War on Children in America...More Dangerous Than Iraqi War

January 17, 2007

War on Children in America . . . More Dangerous Than Iraqi War

Kaye Grogan

Let’s forget about the Iraqi war for a few minutes and concentrate on the sexual war here in America that has targeted our children as innocent victims.

Every single day sickening reports emerge of missing and murdered children-- as sexual assaults by teachers, coaches, strangers, and sometimes by the clergy and family members-- make headlines. But what is more sickening to stomach is the little pat on the wrist many predators are receiving by many judges who are allowing them back out on the streets to stalk and molest their next victim/victims--as if this practice should be accepted or tolerated.

It’s ironic that many of our leaders in Washington support allowing underage girls to secretly get abortions, and yet they are far removed from getting involved with protecting students from sexual predators who hide behind a veil-- pretending to have the education of their students as their top priority.

When the massive legal murdering of innocent babies took precedence under the bogus "Roe V. Wade" decision over the sanctity of life, I predicted that the value of the lives of children would not be much higher than animals, and I was right. This is one prediction I wish had not materialized.

There is something definitely wrong in America when the most innocent amongst us is the least protected. This is why I cannot take anyone seriously in Washington when they start talking about ethical cleansing. The whole system is a big joke to me, and probably to a lot of other Americans as well.

As long as people support abortion–they have blood on their hands. This is something that can’t be sugar-coated no matter how one tries to justify the cruelty associated with taking the life of an innocent baby inside the womb. Where are the war protestors when you need em’? How many of the same antiwar members who are more concerned with protecting adults have marched for the rights of babies and children to be safe in a country that is supposed to be dedicated to preserving human life?

Yes, it is very disturbing when statistics show that around 3,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq since the invasion. But where is the outcry or loathing that should be associated with the slaughtering of at least 47 million babies recorded since 1973-- after the infamous atrocious ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court?

I cannot believe that President Bush stood idly by allowing three federal judges to override the law he signed (after the bill passed in congress) outlawing the practice of Partial Birth abortions without so much as an admonishment for the blatant disregard of the separation of powers by the liberal judges.

According to the statistics recorded at this website http://www.bannerkids.org/ around 2,000 children are missing every day, and approximately one million annually. If you add these astonishing numbers with the statistics of abortion–it is painfully clear that war has been waged on our precious children here in America.

The BannerKids Director C.K. Mc.Kellar is dedicated to finding missing and exploited children as quickly as possible. The following information provides the public with the targeted mission by this organization:

1.) Bannerkids Inc. focuses on listing missing, runaway, abducted, and exploited children on the internet as fast as possible by providing a website which allows images and data to be uploaded directly by the law enforcement agency where the report is made.

2.) Bannerkids Inc. puts images and data of missing, abducted, exploited, and runaway children in the public eye through banners posted on as many websites as possible. Each banner has a link to a profile page containing more data and contact information for the reporting agency, including e-mail linkage.

3.) Bannerkids Inc. is the only organization which provides direct links to dispatch offices of law enforcement agencies handling the cases and the e-mail addresses of the officers who filed the report. When fully implemented, this system will allow images and data to be on the internet within minutes of the report being made and sighting information to go directly to the reporting agent through the website.

4.) Bannerkids Inc. provides educational material and help for parents who want to safeguard their child(ren) with preventative measures; such as Hotlines, Safety Tips, Check Lists, a guide for hiring a Baby-Sitter, and printable information forms.

5.) Bannerkids Inc. (www.bannerkids.org) is a nonprofit organization devoted solely to the rapid recovery of missing children. We welcome your support through donations, and are actively seeking funding through sponsorships and grants.

The Bannerkids program is designed for the new millennium. YOU the PUBLIC will be the EYES and EARS of this program to assist law enforcement agencies throughout the world via the internet. Together we can make a difference. My staff and I are dedicated to preventing children from becoming missing through education and preparation, and the rapid recovery of those who do become missing through technology.

If you are not actively involved in helping to protect our children here in America–then you are definitely part of the problem... not the solution.

And that’s just my opinion! ### Kaye Grogan is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia. She writes, produces, and hosts a daily commentary called “Viewpoint” on her local radio station. She has written op-eds and articles for the Daily Republican newspaper. She also writes editorials for online newspapers and local papers. Kaye has many published poems, one published book, and has been featured in a popular woman’s national magazine. She is currently working on two books for children. Her hobbies include photography and she has won photo contests all over the world.





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