Gay Totalitarians "Polymorphously Perverse" Sex Education for Children

In speaking of ‘gay identity’ politics, Tammy Bruce noted that the “Gay Gestapo” is ‘infuriated most when I declare that my sexuality is not an ‘orientation’ but my ‘preference.”  Liberals are always shocked by her honest disclosures because the politically correct stance is that “we are all born this way.”  “The silliness of this claim,” commented Tammy, “reinforces the main lie in the Leftist world—that none of us are responsible for our behavior, who we are, or what we become.  This ‘gay from birth’ angle also makes it easier to argue for special protections.”  The drive for special protections such as forced sensitivity and diversity training, speech codes, and hate crime laws requires homosexuality to be an “identity, as opposed to just a sliver of who we are,” said Tammy.  Homosexuality is a “behavior,” noted Tammy, and there is “nothing that makes homosexuals different from anyone else except behavior choices.”  “Claiming a gay identity,” declared Ms. Bruce, “is nothing more than a slogan to excuse one self from personal responsibility and personal control.  It is the ultimate in individual abandonment.”  (Source: “The New American Revolution” Tammy Bruce, pp. 234-235)  

Identity politics are the evil spawn of ‘group theory’ (Stalinism).  As such, it’s a key element of multiculturalism—the weapon of mass destruction being used by the Left to demolish every trace of traditional America.  


“Gay identity politics” is therefore, just one of the many weapons in the Left’s ‘special rights groups’ arsenal.  Consequently, gay identity is being used to destroy the traditional family as well as serving as a convenient excuse to separate children from their parents, thus enabling global village mind-conditioners to raise them.  It’s also a handy excuse for forcing straights into psycho political mind conditioning sessions, otherwise known as sensitivity and diversity training.  Thanks to the public’s naïve acceptance of the myth of sexual orientation queer activists are empowered in their agenda to eradicate our created condition as either male or female while simultaneously sensitizing Americans to accept something wholly unnatural—the twisted notion that they are genderless beings possessed of an ever-expanding range of sexual orientations.  Sexual Orientations are collectively referred to as a sexual continuum.


What is sexual continuum?  Gloria Filax, of the University of Manitoba revealed that it refers to polymorphously perverse sex.  In an essay revelatory of the masochistic Left’s subversive intentions she wrote, “Chris Mayo argues that sex education would better serve children and adolescents if its practitioners attempted to disrupt foundational assumptions that children are (sexually) innocent.”  Filax pointed to the “traditional family…propped up by generational differences and heteronormativity (the new racism)” as being the main “problems” which “impinge on our classrooms.”  Using the reasoning of Alfred Kinsey, a sadomasochistic homosexual pedophile who declared that babies and children are sexual from birth, Filax stated that “sexuality begins when a child is born” and that “sexuality is polymorphously perverse.”  Continuing on, Filax declared that, “we must support Chris Mayo’s conclusion that schools have a responsibility to provide Ob/Scene education; that is, safe sex education.”  In a conclusion which clearly supports Ms. Bruce’s premise that “gay identity is…a slogan to excuse one self from personal responsibility and personal control,”  Filax declares, “In this way we refocus ourselves in an age of HIV/AIDS as safely polymorphously perverse and control that which is deadly—HIV/AIDS—and not sexuality.”  (Source: Ob/Scenely Polymorphously Perverse Sex Education, Gloria Filax, University of Manitoba,


As Rush Limbaugh famously says: “You just can’t make this stuff up folks!”


Be that as it may, it’s precisely this sort of total abandonment to depravity that leads to this sort of evil:  “a grotesque and disturbing pedophilic painting (was) prominently displayed (of) a baby boy lying naked on his back being sodomized by the nipple of a baby bottle.”  (Source: “Turning girls into boys” Peter LaBarbera,, Feb. 2002)


The American Psychiatric Association is in lockstep with the Gay Totalitarians’

polymorphously perverse agenda.  In May of 2003, the APA met in San Francisco to debate the normalization of such paraphilias as pedophilia, transvestism, fetishism, voyeurism, and sadomasochism.  Dr. Charles Moser of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality pompously puffed: “S/M practitioners have been victimized by society as a whole…”  Of the utter derangement evidenced by the APA, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, President of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) observed: “It’s a measure of how low the psychiatric establishment has sunk, that it would even debate the idea that pedophilia, transvestism, and sadomasochism could ever be expressions of true human flourishing.”  (Source: “Pedophiles/Sex Torturers Seek Normalization” Traditional Values Coalition)


The California Supreme Court is likewise aiding and abetting the Gay Totalitarians.  In “California Supremes: Oral Sex with Kids is OK!” Kevin McCullough reported: “On Wednesday, the California Supreme Court voted 6 to 1 to not force those convicted of having oral sex with underage kids to register as sex offenders.  The majority judges said…The law was ‘too harsh and unfair.” (Source: Mar. 10, 2006)


Goose-stepping under the Enlightenment banner: “God is dead, therefore we are at liberty to self-actualize as we please, and to do whatever we want,” criminally-minded Leftists for whom the most abhorrent erotic impulses serve as the mainspring of their lives, have taken command of our schools.  In addition to dumbing-down American children, they are twisting their minds so as to condition them to hate their own country.  Additionally, under the cloak of sensitivity and diversity training and sex education, Leftist deviants are grooming children to become degenerates and sex predators.  This is one reason why America is experiencing a tidal wave of sex predation.  Sex predators posing as teachers and other school administration officials are rutting on children and degenerate children are preying on other children.


Reading reports such as the following have become all too common in America:

“I’ve never experienced the problems and the degenerate actions of kids as I have this past year,” said bus driver Bob Baxley of Hagerstown, MD who has been driving buses for 12 years.” (Source: As School Bus Sexual Attacks Rise, Danger Often Overlooked, staff writers,, June 14, 2005)


The New Totalitarians  

Repressive regimes of the past required that all people be submissive to state power.  The totalitarianism of socialism differs in that not only does it force complete submission (annihilation of the autonomous individual) but it demands internal assent, meaning that freedom of conscience is criminalized.   


Gay Totalitarians and their accomplices have seized control of our schools and they brook no interference or dissent from parents or anyone else for that matter.  This was made clear by the arrest of David Parker, a father who sought to protect his young child from being indoctrinated by Gay Totalitarians. ( Their hateful intolerance is likewise evidenced by the nonstop slash and destroy campaign being waged against Brian Camenker, Scott Whiteman and the Parents Rights Coalition of MA.  They’ve just been informed that a 6-year old lawsuit against them is being revived.  Chief among their crimes is that they dared to expose to the public the stomach-churning, sadomasochistic content of “The Little Black Book—Queer in the 21st Century.” (ibid)

This abhorrent filth was distributed by the Gay and Straight Education Network (GSLEN) to hundreds of teens at Brook School, Brookline, MA, April 30, 2005.  Additionally, the accused are guilty of exposing that the Gay/Straight Alliance in collusion with MA. Dept. of Education employees had instructed children as young as 12 in a variety of sadomasochistic acts, including the grotesque act known as fisting. (Depraved “Fistgate Incident” here:


An army of cultural Marxists is waging war against America.  They have one aim: Total destruction of our civilization.  Among the many organizations making up this treacherous army are:  National Organization of Women (NOW), Gay and Straight Alliances, the American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, Gay Straight Lesbian Educators Network (GSLEN), Code Pink, and the National Educators Association (NEA).  These are but a few of many.


The New Totalitarians ‘house of cards’ is built from lies—big lies, little lies, lies of omission and lies of commission.  The antidote to lies and the liars who tell them is Truth—the blunter the better.  As noted by Tammy Bruce, the Left is always shocked by her blunt truth.  Doubtless they are frightened as well. 


Antonin Scalia is another ‘truth-teller’ who recently sent Leftist liars into a tailspin.  In a recent speech he was asked about gay issues.  His refreshingly honest response was:  “Question comes up: is there a Constitutional right to homosexual conduct?  Not a hard question for me.  It’s absolutely clear that nobody ever thought when the Bill of Rights was adopted that it gave a right to homosexual conduct.  Homosexual conduct was criminal for 200 years.  Easy question.” (Source:


It’s time for Truth to become fashionable in America once again.  For much too long liars have made lying chic.  So let us begin with these most fundamental of truths:  “You shall not bear false witness.”  “We are men and women made in the image of God.”  We are not polymorphously perverse chimps.


Copyright Linda Kimball 2006


About the writer: Linda is a writer and author of numerous published articles and essays on culture, politics, and worldview.  Her writings are published both nationally and internationally.