@2016 Linda Kimball

In Progressive "Bizarro" America You May Be A Right-Wing Extremist If....

David Kupelians' latest best-seller, "The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture," chronicles the decline and fall of America and shows that it was deliberately orchestrated by progressives.  Compared with the decent, morally ordered, child and family-friendly nation it once was, today's progressive dominated America is a different country altogether said Kupelian:

"(it is) deeply and angrily divided, unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world's greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with STDs, almost 60 million abusing alcohol, and over 70 million taking mood-altering drugs.  On so many levels, America is becoming ever more "bizarre"---diametrically opposed to logic and common sense.  Although America's bizarro transformation has been in progress for decades, it burst into full bloom in the age of Obama. " (p. 10)

Here's how retired Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North describes bizarro America, where according to the U.S. government North is an an extremist because:

" I am a Christian and meet regularly with other Christians to study Gods word.  My faith convinces me the prophecies in the Holy Bible are true. I believe in the sanctity of life, oppose abortion and want to preserve marriage as the union of a man and woman.  I am a veteran with skills and knowledge from military training and combat.  I own several firearms, frequently shoot them, buy ammunition and consider efforts to infringe on my Second Amendment rights to be wrong and unconstitutional. I frequently support the sovereignty of the United States, am deeply concerned about our economy, increasingly higher taxes, illegal immigration, soaring unemployment and actions by our government that will bury my children beneath a mountain of debt.  Apparently, all this makes me a 'right-wing extremist.'  At least that's what it says in the April 7, 2009 'assessment' issued by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security."  (ibid, pp. 14-15)

So just what is progressivism and/or liberalism and leftism?   In a succinct definition actor Jon Voight said,

"Progressive' is Very Devious Term--Created as Substitute for 'Communist"

Having rejected the Holy Trinity and the religious heritage of our civilization, progressives embrace instead a new order of beliefs of which Communism and Socialism are logical expressions.  A new world order is what they seek, but in order that it can emerge, the existing culture must be completely destroyed.

And what is Communism?  Using the former Soviet Union as an example, early Conservative intellectual Frank Meyers describes it as, "The state form taken by a materialist faith determined to rule the world."    Communism or scientific materialism is "the final synthesis of all heretical tendencies that have pervaded Western civilization for many centuries."  It is materialist scientism, of which,

"Communism is the culminating hubris of the Promethean man who reaches out for the world and means to remake creation.  It is scientism gone political." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement, pp. 251-252)

Progressivism is evolutionary scientism, a revamped and revised nature religion that like all such religions past and present,

"changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."  Romans 1:25

Progressivism zealously promotes evolutionary scientism as a sacred secular (atheist) religion, as Michael Ruse, professor of philosophy and zoology at the University of Guelph, Canada makes clear:

"(Evolutionary scientism is a) full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint – and Mr [sic] Gish is but one of many to make it – the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.... Evolution therefore came into being as a kind of secular ideology, an explicit substitute for Christianity." ( Michael Ruse,

 For progressives and like-minded travelers, evolution is an anti-creation religion, a "full-fledged alternative to Christianity." It is promulgated by contemporary Western heirs of a rebellion against our Heavenly Father that emerged out of the Renaissance giving birth to an occult intelligentsia, open intercourse with fallen angels, astral plane travels, and Illuminism, an occult nature mystery religion that teaches that man,

"...can evolve, through initiatory steps, into a god state himself." (New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," William Still, p. 27)

The goal of Illuminism is imposition of a worldwide totalitarian occult pagan state. During the 20th century Illuminism took the form of scientific socialism and scientific communism. Today it is 'green' spiritually pagan Technocracy, a scientific dictatorship calling for the radical transformation of traditional Western economics, government, law, energy, orthodox Christianity, and humanity, which is why it maliciously fosters the atheism, amorality, envy, chaos, blood-letting and revolution necessary for the undermining and overthrow of already existing governments. (Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Patrick M. Wood)

Illuminist Inspired Communism

In the heart of Christendom during the time of the Renaissance the "alternative religion" originally took the form of occult pantheist humanism bespeaking evolution of divine spark or spirit to higher and higher states of god-consciousness. Later on another form arose: evolutionary secular (materialist) humanism. While the former was blatantly occult and spiritually pagan, the latter was essentially a de-spiritualized but nevertheless arcane version of the former falsely presenting itself as demonstrable empirical science to masses of hopeless people:

"Reason had died sometime before 1865.... After the Age of Reason came the Age of the Irrational...." Bereft of assurances of immortality after so great an attack on biblical revelation masses of hopeless people were, "begging for a revelation which was scientifically demonstrable."    (The Occult Underground, James Webb)

Karl Marx's Illuminist-inspired messianic Communism was advertised as the longed-for "scientifically demonstrable" revelation. However, Marx's "scientifically demonstrable" dialectical-materialism (revitalized pagan animism) is merely a de-spiritualized version of Hegel's occult pantheist dialectic system. Master-magician G.W.F. Hegel was an important member of the occult intelligentsia. He closely studied ancient wisdom traditions including Egyptian Hermetic magic and Babylonian Kabala as well as mesmerism, psychic phenomena, dowsing, precognition, and sorcery. He professed belief in a pantheistic Earth Spirit, and informally aligned himself with Hermetic societies, anti-Christian God Freemasons, and the pantheist Rosicrucian's. (Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, Glenn Alexander Magee, 2001)

Enrico Ferri (1856-1926) provides an example of occult magic science (pagan animism) parading as empirical science. A prominent socialist of his day and an Italian criminologist who for many years was the editor of Avanti, a socialist daily, Ferri wrote of the animated (evolving) divine miracle-producing energies substituted for miracles and divinity in "Socialism and Religious Beliefs." Ferri confessed:

"....modern positive science...has substituted the conception of natural causality for the conception of miracles and divinity....I add that not only is Darwinism not contrary to socialism, but that it forms one of its fundamental scientific premises. As Virchow justly remarked, socialism is nothing else than the logical and vital outcome partly of Darwinism and partly of Spencerian evolution." (

In another example of occult pagan magic science disguised as empirical science, Gustav Wetter expounds on the magical 'mental' and 'divine' properties animating and informing nonliving matter and dialectic:

"...matter itself continually attains to higher perfection under its own power, thanks to indwelling dialectic...the dialectical materialists attribution of 'dialectic' to matter confers on it, not mental attributes only, but even divine ones." (Dialectical Materialism, Gustav A. Wetter, 1977, p. 58)

"Bizarro" Progressivism

John Taylor Gatto, former New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year, meticulously tracked the rise of America's destructive progressive intelligentsia together with the potent interconnected shadow-government they have created to radically reshape the Western and American consciousness.  In his book, "The Underground History of American Education" Gatto points to the progressive Fabian socialist utopians as one of the most powerfully effective revolutionary 'change-making' organizations and notes that,

" would not be too far out of line to call the twentieth century the Fabian century." (Gatto, p. 178)

What 'scientific' secular-atheists aspired to be in completely reordering Christian-based Western society and the souls of men, 20th century Fabians actually were. Much if not most of the madness, apostasy, wild sexual anarchy, chaos and all else that has gone so horribly wrong here in America is attributable to the Fabians.

The first Fabians had almost all been lapsed Anglicans from Evangelical homes who became dignitaries in the Church of England:

"There was a Christian fringe to the London socialism of the eighties, but this too was Anglican. The Christian Socialists came together in Stewart Headlam's Guild of St. Matthew and the Land Reform Union; and the more respectable Christian Social Union, formed in 1889 – seeking in Fabian style to permeate the Anglican Church – soon attracted more than two thousand clerical members. Dissenting clergymen too began to find a place in the Fabian Society and the London Progressives, while Unitarian churches and centres like Stanton Coit's Ethical Church provided a meeting place for believers and idealist agnostics...Socialism was for all of them, the new Evangelism." (Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie, The Fabians, 1977, p. 18)

The failure of Anglican hierarchy to repudiate apostatizing Biblical critics and radical freethinkers scandalized faithful, orthodox Evangelicals whose outraged response was considered reactionary by the intellectually arrogant scholarly community. In 1861, Benjamin Jowett and six liberal Churchmen published a volume entitled Essays and Reviews in which they expressed alarm lest,

"...the majority of Churchmen, by holding fast the narrow, fundamental beliefs, should estrange themselves more and more from contemporary thought." (The Founders of Psychical Research, Alan Gauld, p. 49)

Jowett himself held that, "Scripture must be interpreted like any other book..."

The portents of apostasy in the Church of England were ominous:

"It seemed to conservative Christians quite appalling that at a time when the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture was being undermined by Darwin and his allies, a group of those whose sacred duty should have been to shore it up again had conspired to hammer their wedges not under it but into it." (Gauld, p. 50)

Gauld records the rapid decline in faith among younger Cambridge men:

"Skepticism based on science flowed into and reinforced the older stream of doubt stemming from historical and ethical considerations. Their joint effect may be traced in the fact that whilst the outstanding Cambridge men of the 1840's...all took Orders (three of them becoming great clerical headmasters and six bishops), the outstanding Cambridge intellectuals of the 1870's – the Trinity group centring on Henry Sidgwick and Henry Jackson and including Frederic Myers, G. W. and A. J. Balfour, Walter Leaf, Edmund Gurney, Arthur Verrall, F. W. Maitland, Henry Butcher and George Prothero – tended towards agnosticism or hesitant Deism." (Gauld, p. 64)

In this same period a group of young dons from Trinity College, Cambridge, were also turning to psychic research as a substitute for their lost Evangelical faith:

" In February 1882, Podmore took Pease to a meeting at which this group founded the Society for Psychical Research . . . Among those who founded the SPR were Henry Sidgwick, Arthur Balfour – later a conservative Prime Minister – and his brother, Gerald." (The Fabians, p. 18)

The progenitor of the socialist Fabian Society was the Cambridge University spiritist group, the Ghost Society, founded in 1851. The Ghost Society also spawned the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) founded in 1887:

"Council Members and Honorary Members of the SPR included a past Prime Minister (William Gladstone)...and a future Prime Minister (Arthur Balfour)...2 bishops; and Tennyson and Ruskin, two of the outstanding literary figures of the day (as well as) Lewis Carroll (and) a surprising number of titled persons." (Gauld, p. 140)

Having conceptually murdered the God of Revelation, supposedly liberated their souls from Him, closed the way to Heaven, and opened themselves to forces of darkness, Fabians sought power here below, thus the over-riding interest of the S.P.R. was the spirit realm. In search of power they conducted scientific research into phenomena such as mesmeric trance, telepathy, clairvoyance, apparitions, haunted houses, séances, and all aspects of mediumism, or contact with spirits, to determine the scientific laws of physical spiritualistic phenomena.

By the early 20th century, the materialist Sigmund Freud and heavily demonized Gnostic occultist Carl Jung were SPR Corresponding Members. Both men contributed to the S.P.R. Journal of Proceedings.

In an expose of Jung's occult tendencies Richard Noll writes:

"With the founding of the Society for Psychical Research in England in 1882, and the copious publications of its investigators, new models of the unconscious mind emerged. The most respected model was that of the 'subliminal self' by Frederick Myers (1843-1901), the 'mytho-poetic' (myth-making) function of which resembles Jung's later conception of a collective unconscious. Jung read widely in the literature of psychical research in medical school and his 1902 dissertation cites the work of Myers and others in this school." (Noll, The Jung Cult, pp. 31-2)

Above all else, revolutionary/evolutionary socialist organizations such as the Fabians were anti-supernatural, anti-morality,  anti-counter-establishment, anti-tradition, pan-sexual liberationists consisting of committed Darwinian Gnostic pagan elitists who were intolerant of the Holy God in three Persons, man as His spiritual image bearer, and every vestige of authority ranging from immutable Truth, Moral Law, sexual ethics, and the traditional family to free market systems, individual liberties, and cumbersome processes of Americas' Constitutional Republic. What they desired was a new order ruled by a superior caste.

Fabianism took its name from Roman general Fabius Cunctator who finally defeated Hannibal by methodically chipping away at his patience and will to win, an idea adopted by Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci who called for a long, slow, stealthy march through Western and American mind and culture-shaping institutions. In this way, Christian foundations would be undermined and destroyed, minds captured, souls re-engineered and institutions re-ordered. Gatto writes that for Fabianists, Darwin was their ticket to power. He was the 'weird holy man' they adored,

"...the man who gave them a theory inspirationally equal to god-theory, around which a new organization of society could be justified." (p. 180)

To realize the tremendous task Fabian progressives assigned themselves, Gatto writes that we,

"...need to reflect...on Darwin's shattering books, 'The Origin of Species' (1859) and 'The Descent of Man' (1871), each arguing in its own way that....children are (the evolved product of) their race of origin, some 'favored'...some not" (Gatto, p. 179)

Together, Darwin's books issued a "do what thou will" license to America's progressive ruling caste to justify moral relativism, the imposition of evolutionary teaching, forced schooling, perverse sex education, and much more, all destructive of America's traditional Christian-based Republic. Gatto writes that from an evolutionary standpoint, our government controlled schools,

"...are the indoctrination phase of a gigantic breeding experiment...Many (children are genetically) a racial menace (while) the rest...thought of as soldiers in genetic combat, the moral equivalent of war....For governments, children could no longer be considered individuals but were regarded as categories, rungs on a biological ladder. Evolutionary science pronounced the majority useless mouths waiting for nature to dispense with entirely." (Gatto, p. 179)

Whereas Christian salvation was formerly held to be a matter between Jesus Christ the Word Incarnate and the individual and the aim of Christian-based Europe and America had for centuries been fixed on the work of winning liberties for the individual against the oppressive State, the Age of Darwin brought an end to all of this. By the turn of the century the Fabian program based in occult science, ancient wisdom traditions, revelations from Transcended Masters (fallen angels) and Darwinism was spreading quickly through the best colleges and universities capturing the minds of America's best and brightest issuing in the view that rights, privileges, wealth and resources are the preserve of the superior caste in control of an omniscient mystical god-State together with salvation as a pantheist conception based in ideas of collectivity (monism).

Secular historians of the nineteenth century agree that the dominant figures in the occult spiritist/socialist movements were mainly lapsed Evangelicals and Anglican clergymen preceded by Renaissance occultists. The onslaught of skepticism, atheism, agnosticism, higher Biblical criticism and dehistorization of the Genesis account together with moral relativism, Darwinism and occult New Age spirituality assaulting the tattered foundations of our Republic were inspired by Protestant/Evangelical heresy together with an unhealthy interest in spiritism. Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie explain this strange anomaly:

"The lesson instilled by Evangelical parents had been given a secular form. Evolution or what (Sidney) Webb called Zeitgeist, had taken the place of Providence, yet what Webb described as 'blind social forces'...which went on inexorably working out social salvation' did not relieve men of their moral responsibility. Victorian religion had taught that a belief in God's purposes must be accompanied by an effort to discern and advance them. Socialists who substituted a secular religion for the faith of their youth felt the same compulsion." (Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie, The Fabians, 1977, p. 115-116)

By the mid 1880's the spirit of apostasy into relativism, occult magic, spiritism, nature worship and evolutionary thinking at work within lapsed Evangelicals and Anglicans was already creeping into the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. Today Christendom is dead and the lie of Romans 1:25 is bringing our Republic to ruin while steadily injecting its' abominations into the whole body of the humanized American Church and casting faithful orthodox Christians and all decent, law-abiding Americans as "right-wing extremists.". All of this is aided and abetted by priestly falsifiers of the Revealed Word who have penetrated the Church with a mist of lies resulting in narcissistic self-affirmation, emotional ecstasy, moral relativism, acceptance of evolutionary philosophy and other ancient wisdom traditions along with liberation from sin and hell,

"....Western civilization is daily committing suicide, by aborting itself, ignoring the law of God, and binding itself in Green chains. What of professing Christians? It is not clear many believe, as they still did at the American Revolution, that 'the truths of the gospel are the most pure, its motives are the most noble and animating, and its comforts the most supporting to the mind.' Our culture is arguably as enslaved as were the ancient people chained by Gaia and Python." (Resisting the Green Dragon, James Wanliss, p. 267)

Only Christ can bring liberation. The Church needs to repent and recover the Biblical persuasion,

"....  that the Christian is a pilgrim on the road to a heavenly city, that the social structures of the earthly city do not represent the coming of God's kingdom, and the vision of a society should be to direct man to what is transcendent." (ibid)

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Ted Cruz Easily Shuts Down Attempted "Gay" Rights Bullying, Demonization

During a campaign stop in Beaumont, TX, May 19, 2015, KMBT-TV recorded an exchange between Ted Cruz and a "gay" rights supporting reporter.  Predictably, the reporter immediately tried to intimidate and demonize Cruz by asking him if whether he feels hatred and animosity toward "gays."   Cruz however, does not allow himself to be forced into playing by the insidiously contrived rules of bullies.  Not only does he easily shut down the attempted demonization but he deftly turns the table on the bully. His excellent question-stopping answer follows: 

SEN. TED CRUZ to REPORTER: Let me ask a question: Is there something about the left, and I am going to put the media in this category, that is obsessed with sex? Why is it the only question you want to ask concerns homosexuals? Okay, you can ask those questions over and over and over again. I recognize that you're reading questions from MSNBC... You're wincing. You don't want to talk about foreign policy. I recognize you want to ask another question about gay rights. Well, you know. ISIS is executing homosexuals. You want to talk about gay rights? This week was a very bad week for gay rights because the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical, theocratic, Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children and that murder homosexuals. That ought to be concerning you far more than asking six questions all on the same topic.

REPORTER: Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?

CRUZ: Do you have a personal animosity against Christians, sir? Your line of questioning is highly curious. You seem fixated on a particular subject. Look, I'm a Christian. Scripture commands us to love everybody and what I have been talking about, with respect to same-sex "marriage," is the Constitution which is what we should all be focused on. The Constitution gives marriage to elected state legislators. It doesn't give the power of marriage to a president, or to unelected judges to tear down the decisions enacted by democratically elected state legislatures.

Source: Freedom Outpost, Tim Brown, Aug. 11, 2015

The American Iron Curtain

To all Americans whose minds are not trapped within narrow, shadowy, corridors of psychic cages as is the sad, tragic case for most Americans, it's obvious that our Constitutional Republic is rapidly breaking apart on rocks of fiat rule, lying, confusion, ignorance, apathy, unconstitutional 'special rights,' group rights, deviance and lawlessness.  Thus it has become commonplace for psychologically manipulated, morally degraded and dumbed-down Americans to call our Constitutional Republic a "democracy" (something the Founders deplored), support the murder of the unborn, cheer-lead for sodomy, hand their children over to be groomed by pedophiles in so-called sex education classes, admit that they do not know what Western Biblical-based civilization is and submit to a dehumanized status as evolved products of evolution.  

The Iron Curtain 
"Thought crime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for awhile...but sooner or later they were bound to get you." George Orwell, 1984

The metaphor "iron curtain" has been used to describe twentieth century totalitarian pagan states such as the Soviet Union.  Why iron curtain?  Answer: through terror, force, constant fear, treachery, brain-altering drugs, dehumanization via indoctrination with Darwinism, and psychological manipulation and trauma men's minds were narrowly confined within psychic cages. 
Whether identified as brainwashing, mind-control, or psycho-politics, thought-control is part of a program of psycho political terrorism utilized by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and the Communists after they seized control of Orthodox Christian  Russia and put into practice long-term plans to abolish on a vast cultural scale every vestige of belief in the Biblical God, creation ex nihilo, the traditional family, morality, private property, the West's traditional linear view of history, and other signs of "the capitalist petite Bourgeoisie." By way of various sadistically brutal forms of behavior modification, torture, psychotropic drug experimentation, re-education, and psychological terror tactics, Russians were terrorized into submission while Communists systematically stole their property, confiscated and perverted their children, desecrated and blasphemed churches, crucified thousands of nuns and priests, and in general, committed monstrous crimes against humanity which took the lives of sixty-million men, women, and children. For example:

"About 200,000 clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union, a Russian commission reported this week. In addition, another 500,000 religious figures were persecuted and 40,000 churches destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980, the report said. Half the country's mosques and more than half the synagogues were also destroyed"  Clergymen were crucified on churches' holy gates, shot, scalped [and] strangled,"said Alexander Yakovlev, head of the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression. The commission prepared the report for Russian President Boris Yeltsin. "I was especially shocked by accounts of priests turned into columns of ice in winter," Yakovlev said. "It was total cruelty." (
Natan Sharansky, a dissident in the former Soviet Union describes the "iron curtain" as a tyranny where,

"...there were no dissidents (because) they were simply killed immediately." Under the terrorist-tactics of hate crime laws, speech codes, and other mind-control tactics, everyone became double thinkers. To outside observers notes Sharansky, double thinkers appear as true believers: "everybody says the same thing, everybody votes the same way, everybody speaks with passion." But it is an illusion caused by fear of speaking the truth. These people, he noted, "live with self-censorship throughout their lives. Since the regime demands loyalty right from childhood, many don't even notice. They just automatically control how they express themselves." But when a "fear society disappears or becomes weak, people suddenly start saying what they feel," Sharansky commented, and "It's such a big relief."

To determine if a society is fear-based, as America is quickly becoming, Sharansky applies what he defines as the "town square test." In this test if you,

"can go to the center of town and publicly express your views without being punished, you have a free society" even though that society may not be just. However, if you are "punished for your views you live in a fear society,"said Sharansky. "In such societies there are always three types of population: True believers, who accept the ideology...dissidents, who take risks to speak publicly; and double thinkers, who have doubts or disagreements about the official ideology but are afraid to express them publicly." In conclusion, Sharansky comments that the level "of dissidence is always a function of how tough the regime is." (The Power of Freedom, published in The American Enterprise, Apr/May 2005, pp. 38-39)

There are two misconceptions held by most Americans.  The first is that communism ceased to be a threat when the Soviet Union imploded.  The second is that the New Left of the Sixties collapsed and disappeared as well. 

Because the New Left lacked cohesion it fell apart as a political movement.  However, its revolutionaries reorganized themselves into a multitude of single issue groups.  Thus we now have for example, radical feminists, black extremists, anti-war ‘peace' activists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, and ‘gay' rights groups.  All of these groups pursue their piece of the radical agenda through a complex network of organizations such as the Gay Straight Lesbian Educators Network (GSLEN), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), People for the American Way, United for Peace and Justice, Planned Parenthood, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), Code Pink for Peace, open border advocates and liberal 'Christian' groups.   In back of these groups are deep-pocket funders: 

Both communism and the New Left are alive and thriving here in America.  They favor code words: tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, choice, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, 'gay' rights, sustainability, global warming/cooling/change, and sensitivity. 
Though America's communist Left (Progressive liberals) publicly describes itself as scientific, evolutionary, forward-thinking, and enlightened,  in reality said ex-red diaper baby David Horowitz, Leftists are,

"...religious fanatics who regard their opponents as sinners and miscreants and agents of civil darkness...when they engage an opponent it is rarely to examine and refute his argument but rather to destroy the bearer of the argument and remove him from the plan of battle." (The Surreal World of the Progressive Left, David Horowitz,, 1/25/2008)

Measured by Sharanskys' town-square test we can see that America is quickly descending into a fear-based society. As her freedom-producing Christian-based worldview fades it is simultaneously replaced by an evolutionary cosmogony and spiritually pagan progressive totalitarianism.  The three types of population described by Sharansky also come into focus.  Progressive Liberals and their legion of 'liberalized' disciples are the true believers.   True believers are rabid zealots, brazen liars, and rebels against all authority. They freely destroy, transgress, scoff, demean, blaspheme, demonize, and otherwise psychologically and physically terrorize the large body of fearful double thinkers within and without the whole body of the Christian Church.  Around the outside edge are the dissidents:  truth-warriors who dare speak truth to lies and fight back against and expose forces of darkness.

More than fifty years ago, Conservative poet and journalist Anthony Harrigan foresaw the rise of this generations' destructive true believers. Observing that a 'process of decay' was being fostered by a modernist progressive orthodoxy fueled by immorality, Harrigan presciently noted that:

"Modernists are determined to force acceptance of pornography as medical science, filth as artistic realism, and abnormality as a mere difference of opinion...Though the life of the country is basically decent, Americans are in the hands of a cultural ruling class, having led to destruction the humane elements in our civilization, is conducting us to ruin." For what cause? To raise up a revolutionary army of "liberal-bred" barbarians "motivated by a destructive impulse" and unchecked by "traditional values and restraints." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement of America, George H. Nash, p. 40)

Communism, Socialism and Progressive Fanaticism

 As Fyodor Dostoevsky astutely observed, Communist, Socialist and/or Progressive religious fanaticism is at bottom a reprisal of Nimrod's rebellion---the creature in rebellion against the Creator, His creation, Moral Law, immutable truths, and moral absolutes:
 Our war is against the Christian God and the world created by Him, declared Karl Marx, father of the Communist Manifesto. In his poem, "The Pale Maiden" he admits that he has willfully opted for Hell:

"Thus heaven I've forfeited; I know it full well; My soul, once true to God; Is chosen for hell." (Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 22)

"The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority....Socialists recognize each other by the words, "In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done....Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds." (Mikhail Bakunin, comrade of Marx, ibid, p. 27)

"We do not fight against believers (or) even clergymen....We fight against God to snatch believers from Him." (Vetchernaia Moskva, a Communist newspaper, ibid, p.77)

Most Americans no longer know what Western Biblical-based civilization is, and worse, actively fight against the worldview that nourishes them.   This has two overriding causes:  the deliberate and malicious "dumbing-down" of Americas' education establishment by progressive 'educators' (conditioners) issuing in the sad, tragic capture of the American mind. The mind can be freed, but the work required is hard, lengthy, and challenging.  The road to Truth and liberty begins with the Word of God, then tracks through the following books:
1. The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression 
2. Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, by Eugene (Fr. Seraphim) Rose           
3. Political Apocalypse: A Study of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor, Ellis Sandoz
4. Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring-down and how it happened, Ralph de Toledano
5. The Ruling Class: How they Corrupted America and what we can do about it, Angelo M. Codevilla
6. Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand
7. The Naked Communist, W. Cleon Skousen
8. The Theme is Freedom: Religion, Politics and the American Tradition, M. Stanton Evans
9. The Conservative Intellectual Movement, George H. Nash 

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Progressive Liberalism: Politics of Pride, Covetousness, Envy, Hate and Murder

In “Income tax: How government turns human vice into votes,”  Ilana Mercer  writes that the countless individuals who are at the receiving end of irrational malice from other individuals will agree with me that an experiment conducted at the Universities of Warwick and Oxford was more of a confirmation than an investigation of the human condition. 

Ingeniously operationalized by Professor Andrew Oswald and Dr. Daniel Zizzo, the experiment demonstrated the lengths to which people will go to destroy the wealth of others, even if, in the process,

“….they knowingly wipe out their own funds.... Whether or not they are aware of the indirect harm to themselves, a sizeable majority of people in society does indeed want to see the wealth of others burned.”  (Mercer, 2003, WND)

The economists approximated reality by distributing cash unequally among the subjects, who were then told they could anonymously,

 “….burn away other people’s money,” with one caveat: in the process, they would be destroying some of their own. Naively, the researchers expected little “burning” to occur, and certainly for it to stop once the destruction of the opponent’s money became too painful to the player’s pocket. They were flummoxed when 62 percent of the subjects continued to “burn” the wealth of others even at crippling costs to themselves.”   (ibid)

Whether it is burning the wealth of others, throwing acid in the face of ‘other’ or ridiculing and/or minimizing the “life of the mind” of ‘other,’ (anti-intellectualism), all are acts of vengeance, the principle manifestation of pride (or self-esteem) which together with selfishness, ingratitude, covetousness, envy, and hate (collectively speaking: ressentiment) demonstrates preference for one's self instead of God and ‘other,’ and just as no violation of the Law can occur without one first being an idolater, covetousness, envy, hate and murder are its' final results, for where 'self' is primary then 'self' deserves everything it can get, no matter the cost to other people.

Ressentiment is the kind of 'wisdom' that,

"does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where envying and contention is, there is inconstancy, and every evil work. But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere." James 3: 15-17

Ressentiment does much to explain the GOP’s elitist driven war against the Tea Party, Obama’s unworkable universal healthcare, progressive taxation, the sexual perversion of our youth by so-called sex educators, multiculturalism (erasure of all differences), reproductive choice (death wishing), animal rights (hatred and degradation of humanity), naturalism (nature as lord of the universe), Darwinism (idolaters to God: you are not my Father), population control schemes (possessiveness and hatred of others), Agenda 21, redistribution of property schemes, depriving Americans of their right of self-defense, and much of what mainstream media write off as senseless crime. 

Conservative writer John Ransom summarizes a recent case: 

A private citizen armed with a gun for which he had a license, shot and killed two robbers in Reading, Pennsylvania this week…. The two masked robbers….had just exited a corner store in Reading when a concerned citizen….confronted them, and... shot 'em dead…..Sooooo… OF COURSE… the families of the two dead ROBBERS want the citizen who shot and killed them charged with a CRIME.” (Robbers Shot, Killed, Family wants Murder Charges, or Something, Ransom,, 11/8/2013)  

The idolatrous robbers were striking at the object of their ressentiment.  Ressentiment values its own welfare less than it does the harm and even the destruction of its object, in this instance, burning the wealth of the storeowner.

The family of the criminals is the third party of the formal structure of ressentiment.  Their demand that the valiant citizen be charged with a crime boils down to, “if the storeowner did not possess what our self-serving sons coveted then none of this would have happened.”

Max Scheler, author of “Ressentiment” writes that ressentiment’s formal triadic structure is always the same:

A” (i.e., the robbers) is affirmed, valued, and praised not for its own intrinsic quality, but with the unverbalized intention of denying, devaluing, and denigrating B (i.e., storeowner and citizen).   A is ‘played off’ against B.”  (Idols for Destruction: the Conflict of Christian Faith and American Culture, Herbert Schlossberg, p. 52-53)

In other words, the obvious evil of “A” is ruthlessly transferred by the 3rd party onto “B” via endless rationalizations, character destruction of “B,” and professions of love for innocent “A.”

Ressentiment will even drive men so far as to “murder” God (theocide) as exemplified by Nimrod, Buddha, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Teilhard de Chardin and Alice Baily.

When ressentiment does not dare come out in the open it expresses itself in myriad forms of destructive negation such as cruelty pretending to be harmless jokes,  destructive criticism parading as doubts, phony concerns for truth and contempt pretending to be of love.  This happens so that hatred remains undetected.

In "Death by Envy," Fr. George R.A. Aquaro points out that Christ's earthly ministry centered on convicting the world of idolatry and hate by provoking people (represented by the Pharisees) to envy, hate and then murder. By becoming the scapegoat, Jesus Christ allows mankind to place their sins upon Him so that we might repent at the sight of His blood. (p. 101)

The tragedy of the fall is that man has lost his introspection. Judas had no hope of looking within himself and seeing his ressentiment which inevitably destroyed him. The Cross is thus a messenger of mankind's pride, ingratitude, covetousness, envy, hate and murderous intentions. Therefore we are obliged to search ourselves for ressentiment and its root cause, idolatrous self-centeredness, and repent of them because,

“Look, I am coming soon! Says the Lord. My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.  Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." (Rev. 22:12-16)

Everything that has been thought, said and done will be revealed. There is nothing "covered that shall not be revealed; nor hidden that shall not be known" (Luke 12:2) and just as it is "...appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment" (Heb. 9:27) so there will be eternal life in Paradise for those who love God and have kept His commandments but for those who prefer “self” to God and brother and have done evil and whose "hardness and impenitent heart" has treasured up unto itself, “ wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God...for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger." (Rom. 2:5) 

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Good and Evil in Liberalism's Land of Oz

The character that takes command in moments of crucial choices has already been determined by a thousand other choices made earlier in seemingly unimportant moments. It has been determined by all the ‘little’ choices of years past - by all those times when the voice of conscience was at war with the voice of temptation, [which was] whispering the lie that ‘it really doesn’t matter.’ It has been determined by all the day-to-day decisions made when life seemed easy and crises seemed far away - the decision that, piece by piece, bit by bit, developed habits of discipline or of laziness; habits of self-sacrifice or self- indulgence; habits of duty and honor and integrity - or dishonor and shame.” (Ronald Reagan)

As a Christian, Ronald Reagan believed that man is fallen, that is, mankind is created good but because he is also fallen, he contains within himself the seeds of corruption and evil. However, because mankind is endowed with free will, he has the ability to say “no” to bad impulses, the sort, for example, that lead to lying, stealing, and murder.  

By extension of Christian reasoning, man must be held personally responsible for the bad choices he makes.  Thus thieves, liars, pedophiles, and murderers are responsible for the wrongs they have committed and society has a duty and obligation to punish them.

Because Liberalism is a reinvention of paganism, its view of evil and man is a complete reversal of the Christian view.  In this system, man is born good and all sources of evil exist externally to man.

Liberalism sees two primary sources of evil: genetic inheritance and oppressive social institutions and mystical concepts such as individual freedom, free markets, private property, the traditional family and self-defense.  In sum, whatever Christianity declares good liberalism declares evil, and whatever Christianity declares evil, liberalism declares good. 

Liberals believe their inverted morality is validated by evolution.  As evolution is a primary doctrine of liberalism, and evolution implies continuous change, then history as a record of events in space and time is as useless and absurd as unchanging higher truths , moral absolutes and "He made them male and female." 

In light of this belief, liberalism holds that Biblical sexual ethics and Christian-based life and culture sustaining institutions such as procreative traditional marriage must be gradually undermined, destroyed, and replaced with "free love" (promiscuity, homosexuality), abortion and alternative lifestyles.  As well, the personal wealth of the “haves” must be redistributed to the “have-nots" and the "evil" concept of individual liberty must be replaced with the pagan concept of “oneness.” 

Liberals believe that out of chaos will emerge a new, more perfect order.  In practice this means that by destroying everything about the "old" Christian-based order a perfected “new man” and a peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth will be attained.

These remedies only account for social evils however.  So what about evils caused by genetic inheritance, which liberals believe are the cause of politically incorrect “wrong thought,” “wrong speech,” and “wrong actions”?  

As a reinvention of superstitious pagan reasoning, liberals think that mankind does not possess free will. As a consequence, he cannot choose to behave and think other than how his genes determine he will think and behave.  In other words, mankind is a machine preprogrammed by his genes.  In this way of thinking, some individuals - usually thought to be the criminal element - can be rehabilitated.   After all, criminals aren’t really criminals but helpless victims of oppressive systems and concepts.  In other words, they are just good machines cast into confusion and wrong behavior due to the bad influences of the oppressive systems and politically incorrect thought in which they are presently living.  By extension of this reasoning, capital punishment is cruel and unusual punishment and terrorists aren’t really bad guys, but freedom fighters.

So on one hand, rehabilitation is one method liberals resort to in order to “save” the lost.  On the other, abortion, eugenics, euthanasia, and other population control schemes are methods employed by liberals to rid the world of evil caused by genetics.  Since human machines can do no other than to think and behave as determined by their genes, it just makes sense, think liberals, to simply weed out the undesirables.

But what about the unredeemable?  Those so contaminated by bad ideas and concepts that they are beyond any hope of redemption?   Hitler called his response “The Final Solution,” and liquidated millions of unredeemable machines. Marxist Communists called it “class warfare” and liquidated many millions more than did Hitler.  In the 1930s, here in America, progressive liberals devised a eugenics program for the purposeful breeding of a perfected New Man.  Abortion and homosexual behavior were actively promoted among the undesirables, which at that time were viewed as Catholics, blacks, Irish, and Italians.  So advanced was this program that both Tojo and Hitler sent delegations to our nation to study the progressive liberal eugenics processes.

When we understand how liberals think, we can see that underlying the current mortgage fiasco is liberalism’s irrational belief system at work.   That is, by forcing lending institutions into financing mortgages to unsuitable borrowers, liberals believed they were “fixing” the evils caused by America’s oppressive old order.  The devastation wrought by their machinations is likewise seen as a good thing, as it lends itself to the undermining of our traditional institutions, infrastructures, and way of life.

Ideas have consequences.  Liberalism’s ideas are morally and intellectually bankrupt, and as a consequence lead to devastation, poverty, suffering, and monstrous evil.  

Because liberalism’s ideas are out of touch with reality, liberals are themselves out of touch with reality.  They are not sane.

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What Ails America? Moral Imbecility and Diabolical Psychopathy

The April edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Professor Steven Landsburg of the University of Rochester recently posed a “hypothetical” question to his students through his personal blog which went viral and immediately drew mass condemnation. (University of Rochester Professor of the Year Says, “Rape Might Be OK,” University Officials Plan No Disciplinary Action, Joe Calandra Jr., April 30, 2013,

He asked the question:

Should rape be illegal if the victim is unconscious and if no physical harm results?”

Daniel Nelson, the doctoral candidate at the University of Rochester, immediately began organizing students to petition campus leaders to discipline Landsburg.  He said:

We feel like this is just too much. A line has been crossed.  The professor’s comments are offensive…But more troubling…is that they could be harmful; We’re worried that a professor who teaches hundreds of students, who was voted professor of the year, and is in a position of great power and influence, is telling the community at large that rape might be OK.”

University leaders however, side with Landsburg, saying he was within his rights to be academically free to spark discussion among his students as he sees fit and plan to take no action against him. (ibid)

hile Lansburg embraces rape, anti-Christian leftist Mike Weinstein, Obama's choice as consultant to the Pentagon in charge of developing new policies on religious tolerance, decries what he calls the “virulent religious oppression” perpetrated by conservative Christians, whom he refers to as “monstrosities” and “pitiable unconstitutional carpetbaggers."  Weinstein adds:

"If these fundamentalist Christian monsters of human degradation … and tyranny cannot broker or barter your acceptance of their putrid theology, then they crave for your universal silence in the face of their rapacious reign of theocratic terror. Indeed, they ceaselessly lust, ache, and pine for you to do absolutely nothing to thwart their oppression. Comply, my friends, and you become as monstrously savage as are they. I beg you, do not feed these hideous monsters with your stoic lethargy, callousness and neutrality. Do not lubricate the path of their racism, bigotry, and prejudice. Doing so directly threatens the national security of our beautiful nation."  (Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy, Ken Klukowski,, 28 Apr 2013)

God help us now when someone with such visceral hatred of conservative Christians—literally tens of millions of Americans—who says sharing this gospel is “spiritual rape” is helping develop policies for how to deal with Christians in the military, said Klukowski: 

"Weinstein says those guilty of this “treason” must be “punished.” Under federal law, the penalty for treason is death. And the Obama administration is sitting down to talk with this man to craft new policies for “religious tolerance” in our military." (ibid) 

Ideologically, Weinstein, Landsburg and his university defenders are usually described as either Liberals or Leftists.   Ideology aside, some of them are moral imbeciles, others are dangerous psychopaths who, like vast numbers of American adolescents in adult-size bodies, are ruled by some or all of the following: narcissism, malignant narcissism, boredom, restless seeking, felt needs for diversions, self-indulgent compulsions, itching appetites, gnawing envy, dark fantasies, paranoia, death-wishing and even thoughts of murder that cloud, unbalance, and darken the mind resulting in deceptive, disjointed, self-contradictory, hypocritical, paranoid reasoning. 

Liberalism is the default position ofself-centered children notes Reb Bradley, author of "Born Liberal Raised Right."  No child needs to be taught how to be self-centered, to lie, covet, disrespect, resent, hit, spit, kick and otherwise rebel against discipline, order, rules and authority because in greater and lesser degrees, negation and rebellion are natural to all children.  

 Today increasing numbers of Americans at every level of society, on both left and right, Christian and secular, are controlled by their passions.   Adding to the problem is the 'seeker-sensitive' church model attended by thousands of Americans that caters to felt-needs and self-indulgent emotional feel-goodism.   Thus  America itself is "a nation ruled by its passions," said Bradley.  This is why  heinous acts,

"...of casual disregard for life, unheard of fifty years ago, have become a familiar item on the evening news; students killing classmates, children murdering their playmates....these gruesome crimes are merely symptomatic of a breakdown of moral fiber..."  (ibid, pp. 2-3)

Sanity is the ability to recognize right from wrongindependently ofpassions which when massaged can easily inflate into uncontrollable narcissism, sexual lusts, fits of rage, seething hatred, covetousness, dark obsessions, diabolicism and paranoia. 

Rational thinking is reasoning disciplined to resist the corrupting influence of personal feelings or passions, thus allowing for the acceptance of higher truths, order, and authority that contradicts feelings, desires, and fancies.   In short, rational thinking is morally-informed reasoning.   It is dispassionate, rightly-orderedand logical, and is the fruit of self-control and unswerving commitment to enduring higher truths, moral law, and principle.  

Moral imbecility is the inability to recognize right from wrong independent offeelings,  impulses, and compulsions.   By the degree to which the moral sense is corrupt, so too is reason.   The greater the degree of corruption, the more depraved is reason, meaning that moral imbecility can shade into diabolicism, or psychopathy.

 In his paper, "Leftism as Psychopathy," John Ray (M.A.;Ph.D.) provides a clinical description of psychopathy:

"The characteristics of the clinical psychopath can be summed up as follows:  He is not obviously "mad"; he is often highly intelligent; he is unmoved by brutality (except to enjoy perpetrating it); he has no moral or ethical anchors or standards; he is deeply (but discreetly) in love with himself (narcissism) so secretly despises others and thinks they are fit only to be dominated and exploited by him and those like him; he is a great manipulator who loves getting others to do his bidding by deception or otherwise; he is the master of the lie and the false pretense but sees no reason to be consistent from occasion to occasion;  he will say anything to gain momentary praise or admiration; his only really strongly felt emotions seem to be hate and contempt and he is particularly enraged by those who have what he wants and will be totally unscrupulous in trying to seize what others have for himself. But above all, the psychopath does not seem to be able totell right from wrong and, as a result, does sometimescommit or connive at murders and other heinous crimes with what seems to be a clear conscience. " 

Although leftists form only a small fraction of the total population said Ray,

" ....their influence and their grasp on the levers of power in the media, in the bureaucracy, in the universities and, at times, in politics, make what they think, say and do very important indeed.  And it is my contention that this type is eerily reminiscent of a well-known psychiatric category:  The psychopath. So the ULTIMATE explanation for all the core characteristics of Leftism that have been described so far lies in many Leftists being sub-clinical psychopaths. " 

 The most frightening aspect of America's descent into moral imbecility and diabolical psychopathy is that through the White House, legislatures, media, Hollywood, courts, academia, pentagon and seminaries such people have the power to lead our country farther down the path toward disintegration, breakdown and implosion and from there to totalitarianism, concentration camps and mass murder.  

 In observation of this eventuality an astute commentator to the Prager Zeitung said:

 "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president."   "The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.  Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince...The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool"  "It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."  (Prager Zeitung, Freerepublic)

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Statists and liberals: where they are located on the Founders' political spectrum

In "This Is What It Comes To" a disgusted Eric Erickson wrote,

"I see Republicans in Congress waffling on Obamacare....  Republican Governors slowly folding over expanding medicaid and state exchanges.....300 Republicans (begging) the Supreme Court to impose gay marriage on the nation by unilateral fiat because they’re inconvenienced by it as a political issue and want to move on."   "In Georgia, I see the State GOP raising taxes and refusing to pass religious liberty legislation. I see a party in the pocket of millionaires giving the middle finger to the middle class. And I see a bunch of politicians prostituting themselves to billionaires and trying to repackage their policies as “conservative” when they are not."   "What the hell does the GOP stand for anymore other than “we’re not Obama”? No kidding. He’s more competent. The GOP, at this point, stands for nothing and the highest bidder at the same time."  (Red State, Mar.21, 2015) 

Much confusion reigns today because we no longer believe "In the beginning God created," and by extension that man, though God's spiritual image-bearer is fallen but rather that because man is an emergent product of evolution he is evolving to greater and greater heights.  Adding more fuel to the confusion-fire is the left-right political dichotomy.

Communism is on the left we are told to believe and Fascism comes from the right, while people and parties are called either "leftist" or "rightist." Adding to the confusion, Liberals believe absolutely that even though moral absolutes do not exist, evil nevertheless absolutely comes from the Right.   The evil Right is supposedly the party of evil white people guilty of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, ageism, fundamentalism, anti-evolutionism, and anti-scientism. Furthermore, Progressive Liberal educrats condition the minds of America's gullible youth with this insanity writes Dennis Prager in his article, "Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites,"

"After 50 years of being inundated with stories of white racism, and being taught in college that in this white-dominated society, only a white can be a racist, the American public has been properly brainwashed into accepting the otherwise incredible: A black man murdered eight white people at his place of work because they were white, and the media story is about the murderer's alleged experiences of racism."(, Aug. 2010) 

America is imploding, and due in large part to the fallacious evolutionary account of origins and the fallacious left-right dichotomy, the underlying infection and its' carriers cannot be clearly identified. Consequently, we fight against symptoms rather than the cause of infection, which is an exercise in futility. To clear the air, we need to think in terms of man's sinfulness together with the Founder's rather ingenious political spectrum, a yardstick for measuring political power in any system of government. The Founders' yardstick is not about political parties or grassroots movements such as today's Tea Party but about political power and the psychology of those who lust after power.

As humanity is not self-sufficient the need arises for living together in a community. Government is therefore a necessary system of ruling or controlling. In the American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828, Noah Webster defines government as:

"The exercise of authority; direction and restraint exercised over the actions of men in communities, societies or states; the administration of public affairs, according to established constitution, laws and usages, or by arbitrary edicts."

On the Founder's yardstick, the two extreme forms of governance are Anarchy and Tyranny, or in today's vernacular, Utopian Statism and its' co-dependent, the Liberalized masses. These two extremes are placed at either end of the spectrum. Statists, whether described as oligarchs, totalitarians, despots or Technocrats for example, are on the far left while the cult of the unrestrained libido (Liberals) are on the far right.

Included within the definition of Liberal are all who demand an end to moral restraints and the two created sexes in favor of an unfolding menu of evolved genders.   In this light we can see that certain Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, militant atheists, Liberal Christians, and Democrats are anarchists as measured by the Founders yardstick.

At the one extreme there is neither moral law nor cultural restraint. At the other extreme there is oppressive control and too much government — Big Brother, in other words. Both extremes are united by moral relativism, unrestrained passions, will to power, and arbitrary edicts, which are merely politicized caprice, whim, envy, vengeance-seeking, lust, resentment, and covetousness.

Occupying the middle area of the spectrum are the heirs of yesterday's Founding generation: Constitutional Conservatives of every skin color, both sexes and from every walk of life. Like the Founders, they believe the rights of all people are unalienable (from the supernatural Creator) and cannot be violated without risking the wrath of Divine Justice. And whether believers or not, they hold that Christianity is one of the West's central foundational pillars:

"The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions." (William McGuffey, d. May 4, 1873, professor at the University of Virginia, president of Ohio University, and author of McGuffey's Readers;

Constitutionalists also believe that individual liberty lives or dies according to whether the people are self-controlled and virtuous or lacking self-control and thereby depraved:

"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders." (Samuel Adams, Founding Fathers,

Why are only virtuous people capable of individual freedom? In simple terms, all men are fallen, hence compound mixtures of strengths and weaknesses, good and evil. In short, all men are both kindly Dr. Jekyll and evil Mr. Hyde. Virtuous people are those who over time and with great self-sacrifice, personal suffering, and perseverance, have learned — however imperfectly — to restrain their Mr. Hyde compulsions and appetites. In attainment of self-control, virtuous people are by consequence capable of self-governance. This means that they are able to live and work within an atmosphere of limited government, or just enough government to protect liberty, rights, decency, order, and property but not too little that anarchy ensues. Without virtue, liberty degenerates into the madness that now characterizes America and the West:

"What is liberty without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils...madness without restraint. Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites." (Edmund Burke, 1791 at the National Assembly,

Statists and Liberals

What distinguishes God-less neo-pagan Communism,

"... from the fanatical authoritarian religions with which it has so many points in common is... its rigid, dogmatic and uncompromising exclusion of any element in life lying outside the confines of the present material world....Truth and objectivity are of minor importance. The main purpose is to defame and denounce in every way." Communism is "the faith without God." (William Henry Chamberlin, Russia's Iron Age, p. 311)

On the Founder's spectrum, Communism, Fascism, radical Islamism, and Socialism would be on the left since they are sinister totalitarians.  Communists, Fascists, Socialists, and today's globalists are actually neo-pagan and mystical pantheists (collectivists) marching under the banner of social justice, science and biological evolution.  In this light, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel, George Soros, "elite" green environmentalists, certain GOP-elites, Obama's Czars and Obama for example, are located on the far left as they are adherents of totalitarian systems.

On the extreme right are the Liberalized masses, the morally debauched product of fifty years of systematic demoralization, a diabolical agenda stealthily carried out by neo-pagan Progressive mind-conditioners of cognitive dissonance and moral depravity.    Today's Liberalized majority are self-centered, self-absorbed emotional tyrants in adult size bodies. They are whining, nasty narcissists full of the pride and unrestrained appetites that brazenly define selfishness,  obscenity, pornography, blasphemy, covetousness, hedonism, sodomy, sadomasochism, laziness, and envy as "Constitutional rights." These are the depraved individuals who believe that money and rights grown on trees, and for example, persecute Christian bakers and riot in our city streets, burning, looting, and shooting cops because they believe that anyone who hurts their feelings should be charged with a hate crime and destroyed.

Liberalism is the default position of self-centered children, notes Reb Bradley, author of "Born Liberal Raised Right." Bradley argues that sexually, today's America is,

"a nation ruled by its passions." "Heinous acts of casual disregard for life, unheard of fifty years ago, have become a familiar item on the evening news; students killing classmates, children murdering their playmates....these gruesome crimes are merely symptomatic of a breakdown of moral fiber..." (ibid, pp. 2-3)

That extreme far right and extreme far left factions are united in a twisted co-dependent relationship makes sense really, for as virtuous people are those who are most capable of self-governance, they represent however imperfectly, true adulthood, discipline, strength, authority, truth, reality, courage, and order, which things the other two insurrectionist factions deeply resent and desire the overthrow and destruction of, thus are in rebellion against.

Peter Hitchens, author of "The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith," says of this sick relationship, there is an,

"...alliance between political utopianism (totalitarianism) and the new cult of the unrestrained self, unleashed into the Western world by Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich, by Alfred Kinsey and Herbert Marcuse, promoted by the self-pitying anthems of rock music, and encouraged by the enormous power of "progressive" education in which so many cultural revolutionaries work." (p. 135)

America's Spirit of Madness

Sanity is the ability to recognize right from wrong independently of personal feelings, fears, impulses, desires, and compulsions. Rational thinking then, is reasoning disciplined to resist the corrupting influence of irrational feelings, thus allowing for the acceptance of truths that contradict feelings (i.e., hatred, envy), desires, and fancies. In short, rational thinking is morally-informed reasoning. It is dispassionate, rightly-ordered and logical, and is the fruit of impulse-control and unswerving commitment to enduring truths, moral law, and principle.

Irrational reasoning (sophistry) is the opposite. Irrationality is the inability to recognize right from wrong independent of irrational feelings, impulses, and compulsions. By the degree to which the moral sense is corrupt, so too is reason. The greater the degree of corruption, the more depraved is reason.

This being the case, the most frightening aspect of statist (collectivist) depravity is that through the White House, legislatures and courts emotional tyrants have the power to lead our country farther down the path to moral decline and from there into the abyss. Enabling them in all of this is America's cult of unrestrained libido, the millions of dumbed-down, demoralized Americans, of whom some are said to be "leftists" and others "rightists."

An astute commentator to the Prager Zeitung incisively cut through the confusion caused by the left-right dichotomy to reveal the dreadful reality:

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president." "The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince...The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool" "It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president." (Prager Zeitung, )

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