Felicia Benamon: Don't Follow the Path of Political Correctness Mr. President

I believe President Bush has had good intentions as he has led this nation for 2 terms. I believe along the way, though, he has lost his way as he is listening to advice that is not necessarily in the best interest of this country. Political correctness has also infiltrated the Bush administration. I'm trying to figure out the logic of the Bush administration for allowing 10,000 Saudi students into this country to "study" at our universities. Many of whom are liberal bastions, spewing how bad America has become. Yet President Bush is allowing tens of thousands of Saudi students, who may have questionable attitudes towards the US, to come here and study. Aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot?

There is also news that Saudi citizens are funding terrorists in Iraq. The AP reports:

"...the U.S. Iraq Study Group report said Saudis are a source of funding for Sunni Arab insurgents. Several truck drivers interviewed by The Associated Press described carrying boxes of cash from Saudi Arabia into Iraq, money they said was headed for insurgents. Two high-ranking Iraqi officials, speaking on condition of 96 because of the issue's sensitivity, told the AP most of the Saudi money comes from private donations, called zaqat, collected for Islamic causes and charities.

Some Saudis appear to know the money is headed to Iraq's insurgents, but others merely give it to clerics who channel it to anti-coalition forces, the officials said."

"Read more: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20061208/D8LSIQCO0.html

So why would we allow more Saudis into the US when many Saudis are being taught a way of life that is fundamentally hostile to the policies and way of life here in America?

It's not only Saudis, but Muslims in general. Even as Islamic terrorism is raging in countries all over the globe, America continues to open its arms to anyone who wants to live here. We did so for Muslim teenager Sulejman Talovic (the Utah shooter) and his family as they fled the conflict in Bosnia in the '90's. But Talovic decided to repay the US by shooting down 9 people (5 of whom he mortally wounded, 4 others survived) at a mall in Utah around Valentine's Day.

Do I think for one moment that teenager Talovic wanted to go on his own personal jihad? You bet. After all, this isn't the first time someone with a Muslim background living in the US has gone on a tirade, killing at random. We are at war, and this teen probably felt it was his own way of committing to "the cause of jihad" by killing Americans. Reportedly, he is heard screaming, "Allau Akbar" when police caught up to him, but of course the liberal media won't tell the truth about that. They barely mentioned he was Muslim.

Talovic was a quiet person... a term which was also used to describe at least one of the 911 hijackers. There could be many more like Talovic living in America right now, those who seem to be good citizens, but in their heart bears allegiance to a cause or country other than America.

It is scary to think that there are those among us who have hatred in their hearts to harm innocents, and at the same time, our government isn't taking steps to curtail the amount of people entering the US on student visas, or by other methods. The illegal immigration debate rages on and the borders are just as dangerous as ever. At some point, the debating has to stop and reason takes over. America cannot be open to the world at this time.

Let loose our troops

The way we are conducting the war on terrorism has become politically correct. In the beginning, President Bush emphatically declared that the US would, "find terrorists wherever they hide and bring them to justice." I took him to be very serious, that the US will track down and destroy anyone who sought to harm this country. Why then are we playing politics with this war? Why are we concerned about being so sensitive to certain groups?

The US needs to unleash hell against our enemies if we are to succeed. If the US military is known the world over for its power, we should use everything at our disposal to showcase that strength.

Iraqis will gain an insurmountable amount of respect for our troops when we get serious and stage an ongoing offensive, and hold Iran accountable for it's evil influences in Iraq. And when we give our military the tools needed to fight the war in Iraq, and let loose our troops to do their job, then we will see our troops back home on American soil.

It looks as if the US may soon make a move on Iran. Iraq's refugees are being offered asylum in the US, and the number could reach as high as 7,000 or more. As I've called to attention the amount of people from Middle Eastern countries that we are allowing into the US, a friend of mine had a thought that if we go to war with Iran, will we absorb their refugees as well? That's something to think about as we already have huge populations of people entering our country already. War with Iran will bring an overwhelming amount of people to the US.

We are losing our identity as America becomes no more than a place, and not a people. We are losing it to political correctness. I would like to see a rise of Americans who in their heart burns a love for America and a love to keep America strong and free. I would like to see our President stand strong as he had in the early stages of the War on Terror and not give in to those pushing political correctness, which only seeks to weaken our nation more and more.

I want to see our troops get everything they need to fight this war on terror, and I want to see them allowed to exact damage on our foes so that they may be quick to finish the job they started.

So I'm asking, Mr. President, please stand as a true conservative. Please stand as the man I believe you to be. Shun liberal political correctness... our nation depends on correct decisions being made by our leaders. And decisions motivated by political correctness will get us nowhere.