Iran and Nazi Germany have Eerily Similar Messages but the World is not Listening

March 04, 2007

Iran and Nazi Germany have eerily similar messages and the world is still not listening

Steve Yuhas

On January 30, 1939 Adolph Hitler gave a speech to the German parliament to commemorate his sixth year of coming to power. In that speech Hitler told the world his intentions and exhibited for the world his true narcissism that made him a threat to the planet. When the world considers the inaction taking place over Iran it would do well to consider how many lives could have been spared had leaders merely took seriously the dangers of Hitler that he so openly conveyed.

“In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet,” Hitler continued his own accolade boasting that he prophesized himself as the one man who could “settle the Jewish problem” with the “annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!"

As Hitler began his reign on terror against Jews in 1933 when he was appointed Chancellor of Germany he had no hesitation when it came to letting the world know his intentions. Hitler began with rhetoric against Jews and the passage of laws ranging from the 1933 laws that stripped Jews of their ability to own land or be involved in the arts to the Final Solution that began when Hitler took power and was never complete until camps were liberated by Allied forces in 1945.

After WWII the Allied powers began a relentless pursuit of Nazi officers and WWII still goes down in history as the deadliest conflict ever fought with an estimated 60 million people dead and countless millions injured. When reconciliation after the war began it was said that although World War I was dubbed the “war to end all wars” that it was indeed the need of the world to see that homage paid through by applying the cliché to the second attempt.

Most honest historians that look at WWII look back in horror knowing full well that the plans laid out by Hitler when he took office, and prior to that in his book, were followed with almost exacting precision in order to rid Europe of her Jewish population and to take back land believed owned by the German people.

Had the world not ignored Hitler in the 1930s and during his rise in power from Chancellor to dictator we very well may have averted WWII or a Holocaust, but the world has a second chance to head off a disaster. This time with the enemy speaks a different language, but the message is clear and the weapon of choice to begin the conflict will be the weapon the United States used to end the last world war.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is nothing if not direct in his desire to see what he would consider the first Holocaust of the Jewish people begin and end on his watch. If his 2006 conference of Holocaust deniers and the gathering of people, including some errant rabbis who are pictured kissing the Iranian tyrannical ruler, was not enough for the world to understand what Ahmadinejad really wants to see happen to the Jewish state and people – perhaps the world should just listen to what he says as he moves forward with his development of nuclear weapons.

Ahmadinejad frequently makes public comments that commit his regime to “wiping Israel off of the map” and taking it upon himself as a messianic authority to use his peaceful nuclear technology to do exactly that. He counters that public policy by the American government that is consistently friendly to the only functioning democracy in the Middle East is created only because Jews “have imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural and media sectors.”

When the 2006 conference was held in order to make the world believe that the Holocaust was a myth he opened it by referencing the Soviet Union as a model for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. “Just as the Soviet Union was wiped out and today does not exist, so will the Zionist regime soon be wiped out.” He fails to reference that the former USSR imploded because of perpetual destabilization by the United States and did not fall simply because it was evil, but failed in spite of it.

If only it were as simple as evil being the predictor of staying power: the world would have been spared Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Pol Pot or any of the many people running countries all across the globe where people suffer and starve while the elite live in luxury. North Korea surely would be on the list of free nations that would result from a purge of evil states, but Iran conveniently ignores their existence - in fact - it defends them. Evil does not preclude a state from existence, sadly history has shown us that evil stands ready to govern until a coalition is formed or forced to stop it.

As the world continues to confront the important issues of our time it is vital to consider what we missed in the 1930s is something happening in the new millennium and the appearance of a new Nazi regime today is something the world can deal with early - not waiting for the snake to strike (FDR). Iran is on course to begin assembling nuclear materials sufficient for arming herself with bombs that could finish the job that started in 1933 when Hitler burned books written by Jews and forced them to get a “J” stamped on their passport. The world can stop it, but there appears no will in either nations that have the Holocaust reminders in the capitals nor in the world body, the United Nations, that sits idle as Iran declares a new order in the Middle East that does not include Israel.

"A new Middle East will prevail without the existence of Israel."

This as Iranian weapons move into Iraq and are used almost every day to the detriment and horror of most of the people of that country and of our own troops who die by the proxy war already being fought by Iran against the United States. As our Congress looks for diplomatic results for a military problem many newly elected leaders find themselves wanting to find middle ground or engagement of the Iranian menace. Look to our history - it was tried before - and as the British talked to Hitler he used the time to prepare war against them.

There can be no middle ground or any more dialogue as it relates to Iran, yet the United Nations meets and discusses; condemns and declares her actions and statements unacceptable, but does little more than imposes useless sanctions on a regime that violates every element of the UN Charter with regard to weapons and war while at the same time threatening her neighbors with retaliation should the UN use that same charter as a method to end the nuclear crisis coming from Tehran.

More and more Israeli newspaper and politicians are coming to the conclusion that Israel may be left to act on her own to fight Iran and there is no doubt that a war with Iran and Israel will have dire implications for the entirety of the world, but when one member state of the UN declares it her mission to wipe another member state off of the map and the UN does nothing – it is only logical that the state being threatened act on her own behalf in self-defense. In the days since the Holocaust the world should have learned that when a dictator says something you should take that person seriously.

The United States should have learned the same lesson from not just WWII, but from the series of communiques and interviews given by Osama bin Laden leading up to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The United States took him for a nut and a childish pipe bomber when he was developing an entire army to fight against us.

There can be no other conclusion for the UN or European governments to draw from Iran than those her leader says almost daily on Iranian television and radio, but with every speech and every article people who want to dismiss the threat find a way to do it. In the minds of many in Europe and even in the United States there is no reason to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad means what he says about killing Jews and wiping Israel from the map (and he includes the United States in his list of targets). The problem is that Europe and the USA ignored outright threats before and that ignorance left us with great loss of life and treasure. If I believe the leader of Iran from the comfort of my home in southern California is it not logical that someone sitting in their home in Jerusalem or Frankfurt; Paris or London should believe the same?

It is time that the world learn from the mistakes that dragged us into WWII and begin to take action against Iran that includes cutting her off from the world and saying even if it means $100 a barrel oil from other places in the world that we stop buying from Iran and subsidizing our own destruction and the war against our troops in Iraq.

I think I speak for many when I say that I would rather have an oil shortage and turn down the thermostat than be part of the group who are burying their heads in the sand who hear Iran one day call for the destruction of the West and for the Islamic flag to fly over our White House. The United States, Europe and any allies with a frame of historical reference should be able to see the threat posed by Iran and cutting off her resources (read: money) is a better solution than allowing her to finish off the project that Hitler started and that Ahmadinejad declares openly he wants to finish.

Steve Yuhas is a radio talk show host on AM 600 KOGO and may be reached at or




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