JIHAD AGAINST CHURCHES : The symbolism of Notre Dame burning.

The cause of the tragic Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains under investigation. Although authorities so far are treating the fire as an accident, rather than as an act of terror, Islamists have wasted no time celebrating what happened as a major defeat for the “Crusaders.”

jihadist media group linked to ISIS carried an image of the iconic 850 year-old cathedral on fire next to their warning, “Wait for the next.” In truth, we do not have to “wait for the next.” During the last three years, as the migrant population coming to Europe from the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa rose dramatically, so has the number of attacks on Christian churches and religious symbols.  “Countless churches throughout Western Europe are being vandalized, defecated on, and torched,” Raymond Ibrahim has reported in an article published by Gatestone Institute. He noted that “in European regions with large Muslim populations, there seems to be a concomitant rise in attacks on churches and Christian symbols.”

(Podcast) Wesley Smith on Transhumanism — A New Tower of Babel

What is transhumanism and what’s the problem with it? Wesley J. Smith explains in a new ID the Futureepisode with host Emily Kurlinski.

Smith recounts being challenged on the subject: Isn’t it “transhumanist” of him and therefore a bit of hypocrisy to wear eyeglasses? The answer is of course not — interventions like that don’t change the essence of who we are. Real transhumanism seeks to grab control of evolution to transform human beings at our core, the aim being a new species. If it were possible, it would represent the height of hubris, coming from humans who, as Wesley Smith points out, are the same folks who built the “unsinkable” Titanic. Insofar as the transhumanist project is not idle dreaming, Wesley compares it to the Tower of Babel, making war on our own nature with only suffering as the inevitable result.

Wesley has been fighting this fight almost single-handedly, as the media looks on in admiration at attempts to defeat death and usher in a secular New Jerusalem

European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day"

Similar reports are coming out of Germany. Four separate churches were vandalized and/or torched in March alone. "In this country," PI-News explained, "there is a creeping war against everything that symbolizes Christianity: attacks on mountain-summit crosses, on sacred statues by the wayside, on churches... and recently also on cemeteries."

Who is primarily behind these ongoing and increasing attacks on churches in Europe? The same German report offers a hint: "Crosses are broken, altars smashed, Bibles set on fire, baptismal fonts overturned, and the church doors smeared with Islamic expressions like 'Allahu Akbar.'"

Whiteness, Blackness, Christless: Racial Reconciliation Movement Fosters Racial Hatred

The racial reconciliation movement within the church is supposedly intended to reconcile White people to Black people. It’s apparently designed to rebuke racism within the Church and culture. But it’s doing the exact opposite. 

It’s ironic, though predictable, that the racial reconciliation movement is actually fostering racial hatred, not racial harmony. If the racial reconciliation movement is designed to produce unity, why are so many of its leaders divisive?

EATING THEIR OWN: Edmonton Pride Parade cancelled due to 'current political and social environment'

Leftists are now vying with each other over who the biggest victims are and eating each other in the process.  Thus QTIBPOC, an angry victims organization is trying to take over Edmonton Pride Festival Society's public nudity and celebratory depravity parade and change it into a nonstop funeral dirge of unrelenting anger and outrage.  Not only that, but it demands an apology and to be paid handsomely for its pain and suffering.   Linda

(Video) Pro-Infanticide Gov. Cuomo Rebuked By Young, Courageous Catholics

When New York State approved late-term abortion on Jan. 22, 2019, pro-abortion lawmakers celebrated with wild cheers. The decision to kill unborn babies up to the very moment of birth received a standing ovation in the Senate chamber. Even worse, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo not only signed the pro-abortion bill, but he called it a "historic victory." To celebrate the killing of the innocent, the unfaithful Catholic governor ordered New York landmarks to be illuminated with pink lights. In normal times, Gov. Cuomo would have been excommunicated. But he wasn't. In normal times, our civil and religious leaders would be leading a crusade to defend the innocent. But now they remain silent. Turning to God and His Blessed Mother for help, TFP Student Action volunteers decided to climb the highest mountain in the State of New York.


Today’s academic institutions are shutting out competing worldviews. Professors who question evolution will not receive tenure and will most likely be dismissed. Don’t even think about getting hired if you oppose abortion and don’t bow before the altar of sexual and gender dysmorphia.