Return of Superstition in Post-Christian World

February 12, 2007

Superstition Rises

Mike Burleson

It was bound to happen. After the scientific community denounced any evidence of the existence of the Creator as mere “superstition”, they would return to worshiping the Creation. I say “return” because history is replete with man’s adoration of the gods of land, sea, and air. The current controversy over global warming is more of the same.

Superstitious folk of the Pre-Christian Era often saw changes in the weather, or some natural disaster as a sign the gods were angry. Their initial dread of impending catastrophe would be followed by attempts at appeasement, often involving animal, and in many cases, human sacrifice.

Proponents of the Global Warming Theory are advocating similar sacrifices from Western nations, including a complete abandonment of the use of fossil fuels. Next, of course, will be a severe curtailment of industrial output, which we of the West consider the driving force behind our enlightened society. The end of industrialization will be followed by the collapse of our military superiority, leaving the riches of America and Europe to whichever conqueror is strongest: communists from China, Radical Muslims, or Latin Strongmen.

Not being a scientist, I could not debate the argument if the Earth is getting warmer or colder, or if the icecaps are expanding or melting. As a Christian and student of history, though, all this sounds vaguely familiar. As King Solomon once wrote “there is no new thing under the sun.”

In stark contrast to the paranoia emanating from today’s “experts”, is the Enlightenment which brought the West out of the Dark Ages. The printed media, which now spouts exaggerations and dubious theories, once printed bibles and pamphlets calling for reform of church and government. From this Great Awakening came a greater understanding of our world and universe, advanced medicines prolonging life, and agricultural techniques that can turn a desert into a paradise.

Slavery was virtually eliminated where once it was common. With democracy, more people now have a say in their government, where one-man-rule was once the norm. Millions constantly travel in jets and autos, when as recently as a century ago most lived and died in the same town or village.

Our entire Civilization is now at risk, not by man-made weather conditions, pollution, or the depletion of natural resources, but from fear and superstition issuing from politicians and the scientific community. Before we indiscriminately dismantle the hard-won fruits of our heightened culture to reactionaries whose views change with the wind, let us first consider if we believe in our society enough that it may endure the challenges ahead, be they weather or war.

My blog is at ### Mike Burleson is a regular columnist with Sea Classics magazine and an advocate of Military Reform. He resides in historic Charleston, SC.




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