Evolutionary Cosmologies & Unfettered Evil: the connections

In  “Made Peace With It” Before Aborting" Sarah Terzo quotes a pregnant Planned Parenthood worker who chose to kill her baby as saying the following:

"I felt this entity within me, flooding me with immense strength and love… While pregnant, there was also the feeling that I was never alone. I spent a lot of time lying on my bed with my hand on my belly letting the buzz of contentment vibrate through me (but) I am selfish and I know it. I want to travel the world and be a perpetual student. I know that, from my perspective, having a child would mean giving up many of my dreams, and until I am as joyful about the prospect of becoming a parent as I am about my other pursuits, I can’t give a child what he/she deserves" and though "I was amazed by the creation occurring within me. .…" I realized that having "an abortion is not always traumatic. If you can get beyond societal shame and expectation, you might find a message just waiting to be discovered. I never turned away from the fact that I would be ending a potential life. Facing and accepting this was the most important thing I could’ve done to prepare myself for my abortion....This might sound strange to some, but I actually talked with the being inside of me. I made peace with it. I knew that there was a reason for this pregnancy and it wasn’t about becoming a mother.”  (LifeNews.com, Nov. 21, 2014)

In the face of this shocking evil most Americans, and this includes large numbers of Christians, no longer know what to say because the Christian Church has for the most part, failed in its' duty to teach and defend the eternally unchanging Truth of God, His Moral Law (Ten Commandments), the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo, the fall and sin nature of all men and women and their desperate need of redemption and salvation.  Thus many Christians either do not know or are in denial of the highly uncomfortable truth that it is the unfettered sin nature---their own and that of other people--- that is responsible for America's growing tyranny of evil.  

So in the eyes of the Holy Triune God Who created man in His spiritual image, what are the primary sins of the woman who freely willed the murder of her baby?  To begin, the practice of abortion by both Christians and non-Christians,

"...is spiritual prostitution to an idol, defiles God's sanctuary and profanes His holy name. God alone is the Author of life and it is not the creature's prerogative to question the Creator's wisdom in bringing to life a fellow human being at conception. Whenever men disregard their Creator's wise judgment by destroying His innocent creation, they are serving another god. They are, in fact, spiritually prostituting themselves to the idolatrous self whom they believe is wiser in its value judgments." (Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice, Andrew White, MD, 1/5/2012, Associates for Biblical Research)

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image (Gen 9:5–6; ESV)

The Planned Parenthood worker is guilty of spiritually prostituting herself to idolatrous self (love of self; narcissism), and from ancient days such idolatry has led to abortion (murder) and all other forms of evil including lust for power over and domination of other people, property, and resources (ancient pagan despots; modern pagan Communists, Socialists, Progressives); unrelenting war in pursuit of these goals, speech control, shocking cruelty, deceit, treachery, sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, pederasty, incest, slavery and individual and mass murder.  In our own time for instance, science has become the instrument of idolatrous man's will issuing in the elevation of science and evolutionary thinking above the Revealed Word of God.

Defiant science-adulating evolutionary theists and progressive creationists insist on displacing the Genesis account of creation by forcing the wildly popular Big Bang into the Bible, the inspired, written Word of God.   However, not only does the Big Bang not fit into the Bible but it also turns the Creator, Jesus Christ, into a liar, for He said that Adam and Eve were there "from the beginning of the creation" (Mark 10: 6; Gen. 1: 26-27) rather than several billion years after the beginning of creation as evolutionary speculators hold. 

For instance, when teaching about marriage, Jesus said that at the beginning of creation God:

 “made them male and female. … For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” So they are no longer two, but one(Mark 10:6–8).

Here Jesus quoted Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:24 about a real first man and first woman who were the first couple, and this is the basis for marriage between one man and one woman today.  Moreover, Adam (the first man) was the Holy God's spiritual image-bearer right from the start.  Evolution teaches instead that a whole population of humans eventually evolved from ape-like creatures.  Adam however, was fully person, fully man, fully embedded soul within flesh (body) right from the beginning, hence Church Father Tertullian condemns child sacrifice, saying that no matter how it is rationalized, it is still murder:

"....murder is once for all forbidden; so even the child in the womb, while yet the mother's blood is still being drawn on to form the human being, it is not lawful to destroy. To forbid birth is only quicker murder. It makes no difference whether one take away the life once born or destroy it as it comes to birth. He is a man, who is to be a man, the fruit is always present in the seed." (Tertullian, Apologeticus IX.- 6, 8)

Evolutionary cosmologies are as ancient as the practices of men worshipping themselves as gods and of child sacrifice, sodomy, incest, and many other evils.  In fact, evolutionary thinking facilitates evil since if Darwin in particular and evolutionary thinking in general is right, then there was no fall so no sin nature and man is either a trousered ape or bio-machine.  As well, there is no ultimate fixed meaning or higher purpose to life except what we choose:

" You are born, you suffer, you die — that's it. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you may get recycled as organic manure — but beyond that, you're just a number that happened to come up in the great casino of the universe." (Darwin, Spurgeon and the 'black dog,' Carl Wieland, Creation.com)  

If man is nothing but an excited node of evolution in process of evolutionary ascent with neither hope of physical resurrection nor any accountability to his Maker for his actions here in this world, hence no fear of Judgment and hell,  then he is free to be evil.  So why not euthanize the elderly?  And why should Obama and his henchmen respect and abide by the Constitution rather than do whatever they want to do? Why should parents not allow their children to be taught evolutionary science, daily absorb the violent messages within most video games, rap music, and hard rock? And why ought children brought up on evolutionary science and violence not brutally attack each other and their parents?  Why should sexually-perverted adults not sexually pervert children, toss unwanted babies into trash bins, and use the force of perverted, meaningless law to vandalize and plunder the property and wealth of others? Why not redefine sodomy, pedophilia, pederasty, bestiality and lesbianism as 'gay' and then marry 'gay' couples in Washington's National Cathedral? (Washington National Cathedral to Wed Same-Sex Couples, Ben Brumfield, CNN, Jan. 9, 2013)

 And if you're the Planned Parenthood worker why not kill your unborn baby if its' life interferes with your selfish ambitions?   Among the idolatrous social elite of Punic Carthage for example, the institution of child sacrifice (murder) was a common practice and may have assisted in the consolidation and maintenance of family wealth, of eliciting favors from the gods, and as a convenient way of disposing of unwanted and illegitimately conceived babies.

In 1921 the largest cemetery of sacrificed infants in the ancient Near East was discovered at Carthage. Hundreds of burial urns filled with the cremated bones of infants, mostly newborns but even some children up to six years of age were uncovered at Carthage. All of the victims had been burned to death on the altars of self-serving idolatrous men and women.

The actual rite of child sacrifice at Carthage has been graphically described by Diodorus Siculus:

"There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire." (Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice, Andrew White, MD, 1/5/2012, Associates for Biblical Research)

Plutarch, a first and second century A.D. Greek author, adds to the description:

"...the whole area before the statue was filled with a loud noise of flutes and drums so that the cries of wailing should not reach the ears of the people." (ibid)

Throughout Western European and American society evolutionary thinking as 'evolutionary fact'  has finally reached saturation point in government, law, media, education, healthcare, psychiatry, the public arena and increasingly within the whole body of the Church, which is why pathological lying, atheism, agnosticism, occult paganism, suicide, lawlessness, mass murder, decadence, sodomy, abortion, and euthanasia have increased exponentially throughout America and the world.

All of this makes a devilish kind of sense if the personal Triune God Whose Living Words called all things into existence in six days of creation does not exist and life has no higher, fixed meaning or purpose since the evolving universe of matter and energy either created itself from nothing or was enabled toward this end by a god shaped and controlled by men as evolutionary theology posits. 

 Large numbers of Westerners both within and without the church now reject the Genesis account and believe instead that modern secular (neo-pagan and mystical pantheist) science has proven the earth and cosmos to be billions of years old, and that every living thing, from fish to dogs, apes and humans, evolved from a single cell which itself is the result of combination of chemicals.  Most believe that primordial matter resulted from the Big Bang. Certain high profile Christians like Pope Francis, Hugh Ross and the influential theologians and scholars who support them, teach that God is both the energizing force behind the Big Bang and the director of evolutionary process.

Moral Relativism

The Big Bang/ billions of years view results in a philosophy of moral relativism because if men were once something else, a genderless blob of matter and then later on lizards and even later still some kind of ape-like creature, then not only are we going to become something else – maybe divine supermen, god-men, super robots or cosmic beings – but nothing can be said about transgender, 'gay,' and lesbianism since all life forms ascended from a genderless blob of matter generated by the inexplicable explosion of a Cosmic Egg which may or may not involve a stumbling god shaped and molded by theologians who require Him to ignite the Big Bang.  

Biomachines and Trousered Apes

With regard to man's inner person, his soul/spirit, if life arose from chemicals and then billions of years later man evolved from lower life-forms, then his rational nature, his soul, differs not qualitatively but only quantitatively from the beasts. Like beasts, man is not a person but a creature of the earth. Like them he has no spirit – free will, higher mental faculties, and conscience. He is a fleshy androgynous robot or hominid whose brain is organized by the genome and the genome shaped by natural selection.

 The denial of the literal and historic meaning of the Genesis account is foundationally the result of imposing neo-pagan and mystical pantheist evolutionary cosmologies (i.e., Big Bang) upon the Bible.' Thus, it has baneful consequences which don't just stop with Genesis, but adversely affect the entirety of Scripture and the entirety of Western and American society too. The atheist Frank Zindler enthusiastically agrees:

"The most devastating thing that biology did to Christianity was the discovery of biological evolution. Now that we know that Adam and Eve never were real people the central myth of Christianity is destroyed. If there never was an Adam and Eve, there never was an original sin. If there never was an original sin there is no need of salvation. If there is no need of salvation there is no need of a savior. And I submit that puts Jesus...into the ranks of the unemployed. I think evolution absolutely is the death knell of Christianity." ("Atheism vs. Christianity," 1996, Lita Cosner, creation.com, June 13, 2013)

For many long years, thoughtful, concerned people have been pointing to the connections between evolutionary thinking and the spreading epidemic of narcissism, moral insanity, hatred, violence, despair, paranoia, madness, dark fantasies, psychosis and other spiritual pathologies together with the breakup of the family, the abortion of 60,000,000+ unborn, the subversion and perversion of children, and the relentlessly rising tide of psychiatric drug and porn use, crime, decadence, homicide and suicide in the 'evolutionized' West.

As Zindler rightly concludes, evolution is the death knell of Christianity, hence the death knell of the uniquely radical definition of man as person because created in the spiritual image of the One God in three Persons. From this it follows that evolution is also the death knell of our Constitutional Republic since our inalienable (God given) rights are for persons, not trousered apes or biomachines.

As the socially destructive consequences of evolution, moral relativism and unfettered sin reverberate throughout the church and society our age increasingly becomes an age of idolatrous worship of self, defiance against God and a spreading tyranny of evil as self-idolaters increasingly demand the sacrifice of other people, their children, property, rights and even their lives on altars of self-gratification.  

@Linda Kimball

Nihilism: The West's Evil Religion of Idolatry, Lies, and Hate

The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions.” (William McGuffey, d. May 4, 1873, professor at the University of Virginia, president of Ohio University, and author of McGuffey’s Readers; earstohear.net)
 Andre Comte-Sponville, one of France's preeminent atheist philosophers agrees.  In his New York Times bestseller, "The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality," Sponville observes that even though Western and American civilization has become nonreligious it is nevertheless profoundly rooted in transcendent Biblical morality and traditions.   That overt and implied atheism has all but supplanted Biblical beliefs pleases yet simultaneously frightens Sponville as he clearly sees that if Western civilization entirely ceases to be Christian it will fall into something like a refined nihilism.  And if we believe that nothing remains,
"....we might as well throw in the towel at once.   We would have nothing left to oppose to either fanaticism from without or to nihilism from within---and, contrary to what many people seem to think, nihilism is the primary danger.  We would belong to a dead civilization, or at least a dying one....Wealth has never sufficed to make a civilization, poverty, even less so.  Civilizations require culture, imagination, enthusiasm and creativity, and none of these things come without courage, work and effort."    Without these necessities, "Good night...the Western world has decided to replace faith with somnolence." (pp. 28-29)

Sponville admits that in his younger years he had believed in the supernatural God of Revelation and been raised a Christian.  Up till around the age of eighteen his faith was powerful. But then he embraced evolutionary scientism and fell away, and this falling away said Sponville, was liberating because for the liberated autonomous 'self' whose life no longer has any ultimate meaning or purpose there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do, or why his friends should not live in the way that they find most advantageous to themselves.

But the lies, amoralism and perverse license, the nihilism Sponville rejoices in becomes an unbearable source of horror and dread when reproduced in millions of souls.  Sponville is right to fear the spread of nihilism, for when multiplied by millions it means there is no longer an ultimate, transcendent source of unchanging truth and moral law independent of sinful men, and as Sponville knows, therefore dreads, the lie is the father of violence:

"(The lie) is the word, act, sign of cunning or silence which makes use of wiles to deceive (all who seek) truth....the attitude of the liar, who full of subtlety, audacity and at times cruel cynicism, misleads his neighbor into the quick sands of falsity.  The use of the lie reveals the liar as a person of evil intentions.  He who tells lies as a way of getting ahead lacks a love of truth (he or she is) a self-centered dissimulator, cunningly manipulating his fellowmen for his own evil purposes."   (The Roots of Violence, Rev. Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., p.29)
 Nihilism is the satanically inverted philosophy of violence, lies and license of America’s president, his cabinet, and the amoral progressive ruling class of which they are members.  It is also the philosophy of the Marquis de Sade, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx and the Sophist Callicles in Plato’s ‘Georgias’ who declares:

The fact is this: luxury and licentiousness and liberty, if they have the support of force, are virtue and happiness and the rest of these embellishments-—the unnatural covenants of mankind-—are all mere stuff and nonsense.” (Making Gay Okay, Reilly, pp. 31-32)

In other words, with a consensus of lies backed by force and the threat of violence, the Revelation of God, the Christian Church, virtue, true truth, marriage, gender, your children, your humanity, your wealth, your home, your business, and your Constitutional rights become whatever agents of violence and the mobs in back of them want them to be or not to be from one moment to the next.

What nihilism has already led to in England, said Nate Steuer of Jeremiah Cry Ministries, are buildings that once served as churches that are now museums, stores and even nightclubs, a strong belief in evolution and a strong homosexual-rights movement:

 "They don't want to hear the gospel. The gospel is pressed down,' and the homosexual-rights movement is so rooted in England that Christians are afraid to go 'into the streets and preach,' fearing what the LBGT community will do."  ("Fate of Christianity in UK not too far from U.S., warns evangelist," Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow.com, July 8, 2014)
Evolutionary scientism is a form of nihilism leading in practice to dehumanization, demoralization, reckless irresponsibility and genocide.   It is a sham science said G.K. Chesterton.  It is a license by which the stupidest,
 "...or wickedest action is supposed to become reasonable or respectable, not by having found a reason in scientific fact, but merely by having found any sort of excuse in scientific language."  The program and attitude of scientism is a "serpent....as slippery as an eel," a "demon...as elusive as an elf," an "evil and elusive creature."   (The Restitution of Man: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism, Michael D. Aeschliman, p. 43) 

Evolutionary scientism has amply demonstrated itself as a virulently anti-human, catastrophically destructive, demonically murderous worldview. In just the first eighty-seven years of the twentieth century, violent spirits who love evil and devouring words and breathe out slaughter and death brutally exterminated between 100-170 million un-evolved 'subhuman' men, women, and children in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

In the Soviet Union, the Triune God-and-human hating nihilist of violence, Vladimir Lenin, exulted that,

"Darwin put an end to the belief that the animal and vegetable species bear no relation to one another (and) that they were created by God, and hence immutable." (Fatal Fruit, Tom DeRosa, p. 9)

In other words, the 'death' of the God of Revelation allows unfettered violence against millions of people because they are no longer the immutable image-bearers of the Triune God but rather expendable products of evolution on a par with slime, weeds, slugs and rocks.  Empowered by evolutionary scientism, Lenin exercised godlike power over life and death. He saw himself as, "the master of the knowledge of the evolution of social species." 

Fueled by hate, contempt and murderous rage it was Lenin who "decided who should disappear by virtue of having been condemned to the dustbin of history." From the moment Lenin made the "scientific" decision that the bourgeoisie represented a stage of humanity that evolution had surpassed, "its liquidation as a class and the liquidation of the individuals who actually or supposedly belonged to it could be justified." (The Black Book of Communism, p. 752)

In Nazi Germany evolutionary scientism resulted in gas chambers, ovens, and the liquidation of eleven million "useless eaters" and other undesirables.

Alain Brossat draws the following conclusions about the two regimes of nihilism, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and the ties that bind them:

"The 'liquidation' of the Muscovite executioners, a close relative of the 'treatment' carried out by Nazi assassins, is a linguistic microcosm of an irreparable mental and cultural catastrophe that was in full view on the Soviet Stage. The value of human life collapsed, and thinking in categories replaced ethical thought…In the discourse and practice of the Nazi exterminators, the animalization of Other…was closely linked to the ideology of race. It was conceived in the implacably hierarchical racial terms of "subhumans" and "supermen"…but in Moscow in 1937, what mattered…was the total animalization of the Other, so that a policy under which absolutely anything was possible could come into practice." (Black Book of Communism, p. 751)

As in England, evolutionary scientism has replaced the God of Revelation, thus with the animalization of Americans millions of unborn humans have already been aborted, growing numbers of unwanted adults euthanized and late-term unborn babies cruelly dismembered.  
 Writing in, "New York Abortion Bill Allows Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them" Steven Ertelt reports that New York is already the abortion/murder capital of the United States, with practically no oversight of the industry.   Throughout the second trimester, developing babies can be completely dismembered,

"... even when they can feel pain (by) pulling the baby out piece by piece until the mother’s uterus is empty. After the abortion, the abortionist must reassemble the child’s body to ensure nothing has been left inside the child’s mother." (LifeNews.com | 5/20/14 6:28 PM)

What nihilists now demand for late-term abortions that will be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act, is the murder of babies,

"... by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered."

Then there is Wisconsin-based abortionist Dennis Christensen and his partner Bernard Smith who have performed 85,000 to 95,000 abortions in a 40 year period:

So I see it as a calling, I guess,” Christensen said. “But I’ve been called, I’ve served and now I’d like to call someone else.”  (Abortionist Who’s Killed 95,000 Babies in Abortions: “I See It as a Calling” Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com, 7/7/14)

Something "called him" to murder 95,000 babies, but it wasn't the Holy God of Revelation.

When for millions of nihilists the God of Revelation does not exist and life has no higher, fixed meaning or purpose with neither hope of an afterlife nor any accountability to their Maker for their actions here in this world, then men no longer have reason and purpose for being good, thus are free to be evil.  They are at liberty to invoke meaningless law and perverted justice to destroy freedom, dismember babies, and force disordered appetites upon men, women, and children.  They are free to accuse the good man of evil, to enslave other people and deprive them of life-sustaining electricity, gas, and water.  With this freedom they vandalize and plunder the property and wealth of others and throw our borders open to floods of illegals, rapists, drug-lords, terrorists, pedophiles, murderers and other sinister individuals.
Nihilists can freely lie so as to "normalize" whatever wicked fantasies and schemes they desire, such as global warming/cooling/change, redistributive justice, common core, 'gay' equality and Decadence Festivals:   
 The Southern Decadence Festival is one of our nation’s most notorious celebrations of sodomy, public sex acts, prostitution, drunkenness, and worse, but is by no means the only such festival….decadence festivals are held over and across post-Christian America and Western Europe as well as in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Belarus, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, China, S. Africa, India and Taipei.” (Sex slaves, sexual anarchy and decadence festivals: ominous signs of something really rotten,” L. Kimball, Renew America, Oct. 25, 2012)

A society of nihilists is a welcome mat to human predators of every stripe from drug lords, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood to flesh-peddlers and the world's criminal elite: the occult Luciferian New World Order super-wealthy criminal consortium and their merciless leftwing and rightwing allies.   This cohort of sinister nihilists believe in nothing, know only hate, contempt, violence, greed and egotism and share a foundational hatred of the Tri-Personal God of Revelation, faithful Christians and Jews and  traditional Christian grounded Western and American civilization.

In the impeccably documented book, "Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie," Bruce Walker describes the super-wealthy consortium and their like-minded allies as Sinisterists, making political labels like Far Right (Nazis/Fascists), liberals and Far Left (Progressives, Bolsheviks, Marxists, Communists) and even like-minded Radical Muslims the same thing.

What unite all Sinisterists are their hatreds:

"They hate Christians...Jews...America (and) Israel.  They hate truth.  They hate the very idea of truth.  They hate the idea of humans as unique and special in the universe.  They hate the idea of a great moral purpose unfolding in our lives.  Sinisterism is a bundle of connected hatreds.  For the sake of their hatreds, Sinisterists lust for power." (preface)

Because Sinisterists hate the idea of man as God's spiritual image-bearer they have 'killed' the Triune God and forced nihilistic Darwinism upon us because it reduces mankind to less than nothing.  They also invent words and sound-bite phrases such as heterosexist, homophobe, global change and nonexistent categories of mankind such as "racial species" and "emerging genders" that imprison thought.   Following are some other examples:

1. Multiculturalism: the stealthy destruction of America's traditional Christian based culture by insidious elevation of pagan and pantheist cultures and belief systems in the name of politically correct tolerance, pluralism and inclusion.

2.'Gay rights/'gay' marriage: rebellion against and negation of the two created sexes, procreation, and the idea of normal.

3. Political correctness, speech codes, sensitivity training, and hate crime laws:  psychic-cages for the minds of traditional-values Americans.

4. Perverse sex education: As was the case in the Soviet Union, its ultimate purpose is the subversion and perversion of our youth---the awakening of the Devil, as Karl Marx's comrade Bakunin admitted.

5. Critical theory: the mindless vomiting out of destructive criticism upon everything good, true, excellent, normal, and traditional.

6. Global change, Agenda 21, Green Movement, redistributive justice: the evisceration of our standard of living and individual liberties in order to 'save the planet' — in other words, penury, misery, death and slavery on behalf of Gaia.

7. Sustainability: Extreme population control calling for the annihilation of billions of people to achieve spiritual communism.

8. Religious pluralism: the erasure of faithful Judaism, Christian theism and America's founding Christian-based worldview by way of elevating Wicca, animism, Islam, New Age occult spirituality, Gnostic paganism, Buddhism,  shamanism, goddess worship, Luciferian Masonry and atheism in the name of politically correct tolerance and inclusion.

In order to destroy rational thinking, nihilists use words and phrases (i.e., change, "make love not war," "we are Trayvon" "evolution is an established fact of science") to create images rather than ideas and then concentrate on endless repetition of the same word-pictures,

"...to create a hypnotic effect to defend an otherwise hopeless case.  Sinisterists use the same words over and over again."   (p.12)

Nihilism’s black heart is the worship of lies, particularly the Big Lie of evolution.   'Elite' transnational Robert Muller, father of Common Core Curriculum and former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and former Chancellor of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica speaks of the fate that will befall all politically incorrect thinkers, especially anti-evolutionists:

"...all those who hold contrary beliefs" to politically correct thought favored for the "next  phase of evolution" will "disappear."  A hellish fate awaits all who resist political and spiritual globalization, "…those who criticize the UN are anti-evolutionary, blind, self-serving people.  Their souls will be parked in a special corral of the universe for having been retarding forces, true aberrations in the evolution and ascent of humanity."  (False Dawn, Lee Penn, p. 133)

With malice aforethought, sinister nihilists have dumbed-down Westerners and Americans by infiltrating our education institutions and even our seminaries with nihilist philosophies, propaganda and schemes such as evolutionary scientism, perverse sex education, so-called 'higher Biblical criticism,' critical theory, multiculturalism and revised history. 

As evolutionary scientism and the relativity of truth are fatal doctrines-- types of nihilism that deny objective truth and reality--- they result in the rapid disintegration of critical thinking, faith in God, respect and manners resulting in a twisted, inverted society dominated by moral imbeciles---narcissistic despots, thugs, human parasites and bizarre polymorphously perverse beings--- at every level of government and society who know how they feel and what they covet and are thus entitled to but can't think straight, can't spell, and don't know right from wrong.

It should be obvious by now, said Walker, that the relations of people in American and Western society are growing coarser,

".....more dishonest....shallower....lonelier...more desperate for the narcotics of power, applause and fear as we perceive ourselves moving closer to the status of gods and goddesses.  If we choose, as individuals, that idolatry, then we are doomed.  All the dystopian nightmares of Orwell, Bradbury, Huxley and others will become real all too soon....we will (either) surrender to thugs governing enslaved nations or embittered terrorists." (p. 252)

Our so-called “scientifically enlightened” age is an age of nihilism.  Ecstatic with the voluptuous delight of destruction which rolls humans into satanic depths, nihilists keep pushing society to the brink of social chaos and suicide:

The Modern Liberal will invariably (and) inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. When I say the Modern Liberal is morally and intellectually retarded at the level of the five-year old child, it is not hyperbole: its diagnosis.” (Evan Sayet, The Kindergarten of Evil, evansayet.com) 

Nihilism is lawlessness, idolatry, violence, perversion, fear, terrors of mind, and horrors of conscience and loss of true freedom since the despair of nihilism ends in man’s slavery to his dark side, death and damnation.

In his poem "The Second Coming," Yeats reveals the murderous delight of de Sade's, Nietzsche's, Marx's, and Callicles modern offspring:

"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are
Full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand."

If Western and American nihilists continue to set the God of Revelation aside in favor of "self" and what they really do know are lies and empty, shallow, meaningless evil, then a tyranny of evil will come upon us swiftly and terribly.  But there is another path before us: the way of repentance, truth, decency and God's Divine Truth.  His eternally unchanging Truth will set us free. We should choose the path of Truth and goodness:

"On that choice hangs the fate of humanity. People will either embrace goodness or deny that goodness can exist and commit moral suicide (and) worship The Lie."   (ibid, Walker, p. 252)

People who choose the way of true truth will find the goodness and Light of God.  As they follow the Way of Truth they will stumble sometimes, occasionally journey down blind alleys, and perhaps be on the wrong side of causes at times, but they,

"...will never lose hope or the help of other normal people and the Blessed Creator of the Universe." (ibid, p. 233)

The narrow way leads ever up toward truth, light, beauty, goodness, courage, hope, peace and eternal physical life in an unimaginably beautiful Paradise.   The other way is a broad highway spilling into a downward spiraling vortex marked by the despair of nihilism, the darkness of lies, the sulphuric stench of soul-destroying hate, and the horror of nothingness finally issuing into an eternity in outer darkness.

 2014 @Linda Kimball


Merciless Ruling Class: Murdering Babies by Dismemberment and Lethal Injection

Writing in, "New York Abortion Bill Allows Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them"  Steven Ertelt reports that New York is already the abortion/murder capital of the United States, with practically no oversight of the industry.   Throughout the second trimester, developing babies can be completely dismembered,

"... even when they can feel pain (by) pulling the baby out piece by piece until the mother’s uterus is empty. After the abortion, the abortionist must reassemble the child’s body to ensure nothing has been left inside the child’s mother." (LifeNews.com | 5/20/14 6:28 PM)

What is being demanded now for late-term abortions and will be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act,  is the death of babies,

"... by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered."

Dismembering babies and disposing of them like so much garbage is common practice in our wicked society where children are routinely initiated into the realms of darkness and unwanted human life is an imposition upon growing legions of the morally bad who now say dismemberment does not go far enough.  What they now want is for fully developed baby's to be lethally injected through their hearts.

While evil cuts through the hearts of every man and woman, bar none, the real source of this evil is an evil-loving left-right confederacy of genetically superior because highly evolved neo-Gnostic 'elitists,'  described by Professor Angelo Codevilla as America’s Ruling Class. 

In “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It,”  Codevilla, emeritus professor of international relations at Boston University, argues that America’s real divide is between morally decent Americans who still worship the supernatural Triune God and a class of anti-supernatural evolutionary pagans and their theological counterparts who dominate both political parties, academe, Hollywood, science, media and certain seminaries.  They preach from pulpits, run big business, our economy and the country's major institutions and imagine themselves entitled to reshape an America that they regard as composed of un-evolved subhuman hominids.  
The Ruling Class believe that science and evolution trump the Revelation of God, and as they are the evolved products of the 'god' Evolution they are science’s authoritative enlightened priests and god-men who pray to themselves,

"... as saviors of the planet and as shapers of mankind in their own image.." (The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It, p. xix)

Like their evil Communist counterpart Big Brother, the Ruling Class are magic thinkers who believe reality is inside their minds.  Respected Conservative Christian writer Frederick J. Hutchinson connects magical thinking with narcissism.  These two spiritual pathologies go together like a dung-beetle on its’ pile.

 Hutchinson characterizes magical thinking with the ridiculous proverb that if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, it makes no noise, meaning that if a narcissist did not see or hear the tree fall then it did not fall since whatever the narcissist thinks, covets, envies, hates, or lusts after is the absolute meaning of reality at any given moment.  By extension of this insanity, if a narcissist hates God the Father and claims that He never revealed Himself to man, then He never spoke and does not exist.  If the magic thinker worships science and evolution then so must we all.  If he hates babies they deserve to die and if he resents the innocence of children then their innocence must be drowned in a sewer of depravity. Likewise, if he cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or detect his own soul in any way then souls do not exist. (Restoring History, Hutchinson, pp. 80-81)

Ruling Class magic thinkers are characterized by an inflexible will turned toward evil fueled and  validated by a depraved conscience, the most destructive force in any society.  It is only within this context that we can understand why our once family centered, morally decent Christian-grounded culture of life and moral order increasingly resembles a cross between Sodom and decadent Rome in its death throes.

Our Americanized Sodom-Rome is animated by an evil spirit of negation and rebellion manifest in will to power, self-gratification as highest virtue together with unabashed envy as cause celebre.   This wickedness manifests in 'politically correct' licenses to oppress, subvert, pervert, terrorize and destroy all who are the objects of envy as well as allowing for luxurious parasitic lifestyles, sexual anarchy, legalized plundering (thieving), subverting and perverting our children and many other manifest evils not the least of which is the subterranean river of blood from 60,000,000 unwanted developing human lives running through and soaking our land and crying out to our Heavenly Father.  The blood and perversion of the innocents condemns the merciless tyranny of evil that has over-taken America.

How did it happen that precious human life has become so cheap, worthless and hated that ridding ourselves of unwanted humans is as simple as a visit to a local charnel house/abortion clinic?   How did the sick, twisted Ruling Class attitude replace the Founding generation’s belief that “all men are created equal” because they are the spiritual image bearers of the living, personal Holy Triune God?

Codevilla writes that by the 1820s,

“… J. C. Calhoun was reading in the best London journals that different breeds of animals and plants produce inferior or superior results, slave owners were citing the Negroes’ deficiencies to argue that they should remain slaves indefinitely. Lots of others were reading Ludwig Feuerbach’s rendition of Hegelian philosophy, according to which biblical injunctions reflect the fantasies of alienated human beings or, in the young Karl Marx’s formulation, that ethical thought is “superstructural” to material reality. By 1853, when Sen. John Pettit of Ohio called “all men are created equal” “a self-evident lie,” much of America’s educated class had already absorbed the “scientific” notion (which Darwin only popularized) that man is the product of chance mutation and natural selection of the fittest. Accordingly, by nature, superior men subdue inferior ones as they subdue lower beings or try to improve them as they please….As the 19th century ended, the educated class’s religious fervor turned to social reform: they were sure that because man is a mere part of evolutionary nature, man could be improved, and that they, the most highly evolved of all, were the improvers.” (ibid)

As their numbers grew and their narcissism inflated,

“… so did their distaste for common Americans. Believing itself “scientific,” this Progressive class sought to explain its differences from its neighbors in “scientific” terms. The most elaborate of these attempts was Theodor Adorno’s widely acclaimed The Authoritarian Personality (1948). It invented a set of criteria by which to define personality traits, ranked these traits and their intensity in any given person on what it called the “F scale” (F for fascist), interviewed hundreds of Americans, and concluded that most who were not liberal Democrats were latent fascists. This way of thinking about non-Progressives filtered down to college curricula. In 1963-64 for example, I was assigned Herbert McCloskey’s Conservatism and Personality (1958) at Rutgers’s Eagleton Institute of Politics as a paradigm of methodological correctness. The author had defined conservatism in terms of answers to certain questions, had defined a number of personality disorders in terms of other questions, and run a survey that proved “scientifically” that conservatives were maladjusted ne’er-do-well ignoramuses. “(ibid)

Where the majority of prior generations humbly repented of their sins, under the evil influence of the Ruling Class, today the word 'sin' has all but disappeared from churches, hence throughout our land so that cosmically inflated egos and wills turned toward evil have all but replaced humility.

In his Commentary on Psalm 33/2, 8, St. Augustine notes that a dirty house (depraved conscience) is the miserable condition of all whose pride and inflexible will makes them refuse to face their own conscience lest they be overwhelmed by the wickedness they find there. (Day by Day with Saint Augustine, Donald X. Burt, p. 107)

The self-glorifying Ruling Class are  self-righteous hypocrites, narcissists who refuse to tolerate the knowledge of their own weaknesses, failings, and sinfulness, thus are constantly engaged in sweeping the evidence of their consistent evils under the rug of their own consciousness in order to preserve their carefully constructed public facades. Thus they unceasingly engage in the effort to dress up their inner filth and depravity in an outward appearance of moral purity and superiority.  Because of this they hate the light–---the light of truth and goodness that not only exposes them but penetrates their deceptions. This is why evil has become good and good evil.

Some examples of the satanically inverted 'truth' and 'morality' of the Ruling Class is the murder of babies as woman's equality, the initiation of children into perversity as 'gay' equality, the attempted theft of Bundy's ranch as a 'crime' against the (broken) law of our land and the nonsensical narrative that the universe and everything within it evolved over billions of years, including humans who supposedly evolved first from stardust, chemicals or according to evolutionary theologians, blobs of matter, followed by creeping things, crawling things, swimming things and then knuckle-dragging things, all of which we are authoritatively told to believe is observational science:

"Without strong public resistance, impressionable young children across much of America will soon be taught, among other discredited dogma, that human emissions of carbon dioxide “pollution” are responsible for “global warming.” Also high on the agenda is convincing young children that the atheistic evolution theory — is not only based on “science,” but is the only explanation for life. What opponents call the “brainwashing” will begin as early as kindergarten — at least if the Obama administration and its establishment allies get their way."   (National "Science" Standards Preach Climate Hysteria, Evolution, Alex Newman, The New American, Monday, 19 May 2014)

While Ruling Class hypocrites refuse to see their own persistent wickedness they clearly see and constantly harp upon and gossip, whine and complain about the 'politically incorrect' weaknesses and failings of other people, especially those whom they deeply resent and envy, such as stalwart defenders of the Word of God with focus upon Special Creation, the Christian faction of the Tea Party and all people possessed of the courage of conviction to speak truth to lies.  This is why the calculating dark spirit animating a plague of vicious gossip, eviscerating slander, back-stabbing, scoffing, ridicule, destructive criticism, treachery and betrayal is the murderous spirit of Ruling Class depravity and green-eyed envy shamelessly posing as unbiased news reporting, commentary, entertainment, music, art, politics, Common Core education, sustainable growth, evolution as science, and concerns for the welfare of desert turtles, children, 'gays,' illegals and Muslims.

Since the Ruling Class refuse to acknowledge their own wickedness, they not only hurl vicious, flaming arrows of filth at despised and envied "other" but transfer onto "other" their own personal sins and failures.  In this way, the wicked crucify the human objects of their envy by making them carry an unbearably heavy cross of false guilt---guilt that rightfully belongs to the wicked.  As with all unwanted human life, scapegoats such as faithful Christians and Tea Partiers are sacrificed on the fiery altar of “preservation of self-image” by envy-bitten idolaters.

A wicked will causes evil and suffering

Ultimately, a depraved conscience is the result of a strong will determined to have its’ own way, thus St. Augustine points to a wicked will as the cause of all evil and suffering. This is because its unholy companions are self-gratification (Matthew 4:2-5), self-glorification (Matthew 4: 6-8)  and lust for power and prestige (Matthew 4: 9-11). Thus the wicked will seeks to impose itself upon despised and envied "others" by overt or covert coercion in order to destroy their spiritual virtues and physical property.  This evil is also the result of envy, the most cold-blooded, sadistically evil sin of all, the one that transformed Lucifer into the devil and transforms the Ruling Class into his demonic image-bearers and human tools.

America's Slide into Evil

During his commencement address at Harvard more than thirty years ago, former atheist Alexander Solzhenitsyn offended the narcissistically inflated sensibilities of America’s up-and-coming “ruling class” aspirants when he warned that America was tilting towards evil because its’ ruling class and intelligentsia have rejected God and embraced instead atheist evolutionary scientistic-socialism, the politics of destruction. Solzhenitsyn clearly discerned that the godless faith of the ruling class and its apostate clergy had already produced a spiritual, moral, and intellectual sickness responsible for replacing traditional freedom for the good, true and right with destructive freedom that makes society defenseless against human decadence and criminality.  America, said Solzhenitsyn, is traveling the highway to hell taken previously by the Russians.

 What gave his message its unassailable integrity, courage and force is that he spoke from the hellish crucible of the Soviet death camps. His message was:

”Look what happened when a godless regime takes over. Let our experience teach you not to continue on your current path of trying to live without God.” (Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Prophet to the World, Aug. 2008, heedingthetimes.net)

What We are Losing 

At its' inception, our Constitution was ingeniously crafted, not for depersonalized conscious products of evolution, but for people created in the spiritual image of the One God in three Persons.  In Christian thought, a person is a spirit and personality is the total individuality of the spirit. Without spirit there is no person.
The term 'person' originated in Christian theologies developmental struggle to comprehend the nature and experience of the supernatural Triune God:
"The derivative concept of human personhood is a gift of the Christian faith to culture…” (Stephen P. Stratton, Chapter 14, p. 247, The Self, Paul Vitz & Susan M. Felch, Editors)
Building off of this historically unique concept, St. Augustine (AD 354-430) affirmed that as all men are the spiritual image-bearers of the supernatural One God in three Persons then it logically follows that each person is a trinity of being — of soul/spirit and body.

Based on this radical definition of man Church Father Tertullian condemns child sacrifice, saying that no matter how it is rationalized, it is still murder:

"....murder is once for all forbidden; so even the child in the womb, while yet the mother's blood is still being drawn on to form the human being, it is not lawful to destroy. To forbid birth is only quicker murder. It makes no difference whether one take away the life once born or destroy it as it comes to birth. He is a man, who is to be a man, the fruit is always present in the seed." (Tertullian, Apologeticus IX.- 6, 8)

Destroying the unborn is murder because right from inception the developing life is a person created in the divine spiritual image of the One God in three Persons.

Whether the Founders were individually Christian or not, there was among them a strong Christian consensus that as all men are persons created as spiritual equals in the eyes of God, then life, property, worth, dignity and other unalienable rights are conferred upon each person at conception.  For example, freedom of religion and speech are the temporal manifestations of a person’s God-given spiritual property of conscience and reason while a person is uniquely free because his spirit can spiritually transcend the physical matter of his own body to access the supernatural dimension as Paul affirms:
"Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." (2 Cor. 3:17)
Therefore, as all men are created spiritual equals in the eyes of the Triune God, then life, property, worth, dignity and other unalienable rights are conferred upon each human person by His Creator at conception.

In "Property," published in The National Gazette on March 29, 1792, James Madison clearly defines the meaning of a person’s God-given spiritual property, some of its’ temporal manifestations and the meaning and intent of just government as opposed to unjust government:

"He has a property....in his religious opinions, and in the profession and practice dictated by them."  "He has a property...in his opinions and the free communication of them."  "He has an equal property in the free use of his faculties and free choice of the objects on which to employ them." "He has property very dear to him in the safety and liberty of his person."  (The Heritage Foundation)

Property is,
"....a man's land, or merchandize, or money (and)  as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties or his possessions."
Government is instituted to protect property of every sort:
"This being the end of government, that alone is a just government, which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own." (Samuel Rutherford, Lex Rex; lexrex.com)
Vishal Mangalwadi, India's foremost Christian scholar affirms that the Christian gift  of personhood gave birth to the "belief in the unique dignity of human beings," and this is,
"...the force that created Western civilization, where citizens do not exist for the state but the state exists for the individuals. Even kings, presidents, prime ministers, and army generals cannot be allowed to trample upon an individual and his or her rights." (Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations, pp. 12-13)

The Constitution therefore, recognizes the divine nature of man's creation, that man is a person endowed by his personal Creator with spiritual property, a divine right to life and liberty, and the means of acquiring and possessing property. Hence our Republic recognizes Law is unchangeable because the Creator (John 1:1) is the unchanging Lawgiver Who is the same today as yesterday and for all eternity:

"It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated." (James Madison, Speech at the Virginia Convention, December 2, 1829)

With the rejection of our wholly-other Creator and six day Special Creation in favor of occult pagan evolutionary narratives and either no God, or sock-puppet deities that 'create' evolutively as evolutionary theism and its counterpart progressive creationism teach, or pantheist conceptions such as the Force, Quantum Void, Brahman, and Omega, Americans have logically rejected His precious gift of personhood and everything good built upon this unique conception..  This happens because evolutionary narratives, whether atheist or theological, are forms of naturalism which cannot by any means account for life, let alone conscious life.  Therefore, by the inner logic of evolutionary narratives, Americans have made themselves into the walking dead; broken cisterns that hold no living waters. (Jeremiah 2:13)

In the eyes of the Ruling Class "we the people" are no longer persons created in His spiritual image but rather conscious products of evolution, which makes us less than nothing.   It follows then that our unalienable rights and the unchanging Law on which the Constitution is grounded are as devoid of meaning and worth as we are.  Since this is the case then why not destroy unwanted human life?  Why not spill its' blood in sacrificial rites as Satanist cults already do right here in America?   Why not rape our children's minds and souls as wicked 'sex' educators do, forcibly steal our personal property, destroy our economy and kill unwanted human life as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Spiritual evil is destroying our dechristianized nation and rapidly transforming it into a  barbaric pagan society where depersonalized beings do whatever appears to work in pursuit of self-gratification.   Where pagans burned babies, children, animals and even adults to death on the altars of Moloch and Cronus, depersonalized Americans slaughter them in butcher shops run by merciless monsters like Kermit Gosnell, the executioner who sadistically murdered the unwanted and illegitimately conceived babies of self-gratifying Americans.

In 1921 the largest cemetery of sacrificed infants in the ancient Near East was discovered at Carthage. Hundreds of burial urns filled with the cremated bones of infants, mostly newborns but even some children up to six years of age were uncovered at Carthage. All of the victims had been burned to death on the altars of self-serving idolatrous men and women.

The actual rite of child sacrifice at Carthage has been graphically described by Diodorus Siculus:

"There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire." (Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice, Andrew White, MD, 1/5/2012, Associates for Biblical Research)

Plutarch, a first and second century A.D. Greek author, adds to the description:

"...the whole area before the statue was filled with a loud noise of flutes and drums so that the cries of wailing should not reach the ears of the people." (ibid)

Idolatry Gives Birth to Death

"....after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. James 1:15

The beginning of idolatry is desire for self-glorification which together with self-gratification and lust for power and prestige demonstrates preference for one's self instead of God and neighbor (and unwanted human life).  Just as no violation of the Law of God can occur without one first being an idolater, envy/covetousness and murder are its' final results, for where self-glorification and self-gratification are primary then our Lord, the source of life, Truth, and Law as well as our brethren count for nothing because cosmically inflated Ruling Class 'self' deserves everything it can get, no matter the cost to other people.

Pride, envy/covetousness drove Cain to murder Abel; Judas to betray Jesus Christ God incarnate, the source of life, soul/spirit, Truth and Law and Nimrod, Karl Marx, Nietzsche, Teilhard De Chardin and the Ruling Class  to 'murder' the Christian God, hence the personhood of His image bearers.

And this is the judgment: because the light has come into the world and men loved darkness rather than the light: for their works were evil.” John 3: 19   

Every step of the systematic downfall of America has been led by arrogant, defiant, God-hating narcissists who have deliberately fostered self-gratification, the breakdown of the family, the murder of the unborn, subversion and perversion of our children, hatred, sexual anarchy, and an entitlement mentality among Americans so that today narcissism and magical thinking are at epidemic proportions at every level of society.

Dr. Carl Raschke is an internationally known writer and academic scholar who for the past decade has been researching and explaining the effects of America’s apostasy from God and its’ corollary, narcissism and magical thinking, which Raschke combines into what he calls a Satanist Mindset.  This mindset is a mystification of the most corrupt passions and inverted values of magical thinkers.   It is the spiritual Frankenstein,

“…created by a social order that has attempted to sustain itself without God.” (Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon)

 A Satanic Mindset has gained a virtual chokehold on the levers of power and influence from the White House to Hollywood, academia, certain corporations, the media, the Supreme Court, Congress, and apostatizing seminaries and pulpits.

Our Only Hope

Solzhenitsyn holds out hope, the only hope, to a weary, spiritually disconsolate people.  In his 1983 Templeton Prize address, “Men Have Forgotten God,” he stated,

All attempts to find a way out of the plight of today’s world are fruitless unless we redirect our consciousness, in repentance, to the Creator of all; without this, no exit will be illumined, and we shall seek it in vain.”  

"Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." (Mt 5:7)

In this light we can see why early Church Fathers admonished their congregations to search themselves for envy and its root cause, idolatrous self-centeredness, and repent for,

"Look, I am coming soon! Says the Lord. My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. " "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." (Rev. 22:12-16)

As the unrepentant God-haters had no mercy for unborn human life, so there will be no mercy for them.  Toward all who reject the truth and follow evil there will be wrath.  He shall say to all merciless idolaters that shall be on his left hand:

"Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels." Matthew 25:41

@ Linda Kimball

The Devil & Richard Dawkins: Condemning Pedophilia is Unfair

Gateway Pundit writer Melissa Clouthier reports that prominent liberal and evolutionary atheist Richard Dawkins believes that mild pedophilia is acceptable by today’s standards and should not be condemned.  In support of his position he begins by briefly reporting that one of his former school masters had pulled him up on his knee and put his  “hand inside my shorts” to engage in some “mild touching up.”   But since his school master was from an earlier era it would be unfair to condemn his actions by the standards of today, which Dawkins seemingly implies are somehow higher, more advanced. (Prominent Liberal and Avowed Atheist Richard Dawkins Supports ‘Mild Pedophilia,’ Clouthier, Gateway Pundit, Sept. 10, 2013)

The measure of one’s worldview is in how close it conforms to the permanent things, the higher good, true, and real.   Dawkins however, argues for the inverse of good, and as  St. Augustine taught, evil is a parasite on good.    That evil destroys the good, true and real can be seen by the fact that if a case can be made for ‘mild’ pedophilia as Dawkins argues, it logically follows that it can and will be made for ‘mild’ rape, ‘mild’ murder, ‘mild’ genocide and for any and all evil so long as it is framed as ‘mild.’    

Dawkins evolutionary worldview fails to conform to the good, true and real but rather advocates parasitic evil in general and the psychological and physical abuse of children in particular.  This is because evolution teaches that as everything in nature (i.e., pedophilia) is the fruit of a gradual upward growth then perfection (mild pedophilia?!?) in an evolving world obviously lies somewhere in the future. 

In this grand, unfolding utopian fantasy, history gradually progresses upward from self-created nonliving matter to cave-dwelling ape-man thence to animism, then to superstitious polytheism and monotheism (the stages where primitive humans invented gods and ethics) and from there to our modern age of reason and science. In this higher-order age ‘enlightened’ man is finally liberated from the gods he had created in his distant primitive past. Having evolved to higher-order reason and purity man is now free to throw off the chains of moral ethics, make God over in his own image, and believe as Dawkins that only the scientific and evolutionary-minded are the real adults, the higher-order thinkers, the Gnostkoi who “know” that the world is billions of years old, there was no fall, thus man is not a sinner and Lucifer is not the devil, and religion, particularly Christian theism, is a primitive holdover from man’s superstitious past that must be cured. 

However, the grand, unfolding dream is neither real nor true but a fairytale; an alternative reality. It is in fact, an inversion of reality, the reverse of facts:

“….human history can now be hesitantly traced back as an unbroken narrative to 4000 B.C. …the picture emerging…is one of the Fall of Man in historic terms as well as his rise; it is a picture…more of degradation than of success; it is a picture of monotheism breaking down into polytheism and of the struggle to return to monotheism….The establishment view of the history of religion gradually progressing from animism to polytheism, from polytheism to monotheism is the reverse of facts.” (The God-Kings and the Titans: The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times, James Baily, 1973, p. 296) 

The evolutionary worldview is a satanic inversion of reality that upends the  order of creation and the ages of humanity. Even ancient pagans knew that creation and man had fallen from a higher, more perfect condition to a lower, increasingly degraded, evil one. 

Two classical pagans, Hesiod and Ovid offered accounts of man’s fall from a nearly divine existence in paradise into degradation and evil.   In the two accounts that survive from ancient Greece and Rome, the fall of creation and man over time is indicated symbolically with metals of successively decreasing value: gold, silver, bronze, and iron.  The close of every age is a fall into disorder, violence, stealing, murder, lying, sodomy, envy, strife and every kind of evil.

Hesiod lived in the Iron Age, a time much like our own, an evil age marked by envy, misery, despair, the killing of babies, rampant lesbianism, homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children.  Marriage had disintegrated, children dishonored their parents, brother fought against brother, might made right, bad men supplanted truth with lies, men and women no longer felt shame for their wickedness and almost no one stood for decency, truth and ethics or expressed moral outrage.   The gods, said Hesiod, had forsaken humanity, and there would be no help against evil.   

Dawkins evolutionary worldview is a satanic inversion of reality that even he, as self-deceived and narcissistic as he is, cannot help but know.  He knows for instance, that life did not arise from nonlife, and for this reason he has quietly moved away from spontaneous generation and/or abiogenesis (life emerged over time from nonlife-bearing chemicals) in favor of panspermia conceptions.  Panspermia holds that life somehow emerged from nonlife-bearing matter out in deep space and highly evolved extraterrestrials are responsible for seeding earth with life.   But this wishful thinking merely moves the unresolvable issue of the ultimate origin of life out into deep space.   Furthermore, if ‘mild’ pedophilia is a sign of evolutionary perfection then it stands to reason that Dawkins space-man “creators” must be pedophiles---and worse.   

UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee, a French physicist, concludes that “extraterrestrials” are nonphysical beings causing a shift in human consciousness.  Extraterrestrials constitute the same powerful force that influenced the degradation and fall of humans in past ages:   

“I am suggesting that what takes place through close encounters with UFOs is control of human beliefs, control of the relationship between our consciousness and physical reality, and that this control has been in force throughout history…” (Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Gary Bates, p. 158)

 Yes, there is a powerful force.  It cannot be seen because it is of the unseen dimension.  It is the essence of evil and works through the mind and emotions of demonically subjected men. Scripture describes it as “powers and principalities,” the devil and his evil angel horde who strangely resemble the reptilians, greys, and humanoid Nordics known today as the Space Brothers, Council of Nine, the Group, and Ascended Masters.  If Dawkins persists in his rebellion against the Lord, he will eventually meet them.   More than likely they have been working on him for a long time in preparation for this eventuality.

@Linda Kimball

Russia: America is a Boiling Pot of Hate and its' Males are Turning Gay

In "Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists," Amanda Lee reports that Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed what Lee feels is a controversial law that punishes people for “homosexual propaganda.” The law fines people—including tourists—up to 200,000 rubles ($6,240 CDN) for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”  (www.travelandlandscape.ca/  July 10, 2013)

Lee, an obvious 'gay' sympathizer lacking both moral compass and ability to envision the consequences of dangerously faulty ideas and actions, adds that according to Voice of Russia,

"...any display of affection between same-sex couples could cause a “distorted understanding” that gay relations and heterosexual relations are socially equivalent, and risk spreading Western liberalism." (ibid)

Putin claims the law doesn’t discriminate against LGBT people, but rather is there to "protect children from pedophilia"  which according to Lee is "an argument riddled with faulty logic..."

Lee is a moral imbecile while Putin's "politically incorrect intolerance" is morally sane, courageous and entirely understandable on the grounds that Russia was forced---by envy-bitten Marxist Communists--- down the gender-bending highway to hell in pursuit of the classless society---the fantasy of idolatrous envy-bitten people---long before the West and America set foot on the very same highway.  Given the catastrophic suffering Russia endured, Russians want nothing more to do with the madness and murder inherent to socialism's gospel of envy:

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." (Winston Churchill, British orator, author and Prime Minister during World War II, 1874-1965)

"When I say that Marxism is based on envy, I mean that the glorious revolution of the proletariat...was really a promise to put a final end to all the conditions that make for envy." (Joseph Epstein, author and former editor of The American Scholar, from Truths about Socialism, Coral Ridge Ministries, p. 66) 

The first demands for state-funded easy abortion (pro-choice stance), alternative family groupings, state control of property and resources including children,  'gay' equality, same-sex marriage, sex reassignment surgery, the right to ‘cross-dress’ and teach children the forbidden 'delights' of polymorphous perversity were not made in post-Stonewall America but in the totalitarian gnostic atheist regime--the Marxist Soviet Union--- as disclosed in the article, "1920s Soviet  Union: Rights for Lesbians, Transgenders, Transsexuals."  It was also reported  that lesbians--masculinized, cross-dressing females---were rewarded with influential  positions of authority and influence within academia, the Red Army, and throughout the cultural arena:

“....women of the masculinized type (cross-dressing army  commanders, for instance) were considered with fascination and indulgence.” (www.workers.org)

Long before Amanda Lee ignorantly bashed Putin for trying to protect Russia from the devastating effects of legally mandated polymorphous perversion, the previously quoted workers article was bashing “backward” Christian-Judeo America for trying to protect children, families and culture from the same things:

That same year (1923) in the U.S., where  anti-sodomy laws aimed to padlock closet doors, the FBI labeled anarchist Emma  Goldman “the most dangerous woman in America” because of her vocal support for  gay rights and other forms of social equality.”  (ibid)

Soviet sexologists in the 1920s participated  in the international movement to 'normalize' and legalize all forms of sexual gratification, which included the use of children by pedophiles.  A pamphlet titled “The Sexual  Revolution in Russia " stated:

" Soviet legislation bases itself on the following  principle: it declares the absolute non-interference of the State and society  into sexual matters as long as nobody is injured, and no one’s interests are  encroached upon. Concerning homosexuality, sodomy, and various other forms of  sexual gratification, which are set down in European legislation as offenses  against public morality---Soviet legislation treats these the same as so-called  “natural” intercourse.” (Soviet Union in the 1920s: Scientific, not Utopian,  www.workers.org)

The "gay" rainbow flag was hoisted over Russia long before it was raised in triumph over America: 

“The Bolshevik Party did not merely scrap  anti-homosexual Tsarist laws. They felt it was necessary to tear down the walls  that divided homosexuality…from the rest of society. Soviet Russia was by far  the most significant power since the French Revolution to decriminalize male  same-sex.” (People of the Moonlight in the Dawn of Revolution, www.workers.org)

 In the preceding statements, we can clearly see the  grounds for today’s envy-fueled notions of tolerance, inclusion, privacy, consent, tax-payer funded abortion on demand, alternative lifestyles and the forced-feeding of ‘gay’ perversion to American school children.

"The infernal hurricane that never rests / Hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine"  (Dante, Inferno V, lines 31-32)

Of all of the hellish forces fueling the Soviet Union's infernal hurricane, none were as frightening as envy/covetousness.   Envy is so powerful and fearsome that the sociologist Helmut Schoeck theorizes that the need to protect ourselves from one another's envy is what drives human beings to form societies and cultures safeguarded by morality.   In fact, the oldest body of written literature, that of the Sumerians, evidences the desperate need for protection against envy/covetousness:

"Thousands upon thousands of clay business contracts.  All to protect ancient Sumerians from the envious behavior of fellow citizens." (Death by Envy, Fr. George R.A. Aquaro, p. 2)

Long before the "secularized" politically-correct morals-and-sin-free West and America began disintegrating under the devastating effects of unfettered envy/covetousness, Russia's envy-torn classless society experiment collapsed into a hellish nightmare. It was a scene out of bedlam: gangs of conscienceless “children of the State” visiting havoc and crime upon neighborhoods, schools, cities and towns (just as they do here);  mainstream slavery, sex  slavery, prostitution, gross debauchery, confiscation of property, and outright chaos. After years of  revolution and famine the economy was severely damaged, and with the death of morality and the family—the building blocks of society—both economy and culture collapsed.

 Only then did some fantasy-believing fools finally "wake up" to the realization that without the safeguards of morality and procreative family there is no  future.

In a desperate bid to revive both morality and the family, Stalin began reining in polymorphous perversion. By 1923, homosexuals lost the ‘right’ to harass straight men for  'sex.'   Then in 1927, the ‘right’ to engage in sodomy was  lost (criminalized) as was the right to keep “bachi”—cross-dressed, feminized boy dancers kept as prostitutes. The death knell rang in 1934 when polymorphous perversion and prostitution were declared crimes punishable by up to 8 years  in prison. (Women in the Soviet Union, Jen Pickard, Youth for International  Socialism)

Despite these efforts, the Soviet Union’s birth-to-death rate continued to fall.

During the 1980’s,  Gorbachev attempted yet more reforms. In an effort to undo self-destructive gender-bending and restore natural male-female relations in hope of reviving the natural family a course entitled, "The Ethics and Psychology of Family Life"  was introduced into schools and shown on television. Its objective was to  reinforce traditional male-female roles. Teachers were urged to,

“....train and train again,  girls to be girls and boys to be boys.” (ibid)

Meanwhile, throughout the morals-free West and America, state-sponsored gender-bending continues full-throttle:

1. "Obama orders US State Department to Fund Homosexual Groups Overseas"   http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-orders-us-state-department-to-fund-homosexual-groups-overseas

2. "Boston  Gay Pride - Part 2: Attacking traditional religion and the Catholic  Church"     http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen2/13b/pride_week/parade-festival/religion/index.html

3. Youth Gay Pride events (2003-2011)   http://www.massresistance.org/topics/reports/Youth_pride.html

Just as the case had been in the Soviet Union, God, Scripture, Christian theism, moral absolutes, the two sexes (male and female), traditional marriage, procreation, and property and self-defense rights are under full attack by international and national secular "elitists" and legions of what Lenin contemptuously referred to as "useful idiot" activists:

"Every totalitarian regime seems to find a segment of the population that has a special calling for such behavior, and it actively seeks them out and promotes them within its ranks." (Black Book of Communism, Courtois, Werth, Panne, Paczkowski, Bartosek, Margolin, p.754)

Shortly after President Reagan made his now famous “evil empire” speech March 8,  1983, the Soviet Union—a walking corpse—imploded.

Despite all reform efforts, Russia’s birth-to-death replacement rate in 2006  continued to fall. Confronted by the chilling prospect of a ‘dead’ Russia,  Vladimir Putin adopted a pro-birth policy that pays traditional families to have at least a second child—if not more. Additionally,  stay-at-home mothers receive 40% of their former salary and families with  two children receive a lump sum of $9000.  According to recent reports, Russia's birth-to-death replacement rate has finally tipped in favor of life. 

Even as a dying Russia turned back to God and strove mightily to live through restoration and  protection of the institutions of morality, traditional marriage and family so that it might survive, the West and America---compelled by the unfettered libido of the envious--- are steadfastly killing these vital life-giving institutions while simultaneously waging a war of attrition against the foundations of Western civilization: God, Scripture, Moral Law, procreation.   In the name of  evolutionary scientism, multiculturalism, reason, fairness, progress, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, choice and orientation, the West and America are casting themselves into the grave previously occupied by Russia which now laughs at the United States, seeing it as a Sodom and Gomorrah, a huge boiling pot of hate and anti-Christian animosity, a weak state populated by lisping, perfumed, hairless chested effeminate males and masculinized females:

The US is broke and Russia is the world’s  largest oil producer with a growing economy. Russia is not backing down and  they have China to back them up. Who will back the US? Tiny Britain? Americans  are turning gay and Russian men are looking more like the Klitschko brothers.  The US is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah while Christianity  triumphs in Russia. No ACLU in  Russia suing Christians to be sure. The largest country in the world shows only  contempt at the US Bomb & Missile  Diplomacy.”  (Russian Paper Says “Weak Eyed Obama” Is Leader Of Sodom &  Gomorrah Following G8 Summit, by Leon Puissegur, June 21, 2013, http://freedomoutpost.com/ )

On every front, our sanity, children, churches, homes, neighborhoods and liberty are under assault from an evil-minded, envy-bitten international banker-corporatist coterie strengthened and supported by an interlocking network of powerful secular 'elitist' factions bent on overthrowing constitutional self-government of, by, and for the people. 

We face an unprecedented threat to America’s way of life, said Alan Keyes, and  we must not take the view that we should surrender our common identity as a people and accept the dissolution of the constitutional Union based upon it, in order to preserve some vestiges of rights and liberty:

"Have we become so much less the supposedly less educated and well-endowed generations that went before us? If so, it can only be because, despite all our vaunted science and material success, we have turned from the moral and spiritual path that gave them a surplus of faith and courage to match their deficiency of wealth and arms. But if this is our failing, then it is also our hope. For all that is required to restore us to their path of greatness is to trust again, as they did, in the God who made us." (Liberty and Union: Can both be saved? Alan Keyes, July 11, 2013, http://loyaltoliberty.com/?p=2485 )

A Godless Russia passed through a fiery crucible and emerged stronger, it's faith in God and restored moral sense enabling  President Putin to speak with ringing moral clarity and unflinching courage in the face of almost overwhelming international gender-bending demands.   Even now, America and the West are on the outer edge of the crucible.  Knowing this, Keyes suggests that we turn back to God and humble ourselves before Him,

"Instead of breaking our country, what if, heartbroken, we bring our prayers to Him. If we will truly turn to Him, by the very Word that made us, He allows to have confidence that He will hear our prayers and heal our land. Moved by that hope, we will surely find the courage to build a political movement faithful to God and true liberty."

@Linda Kimball

Hermetic Magic, Evolution, and America's Rising Moloch State

"While relatively little is known of Moloch, much more is known of the concept of divine kingship, the king as god, and the god as king, as the divine-human link between heaven and earth.  The god-king represented man on a higher  scale, man ascended, and the worship of such a god, i.e., of such a Baal, was the assertion of the continuity of heaven and earth.  It was the belief that all being was one being  and the god therefore was an ascended man on that scale of being.  The power manifested in the political order was thus a manifestation or apprehension and seizure of divine power..." (Rousas Rushdoony cited in "The Antichrist," by Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., pp. 246, 247

In Romans 1:25, the Apostle Paul describes the only two options available in response to questions concerning the ultimate origin of the cosmos and life.  These two are worship of the living Creator or worship of His creation.    At the foundation of the Moloch state is the latter: naturalism and/or monism, which refers to the view that nature (or matter) is the Ultimate Substance of which the universe and all life are made, thus “all is one.”    The ancient Babylonians,  Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs in the West and in the east, Hindus were and are, for example, naturalists.  In this view there is but one realm (the material or natural) as opposed to Judeo-Christianity’s creation ex nihilo model with its two interacting realms: natural and supernatural.

There are two basic kinds of nature worship:  materialism and mystical pantheism.  The two kinds differ chiefly about whether the  One Substance is nonliving, non-intelligence bearing matter and energy or an unknowing, unknowable, amoral mind or cosmic soul.  However, both kinds are united by their rejection of the transcendent, personal living God of Revelation, creation ex nihilo, man created as God's spiritual image-bearers, the fall, heaven and hell, immutable truth, moral absolutes, and the Incarnation, as well as by their acceptance of some form of evolution.  

In the exoteric form proffered for mass consumption and taught as science in our schools it serves as an impersonal, mechanical process of natural development that conceptually separates man from his soul, thereby reducing him to an aggregate of matter and energy in motion, leaving him with nothing---no self, no personhood, no  heaven above, no hell below and no light at the end of the tunnel.  All that is left to him is the loneliness of existence in its most desolate form, making life unbearable.  The inner darkness that seizes and stupefies his spirit spreads outward, finding expression in angry, confused, incoherent utterances such as the one I received recently from a "scientifically enlightened" aggregate of matter and energy, a walking dead body that nevertheless speaks and endorses its own soullessness:

"Science is a research program....man is a biological machine... the more evidence we dig up, the more fantastic, implausible, and most powerfully, IRRELEVANT the “god hypothesis” becomes as an explanation for minds, or any other phenomenon."

In its esoteric or mystical meaning evolution symbolizes the Hermetic principle of the  divine-human link between heaven and earth, “As above, so below” symbolized by the Great Chain of Being, Scala Naturae and with Darwin, the tree of life. 

According to this esoteric concept, all life forms can be arranged in a continuous linear scale with the god-king (man on a higher  scale, man ascended) at the top as the divine-human link between the One Substance and earth and then in descending order, lower-order humans, sub-human masses, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, stones, metals, earth, water, air and ether.  Above the god-king are unseen higher dimensions, daemons, angels and finally, the Divine One Substance.

In "The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Debate," Dr. Henry Morris writes that according to the concept as it was understood in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, the idea of a continuum of systems easily lent itself to the concept of evolution, and once it was set in motion, time values were imparted to the motion. (pp. 185-186)

 Loren Eiseley (Sept. 3, 1907 – July 9, 1977), an American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, and natural science writer elaborates:

"All that the Great Chain of Being actually needed to become a full-fledged evolutionary theory was the introduction into it of the conception of time in vast quantities added to mutability of form.  It demanded, in other words, a universe not made but being made continuously....It was France, whose social system was dissolving. that produced the first modern evolutionists.  As we look back upon the long reign of the Scale of Being, whose effects...persisted well into the nineteenth century, we may observe that the seed of evolution lay buried in this traditional metaphysic which indeed prepared the Western mind for its acceptance."  (Eiseley, "Darwin's Century," p. 39, in "The Long War Against God, pp. 185-186)

As Eiseley makes clear, the Great Chain of Being is not only a traditional metaphysic but also an ancient doctrine whose source and taproot are the esoteric texts of Hermes Trismegistus in the first centuries A.D.  Hermes world-famous magic formula demonstrates the consubstantiality (oneness) of Herme's  divine intellect with the Divine One Substance above.  In teaching the meaning of the formula to his son Tat he said:

"The intellect, O Tat, is drawn from the very substance of God.  In men, this intellect is God, and so some men are gods and their humanity is near to divinity...If man makes right use of (God's gifts), he differs in no way from the immortals."  (God and the Knowledge of Reality, Thomas Molnar, p. 78)

What this means is that the 'modern' evolutionary science that has taken the West and America by storm and thanks to the intellectual pride and weakness of modern theologians is increasingly supplanting the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo is Hermes magic formula later expressed as the Great Chain of Being revised and revamped for modern consumption. 

It was during the Renaissance that humanist scholars and mystics discovered these esoteric texts and like Pico della Mirandola, argued that hermetic science---the divine technology of reaching divine status and powers through magic manipulation----is the best proof of the divinity of Christ.    In other words, said Molnar,

"..by the time of the Renaissance the esoteric texts of the first centuries A.D. had acquired in scholarly and humanist circles an unparalleled prestige, confronting as equals the texts held sacred by the church.  In Pico's estimation, 'nulla est scientia que nos magis certificet de divinitate Christ quam magia et Cabala' (there is no science that would prove for us Christ's divinity better than magic and the Cabala."  (ibid, pp. 78-79)

 The Hermetic practitioner said Molnar, strives first for separation of the soul from the body (purification), and second, for the spiritualization of all matter.    

Teilhard's mystical pantheist evolutionary conception makes possible the second goal while Darwin's formula allows for the first:

"....the doctrine of evolution has swept the world, not on the strength of its scientific merits, but precisely in its capacity as a Gnostic myth. It affirms, in effect, that living things created themselves, which is in essence a metaphysical claim.... And the myth is Gnostic, because it implicitly denies the transcendent origin of being; for indeed, only after the living creature has been speculatively reduced to an aggregate of particles does Darwinist transformism become conceivable."  ( Dr. Wolfgang Smith in From Old Gnosticism to New Age I, Alan Morrison, SCP Journal Vol. 28:4-29:1, 2005, pp. 30-31)

Rushdoony notes that the Moloch state simply represents the supreme effort of Godless men to command the future, to predestine the world, and to be as God. Commanding the future involves divination, spirit-questing, magic and witchcraft.  All are equally anathema to God and represent efforts to have the future on other than God's terms, to have a future apart from and in defiance of God.  They are assertions that the world is not of God but of nature, and that man can somehow master nature and the future by going directly to the raw materials thereof.  (Rousas Rushdoony cited in "The Antichrist," by Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., pp. 246, 247)

The Moloch state freely took the lives of its children — and sub-human adults for that matter — as sacrifices to the god of the state.  In this light,  Gosnell's house of horrors is nothing more than revamped child-sacrifice to the god-kings of our liberal Moloch-state:   http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/pdfs/grandjurywomensmedical.pdf 

The Soviet Union was a secularized-Moloch state.  Its so-called "scientific socialism" was grounded in  evolutionary materialist-monism.  In pursuit of its' "heaven on earth," the Soviet God-State murdered over 60,000,000 subhuman  men, women, and children.

Demonstrating that there is "nothing new under the sun, what once was will be again," the "death of the living God" impulse together with the return to ancient esoteric traditions that arose during the Renaissance put moderns on a fast-track to  the past.  In the name of enlightenment, rationalism, naturalism, free-thought, progress, scientism, and evolution,  modern men have not moved forward to something new and better, rather they  have regressed to revamped versions of  Hermetic magic, the Moloch state and the  nature-based religions of the pre-Christian past.   As a result, vast numbers of Westerners have been dehumanized and stupefied through the teaching of evolution and the situation of the remnant of faithful Christians and Jews will increasingly resemble that of the early Christians of the first century.  In his novel, "The Final Conclave"  Malachi Martin captures a moment in the cruel history of the Roman persecution of Christians:

"Simon Peter at last sees it all as Jesus saw it all from the beginning.  Even then, Simon sees it from a topsy-turvy angle.  He and some two thousand other Christians have been tied to crosses stuck upside down on the grassy embankment around the Imperial Gardens on Vatican Hill.  They have been daubed with pitch.  Tonight they are to be living, screaming, dying torches.  Emperor Nero, his lovely concubine Poppaea, and their guests will have light to eat by and sights to joke about.  Each Christian will die in the classic sign of Satan — the upside-down cross."  (cited in "Capturing the Pagan Mind, Peter Jones, p. ix)

@Linda Kimball