Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: Deconstruction by Transnationals

“There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international…network which operates…in the way the radical right believes the Communists act…this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups…” (Prof. Carroll Quigley, mentor of Bill Clinton, in his opus, Tragedy and Hope; Source: A Chronological History: The New World Order, D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D)    

In a powerful composition entitled, “The Ideological War within the West,” author John Fonte cautions that, “Talk in the West of a ‘culture war’ is somewhat misleading because the arguments over transnational vs. national citizenship, multiculturalism vs. assimilation, and global governance vs. national sovereignty are not simply cultural, but ideological and philosophical.  They pose Aristotle’s question, “What kind of government is best?” (AsiaTimes Online, May 30, 2002)


Fonte identifies two separate, but not terribly distinct, ‘ideological and philosophical’ movements, each of which are working towards the ultimate goal of a ‘post-constitutional,’ ‘post-liberal,’ ‘post-democratic’ ‘post-American,’ and post-Christian authoritarian regime.  Fonte refers to these two movements as ‘transnational progressives’ and the ‘transnational right.’   

Transnational Right  

“I see a world of open borders, open trade…open minds; a world that celebrates…the common heritage that belongs to all the world’s people…I see a world where democracy continues to win new friends and convert old foes…where the Americas---North, Central, and South---can provide a model for the future of all humankind: the world’s first completely democratic hemisphere…a world building on the emerging new model of European unity…”(President George Bush I, in an address before the 45th session of the UN General Assembly in New York)


In identifying the transnational right, Fonte used as his example, Libertarians whose, “demand for ‘open borders’…has strengthened the left’s anti-assimilationist agenda.” Tom Tancredo, Phyllis Schlafly, Howard Phillips, Jim Gilchrist, and other conservatives point to President Bush, in company with other globalists, as being transnationalists as well.  President Bush said Tancredo, “is going to do what he can to create a place where the idea of America is just that, it’s an idea.  It’s not an actual place defined by borders.”  The transnational right are part of an unofficial ‘open borders’ lobby, “a coalition of lawmakers, corporations, and advocacy groups who see our national borders as an impediment to progress, an anachronism in these ‘enlightened’ times of global communications, commerce, and travel.” (In Mortal Danger, Tom Tancredo, p. 195)


The objective of the transnational right is the piece-meal deconstruction of our sovereign Republic in expectation of dissolving our nation into a supranational macro-organization comprised of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  This suprastate--- or as George Bush, Sr. called it, “the world’s first completely democratic hemisphere”--- is to be called the North American Union, and will be built on the model of the European Union.


Phyllis Schlafly’s ‘Eagle Forum’ provides us with a compilation of North America Union documents, NAFTA maps and much more at:   Additionally, Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project has launched the “Stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership” website at  There you’ll also find a collection of SPP and FOIA documentation,  SPP ‘transnational corridor’ maps, and top-notch investigative journalism.


“The documents,” said Dr. Jerome Corsi, “give clear evidence that the Bush administration has created a ‘shadow government’…This is totally outside the U.S. Constitution, virtually an executive branch coup d’etat.”  (Documents Reveal Shadow Government;, Oct. 24, 2006)


In speaking of the NAU and transnational corridor schemes, Congressman Ron Paul remarked, “The real issue is national sovereignty…decisions that affect millions of Americans are not being made by those Americans…or even by their elected representatives in Congress.  Instead, a handful of elites use their government connections to bypass national legislatures and ignore our Constitution (this superhighway) will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced.  The loss of whole communities is almost certain…the ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union, complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel.” (The NAU: It’s the Eleventh Hour—Get Busy, Devvy Kidd,


In President Bush’s first news conference after the Republican trouncing, Bush said he not only shares the Democratic ‘vision’ on immigration, but looks forward to working with them in order to pass his pro-amnesty bill.  “With alignment now in Congress and the White House, this is a unique opportunity,” said Representative Howard L. Berman (D-CA), a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee and a leader of the immigration reform issue. (Say No to Guest Worker Amnesty, Chris Simcox,, Dec. 1, 2006)


Transnational Progressives  

“…a pervasive system of thought control exists in the United States…the citizenry is indoctrinated by employment of the mass media and the system of public education…people are told what to think about…the old order is…crumbling…Nationalism should be seen as a dangerous social disease…A new vision is required…a global vision that will transcend national boundaries and eliminate the poison of nationalistic solutions…a new Constitution is necessary.”  (The Secret Constitution and the Need for Constitutional Change; sponsored in part by the Rockefeller Foundation; thoughts from author Arthur S. Miller; Source: A Chronological History: The New World Order, by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D)


On November 8th, in what has been termed a ‘referendum on Bush and the Iraqi war,” millions of grossly misinformed Americans---large numbers of them made paranoid through mainstream media-induced fears of ‘fundy boogiemen’ and ‘evil theocrats,’ swept corrupt Republicans out of power.  “Change,” was the thing they had been told to believe was what they needed most, so they voted for ‘change’ by pulling Democratic levers.  As a consequence, Americans unwittingly empowered another bunch of transnationals, for Nancy Pelosi and her Progressive ‘Marxist’ Caucus---who will take command of most Congressional chairmanship seats-- are but the sock-puppets for the transnational Shadow Party (SP).  The primary architect of the SP is billionaire George “I am God” Soros.  He shares power with his two main co-conspirators---Marxist-trained Hillary R. Clinton and mob-lawyer Harold Ickes.


The SP is a transnational network of globalist millionaires and billionaires, mob-run unions and government unions, progressive think-tanks, ‘make love, not war’ peace activists, wacko-environmentalists, gun control advocates, human rights activists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Amnesty International-USA, Human Rights Watch, National Council of Churches, NAACP, and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educators Fund (MALDEF).  Playing key roles as agitators, rumor-mongers, organizers, and intimidators is the Marxist New Left, exemplified by the ACLU---key member of the Left’s Open Borders Lobby--- Code Pink, Global Exchange, After Downing Street, Center for Constitutional Justice, and others.


It was through the McCain-Feingold Act---a Trojan Horse engineered and bankrolled by Soros and other big money globalists--- that the SP gained control of the Democratic Party.  McCain-Feingold works by outlawing large soft-money campaign financing traditionally relied upon by the Democrats, a ploy that forced the Democratic Party into near bankruptcy.  At this juncture, in rushed the SP with a ‘convenient’ plan to save the day.  SP operatives and organizations would ‘kindly’ raise money for the Democratic Party.  However, there was one catch: George ‘Lenin’ Soros and Hillary ‘Stalin’ Clinton would control the purse-strings.  As a result, Soros and Hillary now shape and control  Party platform, field candidates---and purge candidates like Joe Liebermann---run campaigns, and so on.  So successful has the scam been that one SP operative, MoveOn PAC director Eli Pariser triumphantly exclaimed, “Now it’s our party.  We bought it, we own it.”  

Using Progressive Caucus ‘sock puppets,’ Soros and Hillary will try to force their own globalist agenda upon America.  Their objective---which in many ways mirrors that of the transnational Right--- calls for the radical deconstruction of America, massive redistribution of America’s wealth and natural resources, confiscation of property, confiscation of children (who will be raised by the Global Village), destruction of the traditional family and culture, and the outlawing of Christianity.  Richard Poe observed, “Soros seems to favor some sort of religious apartheid, with fundamentalist Christians banished to a socio-political Bantustan.” (The Shadow Party; Jamie Glazov, FrontPage Magazine, 8/29/2006)


In his book, The Age of Fallibility, George Soros declared, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”  Destroying the United States has become an obsession of Soros.  In pursuit of his goal, he has, “assembled an army of radical allies who have long been at war with the American system…Soros has constructed a party…unlike any in American history.  It is not an American-style party…accountable to the people and subject to their will, but is more like a Leninist vanguard party, fully as conspiratorial and just as unaccountable…The SP has a dimension of which Leninists could never dream.  It is a party of rebels but also a party of rulers---a corporate unity of capital and labor.  And it has insinuated itself into the heart of the American system.”  (The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party, by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, p. 243)


Through employment of a Gramscian-style ‘quiet revolution,’ the Marxist New Left have, for over forty years, been quietly transforming America’s social, cultural, and political institutions.  Now, with the backing of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and other transnational progressives, they are ready to make their move.  From their positions of power and influence within the Democratic hierarchy, they will undermine the war against Islamofascism, affect an ignoble retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan, and encourage America to drown and disappear under a massive flood of unassimilated immigrants.


Throughout the history of the world, citizens lived in fearful submission to their government.  Whoever controlled the sources of power (wealth, resources, government) told the citizens what freedoms and privileges---if any---they could have.  America’s Constitutional Republic was and is yet, something entirely unique.   In America, ‘we the people,’ empowered by man’s Creator, tell the government what it is allowed to do.  For the first time in the history of the world, a system of government was built “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  

Transnationalism, whether from the Left or the so-called Right, is completely antithetical to our system of government.  Transnationalism is fundamentally authoritarian.  It’s the iron-fisted rule of the ‘enlightened’ few over the “stupid, unwashed masses.”  Transnationals are quietly usurping power and authority, devising implements of tyranny and subjugation, and forging the chains of slavery.


Conservatives, we are in an epic battle for the survival not just of our Republic, but for our rights and freedoms under our Creator’s Law.  All must join this battle.  None should sit on the sidelines.  Only by working together can we defeat the enemies of individual liberty and save America for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Let’s Roll, conservatives!


Copyright Linda Kimball 2006      



About the writer:  Linda is the author of numerous published articles and essays on culture, politics, and worldview.  Her articles are published both nationally and internationally.