Ecclesiastes: Things Reckoned New & Scientific by Evolutionists & Sophisticated Theologians Are Not So

In a 2012 editorial, "The Genesis Problem," New Scientist editors admit that physicists have been fighting a rearguard action against the Big Bang theory for decades, largely because they believe it has theological overtones. After all, if you have an instant of creation, don't you need a creator?   Adding fuel to anti-Big Bang anxieties are sophisticated theologians eager to embrace and conform the Word of God to evolutionary science.  

Now however, if a "new" yet very ancient theory turns out to be true, the universe may not have started with a bang after all and Big Bang sophisticates from Pope Francis to Tim Keller, Francis Collins, Leonard Sweet and many others will be faced with ruin and disgrace.

In the new formulation, the universe was never a singularity, or an infinitely small and infinitely dense point of matter. In fact, the universe may have no beginning at all:

"Our theory suggests that the age of the universe could be infinite," said study co-author Saurya Das, a theoretical physicist at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.  (Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning, Yahoo US, March 2, 2015)

The idea that the evolving universe of matter and psychic energy (the Divine One Substance) has always existed is a common thread running through ancient Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, and Rome in the West to mystical pantheist philosophies in the East and Mormonism in America.

 Joseph Smith taught that matter (the One Substance) is eternal and the Mormon God Elohim had no power to create out of nothing. Elohim merely reorganized the already present elements of the One Substance (aka Void, Brahman, Quantum Void), which have no beginning or end and cannot be destroyed:

"Since Mormons believe that the elements are eternal, it follows that they deny the ex nihilo creation." (Encyclopedia of Mormonism 1:400).

Like a dog returning to its own vomit, modern evolutionary physicists are returning to the ancient Godless cosmogony espoused by Mystery Religion Babylon, mystical Cabbalism, Gnosticism, the Essenes, Egyptians, and other occult traditions and sciences.

For example, with the Egyptians' self-created Sun-God Ra, the eternally existing divine abyss or One Substance out of which he evolved is Nu — or Joseph Smith's primordial matter:

"I came into being from primordial matter...I made all the forms under which I appeared by means of (or out of) the god-soul which I raised up out of Nu (i.e., the primeval abyss of water.) (The Long War Against God, Dr. Henry Morris, p. 243)

The godless cosmogony of Kabala teaches the gradual condensation or evolutionary progression of an eternally existing primal psychic substance (the One Substance) emanating into visible matter.  This is a fundamental, 
"... doctrine of the Cabala (and) is the ancient Semitic conception of the ‘primal ocean,’ known to the Babylonians as ‘Apsu’ and called by the Gnostics βύθος =  (Anz, ‘Die Frage nach dem Ursprung des Gnostizismus,’ p. 98).
 Like its’ Egyptian Hermetic counterpart, Kabala implies a process of emergent evolutionary transformation of one kind into another kind (macroevolution) from out of an eternally existing primal psychic substance:
“...the older Enoch book (gives) a fuller insight into the "Merkabah" and "Bereshit" lore of the ancients than the "Hekalot," which present but fragments, while the central figure of the Cabala, Meṭaṭron-Enoch, is seen in ch. lxx.-lxxi. in a process of transformation.” (Cabala, Jewish Encyclopedia) 

The Kabalah is the key to the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists.” (Occult Mason Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 626)

According to Helena Blavatsky, one of the key architects of Luciferian New Age pantheism, Kabalah derived,
“.... from the older secret doctrines concerning divine things and cosmogony, which were combined into a theology after the time of the captivity of the Jews in Babylon. All the works that fall under the esoteric category are termed Kabalistic.” (Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary, p. 168)

The Chaldean occult science and pagan Mystery Religion was embraced by apostate Jews during their captivity in Babylon and delivered to subsequent generations of Mystery Religion initiates by word of mouth. According to Blavatsky, these initiates of the Chaldean tradition in the centuries before Christ were known as Tanaim:

 "The kabalist is a student of ‘secret science’, one who interprets the hidden meaning of the Scriptures with the help of the symbolical Kabala… The Tanaim were the first kabalists among the Jews; they appeared at Jerusalem about the beginning of the third century before the Christian era… This secret doctrine is identical with the Persian wisdom, or ‘magic’.” (Ibid. p.167)
The Essenes were also associated with the Kabala. The Jewish Encyclopedia describes the cabalistic practices of the Essenes, which were Judaized elements of Eastern mystical traditions:
So, too, were the Essenes familiar with the idea of the journey to heaven…and they were also masters of angelology. The practice of magic and incantation, the angelology and demonology, were borrowed from Babylonia, Persia, and Egypt; but these foreign elements were Judaized in the process, and took the form of the mystical adoration of the name of God and of speculations regarding the mysterious power of the Hebrew alphabet …, ‘the name of God creates and destroys worlds’, to become, finally, foundations of the philosophy of the ‘Sefer Yetzirah."  (Cabala, Jewish Encyclopedia)
According to Blavatsky the Essenes were pagan priests of the Greek goddess, Diana of Ephesus, where the Tanaim had established a college for instruction in the Chaldean mystery religion:
Essenes... had many Buddhistic ideas and practices; and it is noteworthy that the priests of the Great Mother at Ephesus, Diana-Bhavani with many breasts, were also denominated... It was at Ephesus where was the great College of the Essenes and all the lore the Tanaim had brought from the Chaldees... Essenes, believed in reincarnation.” (Theosophical Glossary, pp. 113-14; The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II, p. 111n)
Eventually Alexandria, Egypt became the epicenter of cosmological and pagan religious ideas as well as the intellectual meeting point between Greek Mystery Religion/Hermetic magic initiates and nature sages and guardians of Kabala.  After the fall of Jerusalem, Alexandria was the center from which occult pagan Jews would disguise their mystery tradition in Christian terminology and attempt to penetrate the fledgling Church with heresy. 

 One of the primary tactics employed by Cabbalist pagan Jews for this purpose is the same one employed by their modern evolutionary theist counterparts.   It involves the reduction of the Genesis account, particularly the first three books, to allegory and myth, a ploy that eliminates the physical Adam from which all people descended and the sin that he transferred to the rest of the human race. This strikes directly at the heart of the Gospel: the need for the ‘last Adam’ to provide for us an escape from the wrath of God against sin incurred by the first Adam.  In this way, not only is the work of Christ on the cross rendered superfluous, meaning the heart of the faith is ripped out, but God is made responsible for sin and evil. (1 Peter 3:18-22; 1 John 2:22)
Long ago, the teachings of some of the early Church Fathers regarding the apostasy toward the end of the church age predicted the reappearance of this evil tactic. The fathers categorized it a Gnostic pagan heresy.
In "Heresies 6.10" Hippolytus writes that the Gnostic pagan Simon Magus feigned faith and allegorized much of Scripture, especially Genesis, to support his evolutionary Hermetic and Gnostic occult pantheist teachings.   Church Fathers Ireneaus, Tertullian and Clement of Alexandria reveal that Gnostic cult leader Marcion rejected the Old Testament, taught that the God of the Old Testament and his prophets are evil, made God the author of sin and removed all references that Christ was Creator (John 1:1)   (Ireneaus, "Against Heresies 1.26, 5.1," Tertullian "Against Marcion 2.17," Clement of Alexandria, "Against Heresies 4.29)


As it turns out, things reckoned new and scientific by deluded modern physicists and sophisticated theologians are not so; they were known and in use in ages past:

"That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one might say, "See this, it is new "? Already it has existed for ages Which were before us. There is no remembrance of earlier things..."  Ecclesiastes 1: 9-11

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(2 Thes. 2:11) Strong Delusion in Our Age of Scientism and Evolution

Almost thirty years ago, two well-respected social science scholars, William Sims Bainbridge and Rodney Stark, found themselves alarmed by what they saw as a rising tide of irrationalism, superstition and occultism--- channeling cults, spirit familiars, Wicca, Satanists, goddess worshippers, 'gay' shamans, and other such occult madness — at every level of society, even unto the highest corridors of power. Like many scientists, they were equally concerned by Christian opposition to naturalistic evolution.

As is common in the science community, Bainbridge and Stark assumed the cause of these social pathologies were somehow due to fundamentalism, their term for authentic Christian theism. Yet to their credit, the research they undertook to discover the cause was conducted both scientifically and with great integrity. What they found was so startling that it caused them to re-evaluate their attitude toward Christian theism. Their findings led them to say:

"It would be a mistake to conclude that fundamentalists oppose all science (when in reality they but oppose) a single theory (that) directly contradicts the bible. But it would be an equally great mistake to conclude that religious liberals and the irreligious possess superior minds of great rationality, to see them as modern personalities who have no need of the supernatural or any propensity to believe unscientific superstitions. On the contrary...they are much more likely to accept the new superstitions. It is the fundamentalists who appear most virtuous according to scientific standards when we examine the cults and pseudo-sciences proliferating in our society today." ("Superstitions ,Old and New," The Skeptical Inquirer (formerly The Zetetic), Vol. IV, No. 4; Summer, 1980, pp. 18, 23, 26, 28, 30)

In more detail they observed that authentic ‘born again’ Christians are far less likely to accept cults and pseudoscientific beliefs while the irreligious (i.e., atheists, pagans, secular humanists, occult New Age, our left-right Ruling Class) and liberalized Christians are open to unscientific notions.  In fact, these two groups are most favorable toward occultism, leading Bainbridge and Stark to conclude their startling findings with this dire warning:

"Those who hope that a decline in traditional religion would inaugurate a new Age of Reason ought to think again....Apparently, when Christianity loses its grip on large numbers of people, deviant religious alternatives arise, and get hold of some of the unchurched... Persons with no religious affiliation are often among the first to toy with novel or exotic supernatural notions and are not the secular rationalists we might want to think them. Cults flourish precisely where the conventional churches are weakest...(also), numbers of unchurched people seek private contact with the supernatural......a further decline in the influence of conventional religion may not inaugurate a scientific Age of Reason but might instead open the floodgates for a bizarre new Age of Superstition." (ibid)

The real measure of one’s worldview resides in how close to reality it conforms.   What Bainbridge and Stark discovered to their utter shock was that authentic Christian theism, which includes the Apostolic Tradition, conforms most closely to reality while modern scientism and evolutionary thinking tied to naturalism, irreligious and liberal Christian assumptions does not.  Worse, it has trapped their minds within a psychic cage, an incredibly powerful idolatrous delusion that has been pervasive in the West and America since the eighteenth century.

 The strong delusion emerged during the Renaissance when Christians at the highest levels of Church and society had turned back to the ancient occult Wisdom Traditions flooding into Christendom at that time. Then it worked through the mystic Joachim of Fiore and other neo-Gnostics like Hegel, Auguste Comte, Marx, Darwin and Teilhard de Chardin to change time through the inversion of the order of history. In our own time it has so thoroughly captured the minds of modern Westerners and Americans that they are no longer able to conceive of an original good creation that has fallen because evolution has convinced them to think of everything in the past as consisting of apelike cavemen and the superstitious primitivism from which they, the evolved ones, have ascended on high.  The sweeping acceptance of evolution has,

"....persuaded people to think of everything in nature as the fruit of a gradual growth rather than an original creation." The sweeping acceptance of evolutionary thinking means that it is "now difficult if not impossible for an educated man to conceive of a primitive revelation such as traditional Christianity taught, or even of an original natural religion from which men had declined." This difficulty arises because "in an evolving world, perfection obviously lay, not in the past, but in the future." (Religion and Rise of Skepticism, Frank Baumer, p. 147)

So complete has the transformation of consciousness been that the spirit of delusion has successfully inverted the order of creation and reversed the direction of Biblical theism, thereby recasting Jesus as a mere man and the Church Fathers as lower order primitives ,who rather than viewing the Genesis account as myth and poetry as today's 'enlightened' theologians see it, actually believed that the Genesis account, particularly the first three books, are Divinely inspired text that tells of actual historic events and people that must be correctly understood and accepted as truth even while explaining that poetic and anthropomorphic statements are not to be taken literally but understood symbolically.

With creation ex nihilo virtually replaced by evolution, the evolutionarily-enlightened now believe that Lucifer is not the fallen devil nor have men fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual and moral perfection. Self-perfecting man no longer needs the living, Holy God as the idea of "conscious evolution" means he can save himself, and perhaps even attain god-hood.

The English moral philosopher Mary Midgley (b. 1919) synthesized the strong delusion into the Escalator Myth, a humanist anthropolatrous dream that has encouraged man to worship himself as god.  Humanist sages, from Comte through Julian Huxley to more recent fellow travelers have steadily encouraged us to build up,

“…our appreciation of the human race into a full-scale edifice of self-worship.  Science itself has (become) a central shrine within this temple….Thus progress (smoothly dove-tailed with evolution) has increasingly appeared as an escalator, powered by our own remarkable abilities and bearing us---perhaps with cybernetic additions and perhaps becoming immortal---reliably on towards a distant and mysterious Omega Point….So vast is the scale of this dream that no actual downturn in human affairs has yet really managed to dent it.” (All Too Human, Mary Midgley,, Dec. 2008)

In this grand unfolding dream, history gradually progresses upward from nonliving matter to the ape-man, then to animism, then polytheism followed by monotheism and thence to science and evolution, which finally liberated men from the gods they had created in their distant primitive past.  Having ascended to higher-order thinking man is now free to make God over in his own image and believe that only the scientific and evolutionary-minded are the real adults, the higher-order elite-thinkers, the Gnostikoi who ‘know’ that the world is billions of years old because the high priests of scientism (New Oracles of Delphi) have revealed this ‘truth’ to them.  All others, especially despicable “fundamentalist” Christian theists who refuse to accept evolution and the revelations of the High Priests are obviously lower-order primitives clinging to the dark ages.

However, the dream is untrue.  It is an inverted order of history, the reverse of facts:

"....human history can now be hesitantly traced back as an unbroken narrative to 4000 B.C. The facts must not, however, be twisted to suit the fallacy of necessary human progress. For the picture one of the Fall of Man in historic terms as well as his rise; it is a picture ...more of degradation than of success; it is a picture of monotheism breaking down into polytheism and of the struggle to return to monotheism. The establishment view of the history of religion gradually progressing from animism to polytheism, from polytheism to monotheism is the reverse of facts." (The God-Kings and the Titans: The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times, James Baily, 1973, p. 296)

Delusions: Beguiling Unrealities

In the American Dictionary of the English Language (1828), Noah Webster defines the word delusion as deception, the misleading of the mind, false representation, error or mistake proceeding from false views.  Delusions are beguiling.   They mesmerize and transfix the mind. They blind it to reality.

After much thought, C.S. Lewis came to believe that evolutionary thinking was at the center of the delusion.   In a letter to a friend Lewis writes that he is right in "regarding (evolution) as the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives..." and added, "it is not so much your arguments against it as the fanatical and twisted attitudes of its defenders." (Letter to Bernard Acworth, Spt. 13, 1951)

Though Truth will set us free, so thoroughly blinded and beguiled are the defenders of evolution that when Truth is presented to them they willfully refuse to ‘see’ it and immediately scoff, mock and ridicule it, particularly its bearer because they prefer darkness to light, slavery to freedom.

Isaiah 44: 20 describes the deluded person as one who feeds on ashes,

“…a deluded heart misleads him; he cannot save himself, or say, ‘Is not this thing in my right hand a lie?”

The only cure for delusion and spiritual blindness is spiritual regeneration through repentance and submission to God the Father Almighty.

@Linda Kimball