Culture and the Cainitic Mind: America and the West Have Gone the Way of Cain

the sons of Cain who ‘go the way of Cain’ seek, wherever possible, to eliminate every trace of the living God from reality. However, since man himself is God’s image-bearer this murderous urge requires the destruction of that image. This self-elimination he is ready to do, not only by killing his brother in the womb and on his sick bed, but by redefining or reconstructing what man is as his own god and maker. Man must define himself out of existence as God’s creature (made male and female), and re-invent himself with multiple gender identities in terms of pagan androgyny, thereby killing man as man to justify his sin to himself – and our educationalists are pursuing this course.

“The Creed of Antichrist”: R.J. Rushdoony on the United Nations as Religious Dream

Any discussion of the United Nations is inevitably a religious discussion, for the principles which that organization embodies are not merely political and economic but also inescapably religious.1

This is because

A man without a god must make unto himself a god. And the order he creates, like God, will be man’s source of salvation. . . . The UN charter’s preamble begins, ‘We the people of the United Nations, determined to save…’ . . . Man needs an agency of certainty and control to meet the world of change and decay, and to give that world meaning . . . that agency he creates is a substitute god.2

Pastor formerly imprisoned in Turkey 'astounded' by mounting hostility to Christian faith in U.S.

Andrew Brunson, the U.S. pastor who spent two years in a Turkish prison, said Friday he was “astounded” by the escalating hostility toward Christians in the United States, saying they have become the “target” of activists.

“I’m really astounded at the speed at which the U.S. is imploding,” said Mr. Brunson at the Western Conservative Summit, held annually by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Papal Paganism’s Kiss of Death

A traditionalist Catholic scholar asks a pointed question: “Will the Amazonian Synod…be a new phase in this rejection of the Church’s mission….? Will Pope Francis kneel before representatives of the indigenous people [of South America]? Will he ask them to transmit to the Church their tribal wisdom of which they are carriers?”[16] This author concludes that “The instrumentum laboris (working document) is nothing short of an invitation for humanity to take a fatal step towards the final abyss of the anti-Christian Revolution.”

The American Republic Is Collapsing: The Time to Act Is Now

Commenting on Rush Limbaugh’s passionate denunciation of the spirit of anti-American leftism that is destroying the country, Lloyd Marcus, who blogs at The Unhyphenated American, agrees that the time has come to say “No!” He concludes, with Limbaugh, “It is time that we take action to take back our country. It is time that we say no to anti-American traitors and anti-biblical cultural assassins.”

Darwinism Is a Cargo Cult

…dogmatic materialists like Lewontin rule out all new information. They scoff at contrary arguments in advance. And they hunt down “heretics” like biologist Matti Leisola. They rally angry mobs, to stop them from speaking, publishing or even earning a living. That’s because Leisola sees Intelligent Design as the best explanation of human life. (As did great scientists of the past such as Leibniz, Newton and Pascal.) Instead of the Darwinian answer, which amounts to: “We dunno, it just randomly happened. But it took a really long time.”

Scientists Claim: We Are Living In A Computer Simulation

The Technocrat mind that is given over to such vain speculations should never be trusted to deliver scientific solutions that potentially effect all of society. It’s time for rational people to “just say no” to their schemes and dreams. ⁃ TN Editor

What if everything around us — the people, the stars overhead, the ground beneath our feet, even our bodies and minds — were an elaborate illusion? What if our world were simply a hyper-realistic simulation, with all of us merely characters in some kind of sophisticated video game?

World religion, the last piece needed to establish a world order

"The time for glorifying the Almighty (male) God who supposedly rules is now over. Some future generation may well be moved to discard the Christian calendar entirely, and rename the year 2000 AD as 1 GE, the first year of the global era. Soon the Lord's Supper will only signify human fellowship, and Christmas will be a holiday for the celebration of family."[13]Lloyd Geering, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University, Doctor of Divinity, "Protestant heretic"

Once the powers-that-be wipe out our culture by making a world religion that supersedes all others, we will no longer have the moral fiber to resist world tyranny. We will become human animals fighting for scraps and lacking humanity.