Washington Versus America: Grim "Two Party" Reality

Chris Adamo Jan. 11, 2007

Despite the complete disdain that conservative America holds towards former Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, it is hardly likely that she actually intended to help Bin Laden’s terrorists to successfully perpetrate the September 11 attacks. Rather, her goal was to stifle the ability of the justice system to hold her boss, Bill Clinton, accountable for the corruption being conducted from his office. Bin Laden merely benefited from her enablement of Clinton’s exploits.

Unfortunately, her lack of sinister intent, at least as it might pertain to the terrorists, was irrelevant to the ultimate harm she caused her country. More unfortunate still is the fact that in the aftermath of the attacks, those who, along with Gorelick had left the nation vulnerable, remained focused on their own interests and thus continue to act in a manner that poses a grave danger to the country.

The ongoing saga of former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, and the selective myopia of the “9-11 Commission” stand as grim reminders of such.

As horrendous as are these examples, a greater tragedy is that they are in no way isolated, but rather are representative of the current morally bankrupt mindset that completely dominates Washington. America, at this crucial juncture, survives not because of its day-to-day conduct, but rather as a result of the momentum that remains from past actions. Yet as everyone should know, momentum eventually dissipates. And America’s is waning fast.

Washington is overwhelmingly, (almost universally) populated with self-serving individuals and special interests who seek their own advancement, enrichment, and empowerment with little or no consideration for the dire unintended consequences that might befall the rest of the nation. Yet they remain largely indifferent to the harm they continue to cause, presuming that the nation will somehow recover, as it has done in the past.

Few among them really believe their own efforts will be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back,” or that they will succeed in trashing the Constitution, abolishing constitutionally based freedom, or eradicating American sovereignty to hostile and unscrupulous entities, thus dooming their own prospects for the future.

Rather, they suppose that since the system has survived similar incursions thus far, and managed to mend itself in the aftermath, it will surely continue to do so in perpetuity.

It was in angry response to such thinking that conservative America rashly chose to send Republicans packing last November, thus empowering a far worse version of this mindset in the form of Democrat congressional majorities. Sadly, the remaining Republicans either failed to get the message, or are determined to remain ignorant of it.

But no nation can deny the principles on which it was built and through which it has flourished, and abandon its defenses (both internal and external) without forfeiting the very lifeblood that sustains it. A day of reckoning is coming for America. The pending immigration reform/amnesty bill represents nothing less.

Americans at the grassroots almost instinctively know that if passed, amnesty will likely push the nation past a “tipping point” from which it will never recover. Already, the ability of honorable law-enforcement officials to protect their fellow citizens is being critically compromised. Who can expect the safety and well-being of average citizens to remain unthreatened in such a climate?

On a daily basis, reports of dangerous deteriorations in the quality of the nation’s food supplies render it ever closer to resembling something one might expect from third-world countries. And the callous indifference to the nation’s governing institutions to such concerns of the citizenry on this issue is itself reflective of something from a “Banana Republic.”

“We the People” are becoming an underclass, shoved around and trampled at the whims of the “elected aristocracy” that seeks only to advance its own interests. “Rights” are systematically being granted to a class of people who are within our borders illegally, simply because they hold the promise of blossoming into a robust voting bloc once they extort the title of “citizenship” from the government. And when such “rights” are arbitrarily bestowed where they do not belong, they are concurrently eroded among those who are properly entitled to them.

The American culture that stood as a moral and philosophical “fortress” against such threats from within and without, is no longer being passed on to the ensuing generation. Hence, that generation has no understanding of the concept that it should require those things from its leaders.

Such quaint concepts as heritage and allegiance are secondary to the interests of those inside the Beltway, and are increasingly subordinated to the pragmatism of the moment. Yet the politicians who engage in such seditious behavior at the behest of the special interests who increasingly control them, are content to let someone else pick up the pieces down the road.

Word is out that the immigration “reform” bill is a done deal. Democrats, along with the President, are enthusiastic about its passage. Republicans, shell-shocked in the aftermath of last November’s elections, are moving to fully embrace and institutionalize the very manner of compromise and capitulation that initially aroused anger and antipathy among their conservative voting base.

Discussion of the “need” for a third party, the predictable public reaction to such callous indifference from the Washington elites, most often discounts the fact that third parties rarely succeed. While third party organizations may be birthed on fervent platforms of noble ideology and principle, they invariably lack a sufficient understanding of the process or the resources needed to garner effectiveness on a national scale.

Yet with Washington Democrats so committed to a course that sacrifices America’s very future, and with their Republican counterparts equally committed to concession and submission, it is perhaps time to start considering the establishment of a “second” party.

### Growing up during the turbulent decades of the 60's and 70's, Christopher Adamo saw, to his dismay, the nation's moral foundations being destroyed before his very eyes. But even then he was a staunch Conservative at heart, and rejected outright the tenets of America‚s counterculture revolution. After a hitch in the Air Force, where he specialized in airborne electro-optical systems, he pursued a career in the field of aerospace, working for major defense contractors in California, Florida, and Colorado. But his career plans abruptly changed during the industry-wide downsizing that followed the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Presently he is working in the field of industrial instrumentation in the state of Wyoming. Concurrently, he has become involved in that state‚s political process, attending state GOP conventions as a delegate, and serving as a member of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee. He has also aided in the candidacies of local legislators and state senators, as well as a U.S. Senator and Congresswoman. His archives can be found at chrisadamo.com


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