ISLAMIC STATE RELEASES IMAGE OF POPE FRANCIS BEHEADED (He has already lost his head. This would just make it official)

The Islamic State (ISIS) last Friday released a poster depicting Pope Francis beheaded, following quickly after its threat to attack the Vatican and draw “Christmas blood.” If the Pope has been apprised of this, he must feel piqued at their ingratitude: after all he has done for Islam, this is the thanks he gets?

Foresight 2020s?: The year the Lord put his foot down

MANY YEARS FROM NOW, to coin a phrase, people will still be talking about these awful times – not so much awful for the weather (acts of God) but for the awful acts of men: mass shootings and children beheaded, kidnappings and sex slavery, executions and torture, and then, besides that, WAR. Now imagine you're in the year 2525 – after the "Big Gulp" and the big changes. [That was the intro to my first column of 2017, which turned out to be such an auspicious year for sorrow. But instead of looking back, let's visualize together a different kind of year in the future.]

NBC News: Having Kids Is Bad For Earth, Procreating Deemed Immoral

The author is parroting UN Sustainable Development dogma that calls for population reduction throughout the world. Agenda 21 architects in the 1990s suggested that the earth could only sustain 600-800 million people. What would happen to the other 6.5 billion people? Claiming that it’s immoral to have children, that you selfishly add to your personal carbon footprint, is anti-human, anti-civilization and anti-earth. ⁃ TN Editor

FDA Approves First Digital Pill For Behavior Modification

As one Technocrat physician stated, ““When patients don’t adhere to lifestyle or medications that are prescribed for them, there are really substantive consequences”. Healthcare enters a new phase as treatment is delivered by enforceable drug regimens. Physicians will be mandated to use digital drugs or face censure or dismissal. Physicians are already subject to “Evidence-Based Medicine” (EBM) where treatments are mandated from above, with penalties for non-compliance. ⁃ TN Editor

ZEITGEIST 2017: The times of great hatred ("perilous" times)

"SOMETHING IS GOING ON," says Mark Belling. That's an understatement. Islamist terrorist mows down bikers and pedestrians. Habitual gambler mows down country music fans. Atheist mows down Baptists (in Texas!). Bomb threat at Phoenix synagogue. Coptic Christian churches burned in Egypt. United Nations sides with terrorists. Shooter mows down Republican softball players. Senator Rand Paul gets five broken ribs while mowing his lawn. Neighbor in big trouble (a federal offense).