March 03, 2007

Americans . . . Self-destructing

Kaye Grogan

America is still beautiful with her mountains, lakes, etc. But alas! ... many of the people are destroying themselves, and are grossly misled assuming they are just progressing to a better life with less restrictions or inhibitions-- as they gleefully pursue a totally secular existence.

If you read history about former great empires who were wiped-out due to corruption and disobedience to God, the impending destruction of America is rapidly approaching. And trying to save the earth through attempts to either curtail or eliminate global warming effects by wacky scientists, and eccentric Al Gore-- is just not gonna fly.

Let’s ponder some of the reasons why Americans are on the brink of self-destruction, and why America fails miserably to be a positive role model for the rest of the world. (1) Many Americans are out-of-control and can’t or won’t accept responsibility for their own actions (they blame everyone else). (2) Due to political correctness many are taught to abuse laws, while others are forbidden to speak out about what should be deemed as unacceptable bad behavior. (3) Many Americans appear to have a fixation and admiration for people (especially the stars in Hollywood) who are anything but a hero or positive influence to look up to or pattern themselves after. (4) Instead of striving for unity our leaders have drawn battle lines through political parties causing liberals and conservatives to be engulfed in quagmires of instability, and far removed from a future of common ground. (5) Everything godly and moral has been replaced in institutions of learning with salacious literature-- with the sole intention of warping the vulnerable minds of small children, so when they reach adulthood they will practice the same irresponsible, self-indulgent, decadent lifestyles. (6) Radical liberal judges are using (abusive) power behind their gavels to override decisions and laws enacted through Congress–opting to legislate their own laws. (7) Many educators are sex predators, and they are hiding behind classroom desks waiting for the opportunity to seduce vulnerable children, to satisfy their evil sick minds. (8) The news media has lost all sense of direction and responsibility as they harbor personal vendettas against the people who don’t agree with their liberal philosophy or political agenda. (9) The American taxpayers are expected to finance programs established to promote laziness, out-of-wedlock babies, and pick up the tab for many illegal immigrants for medical, housing, and educational needs–while many needy Americans are not afforded the same benefits.

By the way: we’ll stop calling illegal immigrants "illegal aliens" when they stop infiltrating our country illegally. It’s absurd and downright funny that Dem. Senator Frederica Wilson from Miami wants to "infringe " on freedom of speech by censoring the word "alien" when it is attached to foreigners, who are in America illegally. I guess she wants the definition of alien in the dictionary: a person who comes from another country; does not owe allegiance to another country–removed too?

I have just touched on a minute few reasons (there are many more) of why America is sinking fast. But now it’s time to look at some of the ways the pending destruction of America could be stalled–at least for several more generations.

First and foremost: (1) God needs to be reinstated as the true leader of America. And He needs to be in the hearts of all or the majority of Americans, if the forces of evil are going to be defeated. (2) Women and men need to stop allowing themselves or subjecting innocent children to be degraded and exploited by pornographers for money. If all women and men practiced, morality–the porno industry would go broke. There are some things that money can’t buy, and respectability is high on the long list. (3) Child predators need to be put away for life, so they can’t inflict their sickness and evil practices on innocent children who will endure lifelong inner turmoil, because it’s next to impossible to come to terms with horror played out in real life. (4) Radical activist judges who have made adverse decisions that have helped to promote criminal activity and condoned the murdering of little innocent babies need to be ejected and barred from courtrooms for life. (5) We need honorable and godly leaders who can’t be coerced or participate willingly into taking bribes or allow radical groups to destroy America, because they refuse to take on the persona of individuals who care about the well-being of their fellow man. (6) There is a desperate need for decent role models for young people to admire. Rappers who promote filthy lyrics, and scantily clad rock singers need to be replaced with real talent deserving of high esteem. (7) People need to quit glorifying wrongdoing, and concentrate more on the good things that are more productive, and can instill wholesome values into their hearts and minds.

If we look realistically at the gross profit of the industries of abortion, entertainment, pornography, etc.–it is indisputable that many Americans are contributing financially. . . to their own self-destruction.

And that’s just my opinion! ### Kaye Grogan is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia. She writes, produces, and hosts a daily commentary called “Viewpoint” on her local radio station. She has written op-eds and articles for the Daily Republican newspaper. She also writes editorials for online newspapers and local papers. Kaye has many published poems, one published book, and has been featured in a popular woman’s national magazine. She is currently working on two books for children. Her hobbies include photography and she has won photo contests all over the world.