Utopia: No Human Beings Allowed

Utopia. No Human Beings Allowed New World Order item by James T. Moore Howard Was Right  

You know the story. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth...and so forth. On the sixth day, God made Man and gave him dominion over the fish, and fowl, and cattle, and every thing that creepeth on the earth. Or so we thought.


Now, come to find out, either the Bible got it wrong; or we told God: “We’ll take it from here, if you please.” I mean, who is God to tell us what to do with the earth?

So what happens, every day we get more reports like this: TOWARD A WILDERNESS UTOPIA, a recent and revealing article in WorldNetDaily, written by Henry Lamb, a key executive in both Environmental Conservation and Sovereignty International.

And this one is a shocker.

Apparently the “management” of 73,270,583 acres of U.S. land is being planned—-how far along this territorial grab is, we don’t yet know---by 34 non-Americans elected by, you guessed it, the United Nations. You didn’t know that? Don’t feel bad. Neither did most of our Congressmen.

And that’s only half the story.

This vast acreage is just a small portion of a global network of 411 similar acreages that will make up the U.S. Biosphere Reserves, or “zones of cooperation”, as it’s euphemistically called.

These zones will connect with other zones through “corridors” of wilderness. The Great Smokey Mountain National Park is one such designated corridors. The Mexican border vicinity is another. And also the Yellowstone to Yukon area.

“The ultimate objective,” said Lamb, “is to convert as much as half of the land area of the United States to ‘core wilderness areas’ managed by government; and off-limits to anything human.

Oh, excuse me, there is a bit of latitude for human activity: the UN land manipulators visualize “sustainable communities”; islands of human habitats surrounded by wilderness, if you will.

Now there’s nothing wrong with land conservation; and all living things need a place to call home. But America hardly needs the United Nations to advise us on our land use; and we certainly don’t need their help in dividing it up. We’re not called the “united” states for nothing.

Utopias with no humans beings allowed. It’s a plague in progress. But there’s a remedy. The way to get the United Nations out of the United States is to get the United States out of the United Nations.

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